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Discover This Year's Spring Fashion Color Palette

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There is no better way to celebrate the herald of rebirth, than through color. The Pantone Color Institute has announced the primary colors for spring/summer 2021 and a fresh take on the core classics. This year’s spring fashion colors vibrate with positivity. They can be a muse to anyone interested in fashion, arts, or design. 

What makes this palette stand out is that the colors overcome seasonal boundaries. For example, autumn rust is also mixed in with the breezy hues. The chromatic scheme incorporates a generous selection of shades with a creative flair. This encourages more freedom of expression and gives the power to bend chromatics to our disjointed lifestyle. 

We would like to use this as an opportunity to guide you through a colorful selection of our products. We will also discuss how to match these vibrant spring colors to create a chromatically cohesive outfit.

This Year's Spring Color Palette

1. Marigold (PANTONE 14-1050)


The first entry to the spring fashion color palette is this golden orange charged with yellow, inspired by the Marigold flower. This warm tone carries with it the promise of the summer to come. You can confidently pair it with other nature inspired colors, like a crisp deep green. If you are more adventurous, try out a bold combination with raspberry pink.

Our orange small tote bag can be used by kids and adults alike. The bright tint will ensure that it will stand out as a gift bag or a promotional product. There is a generous space available for printing your favorite logo or design.

2. Cerulean (PANTONE 15-4020)




This light shade of blue mirrors a clear sky on a sunny day. In fact, the name of the color derives from the Latin word for sky/heavens, “caeruleum.” While the Latin word for sky blue was “caeruleus.” The hue bears with it the endless opportunities of a clear horizon.

We came close to capturing the serene cerulean with our Carolina Blue polyester drawstring bag. This bag, like all our other products, was designed with our client in mind. We know that a drawstring may not offer the best accessibility, which is why we added a front pocket with a zipper. 

The quality material and reinforced corners ensure the item’s longevity. One of the best advantages of a drawstring is that it is very easy to clean. This quality makes it ideal for any outdoor activity, including going to the gym and the beach. For a fresh take on a spring look, wear your cerulean bag with apple green. It might be an unexpected combination, but their neighboring position on the color wheel makes them mix well. 

3. Rust (PANTONE 18-1248)




This earthy rust brings a splash of autumn nostalgia into the spring fashion color palette. Trapped somewhere between orange and brown, the shade echoes iron oxide. To obtain a clean and edgy look, pair it with an all-white outfit. Our Texas Orange canvas drawstring bag cinch is a simple accessory that makes a strong statement. However, it will not overpower your outfit in the process.

4. Illuminating (PANTONE 13-0647)


Illuminating and ultimate gray share the spotlight as the color of the year. This vibrant hew is infused with solar power and evokes hope for a sunny summer. For a striking spring fashion color palette, wear it with its pair, ultimate gray. This yellow drawstring backpack brings a fresh pop of color to any outfit. It is ideal for any outdoor activity. Just throw it over your shoulder, and you are ready for a new adventure. 

5. French Blue (PANTONE 18-4140)


This smoky blue is a fresh and classic tint that mirrors a clear deep sky. For a stylish look, try pairing it with the ever-popular millennial pink. This sublime combination incorporates the essence of spring fashion and is sure to turn heads as you walk down the street. Our 100% Cotton Solid Light Blue Color Bandana can serve as a very stylish fashion accessory. You can tie it around your neck for a more elegant look or around your head if you prefer street style.

6. Green Ash (PANTONE 13-0117)


A medium-light shade of green that evokes fresh spring air. To complement this color consider pairing it with lavender or bright Fuchsia. These playful combinations will make for a fun look. This small canvas tote bag is not as mentholated as green ash, but we believe that it successfully incorporates its power. Due to its size and design, our product is ideal for promotional use. However, it can also serve a wide range of other purposes, like a book bag.

7. Burnt Coral (PANTONE 16-1529)


A combination of orange and pink, burnt coral is rooted in the orange family. Warmer shades match up nicely with a cool turquoise or tiffany blue, a combination that creates a fresh aquamarine feel. This light pink sports drawstring backpack evokes a burnt color sensation, but it is cooler than burnt coral and has a higher saturation of pink.

8. Mint (PANTONE 16-5938)


This crisp deep shade of green carries with it the alluring scent of nature. A cheerful hue that inspires creativity and life is certainly fit to be a harbinger of the season. There are many ways you can wear mint in style. For an extra fresh look, pair it with white. However, if you love color, lavender and royal blue are a safe bet.

Our Kelly Green reusable grocery bag delivers high quality at an affordable price. The Non-Woven Polyester fabric ensures durability and easy cleaning. You can rely on this tote to serve your shopping needs for a very long time.

9. Amethyst Orchid (PANTONE 17-3628)


The finest red and purple create this dazzling amethyst orchid with a strong floral vibe. This highly adaptable shade can elevate olive and add additional depth to hunter green. When matching it with teal or light yellows, keep other design elements minimalistic to avoid overpowering the bright color combination.

Our eco-friendly mini tote bags are created from durable fabric and are sure to last. The delicate white detail on the margins makes it ideal for a sophisticated wedding favor gift bag. However, you can use it just as well for any other type of event. We have plenty of colors for you to choose the one that best fits your intentions.

10. Raspberry Sorbet (PANTONE 18-2043)


A delicious pink hue that makes your mouth water. A raspberry sorbet bag is sure to liven up any outfit you are sporting. To make this saturated color the focal point of your look, go for metallic shades. Of course, white or black are also safe choices.  

This tropical pink shopping tote bag is a must have spring fashion item. It provides an eco-friendly alternative for plastic bags. Also, it is spacious and sturdy enough to hold a heavy load. The beautiful texture of the cotton canvas and its bright color make it ideal for a fun day out.

This Year’s Spring Core Classics

1. Inkwell (PANTONE 19-4016)


This blackened blue color provides a comforting background for the spring fashion palette. Being so close to black, you can safely combine inkwell with any bright shade. However, if you want a high-end look, match it with natural wood colors and add a peek of white. 

Our round duffel bag offers generous space for storage and easy maneuverability. Beyond the main compartment, there are additional pockets that help organize your belongings. While zippers ensure that the content is kept safe. The rich color and texture give the bag a somewhat luxurious feel. However, it is available at an affordable price. 

2. Ultimate Gray (PANTONE 17-5104)


Selected as the color of the year, alongside illuminating, ultimate gray offers a solid foundation for any outfit. The intensity of the color creates a quiet undertone to complete the more vibrant hues. Ultimate gray has an intrinsic high-end quality to it.

We invite you to discover our gray flat zipper pouch made from recycled canvas, perfect for storing your makeup or other small items. The reinforced stress points make it resistant to tear and ready to be used for a long time. 

 3. Buttercream (PANTONE 11-0110)


This creamy off-white is a great start for an easy and effortless outfit. It represents purity and softness, so it mixes well with other natural colors like rust or mint. Our reusable jute blend tote bag has a seamless display of neutral colors. This makes it a practical and elegant spring fashion accessory to any outfit. 

The large size offers enough space to store anything and everything an on the-go woman might need. You can wear the tote over your shoulder, thanks to the length of the soft rope handle. Built from reusable jute blend fabric and reinforced with stitching at the stress point, this bag will withstand years of wear.

4. Desert Mist (PANTONE 14-1127)


Reminiscent of a soft sandy beach, desert mist whispers promises of freedom. This elevated mix of brown and orange has a gentle and protective touch. The color blends well with deep browns and reds, including maroon and burgundy. If you combine it with white or off-white shades, you will achieve a clean and sophisticated look.

This simple and stylish burlap beach tote bag comes very close to desert mist. It is a stylish and useful accessory for many occasions. You can take it with you when shopping, to the beach or even work. We have made the tote water-resistant by laminating the interior with a clear coating of PVC. This year's spring fashion is all about optimism and nature. What better way to connect these concepts than through an eco-friendly tote?

5. Willow (PANTONE 16-0632)


Willow is a graceful shade of green that pulls your outfit closer to nature. You can pair it with different shades of purple or stay within a neutral color palette for a more refined look. However, if you prefer a more gentle yet colorful combination, go for warm shades of pink.

Our single bottle jute wine bag puts an elegant spin on rustic. This drawstring bag is a perfect eco-friendly wrap for any wine. The durable material keeps the precious bottle safe. Plus, you can reuse the bag many times and recycle it. If you are looking for inspiration for wedding decoration, gift ideas, or giveaway products, the jute wine bag can be the answer.

Ready for Spring?

This year’s spring fashion color palette stuns with a great diversity of tones and nuances. Surprisingly, the changing winds of fashion blew in autumn leaves into the fresh and breezy palette. For this reason, rust is one of the highlights of Pantone’s selection of spring colors. We were grateful to offer you a colorful peek into a selection of our products, hoping that you found your new go-to bag.