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How to Wear Summer Tote Bags for Chic Dates and Outings

Priscilla Greene |

Summer tote bags are all the rage right now – you have seen them on runways and as part of new fashion collections carrying famous designers and brands’ names. Not so long ago we presented you with a styling guide on how to wear the best tote bags for work and look chic at the office. Upon popular request, today we will offer suggestions on how to wear summer tote bags for outings, chic dates, and stylish meetings with friends. You can implement some of these ideas in early fall as well because the temperatures allow you plenty of summer outfits versatility.

1. Jute Summer Tote Bag with Floral Dress

It is hard to believe that there are women who do not know that this summer and the upcoming fall are all about vibrant colors and especially whimsical floral patterns. For a chic date, a garden party or a stylish outing with your friends, this is what we recommend so you rock this season’s trends:

  • Colored patterned maxi summer dress; pick one in a blend of pink, orange, white, large flower patterns, small flower patterns, and more.
  • Match a jute tote bag with zipper in a brownish/neutral color to tone down the vibrant dress; the large tote bag works well for casual outings and dates as it offers a laidback summery look and feel;
  • High-sole cork sandals with flower decorations matching the jute tote bag in color and texture and the dress in style;
  • A jute bangle bracelet to match in color and style the sandals and the jute bag; they tone down the color-powered dress and match beautifully a bronzed skin.

A brownish neutral jute tote bag and accessories are able to style any colored outfit you might want to wear this summer. If you want to spice things up even more, you can wear shades of summer red and burgundy with natural jute shades.

2. Navy Blue Outfit with Briefcase Tote Bag

This outfit is a bit formal, we admit, but it makes a very chic and sexy dating attire. Moreover, the outfit works incredibly well with semi-formal outings and meetings. You can wear it at work, at business meetings, and at stylish outings with your partner. It is a summer attire sporting one of the best summer tote bags of the year, in a refined color and a briefcase design.

  • Get a plain white short-sleeved blouse in a feminine slim-fit design;
  • Match it with a flirty navy blue skirt with a brown belt (and make sure you tuck the blouse in the skirt);
  • You can pick a pair of brown and navy blue suede and leather high heeled sandals that work incredibly with both the skirt and its belt; if you think the sandals match only a niche range of clothes, do not worry – they will work terrific with all your navy blue jeans;
  • The summer tote bag of today is a zippered poly tote bag with a briefcase design to fit all your items and personal belongings;
  • During hot summer days, wear a pair of oversized brown sunglasses to match your clothes and shoes.

In fall, you can replace the skirt with a pair of jeans and maybe throw a denim jacket over the white top during chilly nights.

3. Red Summer Suit with Matching Red Tote Bag

You can wear a cute summer suit for a stylish date or outing consisting of ¼ flared trousers and a jacket (for chilly summer nights or early fall afternoons) you can wear together with a cute tote bag you can wear with either informal or business attires. Let us see how to wear a “lady in red” outfit this summer:

  • Red suit with large three-quarters length trousers and a jacket;
  • Black and white striped short-sleeved top; you can wear the t-shirt with other red outfits, as the three colors match and make a great trio;
  • For the purse, you can take a zippered non-woven polypropylene tote bag in red and black; if you love red outfits and the color suits your skin tone and personality, you can wear the tote bag all year long with no problems;
  • For summer dates and outings you can pick a pair of black leather sandals going great with the outfit; however, in early fall, you can replace the sandals with a pair of black leather pumps or even ankle-high boots.

This outfit works well for office days as well. The jacket offers a formal flair to the ensemble and the tote bag – large and durable – will never let you down when it comes to carrying personal and professional items.

4. Casual Black and Orange Outfit

Summer and early fall are the best seasons to sport your orange clothes and accessories. A cute casual date or some drinks with friends in a garden make the best occasions for you to rock an orange-based outfit with a boyish flare.

  • The white plain t-shirt is a cult classic in summer and fall; we recommend you pick an 100% cotton shirt to allow you better heat management and look silky and stylish;
  • Match the t-shirt with a pair of black skinny jeans – all women usually have a pair; they go with anything and make you look young and rebellious, giving some buzz to your office combos as well;
  • For an evening date or a night out with the girls, take a see-through knitted orange cardigan; it looks feminine and cute and will protect you from a chilly breeze in case you stay outside late;
  • A black oversized polyester tote bag tones down the powerful orange shades, matches your jeans (and literally all your outfits), and keeps your belongings safe; you can use the tote bag at work, as a stylish black urban purse, for your daily activities, grocery shopping, traveling, and even the beach;
  • A pair of oxfords in white and orange keeps your look stylish with a vintage charm and that boyish flair we were talking about earlier;
  • Pick a pair of fringed orange earrings as well – they spice up your look and draw attention to your face features and hairstyle.

You can wear such an outfit all summer and fall – just pick a nice orange jacket instead of the knitted cardigan and maybe a pair of ankle-high orange boots for rainy, chilly autumn days.

5. Summer/Fall Teal and Gray Outfit

This outfit is incredibly versatile and sexy – and you can wear it in summer or in fall, depending on whether you take the leather jacket with you. It makes an outstanding color scheme as well, perfect for casual dates or indoor/outdoor dinner parties.

  • Pick a sporty yet silky top in an ombré design ranging from orange to teal, turquoise and gray – it makes an excellent choice for jeans, short sporty trousers, and skirts in similar and complementary nuances as well;
  • Wear it tucked in a gray flirty mini skirt;
  • Match the top and the skirt with a pair of gray see-through summer boots – they will be a godsend later this season and even in late fall if you have chilly weather and no rain to confront;
  • The piece of resistance is the designer teal leather jacket, an excellent choice for this outfit and for many other summer/fall combos with jeans and dresses;
  • Finish the outfit with an On-the-Go cotton canvas tote bag with magnet snaps closure for a perfectly blended urban purse.

Teal and gray (with a dash of sweet light orange) work amazing together and you can sport such color combination in any casual or formal attire. The two-tone tote bag comes to finish the ensemble, but if you love other color schemes, we are sure you will find other summer tote bags to meet and exceed your expectations.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our selection of summer tote bags and outfits to wear this season and the next. Of course, we only offered a few suggestions, as you can build on these ideas and create your favorite combinations for chic dates and stylish outings. Nevertheless, feel free to tell us in the comments section below which of the above was your favorite attire idea!