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9 Winter Wedding Favor Ideas to Impress Your Guests

Priscilla Greene |

printed bag


Have you been dreaming of an enchanted winter wedding and your wish finally came true? There’s a reason why celebrities such as Kate Winslet, Sofia Vergara, or Benedict Cumberbatch chose this time of year to tie the knot. There’s just something irrevocably magical about it. Here are nine winter wedding favor ideas that will add the finishing touches on your special day.

Top 11 Winter Wedding Favor Ideas

1.     Personalized Coffee Brew

printed burlap pouch
Image Source: Pinterest

Winter and hot beverages go hand in hand, so why not treat your wedding guests to an assorted blend of coffee? Fill a medium-sized burlap pouch with your favorite variety, or create a personalized blend together with your future husband for added pizzazz.

Don’t worry if you’re not a coffee enthusiast. You can fill the burlap pouch with any other hot beverage you want, be it tea or hot cocoa. In the image above, the happy couple put a label with a fun and romantic message on the bag as well, which is definitely a nice touch. 

2.     A Basket of Cozy Blankets

cozy blankets in wicker basket
Image Source: Pinterest

Are you looking for an unconventional wedding favor this winter? Put some cozy blankets in a wicker basket and let your guests have their pick. You can either choose different patterns and colorways for them, or play it safe and get multiple items with the same design.

In this way, you won’t be the only one snuggling up to their better half during the colder months of the year. Your guests don’t even have to be committed to enjoy this parting gift. Warm blankets can be shared with pets too!

3.     Gingerbread Bride and Groom

ginger bread groom and bride
Image Source: Pinterest

Gingerbread is the quintessential winter treat. Besides being utterly delicious, its sweet and spicy flavor complements the cold outside. Surprise your loved ones with bride and groom (or bride and bride, or groom and groom) cookies for a wedding favor idea that is both cute and tasty.

Personalize them to emulate each other’s wedding attire with sugary icing, wrap them in charming baggies, and watch the wonder on your guests’ faces when they see them. Being unique has never been this scrumptious.

4.     Comfy and Elegant Gloves

elegant gloves
Image Source: Pinterest

Practical seasonally-appropriate wedding favors are bound to be a hit at any winter wedding. And what better way to prepare your party for the snowy months ahead than with a pair of comfy and elegant gloves?

Choose a sensible assortment of colors so that the gloves suit any tastes. You can go for classic black, white, and grey as pictured above, or choose a nuptial color palette of pale dusty pink, eggshell white, and beige. Don’t go for extravagant hues unless they match the theme of the event.

5.     Mulled Wine Spices

mulled wine spices
Image Source: Pinterest

Looking for more winter wedding favor ideas that involve hot beverages? Alcohol is always the answer. Place an assortment of mulled wine and cider spices in a mini burlap pouch with a descriptive label on top as pictured above.

You get bonus points for choosing a burgundy-colored bag to match the beverage. Even if some members of your party aren’t drinkers, they can still use the blend to mull other wintery beverages. Examples include fruit punch, apple juice, and grape juice.

6.     Pine Cone Fire Starters

pine cone in box
Image Source: Pinterest

Did you know that dry pinecones are excellent fire starters? Nothing compares to the crackling and warmth of a fireplace on Christmas Eve, or even after that for that matter. Provide your wedding party with their very own starter kit for this.

Choose an appropriately sized cardboard box, and place the dry pinecone inside it. Labels with endearing plays upon words are always a welcome touch. The example above cleverly used the phrases “flame of love” and “let love warm your hearts”, so maybe something along those lines?

7.     Pine Tree Saplings

pine tree saplings
Image Source: Pinterest

The holiday season isn’t only the season to be jolly, but a time to spread kindness and joy to the world as well. Provoke your guests to do a good dead this Christmas by offering them pine tree saplings as a wedding favor.

Wrap the sapling snugly in a large burlap pouch, and attach a note to it as well. The more endearing it is, the better. In this way, you can contribute to the wellbeing of the environment and make a difference on your special day.

8.     Festive Glazed Fruits

festive glazed fruits
Image Source: Pinterest

Wintertime is all about being festive, and what’s merrier than themed decorations? For a sugary spin on classic Christmas designs, try offering glazed fruit as a wedding favor.

The image above depicts strawberries coated in the traditional holiday colors of red and green, but you can have as much fun with the concept as you want. Snowflakes made of icing, edible glitter, or even intricate landscapes work like a charm. Using wintery fruits such as plums can also add a celebratory twist.

9.     Mason Jar Cocktails

mason jar cocktails
Image Source: Pinterest

Putting together mason jar cocktails is another one of those winter wedding favor ideas that include alcohol in the mix in a fun and festive way. Jack and Coke is a classic you can’t go wrong with, but why not put out various options so that your guests can have their pick?

Our favorites include Bailey’s Irish Cream and coffee, vodka and cranberry juice, gin and tonic, or bourbon and chocolate liqueur for those members of your party who aren’t faint of heart. 


Any of the nine winter wedding favor ideas presented above can be a delectably thematic way to surprise your guests with a unique parting gift. Depending on the aesthetic of the ceremony and venue, you need to choose a wedding favor that suits the particular leitmotif you are aiming for. Attention to detail is important in such situations, but you already know that.

So, what winter wedding favor will you choose for your special day?