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Fashionable Resort Wear: Tropical Beach Bags and Accessories

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Planning for a stay in a tropical paradise can be a challenge. You probably want to blend in and embrace the exotic style, but at the same time still stand out. One way to do that is through accessories. Bags are an essential piece that can make or break the final look. 

There are many ways a tote can incorporate a tropical atmosphere (through chromatics, fabric selection, print, or overall design). Our selection of bags will showcase the many facets of the tropical fashion landscape.

Resort wear is all about combining style and comfort. Natural fabrics float around the body to the warm breeze; while bright prints compete with the exotic flowers that surround you. A well-selected tropical beach bag can be the final touch to elevate your resort wear. Take a step away from what is expected, and adopt a more creative approach that might surprise yourself and others.

1. Hot Pink and Orange Zippered Tropical Beach Tote

pink orange tropical beach tote bag

This bright tropical beach bag comes in several flashy color combinations. What makes this item so precious is the simple design and rich colors. The handles and the inside of the bag are a different color than the exterior, creating an intriguing blend of colors. 

Orange and pink are a very summery combination that you can match with other shades of red and yellow for a radiant look. Since this is a blank tote bag, you can wear it with bold prints without creating an overwhelming look.

Our product is made from 1689 denier ballistic polyester. The fabric is known for its strength and durability. A zippered closure secures your belongings, making sure that these will not fall out easily. What is more, an interior pocket equipped with a hook and loop closure offers additional storage options and helps you distribute your items.

2. Flamingo Tropical Beach Bag

flamingo print tropical tote bag


A fresh beach bag with a flamingo print will add a welcome tropical splash to your outfit. The rather simple design is striking and visually appealing. The four pink flamingos are beautifully framed by ocean blue and white stripes.

The bag’s color scheme allows for a few styling options. If you wish to keep things simple, match it with a white breezy dress. You could also go for a monochrome outfit to let the bag shine. However, since the print is so clean and crisp, feel free to experiment with some printed textiles, as well. The tote should nicely match with cold blues, coral, and pink.

3. Jute Tote Bag With Colored Trim

natural jute tote bag

If you have already packed your travel bag full of colorful print outfits, consider adding a simple tote as well to balance out things. This natural burlap bag has a bright pink trim and handles. The design detail creates an intriguing frame for the bag, and it also adds a fresh pop of color. The light colors of the jute tote make it easy to match with virtually any outfit. 

Also, this simple tropical tote bag can be easily folded and will not take up a lot of space in your travel bag. Packing a travel bag can be an art form. It is not easy to do it efficiently. However, there are several hacks you can use to ease the process and save some precious space

4. Fruity Tropical Print Beach Bag

fruit print tropical beach tote bag


This colorful fun tropical beach tote bag can be a fun addition to your wardrobe. The round handles are a nice touch that elevates the product. While at a first glance this might look like a tricky piece to match with an outfit, that is not really the case. The secret is to look for garments in one of the colors featured in the print. Of course, you can always fall back on an all-white or black look.

5. Simple Jute Tote Bag

simple jute tote bag 

Made out of natural jute, this tote bag is an eco-friendly way to complete your tropical (or any) look. Jute is a strong natural fabric that is meant to last years of use. Once the bag has served its time, consider recycling it before sending the textile to the landfill. 

The clean chromatics of the bag (tan and white) offer it an elevated feel. You can easily wear it with virtually any outfit. If you want to spice things up a bit, go for colorful tropical prints. However, if you prefer minimalism, pair it with a natural light-colored dress. 

The only concern with this bag is keeping it clean. Since the brims are covered in white cotton, wear and dirt can easily show (especially if you set them on the ground). Therefore, try to put your tote on an empty chair next to you or hang it up if possible to keep it clean longer.

Nevertheless, when the time comes to clean your jute tropical beach bag, do so properly. As with any other item, look for a small tag attached inside, which might offer valuable maintenance tips. For a complete guide on cleaning burlap, follow up on our previous article. 

6. Colorful Abstract Tropical

 colorful abstract print tropical beach bag


This heavy tote bag features a stylized colorful print. Both the design and color combination make it a fun and playful piece. This is not what you would expect from a typical tropical beach bag, yet it works. The hot shades of pink, red, and orange are cooled down with ocean blue and a deep purple. Finally, some details in black and white add cohesiveness to the esthetics. 

7. Fresh Green Mesh Beach Tote Bag

green mesh tropical beach bag

This lightweight tropical beach bag is a perfect companion for your summer escape. The crisp green is an ode to nature and an exotic paradise. Our product also comes in hot pink and sky blue, if you prefer those bright shades. 

The tote is created from mesh, which makes it both durable and easy to clean. You can also easily fold it and take it with you anywhere you go. The spacious main compartment offers plenty of room to store your belongings. Also, additional pockets help to keep some items easily accessible.

8. Exotic Snake Print Large Tote Bag

snake print tropical tote bag


There are many classy interpretations of a tropical print. This is one of them. While this is actually an animal print tote bag, it does have a strong exotic feel. This is evoked by the exoticism of the animal depicted and also the chromatics.

The cool shades of greens and blues easily match up with a little black dress. However, you could also put a denim twist on your look. The bag is spacious enough to carry a fair amount of belongings. What is more, a closing mechanism will keep the contents safe.

9. Clockwork Orange Essential Tote Bag

orange tropical tote bag

This adorable orange tropical tote bag will brighten up the mood wherever you take it. The intense color is certainly an eye-catcher and will make you stand out at the resort. If orange is not your color, check out all the other shades we offer for this item.

Made from polyester, the bag is resilient and easy to wash. Besides the spacious interior, there are two more large pockets to store goods. While the black handles allow you to comfortably carry the tote in your hand or on your shoulder.

10. Decorated Ocean Blue Beach Bag

ocean blue decorated tote bag


This fresh white and blue knitted beach bag is highly sophisticated. Beyond the color combination and the delicate play with shades of blue, the mixed decoration technique adds refinement. The surface is decorated with embroidery, pearly beads, and seashells. While it might sound like a lot of elements, the final design is cohesive. However, consider toning down your outfit selection. Try opting for something natural and breezy.

11. Large Customized Beach Tote Bag With a Palm Tree

tropical beach bag with palm tree print

This is a great example of a simple yet striking design for a tropical beach tote bag. The black ink on the neutral-colored fabric lets the design shine. Feel free to send us your interpretation of a tropical image or logo, and we will be happy to print or embroider it on your order. You can learn more about our customization service here. 

There is ample space for beach towels, sunscreen, a book, and all the essentials you might need for a fun day at the beach. However, you can easily take the bag with you anywhere you go.

Enter the Tropical Paradise

Explore the different corners of a tropical fashion paradise and go beyond the expected. This diverse collection of beach tote bags offers the wearer many colorful options to bring their vision to life. Whether you prefer a minimalist look and natural fabrics, or bold and colorful prints, there is a tote that fits your esthetic. 

Whenever you are packing for your resort escape, consider laying out your complete outfit selection. Then see which of your tropical beach bags go with which piece. It always helps to have at least one basic tote with you. While this is not a show stopper by itself, it does suit a wide range of outfits. Also, if paired with the right outfit, you can have a show-stopping look.