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DIY Rhinestone Sleepy Eye Coin Purse

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Add some fun and whimsy to your day-to-day with this playful DIY Rhinestone Sleepy Eye Coin Purse!

Whether you’re running errands, out on the town for the night, or heading to the gym for a quick workout you don’t always need a large purse in tow.  Sometimes a coin purse will do the trick! This DIY rhinestone sleepy eye coin purse is the perfect solution when you just need to take a few small items with you.  Not only is it functional, but it’s also trendy and cute! If you have larger items this pouch can’t accommodate, don’t worry!  There are other sizes available. The Rectangular Canvas Pouch with Zipper Closure is the perfect size for makeup.  It can also be used as a pencil case to stow all of your pens, pencils, and markers.


Check out the full tutorial below to see you can make your own DIY rhinestone sleepy eye coin purse!



- Mini Flat Zippered Canvas Pouch

- Black Flat Back Rhinestones

- Beacon PowerTac

- Monoject 412 Curved Tip Syringe

- Jewelry Picker

- Black Tassel

- Pencil


Step 1: Use a pencil to draw two curves for the sleepy eyes.  They will both be about 1 ½ inches long. You can eyeball them, or use a ruler to ensure they are evenly spaced.  Be sure to use a light touch when drawing the eyes so the pencil lines are not too dark.


Step 2:  Pull the plunger out of the syringe, place the tip of the glue tube inside, and squeeze about a tablespoon of glue out.  Grab the plunger and slowly press down on it.  You’ll see the glue slowly moving down to the tip.  Continue pressing down until you see the glue come out of the end.


Step 3: Slowly press on the end of the syringe and add glue on top of the left eye.  You’ll want a thin line.  When you’re finished with the syringe, use a wet cloth or baby wipe to clean the tip.  This will help prevent the tip from clogging.


Step 4: Place the jewelry picker on top of a rhinestone, press down to lift it up, and then place it on top of the glue.  Press down to make sure it’s adhered to the bag.  Continue adding rhinestones until you’ve added 8 total. Be sure the rhinestones are touching when you glue them down. You don’t want any space in-between.


Step 5: Add a line of glue about ¼ inch long in-between the first two rhinestones on the left hand side. Then, add glue in-between the third and fourth, fifth and sixth, and seventh and eighth.


Step 6:  Using the jewelry picker to grab a rhinestone.  Add it to the canvas. You’ll add two rhinestones to each line of glue, making sure to press firmly on each one.


Step 7: You’ll repeat Steps 3-6 to complete the other sleepy eye.


Step 8: Take the end of the tassel and push it through the hole in the zipper.  Pull it through and then place the tassel inside of the loop and pull.  This will secure the tassel to the zipper. 



(If you can’t find an already made tassel, you can make your own by using embroidery floss (in your chose of color).  Wrap the floss around a rectangle piece of cardboard about 40 times.  Cut a piece of floss about 5 inches long.  Carefully slide the floss off the cardboard (keeping its shape), tie the piece of floss you cut around the center and knot it.  Fold the ends down and cut the loops.   Cut another piece of floss 5 inches long, wrap it around the floss about ¾ inches down 5 times. Trim the ends.  Tie a knot at the end of the string on top of the tassel and trim the ends.)


This DIY rhinestone sleepy eye Coin Purse can be customized to your liking.  Just pick your favorite colored rhinestones and glue them on! You could also take it one step further by add a name or initial for personalization.  This coin purse would also make a great gift for a friend, mother, or bridesmaid! It’s such a simply gift that anyone would love!