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4 Best Tote Bags for Work to Look Stylish at the Office

Priscilla Greene |

Not so long ago, we talked about some of the best tote bags to use if you are a teacher. Inspired by our readers’ requests, we decided today we offer you one of our styling-types of articles – about the best tote bags for work you can wear this summer. However, more than just tote bags, we have some fashion suggestions and tips you might enjoy as well. Without wasting even more time, let us see today four best tote bags for work and some fashion ideas for this summer!

1. Pantone’s Ultraviolet Style with Canvas Zippered Tote Bag

As you probably know by now, Pantone color of the year 2018 is ultraviolet, a powerful, deep, mysterious, and lively violet nuance. You already saw it on fashion runways, in the latest hair color trends, accessories’ trends and more. If you love to follow some of the most significant styling tendencies, we have the best tote bag for work for you today: a heavy canvas sizeable zippered tote bag in a two-tone design, featuring ultraviolet handles, zipper, and bottom hems. However, how can you wear this large and comfortable tote bag to the office so you can look chic and modern? We have some suggestions for you!

  • Pick a pair of violet trousers – for more formal outfits, silk or velvety fabrics work the best; for casual days, jeans and cotton will make you feel comfortable while looking smashing;
  • A white fitted shirt works with everything you want to wear in a white-violet color scheme;
  • A pair of medium-heeled sandals and a gorgeous pedicure finish the outfit in high style;
  • If you love accessories, you can also wear an oversized bangle bracelet made of stacked beads bracelets in multiple nuances of purple and violet;
  • A white-and-purple two-tone outfit mix looks striking; therefore, keep your makeup to a minimum for a casual or semi-formal work day.

The tote bag is large and sturdy, able to carry your laptop, work stuff, and personal belongings safely and with no worry in the world.

2. Casual Tri-Color Tote Bag with Autumnal Colors

Some summer and early fall work days need a bit of toning down, especially if it is chilly outside and you have a casual day at the office with lots of problems to solve little time for sitting and a need for stylish comfort. For such days, we recommend you a jeans-based outfit with low-heeled shoes and a large solid tri-color canvas tote bag to match your attire. Here is what you can pick for a pleasing appearance:

  • Pick a pair of skinny jeans in a dark blue nuance;
  • Add an olive elbow-sleeved fringy blouse that matches the tones on the tote bag;
  • Continue with nude shoes with low heels for walking around the office all day (and pay attention to some subtle golden inserts as they offer a bit of glam to this rather demure look);
  • Wear a cute necklace with large creamy beads for contrast with the olive blouse and perfect integration in the entire nude-creamy ensemble (if it also offers a sparkle of golden shine, the better);
  • We also recommend nude makeup, a fantastic trend that provides comfort and natural beauty to women of all ages.

One of the most considerable advantages of the tri-tone best tote bags for work is that they feature a high number of color combinations, allowing you to create endless outfits and color schemes with your favorite clothes – in other words, buy more such totes to look different and fresh every day!

3. Hot Denim-Based Outfit for Formal Wear

Whoever said denim is casual fabric, appropriate for informal wear only, did not see some fantastic fashion catwalk combinations. We have one for you today. First, pick a sizeable durable denim tote bag for work in a classic blue jean nuance. The size and durability of such bag guarantee you will carry all your work gadgets, documents, personal items, and even some shopping items safely. Nevertheless, let us see how you can turn a canvas tote bag into a stylish piece together with our suggestions!

  • Start with a fitted short-sleeved denim dress in a formal office-style cut and design;
  • Spice things up with a pair of high-heeled black sandals in a rock star type of design with laces and other adornments;
  • A black stacked bracelet with silver or stainless steel insertion will work great with the denim and the sandals;
  • Do not forget your oversized trendy sunglasses and maybe some earrings to match the bracelet if you pick an updo for today's’ work meeting;
  • As for makeup, this is a feminine, yet bold outfit, so make sure your makeup matches it without overshadowing your attitude – which is your most precious accessory.

Keep in mind that denim is probably one of the most versatile fabrics in the world. A denim tote bag will work beautifully with denim jeans, dresses, skirts, and jackets (in the fall), so pick one and turn all your outfits into styling trends!

4. Queen of Style Outfit with Burlap Tote Bag

Now, this is an outfit to die for – and not only for work but for any formal meeting or event where you can wear a stylish and innovative purse. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can forget for a second the almighty black large office purse and switch to the new IT bag: the fashion large burlap briefcase-style tote bag! The burlap’s natural creamy pink nuance is the perfect canvas for you to paint on a memorable office or party outfit that will keep people talking for days!

  • Start with a simple long-sleeved stretch blouse in a soft pink nuance;
  • Add an asymmetric wavy silk skirt with pale pink flowers against a pearl-gray/soft purple background;
  • Finish with a pair of high-heeled black tango-style sandals;
  • Wear a pair of long black earrings if you choose a loose updo for that particular day.
  • We also recommend a soft style of makeup in the nude or based on soft pinks and purples to light up your face.

The burlap tote bag finishes this type of outfit in a novel, a bit-disrupting manner – which makes the ensemble even more interesting. The mix of silk, jute, suede, and stretchy blouse fabric makes an exciting collage of textures – one that most likely will enhance the best of your features. Such an attire, however, works best for genuinely regular workdays, meetings, and events, a Devil-Wears-Prada style that is jaw-dropping.


We hope you found these fashion suggestions and our best tote bags for work ideas useful and actionable. If you have more styling tips that include fashion tote bags and cool outfits for casual workdays or official and serious business meetings, feel free to share them with us!