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40+ Retirement Gift Ideas for Awesome Coworkers

Priscilla Greene |

Is your favorite coworker retiring and you'd like to make their transition to the retiree life a bit smoother than usual? Get them one (or more) of the items on our list of the best retirement gift ideas. 

Also, you can make the gift giving experience even more memorable by personalizing the said gift with a funny or heartwarming message for the retiree. Because just wishing them 'Happy Retirement!' sometimes feels that is not enough. 

1. Ego-Boosting Premium Scotch Glass

This premium scotch glass comes with a permanent imprint of a message that best describes the retiree, “The Legend Has Retired [Year]”. Unlike similar whiskey/scotch glasses, this one comes with an imprint of the year of the retirement which makes it extra valuable.

This high-quality scotch glass is a perfect retirement gift that men will love.

2. New Status Apron 

This apron is made of quality thick fabric and comes in a large size, which makes it perfect for men (even larger ones). It is a thoughtful but funny gift for a man who likes to cook on the grill or simply enjoys cooking. Some women may enjoy this too (depending on the family’s dynamic.)

3. Retirement Humor T-Shirt (Men's)

The saying on this T-shirt is hilarious especially if you are the retiree. It makes a great retirement gift that will surely come with plenty of compliments. Some retirees love it so much that they have been spotted wearing it all the time.

Tell them to rock this T-shirt in a public place on Sundays when nearly everyone else has to go to work the next day. Giggles will ensue.

4. Retirement Party Survival Hat

The Retirement Party Survival Hat is a fun gag gift your retiree will surely wear throughout the entire event. The hat also makes it easy for guests to easily spot the retiree in a large crowd.

5. Wine Bottle + Wine Stickers + Hilarious Wine Bag

Pair a wine bottle, a funny retirement wine label, and a personalized wine bag and you'll have a big hit at the retirement party. The labels can be found online, the bottle of wine is up to you where you get it from, while the wine bag is supplied by us (check out our full offer of wine bags) with or without the message (learn more about our bag customization service here.)

6. Retirement Coffee Mug

Help your retiree keep an eye on their busy schedule post retirement. This coffee mug is the perfect prop.

7. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

For the fine liquor drinker, this whiskey stones gift set makes the perfect retirement gift while on their way out. The set includes the glasses, chilling stone cubes, a velvet bag for the cubes, and a stylish gift box - everything a whiskey drinker needs to unwind in gran style.

8. 'O'Fishally Retired' T-Shirt 

This one is for the fishing enthusiast in the workplace who plans to retire. The recipient will surely be all smiles when he'll see this. We cannot say the same thing about the fish.

 9. Smart Watch  

A smart watch is a great retirement gift idea if your retiree has a minimal knack for technology. A smartwatch enables him or her to have instant access to info on their heart rate, quality of sleep, calorie intake, daily steps, and more.

To make this retirement gift extra special, toss the smart watch into one of our gift bags, with a personal text on it. (Check our whole selection here.)


10.  Travel Duffel Bag

Now that they're retired, your gift recipient has more time to travel. Get a rolling duffel bag for traveling, though, such as the budget friendly rolling duffel above, as retirement almost always comes with weak joints. 

For more inexpensive rolling duffel bags, check out our full offer here.

11. Monthly Subscription Box 

For a really thoughtful retirement gift, a monthly subscription box is both a sign of (former) employee appreciation as well as an amazing parting gift. For him, there are monthly subscription boxes containing gear to take up a new hobby, random collections of goods, craft beer and artisan food samples, travel-size grooming kits, and more.

For her, the options are limitless, from handmade jewelry and home products to skincare, cosmetics and home decor props.

12. Expensive Bottle of Champagne/Wine

If you want to make the retiree feel really special and appreciated, a >$100 bottle of champagne or wine will do the trick. In the case of wine, the older the drink is the pricier it gets. Your budget is the limit.

13. Smart Thermostat

Without a solid 401 (k), every dollar on your retiree's heating bill counts. Get him or her a smart thermostat and they'll love you forever. A quality thermostat can help save up to 25% on energy. Make dad thermostat jokes obsolete with this gizmo.

14. Lightweight Backpack

You can buy this backpack on TBF


You can't go wrong with a stylish and lightweight backpack, like the Cool Cyber Backpack above. And if your gift recipient doesn't like it, he or she can easily donate it to their grandchildren.

15. Sous Vide Precision Cooker 

Sous vide cooking is all the rage now because food cooked with this French cooking technique is more flavorful and healthier that the food prepared using the traditional methods.

With sous vide, the food will require little to no salt and fats, which is great for your retiree's arteries and heart health. 

16. E-Reader or New Phone

If the retiree is a bookworm, get him or her a nice e-reader (retirement comes with plenty of time to read). E-paper in e-readers mimics real paper and is much gentler on the eyes than a smartphone's screen. Plus, the battery lasts forever.

Also, a new phone would be a great retirement gift idea, unless the retiree already has a fancy phone that he or she holds dear.

17. Luxury Plush Robe

Because very few things scream luxury and 'I have plenty of free time on my hands' than a luxury bathrobe. To take it up a notch and make it extra thoughtful, you can embroider the first letters of the gift recipient's first and last name on the robe.

Check out our embroidery service here.

18. Monogrammed Canvas Duffel

You can get the Weekender Washed Out Canvas Duffel on TBF 

A classic canvas duffel is a very versatile bag. It can be used as a heavy duty gym bag, a sports and recreation bag, and a travel bag. To make it extra special, add the retiree's monogram in a visible spot.

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19. Luxury SPA Gift Box

A luxury SPA gift box will be a big hit with any female retiree. Get something pricier than a regular SPA gift box and which contains everything your recipient will need for a SPA day at home.

20. Waxed Canvas Apron

The waxed canvas apron is a classic gift for a man as it offers plenty of storage room for all his tools (look for a product with plenty of pockets and loops) and a genuine level of protection while fixing/ building things in his shop. This retirement gift too can be personalized.

21. Grill Tool Set


A grill tool set is the perfect gift for that retiree with a deep love for grilling but who likes to keep all his BBQ utensils clean and organized. Look for a set that has all the tools and a few extras, such as a thermometer and a meat injector.

22. Robot Vacuum Cleaner


The best vacuum cleaner for a retiree is a robot vac even thought they may not even know it. As they get older, vacuuming the entire home gets increasingly harder and labor intensive. A robot vac can be programmed to clean the house, needs no human input, and is easy to clean and very fun to watch.

23. Personalized Canvas Tote

One cannot have too many reusable shopping bags, and a personalized or fun tote for the retirement party will surely be a hit with almost any female retiree. A tote is both practical and stylish. Check out our selection of canvas totes. The sky is the limit when it comes to personalizing a tote.


24. Happy Retirement Wine Tumbler


 A wine tumbler will keep her wine chilled long time. Look for a product that's double walled, has impressive accessories like a steel straw, and comes with a witty/ fun message about retirement.

25. Fun New Experience

Material things might not be so appealing to all retirees. Some may enjoy a fun new experience instead. So, buy them tickets to a fancy concert or give them a gift card for a SPA treatment or gourmet restaurant. Even a company-sponsored short trip with their significant other would make a retirement gift they will cherish forever.

26. Funny Field Guide to Retirement

Look for fun but no-nonsense literature on how to make the transition to the new life stage as smooth as possible. Most new retirees are shocked when they realize that they no longer can use work as an excuse to escape themselves, which can lead to serious episodes of depression and self-worth questioning.

A good book on retirement will help them be better prepared for whatever post-retirement life throws at them.

27. Personalized Cutlery

Stamp the date of the retirement and the retiree's name on a piece of quality cutlery for a retirement gift to remember.

28. Beach Tote Bag 

The Tri-Color Deluxe Ziper Beach Tote is available on TBF

Equip your parting co-worker with a stylish beach tote she can use when lounging on the beach while the rest of you are doing back-breaking work in the office. Add a cute or fun message to the tote so that she can remember you all (and feel sorry for you) while she's having the time of her life.

29. Happy Camper Pen Holder

If the retiree is not a seaside enthusiast maybe a happy camper pen holder that they can build themselves (it is a shame to let all that free time go to waste when you're retired). This pen holder will be a constant reminder of why camping is so great for the soul - and maybe convince the retiree to try some.

30. Retirement Throw Blanket

A cozy throw blanket with funny messages such as 'I Like to Party and by Party I Mean Take Naps" or "Retirement's Where Every Day Is Saturday" make a great retirement gift that will make the transition to a life of undisturbed naps a lot smoother.

31. Cosmetic Bag (for Her)

This is for that one co-worker who is also a a bit of a makeup fanatic. The Multi-pocket Hanging Cosmetic Bag will help her keep her skincare and beauty products neat and organize and enable her to take her necessities along when traveling. She'll love you always for it.


32. Oversized Utility Bag (for Him)

The Large Utility Bag is the men's equivalent of the cosmetic bag. It can fit anything a man will need while on the go and keeps things extra organized. You can also personalize this bag to make it an even nicer retirement gift.

33. Retirement Wood Sign

Offer your favorite coworker a permanent memento of their new status with a quality wood sign. They and their loved ones will love it and get plenty of smiles by just looking at it.

34. Oven Mitts and Pot Holders

A 'Happy Retirement' set of quality oven mitts and pot holders is also a great way to remind your favorite retiree that he or she is a free man or woman now.

35. Hydration Fanny Pack

A hydration fanny pack like our Dual Squeeze Hydration Pack (pictured above) makes a thoughtful gift for a retiree if he's an avid hiker. With this gift, you'll make sure that he'll always stay properly hydrated while on the trail.

36. Amazon Gift Card

If you have no idea what gift the retiree might like or he or she is one of those persons who has everything, an Amazon gift card is a great way of making sure that they'll get something they truly like or need.

37. Neck and Foot Massager 

A neck and foot massaging device is a perfect gift for a person that has no real responsibilities in their life, such as a retiree. This device will keep you glued to it for hours on end and keep your stiff neck and tired feet extremely happy.

38. Beer Making Kit

This one is for that retiree that has an unusual love for everything beer. With this kit, he or she will be able to make their all-time favorite brew from scratch and appreciate even more.

39. DIY Paint by Number Kit

This retirement gift idea is best for the retiree with an artistic side or the retiree looking for a truly relaxing hobby. However, a DIY painting kit is a great gift for everyone in need of art's healing power. All those years in customer service have certainly taken a heavy toll on your retiree's mental health after all.

40. Personalized Cutting Board

Now your favorite retiree has an insanely amount of free time on their hand to spend as they like. If they're into cooking, a quality cutting board with their name on it will make a great parting gift.

Look for something special with a unique grain pattern and premium finishing. You can even add a bottle of revitalizing cutting board oil for an extra thoughtful retirement gift.

41. Coffee/Tea Bag Sampler Gift Box

A coffee or tea bag sampler will make the perfect gift for retiree that really loves their coffee or tea. Add a funny silicone tea diffuser to the mix if the gift box contains only loose leaf tea samples, toss everything in one of ToteBagFactory's insanely cute gift bags, and you're all set. 


If the retiree has a good sense of humor maybe an white elephant-style gift is a better retirement gift for them. Check out our 40+ White Elephant Gift Ideas to Win the Company's Title post for extra inspiration.