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5 Whimsical Promotion Gift Ideas in the Hospitality Industry

Priscilla Greene |

We have talked many times before about innovative and cool promotion gift ideas to surprise collaborators, colleagues, or conference attendees. If your primary field of work and interest in the IT field, you will choose personalized and printed drawstring backpacks as giveaways or gifts for sure. Any other industry and business owner already knows he/she can make a long-lasting impression upon the firm’s partners or conference attendees with some well-crafted tote bag gift baskets filled with goodies.

However, what promotion gift ideas do you have when you work in the HORECA and hospitality industry? While offering vouchers and memberships to your hotels may be costly, you cannot let a conference in the field to end without your guests receiving something whimsical and personalized from you.

Let us see today how you can get truly creative! Check out our X whimsical promotion gift ideas you can offer your collaborators, colleagues, conference attendees, business partners, and even hotel guests that will put a smile on their faces and remind them of you at all times!

1. Fancy Jute Blend Book Bags with Books

If your hotel just hosted a hospitality convention regarding guest experience improvement, the challenges of modern tourism, innovations in hospitality, and making travel fun for some target groups of people, you should end it in style as well.

Get some fancy jute blend book bags (carryall totes with full gusset) and fill them with:

  • A USB drive (with your logo) containing all the materials, presentations, movies, and debates of the conference or the convention;
  • An artistic and high-quality travel photography album; or a photo album containing the best photos taken during the meeting with personalized messages;
  • A whimsical book along the lines of “Developing a Hotel for Dummies” or “Travel Planning for Dummies”;
  • A travel kit containing eye blinders and earplugs for airplane rest;
  • A complimentary personalized hand towel with each guest’s monogram on it and your brand logo.

If you all work in the hospitality industry, it does not mean you cannot have some well-deserved laughs and learn the dummy way to run a hotel and so on.

2. Beach Pool Tote Bags with Beach Gear

Summer conferences about how to make summer experiences better for your guests are fun and informative. Unfortunately, while the hotel guests are getting all the fun, you and your peers stay inside discussing numbers, budgets, marketing strategies, and the latest HORECA offers and discounts. When the talks are over, everybody will want to forget they are CEOs or PR specialists and hit the pool, the beach, and the deep blue sea. Meet their needs and exceed their expectations by offering them full beach equipment:

  • One oversized jumbo 100% twill cotton tote bag personalized with your hotel logo and the date of the conference/convention;
  • High-quality sunscreen;
  • Beach slippers;
  • A personalized beach towel with your hotel logo on it;
  • A fancy travel magazine so they can read while they get a tan;
  • A small box with refreshments and snacks to regain their swimming energy while on your beach.

One of the best things about beach tote bags is that all your conference/convention attendees will take them home after the event and use them with a smile on their face next summer season as well.

3. Laundry Bags

Customized laundry bags make a fun and unexpected item to put on your promotion gift ideas list and send it to your marketing department. The personalized jumbo size cotton drawstring laundry bags

laundry bags for each and all of your event attendees are easy to screen print, are fun to have around (as they will all take them back home), and one of the most practical items in the hospitality industry – a sign that you all understand that it is the minor details that make the difference in this business.

4. Cosmetic Bags and Travel Kits for Women

When it comes to promotion gift ideas, keep in mind that you have many holidays to cover, plenty of celebrations, special occasions and event, and lots of women colleagues, business partners, and collaborators to surprise. This year you can try offering all those exceptional women personalized cosmetic bags you can emphasize with your logo or their monograms.

Do you want to take things up a notch? Fill the cosmetic bags with some exquisite products – preferably of local sourcing and containing as many natural or traditional ingredients as possible.

Think regarding sunscreen, herbal soaps, organic massage oils, aromatherapy essential oils, natural body lotions, and 100% organic cotton face towels, and so on. After all, there is nothing you cannot find when you run a hotel.

5. Overnighter Poly Duffel Sports Bag for Men

Do you know what men want? Useful, practical, and fun things. For this reason, you should put some overnighter duffel sports bags on your promotion gift ideas list, buy them in bulk, and send them to the studio for screen-printing and personalization.

Nothing says that you understand the hospitality industry better than an overnighter or a weekender bag that a man can also turn into a gym/sports bag. Personalize the overnighters with your hotel logo or the recipient’s name and offer them as holiday promotion gifts, post-conference promotion gifts, tokens of appreciation for your colleagues and collaborators, and so on.

Do you want to pump up the volume a little? Depending on the season or the occasion, you can fill each bag with some expensive items no active man will say no to – a high-end gym cotton towel, a waffle bathrobe with monogram, a neat set of man grooming products, a fancy bottle of wine, a book, and more.

Bonus Ideas

As you can quickly figure out, the sky is the limit when it comes to the hospitality industry and promotion gift ideas in this particular department. If you want to entertain yourself and let your colleagues, partners, suppliers, and other business parties know you have some humor, you can personalize and offer some of the following gifts as well:

  • Six pack cooler lunch bag, because beer is excellent when you drink it cold on the beach while discussing the latest trends in hospitality;
  • Rustic wedding favor bags for all those colleagues who work in wedding and honeymoon-centered hotels and resorts (and fill the bags with something fun or delicious to eat);
  • Wine bags with outstanding wine for your friends in other hotels who deserve the best;
  • Camera bags for all your collaborators working in your hotel’s marketing department (or all the attendees to your hospitality marketing conference etc.)

We hope these promotion gift ideas gave you some inspiration so you can make unusual and unique gifts to the people you work within the hospitality industry. What other ideas do you have? Did you ever receive such a present that made a memorable impression on you?