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20 Reasons Why Gyms Should Hand Out Promotional Drawstring Bags

reasons why gyms should hand out drawstring bags written on picture of woman carrying a drawstring bag

There are only so many ways in which a gym can attract new customers. Direct advertising is one, but it feels a little too impersonal sometimes, especially if we’re not talking about a large chain of gyms. This is where giveaways come in. A personalized object that your already faithful clients can flaunt on various occasions can determine the people they meet to look you up and maybe give your services a go. Therefore, in this article we will be presenting you a list of 20 reasons why gyms should hand out promotional drawstring bags.

1. Word of Mouth

Offering promotional drawstring bags is like initiating a word-of-mouth campaign. When a member of your gym wears the bag, he/she recommends your gym by accepting to wear an item that contains its logo.

You may personalize them depending on the member’s experience in the gym like, for example Expert level achieved or Fitness pro in becoming. This will motivate your client while passers-by will see both the results of working out at your gym and trainers’ guidance.

2. Brand Awareness

black promotional drawstring bag with symbols printed

When they see a sport cotton drawstring bag that contains your logo, passers-by will perceive your gym as a local business they have access to. Quantity speaks, so more bags mean more brand ambassadors.

More bags reach a larger audience, which will begin to be curious and research for your gym. The simpler and familiar your gym name sounds, the more people will remember it until researching. The more gym members wear the bag, the wider visibility you gain every day.

3. Increased Website Traffic

The next stop on your new customer journey map is their attention - focused on your website. Such a promotional campaign (and the results you expect) pushes you to cover all aspects of your marketing strategy - your website being one large part of it.

However, if you expect plenty of traffic to pour in from the people wearing your brand logo and details on their backpacks, you have to make sure that you have a flawless, friendly and up-to-date website and attractive social media pages.

You have the chance to research and review your online presence and improve it, if necessary. Many entrepreneurs neglect their websites, but such a promotion will keep you on your toes to make everything perfect for the new visitors you target with your promotional drawstrings bags.

4. Loyal Members

black nylon mesh drawstring backpack

Promotional drawstring bags are ultimately meant for your gym members. They are the ones who fully benefit from them and might prefer them for daily use. These bags are genderless, so can be worn by both men and women. Also, their strings are comfortable, and the storage space is generous.

A high quality nylon mesh bag also includes a front pocket, which is incredibly useful. Once you’ve gained loyalty, gym members will be more motivated to recommend your gym to their friends.

5. Online Presence

A bag that its owner likes will soon become a daily accessory. Eventually, the bag will appear in pictures on social media, as the gym member takes trips, goes to the pool or even shopping.

You can boost your online presence by researching for those pictures on your members’ profiles and monitoring tags. You can start a discussion about gym and fitness by thanking the members for posting. This way, you will get an upper hand as an attentive customer service provider.

6. Fresh Community

assorted drawstring backpacks in different sizes

Besides keeping your already loyal community even closer, you can increase the interest of fresh new clients. Though it’s difficult to measure, you can develop a marketing strategy – maybe with some expended stylish poly promotional drawstring bags – for newcomers. If you ask them where they heard about your gym and they mention a drawstring bag, you can offer them a personalized one too. By catching their eye, you also add a positive and caring image to your gym.

7. Niche Enlargement

There are 36,180 million people affiliated to a sports gym in the USA. This makes it the leading country in the field, according to the 2016 IHRSA Global Report. Many of the over 180,000 gym clubs now follow the trend of specializing and choosing a niche target audience.

By successfully offering promotional drawstring bags, you may gain fresh relevant information on your audience or see which audience is easier to reach, if you decide to enlarge your niche. You get to enjoy a market study, based on the results.

8. Appealing Design

polyester drawstring backpack with wood print

Promotional drawstring bags can be personalized depending on your design. You can choose a model that you would wear and distribute it among your clients. The camouflage-patterned drawstring backpack has a front-zippered pocket and is easy to carry. Your clients are more eager to wear a bag with a design they like and relate to. Meanwhile, they associate the appealing bag to your gym’s positive image.

9. Timing Coverage

Handing out promotional drawstring bags could be an efficient marketing strategy for the times when you have less clients than usual. By embracing this initiative before this period, you have the chance to gain new clients specifically when your schedule begins to show empty spots. Also, your gym members will be motivated to continue their workout by having a bag that suits their needs.

10. Versatility

assortment of two-colored drawstring backpacks

The drawstring bag is versatile and easy to carry while leaving your hands free. Weight distributes between shoulders, without adding pressure due to the strings. The two-tone canvas backpack is popular due to its durability, adjustable quality strings and ease of use. It is helpful for daily activities and fit for both men and women.

11. Increased Engagement

Initiating a hand out for your gym members will increase their opening towards your business’s culture. This engages them in participating in your gym’s initiatives and to pay more attention to what you communicate. Free items engage clients and generate discussion topics about your gym club.

You may receive feedback about the bags on social media networks or even requests from other members. This is what professional marketers call “business storytelling” and it is a winning horse for all brands big and small.

12. Encouraging Sports

colorful drawstring backpacks

Promotional drawstring bags come in plenty of sizes and designs. The colorful and fun small-sized bag for kids can be given to clients that are parents and encourage them in pursuing sports.

Adults will have a chance to consider other sports too and a healthy lifestyle due to this accessory. Consequently, the freebie motivates them and redirects them to your gym. The kids will have fun, the parents will get in shape, and your brand will become something everybody speaks about fondly.

13. Product Reputation

Drawstring bags were invented in 1984. However, in the last 20 years they spread and gained the reputation of accessible products that come in handy on any occasion. They are used by persons of all ages and preferred by employees who take them to work. When choosing them, you benefit from this reputation of trustworthy, highly practical, versatile products.

14. Specialized Advertising

white drawstring backpack with logo

By developing a unique design for the drawstring bags, you can promote a specific service or equipment from your gym. However, take note that you cannot control the duration of this campaign and you might end up, in one year, with a new client that asks about old equipment. By developing a relevant design, you can decide specifically what to show to passers-by about your business.

While some models are universally recognized and loved, you can step a little outside the box and consider a nylon mesh bag with front pocket so everybody can take a sneak-peek at the wearer’s gym outfit and get in the mood for exercise.

15. Review Visibility

Some of the first information that a new audience will search for, while documenting about your gym business, is reputation. They will research for opinions, reviews, recommendations, and comments. You can also search for these before handing out the drawstring bags and have a clear view of clients’ feedback. After the campaign begins, you may even notice positive review based on your hand out.

16. They Fit a Small Budget

wholesale drawstring backpacks

The promotional drawstring bags can be bought on wholesale and have low prices. The more bags you buy, the bigger the discount. You can choose budget monochrome large bags and benefit from a generous area to print your logo on. Also, you don’t need further investment in support campaigns for the hand out or printing equipment.

17. Influencer Marketing

Among your gym members you might find influencers with strong communities who pay attention to and consider their choices and opinions. Handing out drawstring bags to influencers might turn into visibility on social media networks with a large public. If the influencer recommends your gym, then you might gain a new audience that already has a positive image about your business.

18. Effortless Advertising

personalized laundry bags with drawstring

Clients are attracted to giveaways, as they involve no effort. They don’t need to participate in a contest, subscribe, or share content. The hand out is a reward that will motivate them to be more attentive to your campaigns and advertising initiatives. You can create a database of those active gym members and develop future campaigns.

19. Content Generators

You can generate content on your website or social media pages based on the promotional drawstring bags and create appealing mini-campaigns. The pictures you find with the bags you already offered may inspire you to try new creative ideas, besides re-sharing them. You may even write content some time after the campaign begins and develop statistics based on the new members you welcome.

Keeping the conversation going on your website or social media network about those entertaining two-tone canvas sports bags with funky calls-to-action is a reputable marketing strategy.

20. Brand Emphasizing

drawstring laundry bag with all sorts of images and text printed

By giving away promotional drawstring bags, you choose products that fit your target and the specific of your gym. You can find features of the bag that match your niche or the specific message you want to send. This way, you promote your brand to prospects, while you make it even clearer to those who already are your gym members.

Promotional Drawstring Bags vs. Regular Bags

  • Drawstring bags are comfortable to wear. Unlike regular hand bags, drawstrings help people have their hands free while carrying your bag or backpack. Owners can use their phones or carry other bags while comfortably enjoying their giveaway.
  • They complete a casual or sporty look. Promotional drawstring bags are fit for an everyday look with jeans, not to mention how suitable they are for sporty outfits and shoes. They can be worn anytime during the day and can replace a sports bag or a regular backpack and cover all needs from running errands to accessorizing an urban look.
  • You can choose eco-friendly products. Eco-friendly drawstring bags are made without color chemicals and are reusable. These products are washable and can successfully replace plastic bags for all types of usage.
  • Promotional drawstring bags are lightweight. Yet, they are also strong and able to carry people's’ daily weight. Here’s an explanation to the amount of material used for the bags. They support heavy items without causing discomfort. People can also carry them in their hands, if necessary.
  • A drawstring bag offers more visibility. Due to the cotton-canvas, polyester, or nylon materials they are made of, drawstring bags don’t fold during the time they are worn. Also, the customized message is more visible when carried on the back and not by hand.
  • There is no budget difference. Drawstring backpacks are extremely budget friendly in bulk. They also get shipped through a high quality and affordable company that has an insignificant impact on the products’ final price. Due to being washable, the drawstring bags are also investments in long-term usage. The fabrics and the sowing make them durable and resilient in time and to wear-and-tear.
  • Large and small businesses can choose them. Regular bags are usually associated with shops, supermarkets, or home design stores. Promotional drawstring bags are suitable for all businesses, regardless of their audience or products. You can print your company logo and send a message through a universally loved product.

Wrapping Up

Promotional drawstring bags are versatile, comfortable and appealing to both their user and those who see them. By using these bags, you might even create a trend among active, workout-passionate people. The right design does half of the job of handing out a daily-use item, together with the fabric it comes in. The other half of the job is the colors and messages you choose.

You can use promotional drawstring bags for promoting your gym, an event, specific equipment or subscriptions, or even to support an already existing campaign. Drawstrings provide you the quality support you need to improve your brand’s image even more. Also, they increase your brand awareness and reinforce word-of-mouth recommendations.

Written by Priscilla Greene — January 26, 2018

8 Benefits of Personalized Insulated Lunch Bags

assortment of insulated lunch bags in multiple colors

Personalized insulated lunch bags are practical products for everyday use for both adults and children. They can be impressive giveaways at all types of events, desired contest awards or just trendy promotional products for your clients. Even more, once you personalize them, you add a little bit of style and a little bit of visibility to make your clients feel unique. Meanwhile, your customers or shareholders receive a fun, personalized solution to enjoy their favorite meals every day.

So Why Choose Insulated Lunch Bags?

Do these lunch bags sound tempting? They sure are! However, do you worry they might not fit your public or business field? Here are 8 benefits that personalized insulated lunch bags have in store for you that might convince you to purchase an extra bag for yourself.

1. Balanced Temperatures

red polyester lunch bag

Insulated lunch bags keep food and beverages at a close temperature to the one they were previously stored at. In other words, you can make sure that people wanting their meals fresh and tasty will also enjoy them. They can savor a cool meal in a warm room or a hot meal in a chilly environment.

To make sure the food remains at a safe temperature, people can easily store the lunch bag and its content in a fridge – if necessary. Now, if we talk about a deluxe polyester 6 pack cooler insulated lunch bag with your brand’s logo on it, then you can solve more problems at once. First, your brand will be visible every day in all types of environments. Second, the people using it will praise you constantly for their fresh foods.

2. Protected Content

green polyester insulated lunch bag with side pockets

Many insulated lunch bags include a safe closing system. Some models coming with zippered front pockets are sturdy and protect the content. The food sauce or beverages won’t spill outside of these bags, even if their closing system fails. Once closed, they are sealed.

You can seal the deal as well with such lunch bags, as they offer enough space for you to personalize them with a fun message for your foodies. Since you make their lives better, by preventing them from staining their clothes when they have lunch at work or at school, you will be in their thoughts every day. And you know that the most powerful marketing tool in existence is word of mouth, don’t you?

3. Plastic-Free

blue insulated lunch bag

Polyester insulated lunch bags, together with polypropylene, nylon, and other fabrics are the most popular items in this category. The reason is simple: these fabrics are more resistant and more rigid than plastic. They are also more versatile. This way, you can choose a lunch bag that does not include the inconvenience of plastic parts or reinforcements.

If you intend to use such lunch bags as promotional products as part of your giveaway or marketing strategy, you will fully appeal to the eco-conscious. These bags do not only protect the environment but also the food stored inside them. In addition, the plastic-free feature makes them more accessible and favored on a large scale, as more and more schools and workplaces frown upon plastic bags and items.

Since we talk about plastic, we have to mention that you will surely find eco-friendly lunch bags as well, to reinforce your sustainable marketing strategy. A 100% post-consumer recycled cooler bag will take the user a long way and will hold for years. Eco-friendly lunch bags are both reusable and washable. Moreover, they come in colors that resist to plenty of washing and drying, so you do not need to worry about your company logo being altered.

4. Budget Optimized

assortment of colored insulated lunch bags

If you think about insulated lunch bags as promotional items or giveaways, you may consider the budget of your marketing strategy. Luckily, most insulated lunch cooler bags collections are available at very attractive wholesale prices.

Depending on where you buy them, you can also benefit from within a day shipping and the best and most affordable transport company. In other words, insulated lunch bags make one of the most interesting and budget friendly products in case you want to offer them to your employees or send them as courtesy gifts to all your clients.

5. Tastier Food

black and blue rolling insulated bag

Lunch bags can store cooked food or fresh ingredients kept separately (and which can make a crunchy salad on the spot). Once stored at the safest temperature, the food keeps its taste and flavor. By staying fresh, the food does not harden or soften and is ready to enjoy within the next minute.

Take the Easy Life rolling cooler bags for instance. It is perfect for picnics, outdoor adventures, road trips, fishing expeditions, and beach days. Once you put your logo or slogan on them, they will travel the world speaking about your innovative ways of promoting your brand.

6. Size Versatility

red and black insulated lunch bag

You can purchase 6-pack, 12 -pack bags or larger sized wheeled lunch bags. By adjusting the size of the bag to your target audience, you promote a healthy lifestyle based on cooked meals for everybody that are easy to store, easy to carry, and even easier to enjoy. In addition, you can include savory items in the lunch bags and create a complete giveaway concept.

7. Variety is Key

camouflage cooler with interior zipped pocket

If you already have given promotional items to your customers, personalized insulated lunch bags send a different message. Most promo products focus on design and brand visibility, once handed out. Lunch bags focus on product utility, regardless their destination: for food or beverages storage. They can store cooked food, meat, vegetables, fruits, dairy products and more. As we were saying, your customers’ satisfaction and joy is your strongest marketing tool.

8. Universal Use

red cooler tote bag lunch bag

Insulated lunch bags are suitable to be carried in a bag (small-sized bags) or separately (large-sized bags). Some come in different shapes and designs. A cooler tote bag lunch bag is easy to fold and store when it is not in use – not to mention they are very fashionable. Such bags can make the perfect corporate giveaways or courtesy gifts any time of the year or as part of any event. These bags work great for clients, your own employees, collaborators and friends of the brand, partners, and other beneficiaries.

Bonus: Why Choose Personalized Insulated Lunch Bags

  • You can fully personalize the lunch bags’ front side. As a marketer, you can include a visible brand logo and name, or add a subtle and recognizable hashtag or motto.
  • You can find lunch bags with a plain design, in a two colors combination or with a contemporary flair to them. For instance, these urban-designed lunch bags make amazing fashion accessories.
  • The environmentally friendly features of these insulated lunch bags might bring you a fresh, new, and powerful audience.
  • They are unisex and gender independent and, most importantly, practical for a wide variety of audience categories.

Written by Priscilla Greene — January 26, 2018

12 Eco Friendly Promotional Products for a Sustainable Marketing Strategy

recycled symbol on jute background

The eco-conscious movement is here and does not budge. Moreover, it gains more power and more awareness every single day. As a business owner, you have to understand that consumers and shareholders demand that companies employ sustainable practices in all their strategies and every day practices, including marketing. Among such policies, eco friendly promotional products make an important part in your approach towards sustainability. This is why we will look at 12 eco friendly promotional products and their importance to your company’s mission and values.

What is Sustainability and How Does it Match Marketing?

According to sustainability specialists, sustainable items “provide environmental, social, and economic benefits”. They also should protect the public health, welfare, and the environment in all their stages, from the choice of materials to the products’ disposal. Following this definition, your eco friendly promotional products should comply with the following rules:

  • They come in natural materials;
  • They are biodegradable;
  • They do not harm either people or nature during their production cycle as well as after their disposal.

As marketing is concerned, eco friendly promotional products make a strong statement from the point of view of your customers, partners, and shareholders. According to recent statistics, more and more consumers try to change their lifestyles towards more environmentally mindful ones. This shift in perspective and choices also includes the use of green products.

When you implement environmental friendly promotional products in your brand’s overall marketing strategy, you start appealing to the majority of your consumers and potential clients. Moreover, your consumers and shareholders who champion green living will further reinforce and promote your brand’s story and efforts.

In addition, if you consider that most, if not all, eco-friendly promotional products allow you to display your logo and motto on them, you have no reason not to engage in sustainability company practices (which also include marketing).  

12 Eco Friendly Promotional Products for Your Green Marketing Plan

If you think that such products limit your marketing plan involving gift bags, giveaways, or promotional items, you will be surprised by their variety and range of uses. If you want your voice to be heard and your brand to be seen, you can also pick other collaborators who also manufacture sustainable products. Here are our top choices!

1. Organic Cotton Canvas Tote Bags

cotton canvas tote bag

Tote bags in general have become the go-to promotional item or giveaway for brands and corporate events. They offer enough space for you to personalize them with your logo, message, statement, and so on. Moreover, they come in sensible sizes to host a myriad of goodies you want to fill them up with.

If you want to take things up a notch, pick organic cotton canvas tote bags. The 100% certified organic cotton is extremely popular these days, as it guarantees not only the sustainability of the product, but its intrinsic value and high quality. Strong, durable, versatile, and extremely useful, such tote bags will place you among the brands that are truly concerned with the environment and their shareholders’ life choices.

2. Ceramic / Terracotta Flower Planter

ceramic pot with aloe vera

What better way to green up a person’s office or home than a small succulent plant or cactus coming in a ceramic cute planter and a heart-melting design? When it comes to offering potted flowers or plants in large numbers, logistics can become difficult, but you should try. Nothing speaks better about your brand’s environmental concerns, sense of humor, lightheartedness, care for the beauty and health of the receivers’ spaces like plants and pots do.

The beauty of such promotional item is that it can be as small as you want. It will also appeal to everybody, no matter his or her age or gender. You can also up your ante and buy the ceramic pots from a local manufacturer, who promotes eco-friendliness and manual crafts as well and you have something truly amazing to make a memorable impression. You can paint your logo or slogan on the planter and have the most elegant and stylish marketing strategy of the year.

3. Bamboo Pen Holder

bamboo pen holder with colorful pens

Together with cotton and jute, bamboo is a praised sustainable natural material that works great with all champions of green living. Since everybody has a desk at their workplace or at home, the bamboo pen stander is a mindful, useful promotional item you can personalize any way you want.

Print your logo or use a cute sticker with a message and you will turn your marketing strategy into a success story. Make sure the bamboo comes from controlled and eco-conscious plantations and processing facilities and you will have the next favorite giveaway of your consumers or business partners.   

4. Jute Tote Bags

jute tote bag

The durable 100% natural jute fiber is another great option on your eco friendly promotional products list. If you pick some jute tote bags with deep full gusset, the world is your oyster. Besides coming in a strong and sustainable fabric, such bags are spacious, practical, and can match all your promotional needs.

The natural nuance of jute bags plays on the rustic flair people associate with green living. They offer a wide area for you to silkscreen print or embroider your logo, the date of an event, a hashtag, a motto, or anything you want. Besides being perfect for promotional uses, trade shows, and corporate giveaways, these burlap tote bags speak of your deep understanding of what sustainability really is.

5. Eco-Friendly Drawstrings Single Bottle Jute Wine Bags

drawstring jute wine bag

If you want to make a memorable impression on your shareholders or partners, offer them some bottles of wine as a gift. Make sure you pick a local wine producer with a strong reputation in the sustainable winemaking business and an exclusive / boutique range of products. Such gifts are incredibly valuable as they send a very powerful message: you support local entrepreneurs and endorse high-end products that come from personal passion and mind the environment.

Now that you picked the wine, go further and gift the wine in eco-friendly drawstrings single bottle jute wine bags with your logo on them. The present will be unforgettable and your brand’s vision taken to heart.

6. Cork Coasters

assortment of cork coasters

Cork is one of the three most appraised sustainable materials, together with bamboo and cotton. Cork is also incredibly versatile and fun to work with. Besides the fact that you can send a set of cork coasters to everybody you know, you can send them together with your logo, fun messages and slogans, drawings, designs, monograms, and everything you can think of.

Do not think that you can base your marketing strategy only if you are active in the restaurant industry. As long as you tweak your message to match the industry or the receivers’ occupations, tastes, or hobbies, only the sky is your limit. After all, we all have a favorite mug on our desks we need a fun coaster for.

7. Eco Friendly Recycled Travel Kit

black travel kit bag

When you prepare a marketing activity based on promotional products, you have to think in big numbers. Forget about the ubiquitous plastic pen bearing a boring logo and take things up a notch. You need a large batch of useful promotional products that are unisex, age independent, useful to the receiver, customizable with your brand’s emblem/message and out of the box enough to keep people talking about your brand.

The eco-friendly recycled travel kits match all the criteria above and are also… well, eco-friendly. Both men and women of any age will simply adore them, as they can host cosmetic and grooming products, gadgets, headphones, personal items, and more. And who doesn’t appreciate a 100% post-consumer recycled PET fabric that will last for years? Add your logo and champion sustainability in a fun, mindful, and innovative manner.

8. Cork USB Drive

cork USB drive

We admit we do love cotton and cork dearly, just as much as we love a competent USB drive. If your customers or stakeholders are like us, they will never say no to yet another USB drive. Who does say no to such a wonder we cannot live without? Bringing the best of both worlds means preparing cork USBs as eco-friendly promotional products. Your tech savvy and eco-aware clientele will simply love them.

The symbolism of such item is also important. The cork USB is the definitive proof that nature and technology not only can co-exist, but they can complement each other beautifully. The cork layer of the USB can hold a stylish discrete logo or slogan to make the right kind of noise among your customers.

9. Premium Cotton Towels

burgundy eco towel

If your brand is active in the hospitality industry, in sports and fitness, textile manufacturing, events organization and promotion, offering towels as giveaways or end-of-year gifts to your customers and shareholders may become an amazing idea. Why should you not choose premium quality 100% cotton towels that you can further personalize with your monogram or logo?

If you want to promote your new bookstore, maybe towels will not quite match your business field, but if you want to thank all your clients for subscribing to your gym classes, then towels are perfect eco friendly reminders that you are grateful for their dedication and hopeful you will work together again in the future.

10. Cotton Lanyard

colorful cotton lanyard

Lanyards are other corporate darling promotional gifts because they are very useful and visible. People use them as key holders, ID or badge holders, and so on. Branded lanyards are the go-to items for large-scale promotions and giveaways. While we are used to receive such items as badge holders at festivals, concerts, or conventions, receiving a cute, whimsical one with a monogram, emblem, slogan, or nice imprint will take your brand to new places.

Keep in mind that even in our hi-tech, social-media powered world, the word of mouth is still your most powerful marketing weapon. In other words, make people talk about you fondly and allow them to proudly recommend you to their friends and peers.

11. Eco Friendly Recycled Briefcase

eco friendly black briefcase

Do you know how many people actually want a corporate style briefcase that has the environment in mind? If your customers or shareholders’ pool consists of young urban professionals, college students, freelancers, and mobile creatives, these eco-friendly recycled briefcases may be exactly what you need to make a favorable and long-term impact on them.

Such promotional venue shows that your brand knows who they are and what they need. Moreover, it shows you care about them as people and the environment as our cradle of life. Look for such briefcases coming in 100% post-consumer recycled PET fabric that lasts for years. These items offer you quite the space to adorn them with your logo and brand’s headline.

12. Eco Friendly Recycled Duffel Bag

eco friendly black duffel bag

Another universally lovable gift, an eco-friendly duffel bag in a 100% post-consumer recycled PET fabric will satisfy the expectations of all your customers and collaborators. Practical, valuable, usable in all contexts of life, and matching almost all types of businesses (yes, the bookstore included), eco-friendly recycled duffel bags are the go-to choices for many brands and corporate marketing strategies.

Get your slogan visibly printed on the bags and you will have a promoter and a PR in each person traveling with the bag in all the cities in the entire world.

Eco Friendly Promotional Products: Be the Voice of the Revolution

If you are serious about environmental protection and making sustained efforts to align yourself to the eco movement, you have everything to gain. Beyond impressing your clients, your advocacy towards sustainability becomes a part of your brand’s story, mission, vision, and values. This generation supports the environmental revolution and young people are the champions of change.

Therefore, a coherent and honest marketing strategy should go beyond eco friendly promotional products, because your work is just beginning. Start using sustainable materials as a company (recycled paper, bamboo office supplies, corkboards, etc.), reduce paper waste, focus on everyday products with less impact on the environment, and so on.

If you want your eco marketing strategies to come to fruition, your business storytelling should also come from a genuine concern for the environment.

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Written by Priscilla Greene — January 26, 2018

7 Monogrammed Burlap Tote Bags Ideas for Stylish Party Favors

text on picture of two jute tote bags

Everybody loves party favors, especially when they are cool, personalized, useful, and reusable! Do you know something to match all these criteria? Monogrammed burlap tote bags, of course! Monograms are stylish initials or names that you can sow or print on the burlap tote bags. However, for the purpose of sky-high creativity, we decided to include here some burlap tote bags designs which come with a little extra besides the monogram! Let us see today 7 such ideas to make your party favors memorable!

1. The Classic Three-Letters Monogrammed Burlap Tote Bags

burlap tote featuring a three-letter monogram

If you really want your party favor to be useful, look great, and help people remember (and talk about) you for months, pick some everyday/carry all jute tote bags. They come in reusable heavy duty 100% natural jute fabric, which lasts for years. They are perfect for shopping, work, school, beach or pool visits, picnics, running errands in the city, storing personal stuff around the house and more.

As party favors, they go great with weddings, anniversaries, and corporate events. All you have to do is apply a stylish three-letters monogram to personalize them and make them a statement of classy fashion.

2. Stud-Tagged Monogrammed Burlap Tote Bags

pair of monogrammed studded burlap totes

This is a wonderful idea when it comes to party favors and stylish tote bags. The burlap mini tote bags come together with a nametag (written in a beautiful font) and some cute ribbons. La piece de resistance consists of the small sparkly studs pinned on the totes. For such party favors, you should pick some natural burlap gift tote bags in medium size.

The natural eco-friendly burlap fabric is strong and durable. The studded burlap tote bags will be of great use to the wearer for many years, as they feature reinforced stress points. These monogrammed bags work great for party or celebrations, wedding favors, chic rustic receptions, anniversaries, and more.

3. Adorned Single-Letter Monogrammed Burlap Tote Bags

assortment of burlap tote bags with a single letter monogram

If you follow the monogram rules carefully, you learn that one single letter (either the name’s initial or the surname’s initial) is enough to make a powerful design and statement of elegance. The beauty of versatility of such monogram is that you can let your imagination run wild and adorn the letter in a beautiful design.

Such personalized party favor perfectly matches jute blend tote bags with full gusset and burlap accents. These bags in a fashionable size are perfect for books, gifts, wedding favors, bachelorette parties, birthdays, giveaways, brand advertising, and more. As long as you pick an elegant monogram for them, there is no stopping you!

4. Applique Detailed Monogrammed Burlap Tote Bags

brown and pink jute tote bag with applique details

If you want whimsical, cool, and sweet party favors, pick some gusseted jute tote bags with colored trim and handles. Then, apply a cute and color-matching monogram you cut out from a nice piece of fabric. If you want to take things up a notch, you can adorn the colorful tote bag with other appliques and adornments, buttons, studs, ribbons, and so on.

As party favors go, few things look better and sweeter than colored burlap bags coming with cute monograms and details. The bags are perfect for floral arrangements, arts and crafts, gifts, shopping, daily use,  all sorts of wedding and party favors, bachelorette parties, birthdays, giveaways, and so on.

5. Initial + Name Monogrammed Burlap Tote Bags

monogrammed burlap tote bag featuring an initial and a name on brown background

One interesting monogram design is the combination of the initial with the surname. Of course, you can go a bit further and frame the monogram in a stylish way. These types of monograms work well with medium-size or larger jute totes, as you need room to beautifully design the monogram on them.

JuCo tote bags come in a blend of jute and cotton fabrics. They allow silkscreen prints or embroideries, a supplementary reason for you to consider designing them with this type of monogram. The sturdy material makes these bags amazing for shopping, groceries, indoor storing of fun personal stuff, beach and pool sessions and so on. As party favors are concerned, they make excellent wedding favors, but also fun corporate gift bags, anniversary giveaways and more.

6. Retro Typography Logo Monogrammed Burlap Tote Bags

burlap tote with retro logo printed

Monograms, while back in fashion these days, have a vintage classy flair to them that makes them even more charming. Therefore, you can go retro all the way: pick some small burlap party favor bags with a retro feel and monogram them with a retro typography logo. Such design and such bags go amazingly as wedding party favors, but you can adapt them to other types of events.

The main point is to match the tote bag with the monogrammed name logo that has to come off as vintage and elegant. All rustic weddings, bridesmaid gifts, Christmas gifts and favors for your party or celebrations can become a statement of style with such monogrammed burlap tote bags.

7. Antique One Letter Monogrammed Burlap Tote Bags

antique monogram on jute

Intricate designs, antique illustrations, and complex monogram drawings speak of royalty, aristocracy and class. These types of monograms work best with square burlap bags in sensible sizes and durable construction. You need plenty of space in order to feature the entire Victorian or gothic details of the monogram on them.

You also need sturdy bags to last for years. With fancy soft cotton handles and plenty of carrying and storing space, such bags work great with an antique one-letter monogram with crowns, laurel wreaths, filigree-style designs, and so on.

Wrapping up…

As party favors go, they should please, amaze, surprise, and melt the hearts of everybody. Monograms have a strong reputation when it comes to elegant aristocratic personalization. Once reserved for the lace handkerchiefs of queens or the silk bedsheets of noble families, monograms are now fashionable ways of making a statement of taste.

Burlap tote bags are so versatile, so practical, and so stylish these days (not to mention incredibly affordable when purchased wholesale), that make the perfect “canvas” for you to paint on with the best-chosen and well-designed monograms you can think of.

Do you have other monogrammed burlap tote bags ideas for memorable party favors? Would you like to know more about them?

Image sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Written by Priscilla Greene — January 26, 2018

9 Reasons Why Custom Printed Drawstring Backpacks Are the Perfect Giveaways

9 reasons why custom printed drawstring backpacks written on picture of an assortment of drawstring backpacks

What makes a good giveaway? Is it the “coolness” factor, the usefulness of the gift, or both? A giveaway is the perfect opportunity to make a memorable impression on the people who attended your event, not to mention the marketing opportunities. We discussed about the best conference gift bag ideas a little while back. Now we are going to focus on custom printed drawstring backpacks and why they make the best giveaways to keep people talking about you for months!

1. Custom Printed Drawstring Backpacks can be Personalized Any Way You Want

neon green drawstring backpack with adjustable straps

A good giveaway should be indeed cool, useful, and making a powerful statement about your brand. It should also be of high quality, fun, and interesting. Let us think about a zip drawstring backpack in a vibrant color design. Reinforced seams to make it sturdy double the lightweight polyester.

The best thing about it, however, is that it displays enough space for you to start personalizing it. You can add your logo or a fun message. You can also apply your monogram and make it even more personal. You can show off your brand’s colors and symbols in a practical, simple yet stylish way.

2. Custom Printed Drawstrings Backpacks Make the Most Wearable Marketing

assortment of colorful cinch backpacks

Give your audience something valuable and they will remember and speak fondly of you indefinitely. Many might actually make your giveaway viral on their social media networks if they are pleasantly surprised.

All it takes is for you to print your logo, message, hashtag, or motto on a high quality cinch pack with a sporty flair. Such drawstring backpacks are versatile and extremely useful. They go excellent for young and very mobile urban professionals, students, kids, gym buffs, and many more. Moreover, they will help you reinforce your brand in the most natural way possible.

3. Custom Printed Drawstrings Backpacks are Unisex

assortment of colorful non woven polyester drawstring backpacks

Surely, you can find drawstrings backpacks for men and for women respectively, but the logistics may become a bit too difficult. On the other hand, a non-woven polypropylene drawstring bag in a vivid color is the surefire way to please a crowd.

These types of backpacks have become the darlings of corporate events, contests, and conferences because they come in a wide variety of colors, are sturdy enough to be wearable for a long time, and match every one of the participants to the giveaway.

4. Custom Printed Drawstrings Backpacks are Age Independent

three differently colored polyester drawstring backpacks

Many event organizers fear that their giveaways will not please participants of certain ages. Young ones want some particular things, while adult ones have different expectations. Well, a rugged but stylish polyester drawstring backpack and a heavy vinyl backing solves such issues in an instant.

It will not matter if you offer such drawstrings backpacks to your young creative advertisement conference attendees or your seasoned medical experts coming to your workshop. These backpacks are incredibly useful, durable, practical, and fun to wear.

5. Custom Printed Drawstrings Backpacks Can Appeal to the Eco-Conscious

promotional canvas sport drawstring backpack

More and more people are getting highly aware of the environmental issues. In addition, more people make conscious and mindful changes in order to live more eco-friendly lives. If you prepare a giveaway for such people, you may want to consider a handful of canvas sport drawstring backpacks. These backpacks are sturdy. The natural fibers make a thick fabric, which can carry heavy loads with no problems. Besides the wide variety of colors you can choose from you also have plenty of space to print your logo on.

Moreover, cotton canvas drawstring backpacks make a powerful statement about your brand as an advocate for the environment. They show you know who your giveaway participants are. It is likely that your eco-aware attendees will speak about your attention to detail for months after the event.

6. Custom Printed Drawstrings Backpacks are Multifunctional

black nylon mesh bag

As we said, drawstring backpacks will come in handy to your participants. Many will take them to the gym, some will use them to go to work, and some will use them as travel accessories. Nevertheless, there is more to drawstring backpacks than the eye can see. A nylon mesh bag can serve as a stylish groceries bag, a fun beach bag, a useful shoes bag, and so on.

The front pocket is large enough for you to print your brand logo or motto on, as well. Some giveaway participants may even use these drawstring backpacks as storage accessories around the house to keep their magazines, books, decorations, or personal items tight and in sight.

7. Custom Printed Drawstrings Backpacks Make Your Brand More Visible than Tote Bags

We love tote bags and messenger bags for that matter, but nothing displays your brand’s logo and message better than a drawstring backpack. Tote bags and backpacks are all the rage right now in terms of conference gift bags and giveaways. Nevertheless, let us consider the 100% canvas modern drawstrings backpack. Once you printed your logo or motto on it, they will become widely visible.

It is one thing to peek under one’s arm to see what their tote bags says and another to fully enjoy a fun inscription displayed in plain sight on a young person’s shoulder. Marketing has never been easier.

8. Custom Printed Drawstrings Backpacks Can Carry the Other Giveaways

assortment of microfiber drawstring backpacks with mesh in front

A large summit or international conference is likely to gather many brands and companies, each preparing their own giveaways. If you caught a glimpse of an attendee looking a bit confused or troubled by the idea of carrying back home all the goodies they received. Now it is the time for you to step in! Offer the participants some front mesh bags and help them feel relieved about having to stuff their bags with all sorts of swags and goodies.

9. Custom Printed Drawstrings Backpacks are Affordable in Bulk

assortment of drawstring backpacks

When it comes to giveaways, budget becomes very important. One reason you should consider custom printed drawstrings backpacks is that they are very affordable when you order them in bulk. Given the amazing prices you can get, you can focus on your everyday business, resting assured that your drawstrings backpack giveaways will please all your participants and remain very friendly to your budget.

Do you have other reasons why custom printed drawstrings backpacks are the best giveaways possible? When was the last time you offered such goodies and how was the feedback you received?

Written by Priscilla Greene — January 25, 2018

5 Conference Gift Bags Ideas that Attendees Will Love to Take Home

Your conference proved to be a huge success and now it is time to say goodbye to your attendees but you don’t want them to forget you. When it comes to post conference gift bags, it is time to let those creative juices flow one more time, as the last impression is as just as important as the first one.

And since filling up some branded paper bags with pens, keychains, and other cheap stuff is blatantly unoriginal, we will take a look today at 5 conference gift bags ideas that attendees will love to take home.

Conference Gift Bags Ideas: Why Creativity Matters

In some businesses, people attend a handful of conferences every year. They receive tens of bags with unimpressive content they store somewhere around the house or give to others without batting a lash.

If you did really organize a mind-blowing conference, your gift bags should mirror the experience. It is one thing that people come back home with some random bag, and another for them to return with THE swag bag. If you also manage to fill the bag with goodies they love, there will be no stopping you.

What do you want from your conference gift bags?

Two things:

  • Amazing bags – because the presentation is equally important as the gift
  • Amazing content – one that will make attendees rave about your conference, your brand, and their gift on their social media channels, website post-conference reports, their clients, and your future partners.

In other words, you need to make art and inspire your attendees by choosing not only the best of gift bags available, but also bag contents that are quirky, cute, useful, and lovable by all. Of course, you have to stick to your budget as well. Do you want some ideas to match these high standards?

Here we have our top 5 conference gift bag ideas to push you to that big league!

1. Branded Promotional Tote Bags with Homemade Cookies

assortment of small canvas tote bags

These types of budget promotional Polypropylene tote bags are one smart way to impress your attendees. They speak to those who appreciate a useful tote to use separately.

Moreover, a rare type of conference gift is actual food. Do not fill the pouches with food that melts, spoils, or smells bad. Instead, look for a local high-quality bakery that can beautifully wrap homemade cookies or biscuits. Your attendees will love that you address their sweet tooth and will likely promote both your brand and the cookie brand as well.

2. Branded Book Bags with… a Book

black and white cotton tote bags

If you have international attendees, who need to travel for miles to go back home, nothing seems better than a nice book to read during that long flight. You can pick colorful high quality promotional canvas tote bags you can personalize with your brand’s logo and throw in something fun to read. Depending on the type of conference you just organized, the book can address the topic you just discussed, or provide insight on a matter related to your conference’s central idea.

You can go for humor, for academic books, popular novels, poetry collections, and so on. This will speak volumes about your brand. Your attendees will not only appreciate the monogrammed book bag – a sign that you dearly care for them as persons – but also your inclination towards culture, knowledge, and information.

3. Canvas Tote Bags with Headphones

black cotton tote bag 

High quality canvas tote bags (you can benefit from at wholesale prices) with your logo on them will make the perfect conference gift bags for young and mobile attendees. IT, marketing, SEO, sales, or tech conferences can only end in style if the participants leave with highly utilitarian bags and content. You can personalize the bags any way you want, together with the headphones inside them.

Earphones are also great gifts, but they lack enough space for you to print an emblem on them. Since nobody is going to say no to a bag and a pair of high quality headphones, you can be sure your name will be heard all over the internet. Smart bags with smart gifts make it to that area of coolness, creativity, and originality you are promoting.

4. Large Convention Tote Bags with Personalized Socks

assortment of colorful polypropylene tote bags

These types of conference gift bags play two important cards: the large convention tote bags in non-woven polypropylene, useful and practical for travel and home uses, and the high quality of the cotton socks you will pick and personalize.

On one hand, the bag is something to appreciate, especially since it is roomy enough to use back home for shopping for instance. On the other, international attendees will love the idea of getting new, comfy socks for the ride back home.

Moreover, if you personalize both items with your logo or a fun message or hashtag, you will get everybody to talk about you for weeks. And it makes for cool social media posts.

5. Promotional Large Tote Bags with Bottom Gusset with a Double Canopy Umbrella

assortment of colorful tote bags with bottom gusset

Practical, unisex, and age independent, large tote bags with a bottom gusset are all the rage right now when it comes to urban fashion and workforce mobility. They match any personal style and are the ultimate standard in practicality.

Do you want to make things even more personal and fun? Personalize the tote bags and throw in some oversized umbrellas with your logo or a cute hashtag to remind them about your conference. Wouldn’t it be the exact type of gift you would mention to everybody out of sheer enthusiasm?

Wrapping up our presents…

We have to end this short journey in the world of memorable conference gift bags ideas with a few tips we would like to share:

  • Do not pick a gift bag with a commonplace, boring, or impersonal design or material;
  • Style and marketing should go hand in hand. Go for colorful bags, interesting designs, high utilitarian features, interesting fabrics, and spot-on personalization;
  • The bigger / heavier the bags and their content are, the more discomfort your attendees will feel while carrying them. Canvas and non-woven tote bags, no matter their size, are easy to fold or simply wear as they are.
  • If you display the attendee’s monogram, your logo, a graphic piece, or a message, make sure they all perfectly fit the bag and do not look cheaply stuck on the bags;
  • Do not display or print the date of the conference on any personalized item, as everything will become outdated the second day.

Hoping that we managed to open a wide door to a world of creativity including conference gift bags ideas, tell us what such goodie bag you received that you still remember and love! How was the bag and what swag made a powerful impression on you?



Written by Priscilla Greene — January 25, 2018

12 DIY Halloween Trick-or-Treat Tote Bags and Drawstring Bags Ideas You'll Love!

Halloween is upon us, and we all know that means elaborate decorations, awesome costumes, treats, and the bags to keep all those treats safe. Costumes may not last, but the right personalized trick or treat bags can easily stand the test of time. Not only that, but they add another layer of fun and creativity to Halloween.

Don't have any ideas for Halloween trick or treat bags? Not to worry. We laid out 12 different ways that you can create homemade Halloween bags—both drawstring and tote designs—that will be ready for the next trick or treat outing. Take a look at them all below and let your imagination run wild.

1. Halloween Patterned Tote Bag

Halloween Patterned Tote Bag

With this patterned tote bag, you can add many different cool Halloween designs to personalize them in different ways. What's more is that these are rather durable so that they can hold up well for the next few years, saving you from replacing the bag holiday after holiday.


Written by ToteBag Factory — October 06, 2017

Denim Tote Bags Make a Strong Comeback

         If you are concerned about your company's promotional bag's quality, denim tote bag might be the best option for you. Since denim tote bags are popular at this year, this bag definitely can stand out more than a regular basic canvas tote bag. Because of its quality and trendy look, more people enjoy using it. Although it is perfect to print any kind of logo because its durable material and large printing area, it does not have low-quality bag outlook. Hence, it has an elegant look for daily usage.

         Denim tote bags are not only for shopping; they are preferred for any type of daily usage. Because of their trendy look, denim tote bags are used same as purses. They are good with many outfits; that is another reason why the bag have quality look. Denim tote bag can definitely increase your company's outlook.

Here are some denim style bags to check out:

Written by Tote Bag Factory — September 03, 2017

What Can Promotional Drawstring/Cinch Backpacks Do for Your Company?


       Although promotional tote bags are one of the well-known marketing products, promotional drawstring backpacks are as effective as promotional tote bags in marketing. Drawstring/cinch backpacks also have exactly the same durable cotton material like tote bags; that material allows to print even complicated company logos. Furthermore, drawstrings backpacks are widely used in gyms, daily activities, beaches, sports activities, festivals, fairs, and such.

       Drawstring bags are preferred by female and male; this gives an extra advantage to spread a company logo in different areas. Men use drawstring backpacks for carrying shoes, hats, books, sports equipment, stationary equipment, and most of their personal belongings. Hence, the usage areas of this bag increase marketing to be spread more broadly. Also, since cinch backpacks are carried on back, they have higher visibility for logos.
        Here are some examples for Drawstring/Cinch Backpacks:

Written by Tote Bag Factory — August 15, 2017

Customizations: Screen Printing, Iron On, Heat Transfer, and Embroidery

        Customized tote bags are one of the most popular promotional products. There is almost no business that does not have customized tote bags. However, many employers are concerned about how difficult to have their company's logo or name on a promotional tote bag. It is absolutely so easy to do any type of customization to promotional tote bags. It is also the cheapest and the most effective way to promote a company. There are various ways to get a tote bag customized. The most commonly known techniques are screen printing, iron on, heat transfer, and embroidery. These techniques require heat resistance except embroidery. Canvas, cotton, non-woven, burlap jute, and polyester tote bags are all heat resistant, so they are customizable tote bags. Canvas, cotton, and burlap jute tote bags are resistant to about 350 Fahrenheit; polyester is resistant about 300 Fahrenheit, and non-Woven about 250 Fahrenheit (All temperatures are approximate, and they vary depends on the product and the duration of the heat.) All of our bags are all perfect for personalizations. Embroidery process does not require heat resistance; it is done by sowing. However, the best tote bags are canvas, cotton, burlap jute tote bags for embroidery process. Polyester and non-woven totes can also be embroidered. 

          Compared to promotional products such as pens, mugs, sticky notes etc., promotional tote bags are the best to print a logo or names because they have a larger surface and they can be used daily in everywhere. Moreover, promotional tote bags' material allows any complicated logos to be customized. 

Written by ToteBag Factory — June 19, 2017 Member


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