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Inexpensive yet Luxurious Looking Tote Bags for Bridesmaids

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When you are planning your wedding, you have a lot of decisions to make. After all, it is one of the most important days in your life, and you want everything to go just right. Some of the choices are big ones – the guests, the dress, flowers, etc. – and some are small: gifts for the attendants, party favors, and more. Whether big or small, you want it to be perfect. Nevertheless, you cannot, and you should not neglect your best girls accompanying you on your road to becoming a married woman.

When it comes to such gifts, personalized tote bags for bridesmaids make a long-lasting impression. Let’s see a few ideas on how to tackle this with creativity!


How to Choose the Best Tote Bags for Bridesmaids

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Whether you plan a bachelorette trip or you just want to spoil and pamper your friends with gifts, the best tote bags for bridesmaids are a surefire way to achieve your goals. Moreover, you can personalize the bridesmaids’ tote bags in any way you want with monograms, logos, and messages, choosing an embroidery or screen print service.

Depending on the theme of your wedding, the place of the ceremony/party, or the girls’ night out (adventure trip or weekend), you can choose from a handful of gorgeous, useful, and whimsical tote bags for bridesmaids! Here are some things to factor in when you buy tote bags for bridesmaids:

Favorite Colors and Prints

You want to surprise your girls with a gift they will like, so take into account their favorite prints and colors. Remember that camo tote bags and camo fashion, in general, is all the rage right now, so you might consider offering them a trendy surprise! Discover these 14 Camo Bags That Will Make You Stand Out.

Bachelorette Party/Trip Destination and Theme

If you spend a fancy night with dinner and dancing, you may want to pick small fashion jute handbags that blend in with any club outfit. If all of you are taking a short road trip, jumbo travel canvas tote bags are the answer to your question.

If you want to get more specific, you can purchase a bridesmaids tote that matches the destination or theme. For example, if you are going to a fancy resort, these tropical beach bags could be a great option.

The Season

Summer canvas tote bags come in amazingly bright colors and prints. However, if you have to deal with a wetter season, you may want to consider clear vinyl bags! These are fresh-looking, and they will protect belongings from the rain.

It is customary to go with lighter colors for spring. If you are in need of inspiration, you can Discover This Year's Spring Fashion Color Palette. For autumn, it is safe to opt for warmer colors like auburn, orange, or red. While some knitted tote bags would be ideal for a winter bachelorette party.

Cute Tote Bags for Bridesmaids at Affordable Prices

Discover our selection of cheap tote bags for bridesmaids that look expensive and are high quality. You do not have to spend a lot of money on luxury products to make your favorite girls feel special. There are plenty of high-quality options available within a moderate budget range that will do the trick. You just need to know where to look. We are here to help with that.

1. Two Tone Large Canvas Tote Bags

Two Tone Large Canvas Tote Bag

Perfect for a day at the beach with the bride to be, these two-toned large canvas tote bags will accommodate beach towels, sunscreen, magazines, and swimsuit without any effort. Moreover, the generous palette of paint combinations allows you to gift each of your friends a tote bag matching her favorite color.

With its zippered side pocket to keep accessories, keys or phone safe, and the large main zippered compartment to carry anything you can think of, this tote bag is ideal for your bridesmaids. Come to think of it, you can pick the trendiest color to match the year’s Pantone’s color of choice or get the combination that best matches the party’s outfits.

2. Fashion Jute Tote Bags

Fashion Jute Tote Bags


Our next entry in the list of the best affordable tote bags for bridesmaids is large fashion jute tote bags. Ideal for fancy bachelorette parties, beach parties, and weddings, or fancy outings, these totes will become the new favorite purse for each of your friends. They easily match any outfit since they sport a neutral, natural color. It works amazingly paired with nude shoes and spring/summer colorful outfits.

If you are the environmentally aware type of bride, you should know jute is an eco-friendly and sustainable fabric. Moreover, to offer your bridesmaids a real treat, you can fill in these fashion purses with eco-friendly gifts for your equally mindful friends.

3. Colorful Cotton Canvas Allie Tote Bags

colorful allie tote bag

Speaking of inexpensive tote bags for bridesmaids, you can always pick a bunch of colored canvas Allie tote bags for your friends. Large and vividly colored, these totes feature a gorgeous texture as well. Perfect for travels, casual errand runs, shopping, or outings, the Allie bags will meet all needs and exceed all expectations.

As you probably know from personal experience, canvas and jute tote bags have a charm of their own, being the IT bags of spring-summer. They are versatile and stylish and can accompany a woman to work, school, the gym, a dressy business meeting, or a casual only-girls-night-out type of event. Besides their initial purpose – functioning as sturdy and eco-friendly shopping bags – cotton, canvas, and jute tote bags are true icons of modern fashion.

If your girls do not usually wear tote bags, do them a favor and present them with our guide on how to wear tote bags for chic dates and outings! We are sure they will soon fall in love with some models – and make your wedding buying gift efforts easier!

4. Bridesmaids Printed Tote Bag

 bridesmaid printed tote bag

This standard-sized cotton tote bag can be a great start for any customization project. A simple version is to print the word “bridesmaid” on the bag. If you want to up your game, consider adding your friend’s name or the date of the party. Send us your request, and we will make it happen. We use water-based eco-friendly ink for our printing projects.

5. Cheap Natural Burlap Tote Bag for Bridesmaids

burlap tote bag for bridesmaids

If you are having a party or picnic outdoors, a tote bag made from 100% natural burlap fabric will be a perfect gift for your bridesmaids. This material is not only sustainable but very strong and durable. To further extend the tote's lifespan, we used reinforced stitching at stress points.

You probably know too well that the main problem with an outdoor event is the unpredictability of the weather. Therefore, it is best to be prepared for anything. Well, this tote for bridesmaids does just that. While the burlap is ready to bathe in sunlight, the laminated interior will keep belongings safe if it rains.

Another great selling point of burlap totes is that they are easy to clean. You do not have to worry too much about any earth or grass stains, as these will come out during the wash with the right cleaning products. You can even direct your bridesmaids toward our full maintenance guide for burlap items.

6. Colorful MINI Non Woven Tote Bag

colorful mini tote bags

These fun party bags will make for an unexpected bridesmaid gift, mainly because of their small size. While these might not be as practical as standard-sized totes, they are ideal for holding small gift items. Explore our rainbow selection and find the color that is the best match for your party theme.

7. DIY Easy Stenciled Farmhouse Tote Bag

easy stenciled farmhouse tote bag cover

This DIY project is ideal if you are planning a short getaway with your best friends to a farmhouse. Create a souvenir that will continue to remind them of the fun times you shared for many years to come. Before you get started, make sure that you have a large white tote bag and the right colors for the print. You can check out the complete guide here: DIY Easy Stenciled Farmhouse Tote Bag.

While this is a DIY project, the end result is quite polished. Your bridesmaids will be proud to wear this tote bag for other occasions as well. The rustic feel is nicely balanced out by the design and especially by the color combination. 

8. Budget Promotional Tote Bags for Bridesmaids

 Eco friendly non woven grocery shopping tote bag

This bridesmaids tote bag is cheap, yet it looks high-end, mainly because of the soft golden shimmer of the fabric. The bag is made from non-woven polypropylene, which is highly resilient and easy to clean. The material is also optimal for customization. Therefore, you can use the tote as a blank canvas for your printing projects.

The rich color of this tote makes it easy to match any season and theme. Also, your bridesmaids will not have to worry about finding a matching outfit. However, we also have other color options available if you are not a fan of gold.

9. Colorful Bachelorette Party Gift Bag

pink small gift bag

This colorful bachelorette gift bag will be a wonderful surprise for your best friends. Although the bag is available at an affordable price, the rich color makes it feel luxurious. While the size does not allow for a lot of items, the bag can nicely fit a smart selection of gift items. Also, rest assured that your essentials will have enough space.

10. Oversized Heart Tote Bag for Bridesmaids

DIY Oversized Heart Tote Bag

What better way to show your love for your friends than through an oversized heart tote bag? This striking tote is very easy to make, and it conveys a whole lot of emotion. All you need are just some basic art supplies and a plain bag. If you wish to further personalize it, consider adding each bridesmaid’s name, the date, or the location of the event.

11. Affordable Canvas Tote Bag

light pink book bag

This heavy canvas book tote is ideal for your bookworm bridesmaids. If you share a common passion for reading, offer them an item that further encourages this passion. Made from strong canvas, this bag is ready to carry a heavy stack of books. We have this product available in a wide selection of colors, including royal and red. So go ahead and pick your favorite. 

12. Affordable Small Burlap Bags

 Blue Small Jute Shopping Tote

This blue burlap bag is perfect for a seaside getaway. The deep blue mirrors the freshness and depth of the sea. It will be a great fit for any breezy outfit. Made from strong and durable burlap fabric, the tote bag can withstand heavy weights. Thick and soft handles ensure that you will carry your belongings in comfort.

What is more, a full bottom and side gusset hold the tote’s shape and additional support for heavy weights. Inner vinyl lining protects the exterior fabric from any spillage that might happen inside the bag. This is a truly practical and elegant tote bag for your bridesmaids.

13. DIY Holographic Heart Tote Bag

DIY Holographic Heart Tote Bag

This holographic heart tote bag oozes freshness and spring vibes. Surprise your bridesmaids with this fun and girly tote! The holographic effect of the print elevated the final product. Of course, you can opt for other color combinations as well, if pastels are not your thing. 

DIY projects are always a fun and cheap alternative for gifts. As long as you follow the steps outlined in the guide and purchase quality products, the end result should not disappoint. Make sure to set aside an afternoon (or a full day if you have more bridesmaids) and immerse yourself in this fun project.

14. Affordable Pink Tote Bag

cheap polyester tote bags pink

If you want to stay practical, simply go with a large-sized tote bag for your bridesmaids. Black or white is always a safe bet, as these can easily match any outfit. However, you can also opt for other neutral colors or go with something bold, like this hot pink.

15. DIY Reverse Tie-Dye Tote Bag with Bleach

DIY Reverse Tie Dye Tote Bag with Bleach

This is one of the easiest DIY projects that you can find. Tie-dying has recently come back as a leading fashion trend. This fun twist, however, uses bleach on a colorful fabric. For optimal results, make sure to purchase a tote bag with a deep, vibrant color. You can read the full guide on DIY Reverse Tie Dye Tote Bag with Bleach here.

Other Types of Purses or Tote Bags for Bridesmaids to Consider

“I have too many purses and bags!” said no woman ever. In other words, if you want to surprise your best girls and make them unforgettable gifts, here are some other types of purses and tote bags for bridesmaids to check:

Members of your wedding party will always appreciate receiving a tote bag. The selection of fabrics and colors means you can easily find a match for your wedding theme. You feel confident knowing you selected the best. As a memento of your special day, wedding tote bags are a gift that keeps on giving. Your friends can use them for groceries, shopping, and storage.

Tote bags are a popular and practical choice for everyone from the flower girl to the maid of honor. The tote bags for bridesmaids will bring smiles to their faces. Don’t forget the guys! You are sure to find the right item for the best man, ushers, and the ring bearer. Maybe some stylish duffle bags for them as well?

Depending on your budget, and the size of the wedding, consider selecting inexpensive tote bags as token gifts for all your guests. They will be surprised and delighted at receiving such a personal and practical item.


Tote bags for weddings – and especially tote bags for bridesmaids – make a memorable and useful gift. We offer quality, selection, and a range of sizes and prices that make it easy to find just the right bag and make it easy on your budget too.