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20+ Housewarming Gift Ideas for Perfect Guests

Priscilla Greene |

Moving into one's very first home is a major milestone in one's life. So, what better way to celebrate it than with the best wishes and a thoughtful but practical housewarming gift.

Here's a list of the best housewarming gift ideas that won't break the bank, are either fun, aesthetically pleasing, or practical, and they will make you the perfect guest to the housewarming party.

+20 Housewarming Gift Ideas Your Host Will Love (and Actually Use)


1. Tree Seedling in Burlap Bag


Instead of buying a traditional house plant, you can offer your host a set of DIY tree seedlings in natural burlap bags. You can adorn the bags with a housewarming message and an invitation to plant the trees to best mark the event and help save the planet.

Think about it, if the seedling makes it, your gift recipient will have a tree in their garden or backyard that is as old as their now new home.

For this eco-friendly housewarming gift idea, we recommend using some of our reusable mini gift bags such as this Large Burlap Favor Gift Pouch.

2. Succulents

Another great alternative to the traditional house plant is a nice bundle of succulents. Look for healthy plants and a pack that contains a variety of them for your host not to get bored easily.

Succulents are great props for the office as well, and they can quietly sit on the kitchen windowsill not asking much from their keeper, except for watering them any now and then. They’re very low maintenance plants but with great impact.

And as a big bonus, cacti lower or tend to absorb cancer-causing electromagnetic energy from electric devices and kitchen appliances. So, it is a good idea that your host places some of them near their personal computer and TV set, too.

3. Box of DIY Scented Sachets

A box of scented sachets made by you is a thoughtful gift that the host will love. Use our set of top-selling Natural Cotton Drawstring Pouches (pictured above) and fill the pouches to the brim with scented dry flowers. We recommend lavender as a top pick since it is a natural moth repellent.

4. Housewarming Kitchen Towels

You cannot have too many kitchen towels in a new home. For a housewarming gift, get a set of durable but highly absorbent towels with fun messages and graphics printed on them.

5. Impressive Knife/ Knife Set

Get your host something special like a pricey Santoku knife or a cute set of regular kitchen knives. Look for something of at least medium quality and which has a gift box. Nice accessories like a natural cloth, sharpening stone, and a quality sheath are also a big plus.

6. Cleaning House Slippers


A pair of house slippers that double as mop cleaning dusters is a win-win in a new home. They’ll keep your gift recipient’s feet warm while keeping the house clean. And they’re especially great for homes with plenty of wood floors and tile.

7. Bottle of Wine in Fun Wine Bag

Dress up the traditional bottle of wine that guests usually bring to a housewarming party by tossing it in a personalized wine bag. Pick one of our natural cotton or canvas wine bags, print a special message to it and make a gift to remember.

If the wine is not too expensive, you can give it a personal touch by adding a housewarming sticker onto it (you can find the stickers online)

8. Retro Wooden Sign

A cute wooden sign celebrating the coziness and safety of one’s own home is a nice addition to any new home. Look for something hand painted and with quality finishes.

 9. Handy Toolbox Set

A quality toolbox set is a nice housewarming gift idea because one never knows when a 1/8” - bit driver is needed. If the gift recipient is a woman, there are toolboxes in pink color just for them.

10. Funny Apron Set


For a couple moving into a new home, a hilarious apron set that reaffirms the family dynamic is maybe the best thing they’ll get as a housewarming gift.

11. Personalized Cutting Board

A quality wooden cutting board with the gift recipient’s name on it is a nice addition to any new home’s kitchen.

12. The Housewarming Tote 

Instead of the housewarming basket, a tote can double as a sturdy and eco-friendlier container to all those new home essentials you plan to give. Just make sure that the tote is personalized with a nice print/ graphic marking the event.

Also, the items you plan to stuff the tote with should come with notes containing cute housewarming messages, such as a homemade bread accompanied by the blessing “So that this house may never know hunger” or a bottle of wine alongside a note saying “That joy and prosperity may reign forever.”

💡 Check out our full selection of canvas tote bags for this project, and if you want the toe personalized,  know that our team can help you out with its personalization as the Tote Bag Factory has a customization service as well (check it out here).

 13. Rustic Throw Pillow Covers


A set of simple but stylish throw pillow covers make a great housewarming gift. Look something that adds a much-needed blob of color to your host’s living room, rather than something very sophisticated.

14. Funny Housewarming Mug

A coffee mug with a witty housewarming message on it is a great and funny reminder of a major milestone: buying one’s very first home. Put the mug into one of our gift bags, and you have a thoughtful gift your host will cherish long time.

15. Wine Tumbler Set

A wine tumbler is a very versatile container as it can keep coffee hot, wine chilled, and even ice cream rock solid. Get your host a set of wine tumblers so all her or his family can enjoy these beauties.

16. Cheese Plate Board

An extra large cheese plate board with all the fancy utensils to properly enjoy your cheese and other appetizers is something your host likely doesn't have, but they'll enjoy using.

17. Travel Bag

 A stylish travel bag that can double as a gym bag, such as our Deluxe Duffel Bag (pictured above), will likely be a great hit with your host or their spouse.

18. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

 Who doesn't need a breakfast sandwich maker for perfectly aligned sandwiches early in the morning? Get a device with a dual function so that all the family can enjoy a perfectly cooked warm breakfast sandwich!

19. Personalized Toiletry Bag for Him and for Her

Take a look at the toiletry bags and cute wash bags in our offer, pick two of them (one for him and one for her), and customize them with either their names or a fun print or design.  Here's more details on our bag customization service.

20. Sous Vide Precision Cooker 

Sous Vide is a popular French cooking technique that leads to healthier and more flavorful food as ingredients prepped with a sous vide precision cooker need less salt and fats to cook than they would with traditional cooking methods. Every family should own this gizmo.

 21. Burlap Tote Packed with the Essentials

Fill a stylish burlap tote with all the essentials a family in  a new home would need, such as a throw blanket, fancy toiletries, the traditional homemade bread or cookies, a bottle of wine or a hip spirits flask, etc. Personalize the tote with a nice screen-printed housewarming message. Check out our selection of natural burlap/jute totes here.

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