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20 Personalized Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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Celebrate your mother and grandmother with a customized present to match their amazing personality. There is no greater gift than happiness, so try to find something that will make them smile. Finding a perfect present for someone you love can be challenging, but we are up for the challenge. We present a selection of our favorite personalized Mother’s Day gifts that are sure to bring a warm smile to their face.  

1. DIY Oversized Heart Tote Bag


What better way to declare your love than with an oversized heart tote bag that you created? The minimalist design makes this item easily match any outfit. Also, the bright red offers a refreshing pop of color. However, you can also opt to paint the heart in your mom’s favorite color.

If you want to give this personalized Mother’s Day gift a try, follow our easy DIY guide. This is a beginner-level project that does not take a lot of skill or time. All you need to get started are the following supplies:

2. Mother-Daughter Personalized Mug



This custom set of matching mugs is sure to bring a smile to your mom’s face every time she uses it. Also, it will be great whenever the two of you sit down to enjoy some tea or coffee. This is a step up from a simple set since you can personalize several elements: names, images of you and your mom, and the text.

3. Enchanted Floral Tote Bag



This feminine floral tote bag captures the essence of spring. You can offer an enchanting personalized Mother’s Day gift bag that has her name embraced by a crown of flowers. To make it even more personal, choose the design based on her favorite flowers and colors. We would be happy to bring your vision to life with our printing services. All you need to do is select a plain canvas tote bag and click the “With Logo” button. Send in your design, and we will take care of the rest.

4. Favorite Flowers Bouquet



If your mom loves nature, you can offer her a favorite selection of flowers. Add a tag with a personal message and tie it with a ribbon. Feel free to get creative and add unique details linked to your mother in some way. For example, place a few lemons and lime into your vase if she likes citrus. These refreshing fruits will also have a high visual impact and make your presentation more memorable.

5. Super Mom Tote Bag



This funny Mother’s Day gift is very practical and easy to obtain. The simple white and black color combination makes the bag easy to match with any outfit and occasion. Our women's beach bag would be a perfect base for the message. It has a squared-off bottom that offers extra support and stability. Furthermore, the light canvas fabric is strategically enforced at stress points to withstand heavy loads without ripping or tearing. Your mother can take this tote when shopping, going to the beach, or whenever she is simply out having a good time.

6. Personalized Vase



If your mother loves flowers, consider creating a custom vase. You can even choose some simple glass mugs as the base and elevate these with a creative design. Consider ordering the print in white since it looks fresh against the glass. For the customization part, you can focus more on text or images, depending on personal preference. Either route leads to a classy personalized Mother’s Day gift.

7. Mama Bear Tote Bag



This “Mama Bear” printed tote bag is sure to crack a smile when unwrapped. The design is pretty simple, so it is easy to replicate. While pink on white is a very feminine combination, you can change things up and go with your mom’s favorite color. Also, if you feel up for it, you can try to play around with the image and add more detail or dimension.

8. Personalized Pot Holder



If your mom enjoys cooking, she might appreciate this personalized pot holder as her Mother’s Day gift. This is a great example of how a thoughtful design and warm message can elevate a simple household item. Make sure to have the "ingredients" match your mom’s personality traits for a higher emotional impact. 

9. Owl’some Mom Tote Bag



You can easily choose a personalized Mother’s Day gift if she has a slight obsession with a particular design element, like owls. This adorable printed tote bag features a colorful image and a cute message. Notice how the handles are the same color as the text. Such details are what make a product classy. Feel free to match one of our tote bags with colored handles with your creative design. 

10. Personalized Cutting Board



Another amazing personalized Mother’s Day gift is this carved cutting board for the “Best Mom Ever.” The subtle color blocking on the board offers a natural frame for the design. To further elevate the product, add details, like leaves, flowers, or food. Also, you can sign your name at the bottom to make the item even more personal.

11. Personalized Tote Bag for Coffee Loving Moms



This custom tote bag is a coffee lover's dream. It has a natural and classy feel that will upgrade any outfit. Also, it is a stunning statement piece. The statement being that the one who wears it loves coffee. The item is actually not that difficult to replicate; all you need is a burlap tote bag on which to print the design. For a similar slightly rugged feel, we recommend screen printing.

12. Personalized Pillow Cases



Whether you want to surprise your mom or grandmother, a custom pillowcase in their favorite color is a safe option. You can even turn this into a group gift, like in the image above. The white and pink color combination keeps the look fresh and crispy. Also, these pillows will easily blend into any décor style due to their neutral color palette. 

13. Personalized Floral Tote Bag



If you want to celebrate the coming of spring, there is no better way than embracing floral designs. Go for a motif and color scheme that fits your mom’s taste and wardrobe. If you are not sure about this, a neutral color palette like in the image above is always a safe choice. For adding an extra dimension to the product, consider embroidering her initials rather than printing them. This mixture of techniques and textures will add more dimension to the gift. 

14. Personalized Craft Gift



There is always the option to offer a DIY personalized Mother’s Day gift. This art piece is cute as a button and very easy to do. All you need is a simple frame and a couple of colorful buttons. You can draw the design yourself or have it printed. Again, this can be a great group gift offered by all the children or grandchildren.

15. DIY Stitched Vegan Vibes Burlap Tote Bag


If your mom is a vegan, this DIY embroidered bag is perfect for her. The neutral colors and the natural textures make the bag easily compliment any outfit. For this personalized Mother’s Day gift, you only need a burlap jute tote bag and embroidery supplies. 

16. Personalized Kitchen Towel



Another personalized gift idea that is equally beautiful and practical. If your mom or grandma loves spending time in the kitchen, invest in making that space as cozy as possible. Even small items - like a kitchen towel - can be a great addition and bring them extra joy whenever they use it. The design does not have to be anything overly complicated. As long as it has a detail that speaks to your loved one on a personal level - like a specific food, flower, word, or any other element - it will be a hit.

17. Personalized Candle Holder



This personalized Mother’s Day gift is a perfect reminder to all busy moms to take time for themselves and relax. These candle holders are made out of wood and can easily blend into any décor. Of course, you can change the design and the message to your liking. Furthermore, you can add a set of scented candles to complete the pampering gift package. 

18. Personalized Apron for Mother’s Day



For mothers and grandmothers who are passionate about cooking, you can offer a personalized apron. Start by picking out a plain but high-quality apron and choose what design to print on it. You can go for something simple and colorful, like in the image above. The great thing about this item is that it offers a generous space for a design.

Check out our deluxe full-length apron made from a cotton/poly blend. What is more, our product is equipped with two practical pockets on each side. You can choose between several bright colors, or you stick with the classic white version.

19. DIY Rhinestone Sleepy Eye Coin Purse


This personalized Mother’s Day gift is highly versatile and very cute. The small pouch can be used for so many purposes, including storing makeup, pens, and coins. Follow our DIY guide for a step-by-step description of the process. Before you get started, make sure to have the following supplies for the project:

20. Personalized Flower Pot



A personalized flower pot is a perfect gift for all the mothers and grandmothers who are passionate about plants. You can go for a simple message or design not to overshadow the flowers. Consider going with a high-contrast color combination: if the container is dark, select a light color or white and vice versa, a dark print for a light-colored pot. This will make the customization really pop.

Final Thoughts

If you are searching for inspiration for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, we hope that our list helps you see the light. In the end, regardless of what present you decide to go with, by personalizing it, you will add emotional value. All these products, from tote bags to cutting boards, are useful everyday items, so your mom and grandmother will be reminded of your love with each use.