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Top 15 Funny Mothers' Day Gifts this Year

Priscilla Greene |

In the United States, we celebrate Mother’s Day – honoring the mothers in all families, motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in our society – on the second Sunday in May. Of course, we should celebrate moms everywhere all the time, but Mother’s Day comes with a special flair to it – the one urging us to get the sweetest and the funniest gifts for them.

You should not mistake Mother’s Day with International Women’s Day on March 8, a holiday held dear in Europe, but in other parts of the world as well. You can take advantage of any of the two celebrations to surprise your mom with a thoughtful or amusing gift. For the upcoming celebration this May, we thought of presenting you with our top 15 choices of funny Mother’s Day gifts.

If your mom, no matter her age, has a strong sense of humor and a laidback attitude, you are in for a treat. Were you somehow in a gift-giving conundrum, not knowing what to buy your mom? Enjoy our list of personalized, funny Mother’s Day gifts this year!

1. Wine with a Labeled Twist


Pick her favorite bottle of wine – if she’s a wine drinker – and find a company able to print personalized labels. Some such firms offer the full package (already labeled bottles), so all you have to do is pick her preferred type of vino and the message you find the fittest for this occasion. If she is not a wine drinker but prefers a different kind of beverage, mind the personalized label and have some fun (and drinks) with your mom!

2. Wine Sippers


Speaking of having a glass of wine and a lighthearted conversation with your mom, how about you accompany the personalized label wine with a pair of wine sippers? These glasses come with a built-in straw that helps you enjoy your Merlot without staining your teeth or ruining your lipstick.

Besides their utility, however, the sippers also come in a fun shape and size, having the potential of becoming your mom’s favorite drinking recipients! They come in pairs, a reason more to make a spring/summer unforgettable afternoon out of them.

3. Funny Tote Bag for Shopping and Leisure


There are not enough shopping tote bags in the life a family, and we are sure your mother has a few of them already. However, getting her a new canvas shopping bag with a fun message on it, makes a great gift for Mother’s Day.

Get her a cotton canvas tote bag in a fun color that you know she will love for shopping. Take a step forward and customize the tote bag with a unique message. Here is some tote bag decoration tips that you can apply at home. Canvas bag is the perfect item for decorating, screen-printing, monograms, logos, and messages. If you want her to have one of the stylish spring tote bags for outings and daywear, we recommend you to get her a small deluxe canvas bag – don’t forget to personalize it as well with your fun message!

When it comes to funny Mother’s Day gifts, personalized tote bags and canvas purses – even a drawstring bag if she is the sporty type – make the best options. Functional, versatile, and trendy, the bag will show her how much you care for her.

4. Personalized Coffee Mug


In the vein of useful personalized items with a whimsical flair to them, you can also try getting her a nice large coffee mug with a cute print and her favorite java blend to boot. If she is indeed a coffee lover and appreciates the art and craft of brewing and preparing specialty coffee, add a recipe book and some gear as well in the package (a manual grinder for freshness and a barista coffee filter for instance).

5. Personalized T-Shirt


Since we celebrate Mother’s Day in spring, a t-shirt makes a nice gift to mark the occasion. But don’t think about any top! You can buy one ahead of time and personalize it with a funky message about the tributes and tribulations of motherhood for example.

When it comes to screen printing and personalization of wearable items, the sky is the limit! Pick the right size and the right message and don’t forget about her favorite flowers!

6. Personalized Apron


Is your mom a true goddess in the kitchen? Are you all coming home to your parents dreaming and drooling at the idea of your mom’s special dishes? Well, we are sure she loves cooking for the family and will not take no for an answer when it comes to seconds and refills. Have some fun together preparing a meal for the entire family, but don’t forget a personalized apron!

Pick a deluxe full-length chef apron and personalize it with a fun message. Your mom will appreciate the gesture and especially the message. If cooking or baking is her magic skill, surprise her with a modern recipe book or a useful app to help her reinvent older recipes or create new ones out of common ingredients.

7. A Piece of Hilarious Art


This year, forget about jewelry or cards! In the funny Mother’s Day gifts department, a framed piece of art with a funny message on it should make your mom burst into laughter. Mothers sometimes have a reputation for having a bizarre sense of humor (or for not having a sense of humor at all).

Prove people that your mom is the coolest of them all and have a laugh together over this gift. For moms who get caught up in the meanders of existence and daily problems, this gift is ideal for helping her unwind and relish the small joys in life.

8. The “Mom Cave” Personalized Pillow


Narrowing the gender gap has never been easier! The “Mom Cave” pillow (or set of pillows) will certainly make her laugh and help her set her own “cave,” surrounded by the things she loves. Your dad will probably want one as well for his Dad Cave, so make sure you make a note out of it and surprise him with the next occasion!

You can go further with personalized pillows than the “Cave” joke. Just as you can personalize almost any type of canvas tote bag or t-shirt, you can think about other family inner jokes, mottos, and messages to print on one or more decorative pillows for your mother this year.

However, if she always spends her free time in her house nook, the cave pillows are exactly what she needs. If you do not want to differentiate among your parents (too much), you can get a set of personalized pillows for both of them to enjoy while they spend time together at home. Funny and true, the message will make both your parents laugh and be proud they raised such a cool child together.


9. Dust Mop Slippers


Is your mom always looking for the dust to clean all over the house? Is she insisting you all wear slippers and not ever walk in the kitchen or bathroom only in your socks because you carry dust and dirt from one room to the next?

Well, the dust mop slippers mock her a little for her cleaning fixations and offer her a practical solution to keep her floors perfectly polished. Pick a pair in her favorite color and let the laughs roll over the floors and the entire house for that matter. If you want to take the joke a bit further, buy a pair for each family member to wear when they visit your parents’ house.

This way, you will all offer your contribution to helping your mom preserve the house neat and clean.

10. Personalized Spring Pajamas


Your mom works plenty, and she needs a good night’s rest. People sleep a lot better when they go to bed happy and smiling, so you can step in and offer your mom a cute personalized pajama to soften her heart and send her troubles away each night.

You can buy her an already printed pajama in a comfortable size, or you can get a cute pajama from her favorite shop and print it. You can try a DIY screen-printing project, but if you are not confident in the result, talk to professionals about it. Your mom will appreciate the gesture and the gift!

11. Personalized Cosmetic Kit


Buying cosmetics, toiletries, and self-care products for your mom is an easy job, and you can do it on any occasion or without minding a special occasion altogether. However, among the funny Mother’s Day gifts this year, we have our hearts set on a personalized cosmetic pouch. If she travels plenty as a job or as a hobby, the gift is twice more than welcome.

A rectangular jute pouch with zipper will keep her makeup and toiletries safe at home or in her travel bag. Jute, just like a canvas, is an eco-friendly material perfect for printing or embroidery. Select a fun message to go with the kit (we also like the “This is where I keep my face” one), personalize it, fill it up with nice products, and offer it to her!

12. The Fanny Pack for the Nostalgic Mom


Nostalgic moms still remembering their leggings and their fanny packs back in the nineties will also appreciate the modern take of the accessory industry on the old classic fanny packs. These days, fanny packs come in exquisite materials (from the smoothest canvas to the most luxurious of leathers and faux furs) and put quite the show on runways and in the streets.

Pick an eco fanny pack for your mom and personalize it with a logo, fun message, a throwback to the good old days, a motto, and anything you can think of. She will love it and wear it with pride! A fanny pack is not quite a deluxe tote bag, but she will find it very useful (as it has always been) when she runs small errands and needs only her phone, keys, and wallet with her.

When it comes to color and model, we suggest a pack with many zippered pockets for comfort and safety. If she appreciates the posh side of things, you can even go for one in a contemporary design.

13. The Most Exquisite Spa Gift Basket


Less funny ha-ha but funny in the sense of sweetness and thoughtfulness, a spa kit for your mom is the best gift ever for Mother’s Day. Pamper her and make her feel special, throw in a few jokes, make a bit of fun of her, but surround her with your love and appreciation.

Spa kits and spa-oriented gift baskets make some of the best gifts for women, and we have mentioned them a few times before. Nevertheless, they work miracles on this special day, as your mom deserves spoiling!

14. The Chill Pills Jar


Did you ever tell your mom to take a chill pill whenever she seemed anxious or angry about the job, the house, the daily problems, and more? Well, instead of telling her to take a chill pill, give her the hilarious chill pills ever! A full jar of them, no less!

This gift belongs in the funny Mother’s Day gifts department for all the right reasons! You can make it yourself, by filling up a cute glass jar with the candy that your mom loves the best, or you can buy it already made from a dedicated provider. The chill pill jar is a fun way to let your mom know she should take a step back, unwind, and “treat” her anxiety with laughter and lightheartedness.

15. The Picture-Perfect Flower Pot


A flowerpot with a fun message on it and a picture of you from your childhood years will put a smile (or even a tear) on your mom’s face. Buy her favorite flowers in a cute pot you personalize with a “thank you” note and one of her favorite pictures of you in your early days (even if embarrassing). She will love you for it, and you will love offering her such a gift.


We hope you liked our suggestions of funny Mother’s Day gifts for this year! If you have ideas of your own, feel free to share them with us! We love buying and making gifts for our loved ones, and we can’t wait to share such ideas with you!