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Market Insights Announce Positive Tote Bags Sales Predictions for the Next Decade

Ally Nelson |

According to a recent market research study, tote bag sales are expected to surge worldwide over the forecast period 2019-2025 and by 2029, the market size is expected to further inflate over the forecast period. The growing popularity of reusable shopping bags is mainly tied to women’s growing interest in them and the overall population’s increasing environmental awareness worldwide.

The Findings

Researchers also found that the tote bag market will boom thanks to the wide availability of tote bags in recent years and their ever-decreasing prices. As a result, tote bags are no longer a fashion accessory accessible only to the well-off.

But the main highlight of the study is that an increasing number of people are ditching single use plastic bags for the reusable tote. Researchers pinpoint that growing environmental awareness is the top factor behind the rapid growth estimated for the tote bag industry globally over the next decade.

Rapid growths in tote bag sales are expected to occur across the entire North America, Europe, Japan, and China. Some of the market players that continue to have a solid contribution to this positive market trend include fashion giants Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Michael Kors and popular bag manufacturers and retailers BAGGU, TUMI, and Western Textile. The recent research has focused primarily on cotton tote bags and leather tote bags.

For all the spicy details, you can purchase the full report here.

Market Insights

The survey’s findings are in line with recent industry forecasts about the growing popularity of the humble tote bag. More and more women have come to realize that a quality tote bag with a message that says something about them is far more of a fashion statement than a several-thousand-dollar designer bag. And tote bags are insanely cheaper too.


Canvas tote bags are not only cheaper than a pricey status handbag. They can also carry just as much stuff as their super pricey counterparts, and some more. Beside the high-impact message about the user’s persona and interests, they’re also fit for a casual style and an on-the-go lifestyle. (Click here for a dozen more reasons to switch to canvas shopping bags ASAP.)

That’s why so many women have grown to love totes and own multiple versions for as many occasions, and high-end designers have jumped on the bandwagon, especially with their own leather totes and heavy canvas totes.

However, women’s changing fashion taste is not the only driving factor behind the expected surge in tote bag sales worldwide. Growing environmental awareness is the leading factor.

A tote bag doesn’t produce as much waste as a plastic bag. Plus, a tote bag can be recycled, upcycled, and composted which means that it won’t be lying around for dozens or hundreds of years to come, as some plastic shopping bags unfortunately do. Not to mention the ever-growing issue of ocean plastic pollution.

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What’s more, tote bags can be washed, ironed, and they’re good to go, unlike their plastic counterparts that lose points in the visual department lightning fast with each use. So, unless wearers don’t start to hoard them, tote bags are better for the environment in the (very) long run than single use shopping bags.


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