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How to Clean a Canvas Bag

how to clean canvas bag

Canvas bags are all the rage right now and for all the right reasons. They’re versatile, stylish, and eco-friendly. They can be valuable accessories you can personalize and style up and wear on all possible occasions. Depending on its design and pattern, a canvas bag can be a great accessory for casual outings, workdays, shopping trips, days in the park, or nights on the town.

However, it’s very important to know how to correctly clean a canvas bag so you can keep it as good as new for years. The truth is, all our canvas tote bags can take quite a beating. Canvas bags are quite vulnerable to daily wear and tear. We stuff them with groceries and goods that spill or leak, we put them on the floor or on the ground, we toss them in cars and in offices, and so on.

For all these reasons, canvas bags need proper, regular cleaning and maintenance. This is why today we’ll will learn together how to clean a canvas bag step by step. If you follow these cleaning  steps, you’ll be able to keep your canvas bag in tip-top shape.

Measures to Take Before the Actual Bag Cleaning

Canvas bags are the perfect environment to add a dash of your own personality and preferred style into your everyday carry bag. In other words, canvas bags can feature screen prints, embroidery, monograms, hand painting, fabric, button decorations (sewed or glued), drawings, printed logos, and many more.

Washing Safety

The first thing you need to do is check if these added elements are safe for washing and cleaning. Specialists recommend  removing all additions if possible (scarves, brooches, buttons, etc.). Of course you cannot remove a print or embroidery.

In this case, you should consider the following:

  • Water temperature for both washing machine and handwashing: if your canvas bag features paintings, drawings, or other prints and patterns, you should make sure to wash it at cool temperatures.
  • Color bleeding and transfer: If you wear colored canvas bags or your canvas bags feature colored prints and graphic designs, make sure the colors do not bleed, fade, or transfer in contact with water or other fabrics.

The Color Fading/Bleeding Test

Fill a shallow bowl with water and dip a small part of the bag into it to test the canvas for color bleeding, fading, or transfers. Allow the wet portion of the bag to sit in the water for about ten minutes.

Check the color of the water to see if any dye bled into it. Wring the wet part of the bag over a plain white cotton towel or cloth. If the canvas bag bleeds dye onto the towel, it is not colorfast. If it is not colorfast, you will have to spot-clean the bag rather than washing it. Do not wash the bag with other materials as the dye may transfer onto them. Skip this test if the bag is plain white.

Bag Preparation

Before you decide whether to wash the canvas bag in the washing machine, by hand, or by giving it a spot-cleaning, we have to prep the bag. Here’s what to do:

  • Empty all bag pockets, then open any zippers and clasps, and shake the bag well upside down to remove dirt,trash, crumbs, coins, papers, and any other little things hiding in the bag.
  • If possible, pull the bag inside out completely so you can see the lining. Use a lint roller to remove dust and crumbs. You can also use the fabric brush attachment on your vacuum to remove all the interior impurities. A table vacuum also helps because you can handle it more comfortably.
  • Before you begin, examine the bag for particular care labels and/or type of materials used. Follow any recommended care guidelines and attempt to identify the type of stains, if existing, on your canvas bag.

Stain Removal

If your canvas bag is stained, you should remove them before washing or intensely cleaning them. Heavy stains can be a big problem, as they often need some extra care. Some stains do not go away with water and a soft cloth, so you may need some liquid detergent or other stain removing products.

Make sure you apply the stain removal product on a discrete small portion of the bag to make sure the powder or liquid does not cause canvas burns, discolorations, or color bleeds. If everything looks good after a few minutes, use a white cloth and a damping technique to slowly and securely remove the stains. You should not scrub the stains because color transfers, discolorations, or canvas damage are possible.

Manual Washing

how to clean canvas bag manual washing

Some canvas tote bags in white or plain colors are suitable for washing machines. Depending on the technique used to print them, they can also be good candidates for normal washing machines using cold water. However, watercolor painted canvas bags, canvas bags with leather trimmings, or canvas bags with adornments and other types of sensitive prints need manual washing. There are some techniques and methods to accomplish good cleaning without endangering the fabric or damaging the design/graphics/styling of the bag.

  • After you’ve emptied the bag and taken the first steps to get rid of interior and exterior dust and debris, find a clean, soft white cloth (colored cloths could bleed dye onto the fabric, as well as do normal dish sponges) and dip the cloth in warm water.
  • Wring out the excess water from the cloth and wipe down the canvas bag with careful but firm motions. Avoid colored parts that might lead to color fading and bleeding.
  • If the prints or adornments on the bag are safe to come in contact with water, soak the entire bag in a basin filled with warm water. Clean the bag with a soft white cloth or a soft scrubbing brush using a circular motion. Specialists recommend this technique if you wash colorfast plain canvas bags.
  • If the bag still presents stains and soil after completing the steps listed above, add a few drops of dish detergent or soap in a bowl. Use the mixture with the white cloth to rub heavily soiled areas. Keep moving to a clean spot on the cloth as you remove stains and grime. Follow up by rinsing the cloth well and wiping away any detergent residue.
  • If you clean a plain canvas bag in a water basin and some stains or areas remain dirty, add a few drops of liquid detergent to the warm water and softly scrub the areas that present with heavy staining, grime, and soiling. Make sure you do not allow color bleeding.


When you wash your canvas bags, tote bags, or even canvas backpacks, you should have a few more tips and tricks up your sleeve. Depending on the situation and your particular type of canvas bag, you can use one of the methods above combined with one of the tips below.

  • Any mild detergent mixed with water will work as a cleaning solution for plain, durable canvas. You can think about gentle body soap, dishwashing soap, liquid laundry detergent, and even baking soda.
  • For about a cup of water, consider using about ½ a teaspoon of mild detergent.
  • If the canvas allows, you can also use an old toothbrush to remove heavy stains and grime. You need a soft toothbrush. The motions should be mild and circular, covering small areas.
  • If some stains are incredibly stubborn, you can also mix in a drop of bleach. While detergents are safer bets, bleach can help you clean heavily soiled bags. Keep in mind that bleach can yellow the canvas. In this day and age, you can find safe bleaching and stain removing products, just don’t forget to test them on the inside or bottom of the bag, on a very small area.
  • Remove canvas, cloth, or leather laces and drawstrings from your bag and clean them separately. Manually wash canvas and cotton strings and laces in a cup or bowl of warm water with liquid soap or detergent. When it comes to leather accessories, you can wipe them with a cloth to remove dust or stains.
  • For hardware on the handbag, use a good quality metal polish or brass cleaner to make them shine again. Dip a cotton swab in the polish and apply gently to the metal. Use a clean soft white cloth to remove the tarnish. Be very careful to keep the cleaner off the handbag fabric to avoid discoloration.

When you learn how to clean canvas bags, it is important to remember to wash the bag manually if the bag has leather trimmings, insertions, or appliques. While metal accessories can go in the washing machine, make sure they do not damage the canvas or other clothes in the load. In terms of appliques, it is safer to use a cleaning terry cloth soaked in water to clean the bag. Move the cloth around beads, buttons, leather, metal, or sequin appliques to make sure they stay safe.


After you manually wash the canvas bag, you can rinse it with another white towel or cloth soaked in cold water. You can also rinse it in a basin filled with clean cool water. Gently wring out any excess water. Make sure the bag gets a proper rinse, as liquid detergent and other cleaning agents’ particles can damage the fabric in time, as they remain embedded in the fabric.

Machine Washing

how to clean canvas bags machine washing

Now that you took all possible precautions, it is time to put the canvas bag in the washing machine – if the fabric and the design of the bag allow you. When you wash plain white or colorfast canvas tote bags in the machine, keep in mind these rules:

  • Set the temperature according to the recommendations on the label or to the type of canvas
  • Printed, painted, or decorated canvas bags fare better in cold temperatures and lower centrifuge speeds; canvas is prone to shrinking.
  • Wash the bag on its own, or with other canvas items.
  • If you have a load of colored items, make sure there will be no color bleedings and transfers from your clothes onto the bag or the other way around.
  • Take the canvas bag out of the machine immediately, to prevent mold and bacteria from growing.


You may learn that a canvas bag looks quite concerning the second you take it out of the washing machine. While not immune to crumpling, the canvas bag will regain its shape if you care for it properly. Make sure that while wet, you reshape it to help it gain its initial form and you remove some of the wrinkles.


When we learn how to clean canvas bags, we cannot skip the drying stage of the cleaning and maintenance cycle. Allow the bag to air dry on a clothesline, as drying it by machine may cause shrinkage unless the care tag states machine drying is safe. Make sure you hang the canvas bag to dry so it preserves and regains its initial shape. Drying a bag in the dryer can cause the bag to shrink and change shape, destroying its functionality and usability.

Storage and Preservation

We can clean canvas bags a few times a year, but we also need to keep them as clean as possible and as safe as possible when we do not use them.Here’s a  few storage and maintenance tips so you can enjoy your canvas bags for years without them suffering any major damage:

  • Once the canvas bag dried in fresh air, store it flat or upright to allow it to keep its shape.
  • If your canvas bags have specific shapes, stuff them with tissue papers when you do not use them, so they will keep their shape up. Always use white tissue paper as magazines and newspapers can lead to ink and color transfers.
  • Never store handbags in plastic bags, as they can encourage mold and mildew growth. Use an old pillowcase or a cotton laundry bag to prevent dust from accumulating during off-season storage. Make sure there is enough air reaching your canvas bags.
  • If you’ve just bought new canvas bags, or you finished adorning and styling your favorite tote bag, use a protective spray to treat new canvas and ward off stains.


These are the main steps, tips, tricks, and advice on how to clean a canvas bag. If you have other methods or if you use some DIY cleaning mixtures and techniques, feel free to share them with us!

Written by Priscilla Greene — April 30, 2019

How to Make a Tote Bag: Upcycling Old Clothes into New Items

Upcycling is a progressively ample trend for the eco-conscious among us who want to lower their negative impact upon the environment. In our thrift age, turning old clothes or items into new ones brings together the best of both worlds of eco-friendliness and DIY creativity. Today, we will see a few ideas on how to make a tote bag out of clothes/pieces you already have, but you do not want to throw away or donate!

What is Upcycling?

We have talked about recycling and upcycling many times before – the latter meaning the transformation of something old/used into something new, functional, and beautiful.

In comparison, recycling means breaking down old items into their base materials and use those materials to create new products, often of lesser quality.

In the vein of ethical fashion and reducing the textile industry’s significant adverse effect on the environment, upcycling rises as one of the best solutions we have right now. As we said before, the world is slowly but steadily embracing sustainable vegan fabrics, but we still have a long way ahead of us until we get to wear Pinatex summer sandals and soybean cashmere just as frequently as we wear animal leather and wool.

What we can do now is acknowledge that upcycling is both fun and useful – it certainly saves you some money on buying new clothes or accessories. Moreover, we can all agree that tote bags make some of the most popular items these days, as they serve many purposes. You can use them as shopping bags, fashion bags, promotional items for your business, and more.

If you always wanted to know how to make a tote bag at home, we will see you and raise you: let’s learn today how to make tote bags out of clothes and items you already have, and you want to turn into cute and fully functional tote bags!

1. How to Make a Tote Bag – An Old T-Shirt: No Sewing Required

What do you look for when you buy a new large cotton tote bag for shopping? You want it to be sturdy and durable, have robust shoulder straps, and fit inside all the groceries you plan or happen to buy when you go out. Following this trail of thinking, let’s see how to make a tote bag using a t-shirt you have but do not wear anymore.

What You Need

  1. Old t-shirt – the sturdier/thicker the fabric, the more robust the bag is;
  2. Sharp fabric scissors;
  3. A dinner plate – the flatter the better; some use it to make a perfect semicircle cut for the bag’s opening;
  4. A pen or a washable marker with pointy tip – to mark the areas where you have to cut;
  5. A few straight pins – to keep the fabric in place and use as a guideline for the bottom cuts;

How to Do it

The main idea here is to remove the sleeves of the t-shirt, create a large opening for your future tote bag, and spend some time tying knots to strengthen the tote bags’ bottom gusset. To see how to make a tote bag from an old t-shirt, we invite you to see the video below!

How to Use it

As you can see from the clip, it is easy to make a tote bag from a t-shirt. Depending on the size of the t-shirt and on how much material you trim from the bottom, you can make several tote bags depending on your needs:

As you can see from the tutorial above, you can learn quickly how to make a tote bag and upcycle old t-shirts you do not want to throw away. Usually, colored and patterned t-shirts make beautiful and stylish tote bags and purses.

However, if you have some old white ones – or almost white ones – you need to turn into gorgeous works of art, here are our 15 ideas on how to accessorize a canvas bag, together with our guide on transforming tote bags into stylish accessories for work, school, travel, beach, or casual wear!

2. How to Make a Tote Bag - An Old Pair of Jeans – Part 1: Hand Sewing

Ah, jeans! Who can throw jeans away, even if they are old or broken? We all have that particular favorite pair of jeans we love and cannot depart from, so instead of thinking of breakups, why don’t we think about transformation, evolution, and yes, upcycling? In case you did not know, denim tote bags are back in fashion, and you should take the opportunity to still wear your favorite skinnies (or disco ones) in the shape of a fashionable bag!

You cannot believe how many tutorials are there on how to make a tote bag with the help of your old jeans, but we picked up two videos for you today. The one below requires some hand sewing skills from you, but if you are up to it, let’s make things happen!

What you Need

  1. A pair of old/used jeans;
  2. Tailor’s scissors, chalk, and measuring tape;
  3. Fabric glue;
  4. Needle and thread.

Optional: beads and leather belts for the tote’s straps. You can also make denim straps for your jeans tote bag and style the purse with buttons, pom-poms, fabric scraps, and more.

How to Do It

This tutorial allows you to put your creative cap on and turn your jeans’ legs into a fashionable denim tote bag you can wear in style. We love the finishing touches and the styling, but let’s see the video and expand our knowledge and skills on upcycling!

How to Use It

Before we discuss the uses of this delightful purse, we want to add our two cents to this DIY project (and the one you will see in a few moments): whenever you can, use stitches and sewing instead of fabric glue. You need your denim purse to carry your items or your groceries, so you need strong sutures and reinforcements for the handles, pockets, bottom, and so on. Now, let’s see a few tips on how to use this purse!

  • If you make a denim tote bag with denim straps, it will work as a shopping bag or a purse for casual outings;
  • Should you choose to follow the tutorial to the letter and make a denim bag with leather straps and other leather adornments, get your inspiration from our guide on how to wear tote bags for work for a stylish office look!

3. How to Make a Tote Bag – Old Denim/Camo Pants – Part 2: Sewing Machine

Those of you seasoned in the arts of using a sewing machine have a cute project to turn into a reality. The principles are the same, as the video shows you how to make a tote bag from an old pair of jeans but with a plot twist: it adds fabric interior lining with interior pocket, exterior front pocket, a zipper, and stylish leather handles (from an old belt).

  • You will see plenty of glue used in the video, so we have to reiterate that you need a sturdy purse that has to carry some amount of weight. For you to achieve robustness, try using the sewing machine to fix the purse handles, lining, pockets, zipper, and so on. It may take a longer time and some effort, but you want a fully functional denim purse, not just a decorative one!

How to Do It

Here is a smart video guide on how to turn a pair of jeans’ legs into a little fashionable denim handbag! If you make the cuts right, you will have both a purse and a pair of short beach jeans!


4. How to Make a Tote Bag – Fancy Pencil Skirt

In truth, the easiest way to make a tote bag out of an old fashion item is to sew the bottom of a mini pencil skirt and add fabric or leather handles to it. The beauty of this idea resides in its simplicity – as you need only a few things to get started, while the principles apply to many other skirts you have in the closet, but you do not want to throw: mini or midi pencil skirts, and, of course, denim skirts.

The sporty denim, camo, or leather skirts you have come with an amazing feature: they have pockets, zippers, clasps, and applications of their own, allowing you to go crazy with your DIY projects of turning skirts into designer-like shoulder bags or handbags.

What you Need

According to this tutorial, you need very few things:

  • A skirt you still want to wear but differently;
  • Thread and needles;
  • A sewing machine;
  • Magnetic clasps;
  • Leather handles (either you buy them or make them out of an old leather belt or even metal chain);
  • Fabric scissors and pliers.

How to do It

It will take you some good minutes through and through, but in the end, you will have your designer tote and a project to be proud of whenever you take your new bag out for a walk! Here is the video for your inspiration!

How to Use It

In the example above, we witnessed the transformation of a glamorous little skirt into a sophisticated, glamorous shoulder bag. Expanding on this idea, let’s see others way to make the best-upcycled item out of an old skirt:

  • A simple monochrome stretch pencil skirt you do not wear can evolve into an office purse; similarly, a colored one can take shape and functions of a bag following the athleisure style or the casual one;
  • Do you have a mini camo skirt you simply cannot let go? Turn it into a cool urban-chic camo tote bag to wear to school, to the office, or while you conquer the world with your freelance projects!
  • Do you have a skirt with an elastic waist? Sew the bottom, pull out the elastic, add two leather or canvas strings and enjoy your new drawstring backpack or laundry bag!

Now that we have talked about turning a denim or camo skirt into a tote bag let’s see an informative video tutorial as well!

You can apply the same procedure and principles to make a denim tote bag out of old skirts in sturdy materials, such as suede, velvet, sturdy canvases, leather, wool, and so on.

5. How to Make a Tote Bag - Used Bathroom Towel/Tea Towel

Bath towels and kitchen towels make some of the best upcycling items in your house, as they take quite a beating and you usually change them often. How about the old/tired ones? You can turn them into incredible DIY tote bag projects – convertible beach bags, stylish daily-use shopping bags, drawstring backpacks, and more!

What You Need

  • Bath/beach towels, hand towels, tea towels or washcloths;
  • Fabric scissors;
  • Several materials for the handles – rope, drawstring, old leather belts, ribbons, you name it;
  • A sewing machine;
  • Thread and needles;
  • For precision and support – tailor chalk, pins, and measuring tape.

Let’s binge on some tutorials, shall we?

How to Make a Beach Tote Bag out of an Old Beach Towel

Easy and fun, this tutorial can give you even more ideas on how to upcycle old items! We are thinking about bed sheets, pillowcases, and thin throw blankets, but you know best! Anyway, keep this video in mind and use it together with our guide on beach bag essentials for this summer. Remember, upcycling and eco-friendliness are the best trends you should follow!

How to Make a Drawstring Sack out of a Tea Towel

This tutorial here teaches you how to upcycle any fabric you have at hand, so tea towels or face washcloths are just the beginning. Perfect for kids, small favor/gift bags, or your daily casual routines, drawstring backpacks are so versatile and useful, there is no wonder everyone is using them, big brands included.

So let’s see how you can adapt this guide to your needs and revamp old cloth items into amazing pieces of fashion or marketing!

Final Words on How to Make a Tote Bag and Upcycling

We hope you loved our presentation on how to make a tote bag out of old clothes and household items. We know you love getting your tote bags from us, but this does not mean you cannot practice your imagination or your skills by making a few tote bags of your own!

We deeply encourage the upcycling and restyling of used items. So, have you ever made a tote bag out of an old fashion piece? What other ideas do you have on this matter? We are more than eager to learn your tips and tricks!

Written by Priscilla Greene — March 27, 2019

Eat at Work in Style: 5 Cool Lunch Bags and Lunch Totes for the Office

Our lives are busy and sometimes overwhelming, leaving us little time to enjoy the smallest things in life – such as going out for a relaxed meal in the middle of the day. However, if you have your lunch at the office in front of the computer or together with your other colleagues in the lunch-designated area, why don’t you do it in style? For those who love packing their meals and bring them to work, we have the best list of cool lunch bags and lunch totes to consider!

Why Should You Get Cool Lunch Bags and Totes?

In the last years, we seem to carry our lunch in paper bags or plastic containers. It looks more comfortable to do it, somehow, although paper bags are vulnerable to damages (and uncomfortable), while plastic food trays and containers (despite their reusability) do not quite hit the mark when it comes to sustainability.

So what must you do to lessen the use of paper and plastic when you have your daily lunch at the office? And how do you stand out of the crowd? The answer here can be only one: reusable, stylish, cool lunch bags and totes! Let’s see the fun bunch, shall we?

1. The Stylish Trapeze Lunch Bag

Coming in vivid colors and an unbeatable price, the trapeze-shaped lunch bag looks slim and fancy, while able to accommodate your (or the kids’) lunch and reusable water bottle. The 420D nylon insulated bag with deep front pocket, poly-web handle, and hook & loop closure makes it the ideal choice when you take small portions of foods, snacks, water, and unpeeled fruits.

2. The Square Foldable Office Lunch Box

Many people choose paper lunch bags for their daily meals because they are convenient: once you finish, you throw away the bag. Unfortunately, you only help with the accumulation of paper – and not all of it ends up in recycling plants.

As an alternative, we recommend you this black, discrete, and very executive-like lunch box made of 600D polyester with heavy vinyl backing. Its main feature (besides looking like a small and stylish briefcase) is that you can fold it and take it back home inside your office briefcase or bag. It is large and sturdy, able to host a wide variety of foods, snacks, and beverages to keep you energized all day!

3. The Digi Camo Cooler Lunch Bag

Do you feel rebellious at heart? Are you the professional always on the run that rarely gets to have lunch in an office? If that is the situation, then you will enjoy this piece! When it comes to cool lunch bags, the digital camo prints make you stand out of the crowd. While it is a fashion item – as you know camo prints are all the rage these days – the bag is impressively useful.

Wouldn't you love a camo printed lunch bag to match your camo tote bag for work?

The heavy vinyl backed cooler bag is large, accommodating all your prepared foods and snacks for a full day out there in the field. It can keep your lunch fresh and cold on the go at all times, due to its specific build. Moreover, it features a mesh side pocket for you to keep a beverage and the two additional zippered pockets to store cutlery, napkins, and other necessities.

A lunch bag for professionals active in the city more than inside of a building and ideal for freelancers, the camo cooler bag is your best friend, especially in summer.

4. The Lunch Tote Bag to Rule Them All

There is no surprise anymore to see women carry a shoulder bag, a briefcase, and a tote bag or two when they go to work. In this vein, why shouldn’t you pick among our cool lunch bags collection the perfect office lunch tote?

First, you can get a royal black one to match any business suits you wear. Secondly, the shape and size make this lunch tote bag indistinguishable from a casual purse or office bag. Thirdly, it features thermal insulation to keep all your foods and drinks at an ideal temperature. Are you taking your perfect fresh salad to work? No worries anymore!

The cooler bag will keep the greens fresh and your drinks cold. In winter, it will keep them warm, so you don’t have to worry about having a comforting lunch at the office in the cold season either.

The lunch tote also doubles as an excellent shopping partner. Do you want to buy super-fresh products? You can trust the large thermal bag to preserve your groceries in tip-top shape until you get home!

5. The Lunch Purse

Are you and your co-workers always under the pressure of deadlines that many of you forget even to have lunch during the day, let alone pack one for the next? If you play the fairy godmother role for your amazing team, then consider this big and comfortable lunch purse to bring snacks, sandwiches, and beverages for everyone in the office.

The heavy foil lined lunch bag allows you to carry your lunch and beverages, keeps them fresh and ready on the go, and fits nicely in your usual office briefcase once you finish sharing the food with the others. You can take it shopping as well after a hard day’s work to preserve some sensitive products fresh until you arrive home for the evening.

Do you also consider office potlucks for your weekly team building and socialization hour? It was never easier to bring fresh foods, desserts, and snacks to all those fantastic people working with you.

What Are Your Favorite Cool Lunch Bags and Totes?

Did you ever consider switching to reusable, sturdy, and versatile cool lunch bags and totes instead of plastic bags filled with plastic casseroles to bring to work? What about paper bags? When you have to eat at your desk or – even more complicated – somewhere in the city on a bench, lunch bags can make all the difference in comfort, hygiene, and the taste/freshness of the foods you eat.

Many of the lunch totes also act as thermic shopping bags for fresh meats, dairy, and vegetables, so you should consider cool lunch bags as the answer to many of your daily conundrums. So tell us, which one would you take to work?

Written by Priscilla Greene — March 20, 2019

Goodie Bag Ideas for Adults to promote your Business: How to Procede?

We have talked about the marketing and branding power of the event or corporate swag bag before, but today we will discuss matters from two different points of view. First, we will look at the things that make an event bag worth keeping and the rules you should follow to turn the mundane bags into memorable items. Secondly, we will offer you some goodie bag ideas for adults that your attendees will love and use long after the event ends. So let’s discuss gift bag-centered marketing and determine the ways you can improve your strategies!

The Truth about Goodie Bags for Adults Attending Events

In some professional circles, specialists in specific domains spend an incredible amount of time attending corporate events, national and international conferences, conventions, workshops, meetings, and so on. If one such expert participates to all the activities of interest for the respective field, by the end of the year, she or he would have gathered a good dozen of goodie bags and gift bags in the back of a drawer or cabinet.

The question is: how many people do you see in the streets wearing conference bags filled with dates, logos, and other prints? Not so many, do you?

  1. One of the most significant issues with event swag bags is that they serve as cheap containers for “stuff.” While promotional bags make a roundly $20 billion industry, the intrinsic value of these promotional bags fades away once the event is over.
  2. When it comes to choosing the best promotional bags for your business, you have to remember this rule: they have to be functional, stylish, reusable, and wearable. Moreover, the “stuff” inside should also follow some rules not many give a deep thought.

You can consider your promotional bags in terms of collateral damage – meaning that you know people will toss them eventually or even throw them away, but agreeing to lose the money for marketing purposes. The best of both worlds, however, is when people wear or use the goodie bags they receive from you together with the exciting and cool stuff you put inside the bags.

So What Makes Goodie Bags for Attendees Smart?

A good event marketing plan should encompass the goodie bags as a part of the communication strategy. Announce the existence of the swag bags before the event and entice your future attendees with solid reasons regarding the contents and the uniqueness of the gifts. Creating emotion and expectation are basic marketing rules and your promotional bags can be an integral part to it.

  1. Set a goal for the promotional gift bags. Do you just want to give people a mundane bag to stash their unused office supplies or junk documents? What do you want to achieve with your goodie bags? Answering such questions will help you determine your business marketing strategy better and the contents of the bags.
  2. Perform this exercise before you pick the promotional gift bags and list the best goodie bags ideas for adults to buy:
  3. Think about the top five clients/attendees to your business event. Who are they? Do they have children? Do they have fun hobbies outside the corporate world? What else do you know about them?
  4. Would these people genuinely want the bags you consider? Would they use/wear them?
  5. What makes the bags and gifts inside so memorable that your target group would remember your event?

If you have a list of answers to this exercise, start building your marketing strategy around them. Before you buy the bags and the gifts, consider the following:

  1. Avoid containers that look and feel cheap, boring, forgettable, or commonplace;
  2. Surprise the attendees with the bag design. Splashing your brand logo on canvas bags seems cheap and unprofessional. Instead, look for rare fabrics, vibrant colors, stylish bag designs, and shapes. By unusual textiles, we mean the innovative vegan ones for starters, but you can consider rustic ones (like jute) or high-tech ones as well.
  3. Bigger and heavier are not good ideas. Your attendees will have to carry the bags all day. If you have international guests, make sure you take into consideration size, weight, and airplane rules when you purchase the contents (wine bottles are a no-no for hand plane luggage).
  4. When you display a logo or a motto on your promotional bags, make sure you pick a provider that also offers printing and personalization services together with the bags. In this way, you will make sure that the logo fits the fabric and the bag style.
  5. If you want to up your ante with personalized goodie bags, search for a bag provider offering embroidery services. Embroidery is an art regaining popularity, as it shows class, attention to details, and an elegant alternative to the everyday screen-printed items that all kids wear. Stand out of the crowd, and the crowd will follow you!
  6. When you order branded bags, make sure you do not splash a logo the size of the Chinese Great Wall on them. Wearable bags are more wearable when the emblem is discrete and blends in easily. People sometimes wear bags with big flashy logos on them if they work for the respective companies, but seldom if they received the bag from a different brand or group. Keep things simple and reserved; it is what we are saying.
  7. Don’t put the date on the bags. They become outdated; the second the event is over.

How about Recyclable Goodie Bags?

Separating the environmental philosophy from marketing strategies is a good idea to consider. It means that while “recyclable” sounds appealing, not all recyclable items are good for everything. In practice, recyclable goodie bags are paper bags that end up in the trash more than they responsibly end up in recycling plants.

People throw away plenty of paper, and you just feed the monster with your disposable personalized paper bags that have little to no function after the event is over. Seriously, have you seen anyone reuse a paper gift bag with a conference logo printed on it?

Let’s Think about Reusable Goodie Bag Ideas for Adults Instead

Reusable goodie bags are the more sensible and environmentally friendly idea here. We have talked about the advantages of using eco tote bags and gift bags for your promotional endeavors as opposed to paper and plastic a few times before.

Remember, you want to make the goodie bags a part of your communication strategy, marketing plan, and the experience you offer to the attendees. In other words, your goodie bags themselves should stand out as original and memorable and become a part of the guests’ lives long after the event is over – all the while they promote your business and serve the environmental cause.

Let’s Think about the Long-Term Value of Goodie Bag Ideas for Adults

What makes a conference/industry event swag bag memorable? Both the bag and its content. But, and there is a big “but” here, how can you be sure the bags will meet the attendees’ needs while exceeding their expectations?

  • Remember the exercise we proposed above: create a profile of your attendees. Based on that avatar, you can pick one or more of the following types of bags you can be confident will find their uses in the post-event period!

1. Stylish Backpacks or Book Bags

Do your attendees have children? Perfect! Instead of tote bags and small favor gift bags or super-branded drawstring backpacks, go for stylish rucksacks and boog bags.

Children always need one more pack for school or a rucksack for outdoor activities. The same goes for book bags or urban-chic messenger bags for older high school and college students.

Remember, get reliable, high-quality, stylish backpacks. The preliminary investment may be a bit higher than expected, but your attendees will love to see the “promo bag” every day – worn by their kids. Pick vivid colors, fun prints, and stylish designs, and you will make that memorable impression you want!

2. Beach Bags

Is your audience or target group young, rebellious, and always ready for an adventure? They will not leave new and stylish beach/pool bags behind in their hotel rooms!

You can even fill the bags with beach bag essentials so anyone can enjoy a fun day in the sun after attending your event. Just make sure that cosmetics, sunscreen, and all personal care products are within their expiration limits, as some of your attendees might use the beach bag and contents next summer.

3. Business Briefcases and Messenger Bags

A smart goodie bag should be unisex. Think about it this way: your audience is diverse from age, gender, and lifestyle perspectives. However, the one thing that binds together your amazing colleagues and guests (or clients) is their professional stance.

For this reason, in the corporate world, everybody has at least one business briefcase or messenger bag. If they do not, they surely have a family back home whose members might wear a stylish urban business briefcase for work or school.

Would you wear a leatherette slick bag to the office every day? One that matches anything from your age and gender to your fashion sense? Of course, you would!

Keep it vs. Toss it: 5 Content Goodie Bag Ideas for Adults

To resume, people are more likely to keep and wear your corporate swag bags if these bags come with high levels of reusability. They will promote your business every day by using the containers every day. However, the contents of these bags are equally essential. Many companies make the mistake of filling them with “stuff” of little to no value to the modern world.

Let’s talk about the keep it vs. toss it a value of goodie bag contents.

Toss It

The “toss it” department usually includes the following:

  1. Paper collaterals from leaflets to brochures and so on. You only waste paper and feed the landfill monster. Seriously, do you keep the promotional flyer of a company or do you just look for it online?
  2. Plastic branded pens. With pads, tablets, laptops, and smartphones at our fingertips, there is a wonder the ubiquitous branded plastic pen still exists at all. You may keep one or two, but if you attend ten business events in a year, do you keep all ten ball-points on the desk or do you toss them in a drawer and forget about them?
  3. Personalized plastic water bottles filled with labels. Plastic goes against all sustainability efforts done in this world. Moreover, how many plastic branded bottles does one need?
  4. Cheap low-quality items – you may not believe it, but the world is full of them;
  5. Anything that does not make it through airport security or check-in.

Keep It

Now, this is the point where things become exponentially interesting! You do have the fantastic, wearable, attractive bags. What do you put in them? Well, it depends on the type of industry you are active in, the participants to your corporate assembly, the theme of the event, and so on.

Nevertheless, marketing specialists found that some items make the first preferences among corporate events’ attendees – no matter their age, gender, lifestyle, and so on! Here they are:

Information – instead of printed materials, leaflets, and brochures add a high-capacity USB memory stick with all the info debated at the event/conference or with articles that interest your guests from a professional point of view. Fill the sticks with the newest research in their fields, videos, tutorials, guides, anything you know acts as added content and value to the event itself. The most significant point here is that nobody says no to a sturdy, beautifully branded, and high-storage USB stick.

Anything for children – just do not be corny or cheap. Great children literature, smart gadgets, educational software, cute clothes, science kits, etc. make some of the cutest and unforgettable corporate gifts.

Fashion items – as long as your logo is discrete and refined, fashion items make incredibly interesting goodie bag ideas for adults. Forget generic t-shirt with your logo all over the chest like armor. We talk about elegant ties, belts, wristwatches (you can engrave on the inside), silk scarves, even touch-screen gloves for the winter or fun socks for the young rebellious corporate generation.

Gadgets – do you toss a pair of high-quality headphones? We don’t, either. Consider e-books as well. Devices take all shapes, sizes, and functions, and you can have a lot of fun choosing such items depending on whom your attendees are. From Bluetooth speakers to fitness trackers and smartwatches, the high-tech world is yours.

Culture – from books to event tickets, bookshop vouchers, cultural events subscriptions, theatre/opera season tickets to exclusive club passes and more, you can spoil and surprise your guests with goodies not many companies can offer. We know, chocolate and pens are cheaper, and you may never be able to buy 200 tickets to a rock concert for 200 event attendees (that may not even listen to rock music or that band in particular), but you can think along these lines and find something accessible and pleasurable for everyone in the room.

The smartest goodie bag ideas for adults do not necessarily answer your attendees’ immediate needs. After all, everyone has at least a USB stick in the office bag or the desk drawer. Similarly, corporate clients, colleagues, and peers in your field can probably afford to buy backpacks for their kids or funky t-shirts for their friends at home.

It is the gesture that matters – never forget this. Moreover, it is the impression the swag bag makes. It is less about monetary value as it is about usefulness, reusability, and organic influencer marketing at its best!

Now tell us: what other smart goodie bag ideas for adults do you have? What were your favorite past corporate gifts you still have and use/wear? What would you like to receive at the next business event you will attend?


Written by Priscilla Greene — March 19, 2019

11 Beach Bag Essentials for a Fun Day in the Sun this Year

Summer is going to be here soon, and we know you can’t wait to hit the beach! But are you ready to have some fun in the sun? Are you prepared? Today, we will share with you the ultimate checklist of beach bag essentials that you should gather this season for lovely, comfortable, and cool beach days, whether you plan a long summer vacation in a fancy resort or you get ready for amazing weekends with family and friends on your hometown’s shore!

Beach Bag Essentials and Some Other Goodies

1. The Beach Bag

Since we are talking about beach bag essentials, we should start with the beach bag. The perfect beach bag should feature some specific criteria, so if you do not have one or you want to change last year’s one, here is what you should consider:

  • It should be waterproof, sand-proof, and stain proof;
  • It should be easy to clean after each beach day;
  • It should be large enough to accommodate all your beach bag essentials;
  • It should come in vivid color to instill joy in your heart.

Following this path will inevitably lead you to a large poly beach tote with long handles (which also makes it an excellent summer day shoulder bag) or an even larger high-quality poly beach bag with heavy vinyl backing and zipper.

2. The Towel

Beach towels come in a large variety of shapes and structures. Don’t forget to refresh your collection of beach towels with a vibrantly colored velour terry one in a great size. After all, you need space and comfort for a great day in the sun, don’t you?

Remember to also bring a smaller towel (the face or hand variety). Not too large and not too small, fluffy and soft, it will help you dry quickly if you need to and keep the kids warm if they get the chills when returning to the beach from the sea.

3. Sunscreen & Aloe Gel

Need we emphasize the importance of high SPF sunscreen to avoid sunburns and other health problems? We guess not. However, we do recommend you take some aloe gel with you as well. If you do get a burn despite the sunscreen, the aloe gel relieves the sting, calms down the injury, and soothes the skin.

4. Sunglasses

We are sure you already wear a pair when you hit the beach, but let’s face it: long summer seaside days with family and friends can lead to unfortunate accidents (especially when the kids jump all over the place in excitement). Therefore, put a pair of spare sunglasses and consider them beach bag essentials. Moreover, make sure you do not take to the beach your designer shades; if you lose them or damage them, you will be inconsolable.

5. Hat

A hat for each in your group to wear all day long at the beach, we hope we are clear about that. Besides being iconic pieces of fashion, beach hats will make your stay a lot more comfortable and safer.

6. Travel Kit

You may have a waterproof case for your phone, but a polyester travel kit with a front pocket will do the trick, and then some! After all, you need to keep your phone, money, cosmetics, headphones, keys, and other necessities gathered in a waterproof container. Nothing beats a travel kit to sit tightly in your beach bag while allowing you full access to your phone and other items.

7. Books and Music

We assume you already have a special playlist for beach days, but the relaxing sound of waves make an excellent companion for your favorite seaside reads. If you spend a family vacation with the kids, don’t forget to bring some games or toys as well.

8. Lunch Cooler Bag

An afternoon snack and plenty of water are necessary for a great day at the beach. But to preserve beverages cold and foods fresh, you need to take a lunch cooler bag with you. Granted, it may not fit inside the beach bag, but you can still consider it a critical item on your beach bag essentials list.

We recommend a large heat-sealed water-resistant cooler bag to satisfy all your needs. It is a superlative choice when you want to keep water, sodas, sandwiches, and other snacks at the beach safe from sand or water.

You can also consider a travel squeeze bottle if you have small children that need plenty of water to drink at the beach (without them making a splash all over the place). Squeeze bottles serve many other purposes as well. If you want to carry a small quantity of ketchup, barbecue sauce, or mustard for your delicious sandwiches, then a handful of small squeeze bottles will do the trick without weighing too much.

9. Inflatable Beach Gear

An inflatable water mat and swimming rings for the kids should also find their place among your beach bag essentials. After all, fun in the sun means fun in the water, especially for the little ones. Don’t forget to bring an air pump as well!

10. Sand Toys

You cannot have beach bag essentials without sand toys for the kids! The toys may not fit inside the beach bag (especially if they are many), but this doesn’t mean they should not be present. Kids adore them and, let’s face it; adults like to play also (making sand castles for instance), as a short but sweet reminder of their childhood.

11. A Change of Clothes

Sometimes, you want to leave the beach and return home or to the hotel, but your swimsuit is still wet, or your clothes got sandy and moist. Sometimes you want to go somewhere else right after you leave the beach, but your sandy flip-flops and tiny shorts don’t cut it. For any dressing needs you might have, a change of clothes is necessary to get you out of any dilemma.

Pack thin and flowy summer clothes and sandals (roll your clothes to occupy a small space and avoid creasing) and keep them in a waterproof polyester drawstring backpack you can carry besides the beach bag. Technically, spare clothes are not necessary beach bag essentials, but if you want to spend a day outside from morning to late night and hit the beach, a restaurant, or a club, you will be thankful for that maxi silk dress you packed or the funky Hawaiian extra shirt you brought on the side.


What other beach bag essentials do you take for a full day of fun in the sun? Are you already planning your summer vacation or are you still waiting for the best travel offers? What else do you recommend us to put on the beach bag essentials list?


Written by Priscilla Greene — March 18, 2019

10 Sustainable Vegan Fabrics: The Future of the Textile Industry

In a world marked by growing concerns regarding the impact of the textile industry upon the environment, we cannot but research and find new solutions to an ancient problem: limiting the damages caused on all levels by the industrial processing of fabrics. We have mentioned eco-friendly fabrics before. We use some of them on a large scale – organic cotton comes to mind – while we know little about others. Let’s see today ten sustainable vegan fabrics that can reshape the textile industry and change the entire world of fashion as we know it!

1. Hemp

Together with jute – one of our favorite eco-friendly materials in the world – hemp makes the top choice when it comes to sustainable vegan fabrics. From plant to blouses, it is an ecological wonder through and through. Let’s see some of its benefits!

  • Among the most durable fibers in the world (in the same league with spider webs) ;
  • Ideal for organic farming because it needs little to no water, pesticides, or fertilizers to grow; moreover, it is self-sustainable as the shed leaves throughout the year make excellent mulch for a hemp plantation, making it an ideal choice for organic farmers;
  • It develops long and strong roots, anchoring and protecting the soil against erosion, offering it an excellent structure. It is biodegradable and enriches the ground, making it even more fertile for future crops, just like jute does.
  • It also purifies the soil by removing heavy metals from its composition;
  • It is one of the rare types of vegetation on the planet that is a carbon-negative material, as its growth removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere;
  • Hemp features the highest yield of natural fibers on Earth: more than double the fiber yield per hectare in comparison to cotton;
  • It is a thermal fabric – keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter;
  • Hemp fabric is similar to linen in breathability and feel. You will find clothes featuring blends of cotton and hemp crêpe that look amazing.

In terms of ethical fashion and vegan fabrics, hemp is becoming more and more successful as a game changer in the textile industry.

Do you own any hemp clothes or accessories? How about jute? Granted, jute tote bags are more widespread on the market than hemp totes or backpacks and made it into the big league of fashion.

2. Soybean Cashmere

You cannot get more vegan than with soybean. But while we are more than willing to eat it, are you ready to wear it? Soy cashmere is the new and rebellious kid on the block in the vegan fabrics department, as it encompasses all the qualities and features of sustainable textiles:

  • The fibers come from the debris of soybeans coming of tofu manufacturing waste;
  • The material is free of petrochemicals;
  • Soy as a plant makes one of the most sustainable crops in the world, being completely biodegradable and renewable;
  • As a fabric, it features natural anti-bacterial agents, providing you with the same moisture absorbency levels as cotton;
  • Regarding the way they look and feel, soybean fibers are as smooth and shiny as silk, the durability, and draping of cotton, and the warmth and comfort of cashmere (hence the name).

These days, you can buy soy fabric thin, flowy, and cozy blouses or tops, ideal for everyday wear, the athleisure style you love so much, and so on.

3. Cotton and its Cousin Cupro

Cotton is THE vegan fiber of the world, and we have talked about its benefits and ecological advantages plenty of times before. If you wear organic cotton clothes or sport an entire collection of organic cotton tote bags, you already know that this fabric is still the most popular in the world – and you surely understand why.

However, you may not know a lot of things of cotton’s (even more) eco-friendly cousin, known in the fashion world under the name “Cupro.”

Cupro is a fabric made out of cotton regenerated cellulose fiber. So in other words, we have an eco-friendly textile coming from another eco-friendly textile that we repurposed and regenerated. Forget about how meta this is and consider the following:

  • Cupro derives from cotton cellulose and has been here since the 1890s, originating in Japan;
  • While it keeps all the thermal and physical properties of organic cotton (high absorbency levels and anti-static buildup properties to name a few), Cupro also features superpowers such as super-softness, super-smoothness, and super-silkiness.
  • There is only one Japanese manufacturer in the entire world making and selling Cupro (mostly in the shape of high-end dresses and shirts).

Cupro is one of those vegan fabrics able to replace silk on the long run sustainably. Its environmental impact is low, as it fundamentally represents a byproduct of cotton. Just like soy fabric, the world does not need to worry about over-cultivation and other industrial processes, as they have only to find ways to recycle and regenerate byproducts of plants we already use in many different industries.

4. Pineapple Leather and Other Vegan Leathers

By “vegan leather” we usually understand PVC, a material that has little or nothing to do with true sustainability, as it leaches harmful toxins when it degrades.

The fashion industry presents PVC as “fake leather,” but if vegan fibers concern you the most, you should know that recycled polyester (we wear in eco-recycled polyester bags or rain jackets) and polypropylene made it into the category of eco-friendly fabrics even though they come from plastics and not plants.

Nevertheless, if leather coming from plants and not animals is what makes you cheer, let’s talk about Pinatex (or pineapple leather) more than we did so far:

  • Pineapple leather comes from the recycled pineapple leaves that stay behind after we harvest the fruits;
  • Since it is yet another byproduct of a plant we already use, it has a high degree of sustainability.
  • Of course, it is entirely biodegradable and renewable;
  • A fabric deemed “cradle to cradle,” pineapple leather pushes forward the “fashion responsibility” agenda, in the sense that it opened up new development opportunities to local pineapple farmers throughout the world.

Other Plant-Base Leathers

Besides pineapple leather, the fashion world also opened up to the possibility of using kombucha leather and cork leather as well for shoes, purses, and other leather garments. The technologies are new, but you will find fashion brands and significant retailers chipping in this innovative and offering market.

Vegan Fabrics: What Other Plants Can You Wear?

Instead of a conclusion, we would like to challenge you to answer the following question: what plants (fibers) would you want to wear among the following:

5. Bamboo

A well-known sustainable plant, bamboo is the definition of ethical fashion. You probably already have bamboo towels, but this eco-powerhouse of a plant found its way into larger fashion ventures. We usually make tops, t-shirts, tote bags, and comfortable, sporty gear out of bamboo (beside bed sheets, towels, and bathrobes).

6. Seaweed

Surprised yet? Seaweed left our favorite Asian restaurants and went to the fashion designers, knowing it could do more for the world. In the manufacturing business, the seaweed fabric bears the trademark of SeaCell and has a porous structure and supercharged benefits for the skin.

7. Wood

You have probably heard about Lyocell already, a textile made of wood pulp that is recyclable, naturally wrinkle-free, and biodegradable, making an excellent substitute for silk. Depending on how you manufacture it, it can mimic the properties and looks of leather, wool, or suede.

8. Beech Tree Fiber

The fabric known as Modal is a sort of rayon made of the renewable fiber of beech trees. It does not wrinkle, so you don’t have to iron it.

9. Coconut

Coconut fibers (the ones surrounding the shell) are some of the fiercest competitors in the vegan fibers market. The coconut husks blend in with other organic fibers and fabrics (cotton for instance) to create excellent athletic and sportswear – the garments dry quickly, absorb odors, keep you cool and even offer UV protection.

10. Banana

The fabric comes from banana plant stalks is already significant in Japan and Southeast Asia, but the fashion world in the US and Europe seems to be ready to embrace this innovative idea as well. The coarse fibers of the stem can make baskets or tablecloths, while the inner threads, smoother and more delicate already entered the kimono-manufacturing industry.

So this is our question for you: which of these vegan fabrics mentioned in the article do you wear already and which ones do you like to wear shortly? How would you feel about a seaweed tank top, a flowy soybean blazer, a pair of coconut leggings, and a pair of pineapple loafers, all topped with a canvas shoulder bag or a jute handbag?

Would you wear the fruits you eat? Would you advocate for sustainable fashion? Let us know with a comment!

Written by Priscilla Greene — March 14, 2019

6 Best Spring Holiday Bags to Wear this Year

Whether you are spending this spring holiday home or you plan to take a trip somewhere, your bag(s) are your most faithful and reliable companions. Backpacks are the first that come to mind when we get ready to hit the road and rock a new vacation destination, but spring holiday bags come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, and functions. Depending on your needs, how and when you intend to spend spring holidays, and your style, you can pick one or more stylish bags from our collection. Here are our top suggestions and ideas!

1. Oversized Polyester Beach Tote

“This shoulder bag is too large,” said no woman ever. When it comes to carrying anything you need (and want) for a short spring trip to the seaside, a picnic, or an Easter visit to your family, nothing works better than a multifunctional oversized polyester beach tote in a lively color.

Either you carry changes for a weekend or your entire beach gear, this tote is large, sturdy, and fashionable. Pack it up and put it inside the trunk while you get ready for an unforgettable spring holiday!

Beach tote bags make the best spring holiday bags – colorful, sturdy, sizeable, waterproof, and forever stylish. Their versatility makes them so accessible, as you can carry in them plenty or few items, depending on the situation, while you can integrate them in almost any holiday laidback outfit. For spring travels by train or plane, we recommend you pick the zippered ones, for more protection.

2. All-Purpose Tote Bag with Zipper

One of the best spring holiday bags you can have, this all-purpose tote bag with zipper can go a long way – even abroad if you plan an exquisite venture this spring. The 600-denier polyester canvas, the zippered main compartment, and the extra features on the inside make the bag one of the wisest choices for you and your family.

Ideal for picnics in the park, trips to another city, a plane ride to a beautiful destination, or a road trip with your college mates, the bag is large and sturdy enough for you to can carry back gifts and souvenirs on your return.

3. The Almighty Rolling Duffle Bag

One of the best spring holiday bags and travel bags, in general, are rolling duffle ones. A short spring getaway or an Easter vacation together with family and friends require a small but generous wheeled duffle bag, able to fit in some clothes changes, your laptop and camera, personal items and toiletries, and more. Whenever you desire to travel for a few days’ fun, this stylish rolling duffle bag has a few surprises in store for you:

  • two large compartments for necessities;
  • padded tablet/e-reader sleeve;
  • padded mouse/digital camera pocket;
  • garment compression straps, and
  • the laptop sleeve is fitting most 17" laptops.

You can match this fantastic duffle bag with a deluxe zipper tote bag in case you need extra hand luggage for a plane ride or a fast-accessible purse for a long drive.

4. Unisex Camo Xtreme Backpack

As we were saying, the backpack is probably the most appreciated item in the spring holiday bags department. The side pockets and laptop pouch make it ideal for travels and spring breaks, while the camo print will turn you into an icon of style – as camo prints are more fashionable today than ever! The Camo Extreme backpack will accommodate your clothes, gadgets, camera, toiletries, and other personal items so you can take your dream trip together with friends and family.

Speaking of camo prints, what do you feel about matching a large camo tote bag with a warm spring dress and a pair of comfortable moccasins? How about a camo backpack with a maxi-dress and sneakers? Nobody says you cannot use the best spring holiday bags with your cute outfits!

While we are still discussing backpacks, we also want to recommend the suede bottom backpacks. With their large compartments for clothes, accessories, gadgets, and more and their visually stunning design, these rucksacks represent the modern urban interpretation of classic backpacks.

Backpacks work fashion miracles as well – especially if you are the type of teenager or young adult in love with the athleisure style. Tote bags and backpacks are the accessories of choice when it comes to this type of streetwear, so shop in advance to create your unique athleisure outfits and combos for this spring holiday!

5. The Deluxe Messenger Bag

If you spend your spring holidays at home with your parents or by taking a trip somewhere in the vicinity, a deluxe messenger bag may be the ideal item to travel in short distances. We know you probably use a few of them while at college, but a large and sturdy one to hold a change of clothes, toiletries, phone, tablet, and other small items is the best option.

If you travel for an entire week, pick up your favorite wheeled roller suitcase or duffle bag and board that plane or train, while keeping your business-like messenger bag close for travel papers, wallet, phone, car keys, and more!

6. The Jumbo Travel Jute Tote Bag

One of the most stylish and best spring holiday bags is the oversized travel jute tote. This biodegradable, extremely durable spacious burlap bag is ideal for travel, picnics, beach or pool adventures, car and train rides, and more. With its laminated coating of PVC to make it water resistant, this bag will travel for miles by your side, carrying all your vacation clothes, personal items, toiletries, and even gadgets.

A stylish accessory, you can wear this bag as a travel item or as a part of your spring-summer urban-chic streetwear. In any case, it will turn heads wherever you go!


Now that you saw our suggestions on the best spring holiday bags for this season do not forget to pick those that best suit your tastes, personality, and style! Keep an eye on the fashion trends – for instance, trendy colors in the vein of Pantone’s choices for each year – and the styles emerging naturally (such as the athleisure one we already mentioned). We hope you enjoyed our selection! If you have other ideas on what amazing spring holiday bags to get this season for your travels and leisure moments, let us know in the comments section!

Written by Priscilla Greene — February 28, 2019

Top 15 Funny Mothers' Day Gifts this Year

In the United States, we celebrate Mother’s Day – honoring the mothers in all families, motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in our society – on the second Sunday in May. Of course, we should celebrate moms everywhere all the time, but Mother’s Day comes with a special flair to it – the one urging us to get the sweetest and the funniest gifts for them.

You should not mistake Mother’s Day with International Women’s Day on March 8, a holiday held dear in Europe, but in other parts of the world as well. You can take advantage of any of the two celebrations to surprise your mom with a thoughtful or amusing gift. For the upcoming celebration this May, we thought of presenting you with our top 15 choices of funny Mother’s Day gifts.

If your mom, no matter her age, has a strong sense of humor and a laidback attitude, you are in for a treat. Were you somehow in a gift-giving conundrum, not knowing what to buy your mom? Enjoy our list of personalized, funny Mother’s Day gifts this year!

1. Wine with a Labeled Twist


Pick her favorite bottle of wine – if she’s a wine drinker – and find a company able to print personalized labels. Some such firms offer the full package (already labeled bottles), so all you have to do is pick her preferred type of vino and the message you find the fittest for this occasion. If she is not a wine drinker but prefers a different kind of beverage, mind the personalized label and have some fun (and drinks) with your mom!

2. Wine Sippers


Speaking of having a glass of wine and a lighthearted conversation with your mom, how about you accompany the personalized label wine with a pair of wine sippers? These glasses come with a built-in straw that helps you enjoy your Merlot without staining your teeth or ruining your lipstick.

Besides their utility, however, the sippers also come in a fun shape and size, having the potential of becoming your mom’s favorite drinking recipients! They come in pairs, a reason more to make a spring/summer unforgettable afternoon out of them.

3. Funny Tote Bag for Shopping and Leisure


There are not enough shopping tote bags in the life a family, and we are sure your mother has a few of them already. However, getting her a new canvas shopping bag with a fun message on it, makes a great gift for Mother’s Day.

Get her a cotton canvas tote bag in a fun color that you know she will love for shopping. Take a step forward and customize the tote bag with a unique message. Here is some tote bag decoration tips that you can apply at home. Canvas bag is the perfect item for decorating, screen-printing, monograms, logos, and messages. If you want her to have one of the stylish spring tote bags for outings and daywear, we recommend you to get her a small deluxe canvas bag – don’t forget to personalize it as well with your fun message!

When it comes to funny Mother’s Day gifts, personalized tote bags and canvas purses – even a drawstring bag if she is the sporty type – make the best options. Functional, versatile, and trendy, the bag will show her how much you care for her.

4. Personalized Coffee Mug


In the vein of useful personalized items with a whimsical flair to them, you can also try getting her a nice large coffee mug with a cute print and her favorite java blend to boot. If she is indeed a coffee lover and appreciates the art and craft of brewing and preparing specialty coffee, add a recipe book and some gear as well in the package (a manual grinder for freshness and a barista coffee filter for instance).

5. Personalized T-Shirt


Since we celebrate Mother’s Day in spring, a t-shirt makes a nice gift to mark the occasion. But don’t think about any top! You can buy one ahead of time and personalize it with a funky message about the tributes and tribulations of motherhood for example.

When it comes to screen printing and personalization of wearable items, the sky is the limit! Pick the right size and the right message and don’t forget about her favorite flowers!

6. Personalized Apron


Is your mom a true goddess in the kitchen? Are you all coming home to your parents dreaming and drooling at the idea of your mom’s special dishes? Well, we are sure she loves cooking for the family and will not take no for an answer when it comes to seconds and refills. Have some fun together preparing a meal for the entire family, but don’t forget a personalized apron!

Pick a deluxe full-length chef apron and personalize it with a fun message. Your mom will appreciate the gesture and especially the message. If cooking or baking is her magic skill, surprise her with a modern recipe book or a useful app to help her reinvent older recipes or create new ones out of common ingredients.

7. A Piece of Hilarious Art


This year, forget about jewelry or cards! In the funny Mother’s Day gifts department, a framed piece of art with a funny message on it should make your mom burst into laughter. Mothers sometimes have a reputation for having a bizarre sense of humor (or for not having a sense of humor at all).

Prove people that your mom is the coolest of them all and have a laugh together over this gift. For moms who get caught up in the meanders of existence and daily problems, this gift is ideal for helping her unwind and relish the small joys in life.

8. The “Mom Cave” Personalized Pillow


Narrowing the gender gap has never been easier! The “Mom Cave” pillow (or set of pillows) will certainly make her laugh and help her set her own “cave,” surrounded by the things she loves. Your dad will probably want one as well for his Dad Cave, so make sure you make a note out of it and surprise him with the next occasion!

You can go further with personalized pillows than the “Cave” joke. Just as you can personalize almost any type of canvas tote bag or t-shirt, you can think about other family inner jokes, mottos, and messages to print on one or more decorative pillows for your mother this year.

However, if she always spends her free time in her house nook, the cave pillows are exactly what she needs. If you do not want to differentiate among your parents (too much), you can get a set of personalized pillows for both of them to enjoy while they spend time together at home. Funny and true, the message will make both your parents laugh and be proud they raised such a cool child together.


9. Dust Mop Slippers


Is your mom always looking for the dust to clean all over the house? Is she insisting you all wear slippers and not ever walk in the kitchen or bathroom only in your socks because you carry dust and dirt from one room to the next?

Well, the dust mop slippers mock her a little for her cleaning fixations and offer her a practical solution to keep her floors perfectly polished. Pick a pair in her favorite color and let the laughs roll over the floors and the entire house for that matter. If you want to take the joke a bit further, buy a pair for each family member to wear when they visit your parents’ house.

This way, you will all offer your contribution to helping your mom preserve the house neat and clean.

10. Personalized Spring Pajamas


Your mom works plenty, and she needs a good night’s rest. People sleep a lot better when they go to bed happy and smiling, so you can step in and offer your mom a cute personalized pajama to soften her heart and send her troubles away each night.

You can buy her an already printed pajama in a comfortable size, or you can get a cute pajama from her favorite shop and print it. You can try a DIY screen-printing project, but if you are not confident in the result, talk to professionals about it. Your mom will appreciate the gesture and the gift!

11. Personalized Cosmetic Kit


Buying cosmetics, toiletries, and self-care products for your mom is an easy job, and you can do it on any occasion or without minding a special occasion altogether. However, among the funny Mother’s Day gifts this year, we have our hearts set on a personalized cosmetic pouch. If she travels plenty as a job or as a hobby, the gift is twice more than welcome.

A rectangular jute pouch with zipper will keep her makeup and toiletries safe at home or in her travel bag. Jute, just like a canvas, is an eco-friendly material perfect for printing or embroidery. Select a fun message to go with the kit (we also like the “This is where I keep my face” one), personalize it, fill it up with nice products, and offer it to her!

12. The Fanny Pack for the Nostalgic Mom


Nostalgic moms still remembering their leggings and their fanny packs back in the nineties will also appreciate the modern take of the accessory industry on the old classic fanny packs. These days, fanny packs come in exquisite materials (from the smoothest canvas to the most luxurious of leathers and faux furs) and put quite the show on runways and in the streets.

Pick an eco fanny pack for your mom and personalize it with a logo, fun message, a throwback to the good old days, a motto, and anything you can think of. She will love it and wear it with pride! A fanny pack is not quite a deluxe tote bag, but she will find it very useful (as it has always been) when she runs small errands and needs only her phone, keys, and wallet with her.

When it comes to color and model, we suggest a pack with many zippered pockets for comfort and safety. If she appreciates the posh side of things, you can even go for one in a contemporary design.

13. The Most Exquisite Spa Gift Basket


Less funny ha-ha but funny in the sense of sweetness and thoughtfulness, a spa kit for your mom is the best gift ever for Mother’s Day. Pamper her and make her feel special, throw in a few jokes, make a bit of fun of her, but surround her with your love and appreciation.

Spa kits and spa-oriented gift baskets make some of the best gifts for women, and we have mentioned them a few times before. Nevertheless, they work miracles on this special day, as your mom deserves spoiling!

14. The Chill Pills Jar


Did you ever tell your mom to take a chill pill whenever she seemed anxious or angry about the job, the house, the daily problems, and more? Well, instead of telling her to take a chill pill, give her the hilarious chill pills ever! A full jar of them, no less!

This gift belongs in the funny Mother’s Day gifts department for all the right reasons! You can make it yourself, by filling up a cute glass jar with the candy that your mom loves the best, or you can buy it already made from a dedicated provider. The chill pill jar is a fun way to let your mom know she should take a step back, unwind, and “treat” her anxiety with laughter and lightheartedness.

15. The Picture-Perfect Flower Pot


A flowerpot with a fun message on it and a picture of you from your childhood years will put a smile (or even a tear) on your mom’s face. Buy her favorite flowers in a cute pot you personalize with a “thank you” note and one of her favorite pictures of you in your early days (even if embarrassing). She will love you for it, and you will love offering her such a gift.


We hope you liked our suggestions of funny Mother’s Day gifts for this year! If you have ideas of your own, feel free to share them with us! We love buying and making gifts for our loved ones, and we can’t wait to share such ideas with you!

Written by Priscilla Greene — February 26, 2019

Best Ways to Protect the Environment if you are a Teenager

When you are young and still living at home, you may feel that even if you want to go green and make sustainable efforts to help make the world a better place, you are powerless in the lack of an income or means of independent living. However, talking to your family about the best ways to protect the environment and the contribution (within your power) you can make are the first steps to voice your concerns and views on the issue. In fact, as a teenager, you do not need to have a job or live in your apartment to do your significant part in protecting the environment. Here are the things you and your eco-conscious family and friends can do!

1. Become Aware and Spread Awareness

If your family taught you the fundamentals of how to become more eco-aware and live a more sustainable life as a future adult, follow these teachings and gain more. In the age of the Internet (with social media’s power to connect people and causes all over the globe), all you have to do is access information and educate yourself.

Besides learning about the best ways to protect the environment and the worldwide efforts currently in place, you can do one or more of the following:

  • Find groups and clubs actively debating environmental issues and engage in the finding of actionable solutions to make a change;
  • Do your research and demonstrate a real concern about the things that matter to you; if your homework is solid and solutions handy, your parents will take you seriously and offer you their support;
  • Talk to your friends and peers; we are sure the young generation shows a genuine preoccupation for environmental solutions, so brainstorm and work together towards sustainable change;
  • Join clubs or school debates/workshops related to environmental protection and help other young people like yourself learn more and spread the word. Regarding organizations, you can join a local or a national one, as they are many: endangered species protection, greenhouse gas emissions-cutting, clean water supplies preservation, sustainable living life changes, and more.
  • If joining an environmental group is out of hand, organize one! Round up your friends and colleagues and start doing some good things you can all achieve without money or efforts. Besides the fact that such initiatives do wonders to college applications, they can also put you in contact with the right people (press, influencers, your local officials, teachers, older students, parents, etc.) to support and further your cause.

Remember that environmentalism is still a sensitive topic in our society, so you should not preach, lecture people, or argue with them (unless such strategies work better with specific audiences). What you have to do, on the other hand, is gain knowledge about facts and figures, understand their meaning, and lead by the power of example.

Volunteer for causes you want to support. Plant trees, clean out the trash in some areas, join a recycling campaign, adopt an endangered animal, and so on. Sometimes, a few hours of your free time a week speak more volumes and have a greater impact than anything else.

2. Make a Small Difference Every Day

One of the most significant problems when it comes to making massive and impactful changes in the world is that we underestimate ourselves. “What can I alone do?” “What impact have the efforts of one person?” Historically speaking, all that was needed was a single person to be the spark of change, so reframe your thinking in this case as well. We will discuss below the things a single person can do to make a difference. Even it is small and seems of little significance; remember that all reasonable actions add up to a more significant and greater outcome.


Even if your family does not take an extra step in recycling, this does not mean that you can’t make an effort. Recycling is quite easy these days if you put your mind to it.

  • Assume the job of sorting the family trash, separate items, and take each pile to its proper Find the recycling cans in your area and make sure you dispose of the house’s waist sustainably;
  • Taking things a step further means collecting plastic bottles for instance from your neighbors, school mates, friends, and so on and making sure they reach a plastic recycling plant;
  • Speaking of water bottles and all sorts of beverage containers, buy your water and sodas in bulk beverage containers and carry around smaller quantities in a reusable bottle (or thermal cup/bottle). It will save some of your pocket money, as bulk beverages are cheaper and you will limit the use of PET products as well. Some hypermarkets and chain stores even take back the bulk beverage containers to reuse them, while refunding some of your money as well.
  • You can become the poster-child of sustainable battery disposal, as the young generation uses plenty of gadgets and devices. Offer to be the battery collector of your home (or classroom), pick them up and deliver them to the nearest battery collector (you can find such places even in grocery stores).

Recycling goes a long way, and you can become an essential part of this movement together with your family and friends!

Repurpose and Reuse

The first things coming to mind when talking about reusing and repurposing everyday items are plastic bags and grocery shopping bags. While the world invests time, effort, and money in the recycling of plastic bags, this does not mean you cannot make some critical and even stylish changes to your everyday life.

We have touched the topic of using canvas shopping bags as an alternative to the plastic overuse many times. As a teenager, the use of such items has never been more comfortable. Let’s see the best ways to protect the environment with the help of reusable bags:

  • Go shopping with a cotton reusable shopping tote bag – in any color or size you desire! Carry it in your purse, school bag or casual backpack and never worry about plastic bags again! Purchase a few for your close ones as well! Surprising them with your determination to make a change in the world also means personalizing each tote bag with a message, logo, or monogram to offer them a cute and fun accessory.
  • Do you want to set an example? Switch your regular school or day bag with an eco-friendly unisex canvas laptop backpack. For more casual outings and daily activities, you can also try canvas drawstring bags with zippered pocket.
  • Young ladies can approach the eco-friendly path without missing a beat when it comes to style and fashion. Jute luxury handbags cover all your needs to match your modern outfits, achieve an elegant look and ride the latest trends in eco-conscious fabrics and materials, wood and cork included.

  • Also, don’t forget you can offer such reusable shopping bags, drawstring backpacks, and even fashionable urban-chic shoulder bags and purses as gifts for your eco-aware friends and family members. Rising awareness towards the environment can take a laidback and appealing shape if you pick the right messages and the right gifts for the right people.

Cotton and canvas shopping bags, school bags, and other similar items have the significant advantage of reusability. Moreover, when they get “tired,” you can style them up and turn them into gorgeous DIY projects to breathe new life into them.

Use Products Made of Recycled Materials

Do you know how you can increase your positive impact on the environment by reusing and repurposing some items? By taking a reusable eco-friendly lunch bag to school instead of a plastic or paper bag. By using a lunch bag made of 100% post-consumer recycled PET materials, you will avoid using plastic and paper (and creating waste in the process).

Rethink Your Jewelry and Accessories

Teenage girls love their jewelry and accessories. Unfortunately, many such items come in plastic blends.  One idea is to use sustainable watches or jewelry, made of wood or stainless steel. Besides offering you a more distinguished and neat look, they also take a smaller toll on the environment as a whole. You can show your appreciation towards sustainability and even set the trend by eliminating as much plastic as you can from your life, also if it comes in the shape of beads, statement necklaces, or bracelets.

Rethink Your Cosmetics

The cosmetic and personal care industry offers us products bottled in plastic, and we tend to take them at face value. However, if you are serious about your environmental efforts and sustainability support, try making some changes in this regard as well:

  • You can opt for cosmetic and self-care products coming in glass jars and bottles; the world made impressive progress in recycling glass;
  • Metal or glass nail files are also an improvement (even in quality) in comparison to their plastic counterparts;
  • Your organic approaches should orient themselves towards natural cosmetic providers as well.

Environmentally conscious packaging and products in a bar shape instead of liquid make an easy and affordable choice if you pick the right providers. Moreover, products coming in a 100% compostable/recyclable packaging mean you will allow fewer bottles to hit the dump. Discarded eco-friendly packaging will break down easier or reach specialized recycling factories.  

Rethink Your Eating and Drinking Habits

Plastic coffee cups, plastic straws, and single-use plastic cutlery make some of the most critical problems of this world. Together with supermarket plastic shopping bags, many countries around the world are also considering discontinuing and banning plastic cups, straws, and cutlery. Lifestyle changes mean fine-tuning your habits in this regard:

  • Use stainless steel straws around the house if you need straws for your drinks; you can take one to school as well (in your lunch bag) to set an example; since such straw sets come with their cleaning and sanitation kits, you will have no problems with their maintenance and their reuse.

  • When you order home delivery with your family or friends, insists that the restaurant does not send you plastic cutlery together with the food; after all, you can find forks and knives in any home, you do not need to throw away any more plastic, especially since single-use cutlery comes inside yet another plastic wrap.
  • Avoid the use of plastic plates as much as you can also. If you organize a picnic or some event requiring tens of plastic plates, find a company able to provide you with reusable bamboo ones.
  • Switch to washcloths and cloth napkins as an alternative to paper napkins.

Print as Little as Possible

We know that in school, some printing is necessary, but if you can avoid overusing paper at home, you should try it. If you must print papers or notes, documents, and another school/personal work, then print on both sides of the sheet. Luckily, we live in a pretty hi-tech world, and using online documents instead of printed ones is more frequent than a few years back.

At the end of the school year, do not throw away your amazing notes and written/printed papers. Surely you can find younger school mates who can use them. You can also donate them to NGOs involved in education and prevention of early school abandonment.

If you cannot find students to use your notes, notebooks, or printed essays, at least pack them up and take them to the paper-recycling unit in your area.

Use Resources with Care

Use sunlight as much as you can (as opposed to bulbs) and turn lights off when leaving, mind the water consumption when you brush your teeth or wash dishes, opt for gadgets that consume the smallest amount of electricity, and so on. Together with your family, you can discuss such changes and see if they are reasonable and easy to implement in your home. As an advocate for sustainability at home, you can talk to your family about:

  • LED light bulbs;
  • Shower timers;
  • Energetic class A home appliances;
  • Low-flow water fixtures;
  • Reusable coffee filters and tea infusers, etc.

If everybody agrees on the changes, mainly since many also contribute to the family’s budget savings, implement them and explain their benefits to your friends, colleagues, and community.

Mind Transportation

Using a bicycle for your daily travels and commutes is one of the best environmental ideas you can have. When you cannot use the bike, the second best idea is carpooling – to lower your carbon footprint and save money. We all know teenagers love having their cars, but if you insist, do not buy an old shack on wheels.

3. Support others who know what they do

Before donating some of your pocket money to environmental or animal funding charities and NGOs, check them out carefully and then choose the ones advocating for causes that you find essential. You may want to offer your support to reforestation projects, recycling projects, or animal care.

Moreover, support your local “green” businesses and entrepreneurs in your area. If you like their products/services and you know their environmental concerns match yours, help them by becoming their customer.


As a student, you can do a lot to contribute to a better world. We mentioned just a few of the best ways to protect the environment, but we are sure you can find even more. Get as creative as you can, engage your friends and family in your projects, petition the authorities, donate, and volunteer. The change starts with you, no matter how small it seems in the beginning!

Written by Priscilla Greene — February 25, 2019

What is the athleisure style and how can you wear it too?

If you already paired your black leggings with an oversized sweater and a pair of sneakers to go out with your friends, you have probably already sported the athleisure style without even knowing it. The love child of fashion and functionality, the athleisure style is a growing trend, blending in perfectly neat, fit, and stylish pieces with your streetwear and especially your gym garb. More than just wearing your slouchy gym pants to go shopping the athleisure style comes with its rules, mixes, and select accessories you can enjoy while looking both dashing and comfy! Let’s see today what makes the athleisure style and how you can wear it like a diva!

Athleisure Style: Mixing Sports, Function, and Fashion

Before you throw on your baggy jeans and a tank top to go out and meet your friends, we have to factor in the dos, don’ts, and rules of the athleisure style. Let’s see them now!

  • Mix sports pieces (leggings, cute hoodies, denim jackets, canvas sneakers, gym pants, cropped gym tops) into your usual fashion pieces for a balanced look. Never forget to accessorize: you can sport a cute, colorful drawstring backpack for casual outings or a stylish canvas tote bag for your day at the workplace;
  • Mix multiple pieces and layers – leather jackets and cotton leggings, skinny jeans and fleece hoodies, metal jewelry and boots/sneakers, etc.;
  • If you follow active-wear trends, make sure you do not overdo things. The athleisure style does not mean wearing your baggy home pants with your heels and designer bag. It involves wearing fit and neat pieces, combining sports bras under leather jackets or leggings under a chic coat; if you want to step up your game, do not forget to add a stylish camo bag. As we said numerous times before, camo prints are all the rage right now, and you can mix and match camo styles in hoodies, bags, sneakers, caps, and sneakers;
  • Denim and leather, cotton and elastic fabrics, wool and high-performance, sports fabrics are the main elements of the athleisure style;
  • Preserve your athleisure pieces clean and in good condition, and keep them for street wear; do not wear them in the house as casual items;
  • Never consider wearing as athleisure old garments you take to the gym.
  • Pay attention to the mixing of jewelry – one carefully chosen statement piece if you like, but don’t overdo things, as you do not want to look like a queen of bling on a stage.
  • You don’t have to forget about your usual casual sporty style, reinterpret it in an athleisure key. If dresses, leggings, and boots make your style of choice, keep them and try adding or removing only one or two pieces to turn your look trendy but comfortable.
  • The athleisure style does agree with prints and colors, but do not go overboard with them. For instance, if you pick neutral shades, spice things up with a vividly colored tote bag or some jewelry.
  • While some heels can work with the athleisure style, sneakers and slides are the go-to footwear in this case.

Yoga Pants (Leggings): The Core Element of the Athleisure Style

Women started wearing yoga pants to the gym, but their simple and versatile look and the comfort they offer soon turned them into a must-have streetwear item. Leggings with a dress and boots became synonym with casual chic not long ago, and the trend is rising.

The cornerstone of this particular fashion is stretchy cotton leggings. They have plenty of advantages over the synthetic ones (that you should preserve for gym activity only) as they allow you to move freely, also being gently for your skin all day long. They are not too thick, not too thin, come in a variety of colors and prints, and match any outfit.

Here is how you can compose an effortless chic attire to take you from your 9 to 5 or casual evening date:

  • First, pick a cotton pair of leggings in classic black, a light gray, a deep blue or a dark burgundy to build your outfit around them;
  • Pick cozy cotton knit or a classic cotton tank top for the cold season; take a graphic tee or cut-out one, layered with a soft hoodie, a denim jacket, flannel shirt, a boxy leather jacket, etc.;
  • Finish with a pair of canvas sneakers in solid colors or a pair of flats;
  • Make sure you pick a cute canvas tote bag in a solid color as well or a cute print working well with your pieces.

Dressing up the yoga pants is easier than you think, especially if you need a quick change from work to fancy dinners:

  • Make sure the leggings are stretchy and look neat, with no creases;
  • Change the sneakers with a pair of mules or low heels (some boots for the cold season work fine);
  • A patterned shirt – or an off-the-shoulder color-blocked blouse – makes a fancy addition to an otherwise sporty outfit;
  • For a stylish night out, add a small piece of jewelry – a pendant, a bracelet, something demure, sophisticated, and feminine for a balanced look;
  • As purses go, a two-tone felt shoulder tote bag will go amazing with your outfit.

What Else Should You about the Athleisure Style?

Don’t for a second think that athleisure revolves solely around leggings, however. As we said, some of the centerpieces of this style are skinny jeans, sneakers, fit tops, denim and leather jackets, and more. Remember to reinvent and dress up (or down) your style.

The good news is that if you have always been in favor of a more tomboy look, now it is the time to shine!

Make no mistake to confound the athleisure style with the hip-hop one. The latter has some common elements with the first but works more in the baggy, slouchy, untamed looks rather than on slim-fit, yoga-style, and street diva one.


Are you an adept of the athleisure style? Do you usually wear leggings and sneakers together with layers knits and leather jackets? Tell us about your interpretation of this trend, the accessories you wear, and the occasions you sport this trend the most!



Written by Priscilla Greene — February 22, 2019 Member


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