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Best Clear Stadium Bags to Let You Stroll Through Security No Questions Asked

Concerned with heightened security following multiple terrorist attacks on U.S. soil in recent years, many of the nation’s stadiums have adopted a clear bag policy under which sports fans are only allowed to store the personal items they cannot go without in a clear (tote) bag. However, since the bag should be “stadium-approved,” if sports fans want to steer clear of nasty surprises at the gates, they should look for a compliant bag. The TotebagFactory.com now offers  several stadium-approved clear bags to get you past security no questions asked.

But before we briefly review those bags, let’s take a look at the so-called “clear bag policy” the SEC and NFL are so adamant about and see what it really means.

What Does the Clear Bag Policy Really Mean?

Football fans nationwide are aware of the relatively recent enhanced security measures limiting stadium access by setting a limit to the type and size of bag brought into the stadium. According to both the SEC and the NFL, the public should be allowed in the stadium with a (single) bag that can be easily searched and is conveniently sized to cut the time spent in lines at the stadium gates.

The idea behind the policy is to prevent any potential ill-intentioned people from carrying firearms and explosive devices into the stadium. A clear bag of reasonable dimensions can be more easily searched at the entrance than a regular tote bag, drawstring back sack, or backpack, which means shorter wait times and fewer hassles. Under the bag policy for football games, football fans are allowed to bring with them just a clear bag (maximum 12” H x 12” L x 12” D) and a small clutch. The clear bag may be replaced by an (unclassy) one-gallon Ziploc/ plastic freezer bag made of clear material. The clear tote bag should be made of transparent plastic, vinyl or PVC.

Ticket holders can use a non-transparent clutch to store their smaller personal items like ID, car keys, phones and cash. The clutch should be no larger than 4.5” by 6.5”. Any extra small items that can’t fit in the clutch bag or your clear bag can be easily stored in your pockets or jacket (there’s no limit to that).

Blankets will be carried over the shoulder while cameras and binoculars can be carried around the neck, but without their own case. What’s more, conventional seat cushions, with pockets, zippers, and compartments are no longer permitted. The seat cushion should be “stadium-approved” too, namely to be see-through and not to have any visibility-reducing covers, pockets, and compartments.

It is worth noting that the restrictions set in place by football clubhouses apply only to the type of containers carried into the stadium, not to the items per se. But under the NFL stadium security rules, weapons, explosives, backpacks, fanny packs, and coolers are no longer allowed. Keep in mind that only a clear bag per person is permitted, while the league encourages football fans not to bring any bag into the stadium at all.

There are some exceptions, though. If the item is too large to fit the stadium-approved clear bag but it is a medically necessary item, it will be allowed in with its own case after careful inspection. Unfortunately, diapers are not considered medically necessary supplies so they should be tossed in the clear bag.

Ever since its introduction, the clear bag policy has been especially tough on women and families with small children (just like most NFL games to be honest). Women can no longer stow their prized possessions into their (oversized) totes to their heart’s content before lugging them into NFL stadiums, and a clutch the size of their hand just doesn’t make the cut. There have been multiple efforts by women to get rid of the bag ban, such as the MyPurseMyChoice 2013 campaign, but the NFL has so far turned a deaf ear to female football fans’ wishes and concerns.

To this day, the only elegant solution for a lady to the stadium-approved bag conundrum is a clear tote bag (check the link for our full selection). Fortunately, our see-through bags are approved for both NFL and PGA stadiums and meet all clear bag policy requirements for you to get past security hassle-free. Also, we have made sure that they are as roomy as they can be and sturdy enough for all your essentials to fit in.

Best Stadium Clear Bags for the Perfect Game Day

1. Transparent Stadium Approved Clear Tote Bag

The Transparent Stadium Approved Clear Tote Bag meets clear bag policy requirements when it comes to size (12”W x 12”H x 6”D) and material (clear vinyl). It has webbed handles for you to easily carry it either over the shoulder or by hand and comes in a clear design (with no logo on it) for you to customize it as you want.

At 8”W x 8”H, the imprint area is fairly generous but keep in mind that according to SEC rules, logos on clear bags should be no larger than 4.5" x 3.4" in order not to reduce visibility. Moreover, the logo should appear only on one side of the stadium-approved bag for the same reason.

2. Clear Stadium Tote Bag with Small Square Velcro Closure

Here’s another quality stadium-approved tote you can use on game day without worries. Unlike the previous clear bag, this Clear Stadium Tote Bag comes with a subtle square Velcro closure to prevent your personal stuff from sliding out. At 12" x 12" x 6", it is both NFL and PGA stadium-compliant and so it is the material (clear PVC). The large imprint area allows for customization, but keep in mind SEC’s clear bag logo restrictions we have discussed above.

3. Clear Messenger Bag / Crossbody Stadium Bag


Need a bag to keep your personal items tightly secured while you’re strolling through stadium security? The Clear Messenger Bag is a stadium-approved crossbody bag that perfectly fits the bill. It has a zippered main compartment, a zippered exterior pocket for those really small personal items, like your keys and phone, and a practical interior mesh pocket for you to store your valuables, such as your cash, ID, and credit cards. This bag too is highly customizable and meets all clear bag requirements in both size (12”W x 12”H x 6”D) and materials (clear vinyl).

With us, you can shop with confidence. If any of these bags is not on your liking, you can always easily return it and get your money back. Happy shopping!

Written by Priscilla Greene — July 31, 2019

Here Are 10 Budget-Friendly Made-in-USA Tote Bags. See It to Believe It!

Are you looking for a made-in-USA tote bag that won’t break the bank but it is incredibly durable and well-made? Look no further as we have rounded up a list of the best budget friendly totes made in the good old USA. Here’s our quick selection.

1. Polyester Improved Essential Tote Bag

Available in more than two dozen colors, the Improved Essential Tote Bag is made of sturdy, 600 denier polyester, with short web handles for easy carry by hand. The bag has a roomy main compartment, self-fabric pockets, and an exterior side pocket for conveniently storing your water bottle or other essential items. Plus, the large imprint area is perfect for sublimation and heat press design. You’ll be surprised by how sturdy and well-made this bag is for such an affordable price. All our happy customers can confirm that this bag is a steal!

2. Budget Friendly 100% Cotton Tote Bag with Contrast Handles

Looking for an affordable made-in-USA tote bag made out of natural fabric? The Budget Friendly 100% Cotton Tote Bag with Contrast Handles perfectly fits the bill. The 6oz. soft cotton construction guarantees that this basic bag is both durable and low maintenance. The tote comes with reinforced stitching for lowering the risk of ripping when hauling around large loads along with contrast handles for a really modern look. It makes a wonderful gift for weddings, businesses, conventions, school activities, and more.

3. Carry-All Burlap Tote

The heavy-duty Carry-All Burlap Tote is another natural option. Made of 100% natural jute, it is the perfect shopping bag for eco-conscious shoppers. The interior is reinforced with a PVC lining for extra water resistance (check our previous post Are Drawstring Bags Waterproof? for the difference between waterproof and water-resistant fabrics), the stress points are reinforced, there is a bottom gusset, and the bag overall was constructed with reusability in mind.

Expect to reuse this bag for years to come while shopping, doing schoolwork, or taking part in outdoor events, weddings, and promotional events. There’s no context in which this bag cannot shine bright. Moreover, the large imprint area leaves plenty of room for imagination if you plan to add your personal touch to it.


4. Cotton Canvas Tote Bag with Inside Zipper Pocket

Here’s a thick canvas tote bag that is both sturdy and good looking. With this heavy-duty Cotton Canvas Tote Bag, you can schlep around your groceries, work essentials, gym gear, books, and more. The body is white, while the bottom and exterior of the handles are colored. You have ten color combinations to choose from. Plus, the convenient dimensions (17"W x 13"H x 5"D) make this bag a practical carry-on even when traveling on a budget. The quality of the tote has so far exceeded all our customers’ expectations and the price you cannot beat.

5. Heavy Cotton Denim Convention Tote Bag

The Heavy Cotton Denim Convention Tote Bag is a stylish tote made of 100% cotton twill fabric and 10 oz denim.  The washed denim model comes in a beautiful deep denim color. You’ll be amazed by the quality and the overall value this tote brings at such a reasonable price. If you’re looking for a beautiful and cool tote that you can easily match with all your outfits, look no further. This easily customizable convention tote is all you need. Katherine loves this bag too. Here’s her short review. 

 6. Organic Cotton Canvas Tote Bag

This Organic Cotton Canvas Tote Bag is a very basic item that eco-conscious users will love. It is made of 100% organic cotton, which means that the bag had a minimal impact on the environment during its production, namely less water was consumed for growing cotton, no pesticides were used, and the business practices have ensured the local communities’ continuous support.

This tote comes with a gusset for extra durability, irons surprisingly well, and can be folded up to conveniently fit into your main bag. You can find out more on the enormous benefits of swapping your single-use shopping bags with a reusable canvas tote here. Want more organic cotton bags, click here!

7. Daily Use Shoulder Beach Tote

This durable poly shopping bag can easily double as a beach bag on those days of fun in the sun. It is roomy enough to store all your groceries after an unplanned shopping session and sturdy enough to haul heavy loads to the beach and back thanks to its quality 600 Denier polyester construction. The Daily Use Shoulder Beach Tote is available in eight color combos, and the imprint area provides plenty of space for customization. You’ll be impressed how well-made this bag is at an incredibly reasonable price.

8. Heavy Canvas Zippered Shopping Tote Bag

Here’s one of our best-sellers and all-time favorites: The Heavy Canvas Zippered Shopping Tote Bag. It is made of thick, all-natural canvas fabric, has a bottom gusset for extra durability, and zippered front and main compartments to keep all your belongings secured. You can choose from 9 stylish color combinations and one all-white model. Shop with confidence this practical bag. It is made to withstand plenty of abuse, and it is incredibly low maintenance. Click here for more awesome budget-friendly canvas tote bags from Tote Bag Factory!

9. Oversized Jumbo 100% Twill Cotton Tote Bag

The Oversized Jumbo 100% Twill Cotton Tote Bag is just right for those of us that have plenty of stuff to lug around with extra room to spare. At an impressive size (15"h x 20"w x 5"d), this no-fuss supersized cotton tote was also built to last. Just forget about those cheap but flimsy cotton tote bags your local grocery store lures you in with, this tote is the real deal. Made of 10-ounce, 100% cotton twill, the Oversized Jumbo Twill Cotton Tote guarantees years of uninterrupted service. For our Tote Bag Factory’s full selection of cotton tote bags check this link here.

10. Easy-to-Decorate Felt Wholesale Tote Bag (Medium)

The Easy-to-Decorate Felt Wholesale Tote Bag is perfect for carrying all your essential, day-to-day items in style. It is perfect for shopping, work, business promotion, or as a gift. The large 100% polyester felt imprint area is spacious enough for any type of DIY customization, and you can choose from seven perfectly matched color combinations for every-day use. Carry this stylish felt tote bag by hand or over the shoulder and take advantage of our special wholesale price (no minimum required!).

To Wrap It Up…

Here’s our favorite 10 made-in-USA tote bags that are both easy on your pocket and your personal sense of style. Choose one of our totes listed here or check our other cotton/canvas and poly options – maybe you’ll fine one on your liking. A quality tote doesn’t have to be pricey, and the Tote Bag Factory lives up to this promise daily. 

Written by Priscilla Greene — July 29, 2019

9 Stylish Upcoming College Fashion Trends

Fall is just around the corner, so we think that it is not too soon to prepare for it. The good news is that this year’s upcoming college fashion trends point to clothing that is actually wearable. From unusually vibrant color pallets for the autumnal season to revamped vintage prints and garments such as the houndstooth and the trench coat, there’s a garment, color, or texture on everybody’s liking during this fall/winter rotation.

While trend forecasting comes with a generous margin of error as not everything you see on catwalks is fated to jump into the mainstream, we have let the latest fashion shows and online fashionistas to be are trustworthy guides.

Stylish Upcoming College Fashion Trends in Fall/Winter 2019

1. The Houndstooth

Houndstooth is making a huge comeback this fall-winter. The pattern with an “oldish” vibe has received an unexpected makeover and is now available as the classic black and white, along with other colors and unique prints. Don’t overlook houndstooth if you want to up your college fashion game when the school starts. Paired with a quality natural fabric can create an outfit that is both cool and “in style”.


 2. The Wrap Coat 

This is a bold and stylish statement piece but rocked correctly, it guarantees that you’ll turn all heads around. Stay classy by wearing only natural fabrics, such as wool or cashmere, when sporting this great choice. This type of outwear piece will make anyone look chic and feminine as it you offer you curves and can spice up any monochromatic outfit. 

What’s more, you’re not limited to formal clothes. You can rock this versatile coat with casual clothes too, from slim denim pants to floral dresses and pencil skirts, as long as it is in a neutral color. The best bag that goes with a wrap coat is an oversized tote (You can check our extensive collection here.) 

Giada Fall 2019 Ready-to-Wear fashion show 

Hyke Tokyo Fall 2019 fashion show

3. Oversized Knits

The larger the better. Oversized knits have taken over the global runways for the upcoming gift season, so were confident that the trend is here to stay. Wear the knits in natural fabrics for a high-impact look, and pair them with one of our trendiest book bags (check our selection here.)

Chloé at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2019

Giada Fall 2019 Ready-to-Wear fashion show

4. The Trench Coat

This one is another classic that has undergone a radical makeover. The classic women’s raincoat has gained fashionability, as this year it is available in cool and bold colors, fabrics, and textures.

The classic trench coat is a must-have item for every woman as it is waterproof or water-resistant, easy to wear, and incredibly versatile. But it is also very dull. According to the upcoming college fashion trends, the transitional coat is no longer designed only for rainy days. It has been transformed into a carefree, cool, and highly desirable garment this year.

You can now pair it with wide pants and sneakers, with high heels/ flat shoes, and animal prints, and even with military boots, sweatshirt, and paperbag waist trousers. As an accessory, you can try one of our non-woven tote bags. Sky is the limit when styling this revamped classic.



5. The Schoolgirl Skirt

For this fall season, the schoolgirl shirt is back in style as part of a legendary style promoted by many fashion designers this year – the Parisian bourgeois. The trend is not new, but just like the houndstooth and trench coat, it comes with a fresh vibe, as long as you can style it in a way that doesn’t leave the impression that you’re sporting your old high school outfit.

Try pairing a schoolgirl skirt with a blouse with oversized sleeves or one with a ruff collar and/or ribbons (three additions trending BIGLY this upcoming season). Also, ditch the classic messenger bag and go for a bold, clear bag instead (clear bags are back in style again – check our exclusive selection here.)

Celine Fall 2019 ready-to-wear fashion show

6. Oversized Sleeves

Statement sleeves first took the fashion world by storm last year, but the trend is here to stay according to this year’s New York Fashion Week. Don’t shy away from bold and puffy sleeves, as they can seriously elevate any outfit, including sweaters. With this garment, you’ll surely look bold and sophisticated.


7. Ruff Collars and Ribbons

Ruff collars remind us of Shakespeare and can be a dramatic addition to any young woman’s outfit in an academic setting. You can sport ruff colors in both monochromatic prints and loud colors, as the combinations can be endless. Ribbons are (still) trending this fall winter season. They were huge this past spring, as they can offer a romantic and feminine vibe to nearly every outfit. (Oversized) ribbons are essential additions to formal wear and one of our favorite upcoming fashion trends for this year. Enjoy them while they last.


8. Seafoam Green

We’re not accustomed to pastels in fall-winter, but seafoam green is no longer for spring. Season jewel tones and rusts have been swapped with teal, acid neons, and yellow-orange. For a more conservative but high-impact look, stick to the seafoam green.


9. Winter Whites

Wearing all-white this winter will be huge. Make sure that your favorite white sweater is oversized and that the pants/skirt are in line with the upcoming season’s trends. Add a wrap coat to the mix if the temperatures are not too frigid, and you’re set to grab all the attention you need.

Magda Butrym Fall Winter 2019 fashion show

Final Words...

This year’s upcoming fashion trends are bold, cool, and fresh with a hint of classic added to them. There’s a garment, texture, color, and print for every respectable college fashionista. Only your creativity should be the limit. Happy shopping!


Written by Priscilla Greene — July 26, 2019

What's the Best Gym Bag?

Want to hit the gym after work? Doubling your work bag as a gym bag is not such a good idea with all the stench and moisture possibly soiling your favorite carry-all. That’s why getting a gym bag for the job is a must, especially if you are more or less of a gym rat. Picking either a gym duffel bag or a drawstring bag largely depends on your style, type of fitness activity, and amount of gym gear you plan to routinely haul around. So, let’s see what the best gym bag might be for you by comparing the two.

Gym Duffel Bags vs. Gym Drawstring Bags


The Gym Drawstring Bag

Nowadays, drawstring bags, or “sack bags”, are very popular with the gym-going crowd. A drawstring bag can accommodate a change of gym clothes, running shoes, and other essentials, while weighing close to nothing when empty. This type of bag is very versatile as it can double as a school bag, impromptu day pack, and beach bag like very few other bags can.

If the drawstring bag comes with extra compartments, like side mesh pocket(s), and a front pocket, there’s not much a fitness buff may desire. You can seamlessly store your reusable water bottle in the side mesh compartment, your keys, wallet, and paper in the front pocket, and the bulk of the gym gear in the roomy main compartment.

You may not be able to lug around heavy loads with a drawstring bag like you would with a classic gym duffel (those straps can cut deep into your shoulders), but you can easily throw it on your back and get moving to the workout place.
The gym drawstring bag is for those gym bag guys that aren’t very keen on hauling around an over-the-shoulder, bulky but classic gym duffel.

The Gym Duffel Bag

If you feel like your gear is too heavy to fit a drawstring bag, then a gym duffel bag is what you’re after. It makes no sense to put additional strain on (both) your shoulders, when you can use an over-the-shoulder option that has been tried and tested by generations of hard-working fitness buffs.

A crossbody gym bag is more friendly to your back than a backpack or drawstring bag because the load gets evenly distributed across your torso. What’s more a duffel bag enables you to cool off aster after a workout than a drawstring bag as it doesn’t hang close to your back ad leaves plenty of room for ventilation. 

A great gym duffel bag has multiple compartments, padded shoulder straps, and a laundry/shoe compartment to keep dirty clothing and footwear separated from the rest of your gym arsenal. But even though a duffel bag can carry larger loads than a drawstring bag, remove the stuff that is non-essential for your workout.

Gym Essentials You Should Not Leave Home Without


This one is a no-brainer. A gym outfit has the upper hand over your everyday clothing for several reasons. Or once, a quality gym outfit is made of sweat wicking and breathable materials. You might think of cotton right now, but that is not the best options. Cotton tend to absorb more than 2 dozen times its weight in water. So, it tends to get heavy, wet, and incredibly hard to dry out after a strenuous workout. Go for performance breathable fabrics that keep sweat at bay while keeping you cool and fresh, such as merino wool. This relatively new fabric is growing in popularity among the fitness crowd due to its antibacterial moisture-wicking properties and ability to keep you fresh in summer and cozy and warm in winter. It also dries out in an instant. Merino wool is more expensive than regular fabrics, but it is a worthwhile investment. You can drive test its prowess with a pair of merino socks and work your way up from there.


Shoes are as important as a gym outfit when working out. Don’t cut corners in this department, as a pair of trainers can make or break your mood to train. It is vital to use the appropriate type of gym shoe for the fitness activity you usually get engaged in. If you are into running (even on a treadmill, opt for a pair of good running shoes– your back and joints will later thank you for it. For HIIT classes, sneakers are enough, but for deadlifting you’ll need a pair of flat soled shoes.

Also, don’t forget to pack a pair or two of socks when hitting the gym as many fitness facilities charge an arm and a leg for socks or towels.


A clean towel can be handy when sweating really hard or need an extra towel to the gym towel after a shower. Choose a light gym towel made of microfiber, as those are the best at keeping unwanted moisture at bay. Also, you can place your towel on a workout machine for sanitary purposes when planning to use that piece of gear.


Drinking enough water both pre- and post-workout is not a part of gym etiquette but an extremely healthy habit that can keep your organs and body functioning normally. Get a lightweight stainless-steel reusable water bottle with a BPA-free plastic lid if you care about your health and the environment. Also, reusable water bottles are more pocket-friendly than their single-use counterparts in te long run even if they are pricier.


Don’t forget the shampoo, your favorite body wash, deodorant, and comb if you’re looking forward to a quick shower after the workout. The deodorant can be used post-shower or during your workout depending on the potency of your body odor. We recommend using an aluminum free deodorant as the ingredient has been linked to a host of nasty health risks, including Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.


For those on the run, a pack of cleansing wipes can get rid you of sweat, dirt, and odor-causing bacteria almost as efficiently as a shower. For hair, a quality dry shampoo can offer it a clean look in a couple of minutes. However, don’t abuse dry shampoos as they can irritate the scalp, cause your hair to fall, or stunt its growth permanently.


A protein bar, dried fruit, a bag of nuts can help restore the nutrients you have lost during your workout session. Steer clear of highly processed post-workout foods and drinks, with a laundry list of harmful ingredients. Better prepare your post-workout snacks at home. Here’s a list to draw inspiration from.


For some of you, this one should have been put at the top of the list. Good music can help you work out better, get you inspired, and help you relax after a stressful day at work or school. Scientists have found that people who exercise while listening to their favorite tracks work out harder without even noticing. The sound of music is highly motivating especially when you’re engaged in repetitive actions such as running on the treadmill or other endurance activities.

Best Gym Bags

1.  Sport Gym Roll Duffel Bag

This classic gym bag is made of 600D polyester fabric for extra durability and water resistance [Check our recent blog post “Are Drawstring Bags Waterproof” for an overview of the main difference between water-resistant fabrics and waterproof fabrics]. At 18"W x 10"H, the Sport/Gym Roll Duffel is spacious enough to fit one change of clothes, sneakers, protein shake, towel, toiletries, and water bottle but compact enough for you to carry it with you wherever you need to.

This gym bag can double as a small travel bag or a beach bag thanks to its various zipper compartments and convenient shoulder strap, which can be removed if you want to turn the bag into a practical carry-on.

2. Polyester Gym Bag with Zippered Pockets

This Polyester Gym Bag is another handy duffel bag that can be taken with you to your sport practice or to your travel destinations. Unlike, most gym duffel bags, this one is unique because it sports a very rare feature in the world of gym bags: a separate compartment for your shoes or dirty gear. This bag is perfect for stowing in separate changes of clothes when you need a separate outfit when hitting up the gym later in the day. Just like the previous bag, this duffel is made of 600D polyester fabric for extra thickness and water resistance to keep your clothes bone dry.

3. Two-Tone Sport Gym Roll Duffel Bags

The Two-Tone Sport Gym Roll Duffel Bag has the classic look of a barrel duffel but it stands out through its unique, highly-contrasting design. This lightweight bag is roomy enough to accommodate all gym essentials with room to spare. The fabric (600D poly with thick vinyl lining) is extremely easy to spot clean and the overall product feels well-made. You have four color variations (black, red, navy, and royal) to choose from and an unbeatable price to make up your mind on buying it today.

4. Large Capacity Drawstring Bag

Here’s the first gym drawstring bag on our list of the best gym bags. With a zippered front pocket and a couple of zippered mesh pockets, this bag is great for keeping your gym essentials tidy and organized. The roomy main compartment (14-1/2"W x 17"H x 6"D) can fit a change of clothes and your gym shoes, while the two zippered side mesh pockets can be used to store a water bottle, car keys, wallet, and other essential items you’d want to stay secured in one place.

The zippered front packet can host a magazine or any papers you’d want to carry around. Unlike most drawstring bags, this bag comes with wide and adjustable shoulder straps for extra bonus points in the comfort department.

5. Colorblock Polyester Cinch Pack/Drawstring Bag

The Colorblock Polyester Cinch Pack is a stylish drawstring bag that is sturdy enough to serve all your gym needs. You can stash your essentials in the lined front pocket and the gym gear in the main compartment. At 17.75"h x 14.5"w, this gym bag is roomier than it seems, and weighs next to nothing when empty. It can conveniently double as a daypack, no-fuss school bag, and beach bag when not going to the gym.

6. 600 Denier Polyester Large Duffel with Zip Pockets

At this modest price point, you’ll be impressed with this gym bag’s quality finishes. The 600 Denier Polyester Large Duffel comes with a main compartment, zippered front pocket, and zippered side pockets. Plus, at 13"h x 23.75"w x 11.5"d, this particular gym bag offers more storage space than most bags that we’ve so far tested. The shoulder strap is removable and padded and the bag can be worn over the shoulder or carried by hand. This gym duffel is hands-down an impressive contender for the title of the best gym bag this year.

7. Tri Tone Polyester Mesh Drawstring Bag W/ Side Pocket

The Tri Tone Polyester Mesh Drawstring Bag may look like a basic gym bag, but the design details, such as the eye-catching tri-tone polyester design and convenient zipper side pocket, set it apart from its counterparts on our list. What’s more the mesh top adds many bonus points to the breathability department, which is a must when having to deal with damp clothing and smelly gym shoes. This gym bag can be easily folded down and stashed into your main bag when traveling or shopping. The Tri Tone Polyester Mesh Drawstring Bag is a very versatile bag that you can carry to both the gym and pool.

8. Improved Medium Contrast Duffel Bag

At 12"h x 21"w x 9.25"d, the Improved Medium Contrast Duffel Bag offers plenty of storage real estate for both the gym or an impromptu weekend trip. Our crowd pleaser here is made of 600 denier polyester for added durability, has contrasting colors, and a nice side gym pocket. You can wear it over the shoulder or by hand toss it into your car’s trunk or in your locker. This big is roomy enough to fit multiple changes of clothes, your gym shoes, and your other essentials, while being durable enough to promise you years of continuous service. And for our ToteBagFactory price, this bag is s steal.

9. Zippered Cotton Canvas Drawstring Bag

For those of us concerned about sustainability and living green, the Zippered Cotton Canvas Drawstring Bag is the perfect gym bag. It is made of 100% sustainable cotton and it comes with a drawstring closure and a convenient zippered front pocket and matching straps. This one is one of our best-selling canvas sport bags due to the natural but thick canvas fabric and low price. It can withstand heavy loads and accommodate your gym footwear, gym outfit, a towel, and other essentials. It can double as an everyday shopping bag, work bag, and even laptop bag, no questions asked.

10. Stylish Sweatshirt Cinch Pack/ Drawstring Backpack


This bag is designed for those of us looking to hitting the gym in style. Made of cotton and polyester fleece, the Stylish Sweatshirt Cinch Pack is both soft and tear and pill-resistant. It may be a bit heavy, but the quality of the finishes and details has landed this bag on our list here. So, if you are looking for something soft but durable that can perfectly match your favorite sweatshirt, then this cute drawstring bag is the one.


Written by Priscilla Greene — July 23, 2019

What to Wear to a Music Festival and Turn Heads Around

Summer is in full swing and so are music festivals. From jazz, hip-hop and alternative rock to eclectic house, dubstep, and indie fests, everybody’s musical tastes are being catered for. An outdoor music festival is an occasion to change pace and create awesome and unforgettable memories of the times you had little to no responsibilities and a perennially empty bank account. But for that, you’ll need to rock an outfit that will turn all eyes towards you while in sight.

The good news is that there’s more than one way to dress to impress during a music festival. Depending on your fashion sense and style, you can pick one of the outfits our editors have rounded up for this year’s festival season, or just let yourself inspired and create your own stunning looks. Fortunately, T-shirt and skinny jeans are no longer the only option around.

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Written by Priscilla Greene — July 20, 2019

Are Drawstring Bags Waterproof?

Drawstring bags are more practical than backpacks when carrying around those essential items that don’t fit in your pockets, such as the water bottle, sunscreen, snacks, slippers, change of clothes, deodorant, meds, notebook, phone, or wallet. Drawstring bags make excellent bags for beach goers, music festival attendees, cyclists, hiking enthusiasts, and fitness buffs. But since there are outdoors activities that require these bags to be waterproof, some of our readers have been wondering whether drawstring bags are waterproof.

Before we answer that question, we need to clarify the difference between the bags that are waterproof, those that are water repellent, and their counterparts that are just water resistant. Because there’s a huge difference, and both buyers and manufacturers often wrongly use the terms interchangeably.

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Written by Priscilla Greene — July 16, 2019

How to Choose a Backpack?

Backpacks are incredibly versatile bags that allow you to schlep around your camping/ hiking gear, textbooks, work essentials, and personal stuff when going on vacation. Knowing how to choose a backpack can save you a great deal of frustration and money, which you might otherwise waste on packs that are less than ideal. So, what makes an ideal backpack? There are several criteria for a pack to meet in order to become your best travel companion.

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Written by Priscilla Greene — July 12, 2019

6 Best Duffle Bags for Travel for a Carefree Vacation

There’s no perfect travel bag out there, but modern travel duffel bags are sturdy, versatile, and user-friendly enough to make an amazing alternative to the bulky and stiff suitcase. However, since classic duffels can weigh travelers down lightning fast while on long trips, some of the best duffle bags for travel these days come with premium features such as wheels and telescopic handles to turn any extra weight into a non-issue. Plus, the sleek design and quality materials of most modern duffle bags make them a much pleasant travel companion than their classic counterparts.

But why is a duffel bag sometimes more convenient than a suitcase? Here are the top reasons. 

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Written by Priscilla Greene — July 03, 2019

Best Tote Bag for Working Moms and How to Wear It

A full-time working mom needs a tote that is versatile enough to adapt to all the roles she has taken in her life (spouse, mother, friend, working mom to name just a few) and roomy and functional enough to get her through the workday.  

Working moms also need a sturdy tote that can pack tons of stuff, such as work essentials, groceries, gifts, kids’ toys and their gear, while looking professional and polished. And if the bag has strategically placed pockets, they’ll pe able to have an inventory of their inventory and quick access to essential items.

An organized tote bag means that a time will stay organized as well which is critical for working mothers with multiple responsibilities. A great tote bag will carry you through the workday, gym, impromptu shopping sessions, client meetings, and dinner with friends or hubby. With our selection of best tote bags for working moms, we’ve got you covered on all bases.

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Written by Priscilla Greene — June 25, 2019

Why Do We Need Eco-Friendly Products?

Taking care of the environment is everybody’s business. We only have one Earth and if we don’t take care of it no one will. Don’t set your hopes on your representatives or corporations to fix the environment or do something about the pollution poisoning our air, water, land, and bodies. Many law makers are too busy serving the interests of Big Business or lack a genuine green education and the courage to make a real change.

The good news is that you can always vote with your money when it comes to environmental protection by investing your hard-earned cash into eco-friendly products that can have a huge long-term impact. You can also educate your loved ones on the importance of spending their money wiser, being environmentally mindful, and using eco-friendly products. As one wise man once said, “The change starts within each one of us.

Written by Priscilla Greene — June 20, 2019

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