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5 Corporate Tote Bag Gift Basket Ideas

Ally Nelson |

Everybody loves to receive gift baskets and everybody loves tote bags! Not so long ago, we presented you with some ideas on how to offer amazing wedding favors in burlap bags. By popular request, we will spin the idea and turn canvas or jute tote bags into baskets filled with goodies! How about corporate tote bag gift baskets to add some zing to your corporate gifts?

When you have to offer corporate gifts, one of the biggest challenges is to find items that will please most of the receivers. The beauty of a corporate tote bag gift basket is that you can enjoy plenty of versatility when it comes to the gift itself and the tote bag replacing the actual baskets.

Today we will offer you such inspiration so your next corporate gifts will keep everybody talking! After all, this is one fun way to create memorable impressions to your employees, business partners, collaborators or event attendees!

1. Celebratory Tote Gift Basket
cancer awareness tote bag


We loved this idea a lot: a company wanted to spread awareness regarding breast cancer, so it chose to offer lovely accessories for women inside a gorgeous and (very useful) tote bag. As a starting point of inspiration, you can pick a nice large zippered canvas tote bag and fill it with items for women and men, respectively. You can think about:

  •         Cute cap with a fine message (tuned to the event you celebrate);
  •         Cosmetic products especially chosen for women and men, respectively;
  •         Flowers for the ladies and maybe a nice bottle of wine for the gentlemen;
  •         A gift card with your company logo emphasizing on the celebration/occasion.

2. Summer at the Beach Tote Gift Basket

summer themed tote bag


Corporate gifts should be fun, innovative, and surprising for the ones who receive them. Besides the usual culprits (vouchers and gift cards), a visionary company can take advantage of the upcoming summer season and a particular event (product launch, conference, team-building etc.) to prepare a beach corporate tote bag gift basket. Here is what you may find interesting:

  •         A large and sturdy white canvas tote bag with your company logo or a fun message for the summer;
  •         A bottle of water;
  •         A bottle of sunscreen and beach cosmetics everyone can enjoy;
  •         A starfish photo frame for the receivers’ favorite seaside photo;
  •         Mint candy and beach snacks;
  •         Decorative shells;
  •         A use-only photo camera or a pair of headphones for people’s favorite tunes at the beach.

3. Workday Survival Kit Tote Gift Basket

snacks in tote bag


We loved this idea especially if you want to offer corporate gifts to your team members after a team-building session or a conference. This corporate tote bag gift basket works well after conferences and seminars or as a fun token of appreciation to your collaborators and business partners. The main idea is to fill in the tote bags with goodies that everyone will appreciate during a hard day at the office. We are talking about snacks and, of course, foods for the soul. This is what you need:

  •         A large white canvas tote bag with hook and loop closure, which you can decorate with your company logo, a whimsical message, a cute hashtag, embroidery, and everything nice.
  •         Snacks – salty and sweet, to satiate the hungry team members and sweeten their workday.
  •         Water, to help their bodies and brains work at full capacity.
  •         Fruits for a boost of vitamins.

This gift is versatile in nature, as you can adapt the content to a specific season and add traditional snacks and sweets in winter or seasonal fruits depending on the moment of the year when you organize your corporate event.

4. The Fruit Tote Bag Gift Basket

fruits in tote bag

Speaking of boosts of vitamins and seasonal corporate gifts, few things beat the savory simplicity of a tote bag filled with fruits. Such corporate gift can work well if you want to celebrate an event related to nature or environmental awareness. It also works great for gym companies and fitness clubs promoting healthy living among their clients. It can also work with other types of companies and receivers – all you have to do is match the event with the idea of fresh fruits, health, and amazing lifestyles.

  •         Start with a mini cotton canvas tote bag in a vibrant shade of green for a summer gift – it lifts up the spirit of any gift receiver – or a delicious shade of vibrant orange for an autumn gift.
  •         Fill it with seasonal fruits – the larger the variety, the better.

As a piece of advice, if you want to make an impression, add some exotic fruits or even some strange ones people do not usually find at farmers’ markets. If you want to insist on a message about natural and healthy living, you should look for organic fruits coming from reputable organic orchards and producers. It will definitely appeal to the receivers displaying a genuine concern for the environment and health.

5. The Corporate Tea Party

tea accessories


A high-quality tea set with a wide variety of teas, tea-making tools, and some delicious crackers for an exquisite experience is something that never fails in terms of corporate gifts. Tea is universally loved; therefore the gift is independent from a special occasion, celebration, or event. You can offer a tea-based corporate gift to anyone with any occasion. Of course, you can spin things off and offer a coffee-based tote bag gift basket if you walk among dedicated coffee lovers.

  •         Pick a square burlap tote bag with a rustic flair.
  •         Fill it with a variety of teas – we recommend some exotic ones or brand ones to treat the receivers like royalty. Look for savory blends, organic teas, prestigious labels, and so on. If the teas are also coming from organic crops you will definitely make the best impression with the ones caring and advocating for the environment. The same goes for coffee, just so you know.
  •         Add in a tea mason jar, even a nice hand-painted teacup or tea set with its own cute plate and spoon.
  •         Do not forget about the other elements of a tea set and top everything with a nice selection of crackers, cookies, or biscuits.

This type of gift, while adaptable to any person and any occasion, is a luxurious gift, one that says plenty about how much you respect the people you offer it to.


This was just a small selection of corporate tote bag gift basket ideas you can experiment with and turn into veritable works of art. If you want more similar ideas for inspiration, do not forget to come back to visit, because we have still plenty of surprises up our sleeves!