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DIY Dot Apple Design Tote Bag

Meghan Quinones |


If you’re looking for a super cute gift option for your teacher(s), I’ve got you covered with this DIY dot apple design tote bag!

This easy custom dot design apple tote bag is just what you need! This project is such an easy activity even your kiddos can get involved in the making process. Since this apple tote bag consists of mainly dots, your kiddos can help make this fun gift for their teacher(s). What also makes this project unique is the ability to customize it. You can add a personal touch to this tote bag by adding a name to the center of the apple. You can whip this apple bag up for all of the teachers in your life in less than an hour!

Check out the full video tutorial below to see how you can make this easy custom dot design apple tote bag!


Full Gusset Heavy Canvas Affordable Horizontal Tote Bag
Fabric Paint (in shades of Red, Green, and Brown
Paint Dauber
Fabric Maker (Black)

Step 1: To get started you will need fabric paint to add to your bag. This will allow you to wash it if it gets soiled or stained. If you don’t plan on washing your tote bag, you can use regular acrylic paint and use the method for manually washing your bag. If you can’t find paint color in your preferred choice, you can turn acrylic paint into fabric paint by using a fabric medium. To use the fabric medium, you simply mix 1 part fabric medium with 2 parts acrylic paint.


Step 2: To create an apple template, you can use one of three methods. First method is to find an apple image online. Before you print it out, enlarge the scale to fit your tote bag. Once you change the scale, simply print it out and cut. The second method is to use an electronic cutting machine like a Cricut machine. Find an apple image, resize it, and cut it out using the machine. The third method is to draw or sketch an apple design right onto your bag.

Step 3: Place a sheet of paper or cardboard inside of your tote bag. This will help prevent any paint from seeping through to the other side.



Step 4: Place your paper stencil on top of your tote bag. You can trace around the template, or you can leave the template as it. Dip your dauber into one of your shades of red paint. Begin adding dots all around the outside of your apple. Go all around your apple design until you’ve added red dots all over. Let the paint dry. If you sketched your apple design, you’ll want to go over the line you created. This will be the baseline for the shape of your apple. As you continue adding dots in different shades of red, you’ll want to keep them on or around the baseline.


Step 5: Once the paint is dry, select a second shade of red paint to add to your bag. Add dots all over, overlapping the previous dots you created. Continue adding them all over your bag until you’ve gone all the way around your apple design. Let the paint dry and continue adding the remaining shades of red to your tote bag.

Step 6: Add your dauber to the green paint and add paint to the leaf area. If you want, you could add more dimension to your leaf by using additional shades of green paint.

Step 7: Place your dauber in brown/tan paint and add dots to the stem area of the apple. Again, for more dimension, you could add different shades of brown. Then, let the paint dry.

Step 8: Once the paint is dry, it’s time add some customization! To customize this tote bag with the name of your favorite teacher, first use a pencil to sketch the name in the center of the apple.

Step 9: After you sketch the name in pencil, go over it with a black fabric marker. To add extra detail to my name, I add thicker lines to the up strokes for a more script-like effect.

That’s it! If this is a teacher gift, all you need to do add some fun little items to show you teacher some appreciation. A gift card is always a nice touch, or perhaps a custom coffee mug. I just love that the not only does this tote bag serve as a gift bag, but it also can be used to tote groceries, books to school, or serve as an overnight bag. The possibilities are endless!