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20+ Gifts for Booklovers to Make Their Day

Priscilla Greene |


The Japanese have a word for letting books pile up in one’s home without getting to read (any of) them – “tsundoku.” So, giving a bookworm another book as a gift seems simply counterproductive. Instead think about gifting things that make their reading hobby a bit more enjoyable or easier to pursue. We have rounded up a list of the best gifts for book lovers that will be a great hit with any type of reading enthusiast.


1. Bookworm’s Mug



Let all your co-workers know that you have a slight addiction to books but you are on the path to recovery, or so it seems. This cute cup makes an especially great gift for bookaholics, teachers, librarians, and everyone with a burning passion for reading and grammar. Toss this mug in our Mini Rustic Favor Burlap Tote Bag with Clear Window for an extra special gift.

2. Diversion Book Safe 



What better way for your bookworm to hide his or her valuables and/or personal firearm than a stylish book safe. There are countless of diversion book safes out there made out of real paper that can trick everyone into believing that they are real books. This item is a thoughtful gift, especially if your recipient lives around curious roommates, small children, or potential thieves.

3. Bookish Tote



One cannot have too many totes especially if the tote bags come with messages designed to warm up the heart of a genuine book lover. Messages like 'I am Booked for the Weekend," "A Book a Day Keeps Reality Away," or "Bookmarks are for Quitters" make funny and unforgettable messages on a book lover's reusable shopping bags.

If you want to print your original message on a tote pick one of our high quality totes and ask our team of dedicated professionals to screen print it for you. Your favorite bookworm is surely going to appreciate the extra effort.

4. E-reader



If you think it is time for your gift recipient to fix its tsundoku propensity or at least hide it in plain sight, get them an e-book reader. Such device is friendlier on the eyes than a LCD screen, has no glare problems when used it in bight light, and the battery lasts forever. A good e-reader is an investment, but if your bookworm doesn't have one, it is well worth it.

5. Book Nerd's T-Shirt



Tell everyone just how anti-social or book aficionado you are via a book nerd T-shirt. Your recipient might find other bookworms in their perimeter and start a book club.  

6. Bed Reading Light



Get a reading light for your book lover and their spouse or roommate will be eternally grateful. Look for a reading light that is slim, can be easily attached to to the back cover, it has multiple light settings, and has a warm light option. And a big plus would be USB charging, but that would be too perfect.

7. Audiobook Subscription



If your gift recipient likes audio-books more than their paperback counterparts, get them an audiobook subscription. There are various audiobook services out there, with Audible,, Audible, and Downpour being some of the best. If you're into supporting small businesses pick, but if you want an almost unlimited collection of audio titles, get Amazon's Audible. Downpour shines bright with its audiobook rental service. 

8. Bookish Socks 



A pair of bookish socks is always a great hit with a bookworm. Messages like "So many books, so little time" or "Yes, I Really Do Need All These Books" will surely bring a smile to your favorite book lover's face.

9. Bibliophile's Ceramic Vase



A stylish ceramic vase especially designed for avid readers is another great gift for book lovers that does not only look superb but it is also extremely practical. The vase can double as a pen holder, so it is a safe gift to give especially if you don't know whether your recipient is into flowers.

10. Literary Scarf



What better way to show off how cultured you are with a literary scarf sporting passages from your favorite literary work? Literary scarves can be a stylish but practical gift to any female book lover in your life.

11. Literary Jewelry



Another great gift for female bookworms is nice piece of literary jewelry, and if you manage to find a theme that the recipient is really into, they'll love you forever.

12. Bookaholic's Throw Pillow Case & Book Bag 



Another gift that emphasizes the gift recipient's unwavering passion for books and reading is a throw pillow case (set) with an appropriate message, tossed in one of our heavy canvas book bags with a personal message on it.

13. Stylish Bookmark & Eco-Friendly Gift Bag



Add this incredibly stylish handmade bookmark to an eco-friendly jute gift bag for the ultimate thoughtful gift for a book enthusiast.  

14. Literature-Themed Whiskey Glasses



For those gift recipients that appreciate both a glass of quality malt and a good read, these literature-themed whiskey glasses will hit close to home. We were especially super impressed with the Alice in Wonderland whiskey glass set, which we believe looks better in reality than in the picture.

15. 100 Books Scratch Off Poster



A scratch off bucket list poster is another unique gift for a book lover. They can scratch off a mystery book as soon as they finish one and get new ideas for the next one. The poster can be framed so they have it in their sight all the time.

16. The Literary Pouch



Add a funny or inspiring message to one of our quality canvas or cotton pouches and you have a gift to remember.

17. Adjustable Books Holder



This adjustable wooden book stand has been a big hit with avid readers since day one as it really does what it says – it holds a book in place so you don't have too as you might need that pair of hand for other activities. It is a great prop in a kitchen as it can be used to support cookbooks and keep them away from greasy or wet hands. 

18. Fancy Bookends



These fancy bookends are not only adorable but they are also practical. The tiny fake books can act as tiny storage room for your whatnots, while the rest of the bookend does n admirable job at keeping your books on a shelf in one place. 

 19. Personal Library Kit



This one is for that friend that lends and lends their personal books but rarely gets to see them back. The library kit comes with a real date stamp and ink pad, self-sticking pockets, and handful old school library cards. This set will help your recipient keep up with all the volumes they lend out.


20. Bibliophile’s Scented Travel Tin Candle



This tin comes with a scented literary candle with two wicks. There are countless of writers to choose from - Lev Tolstoy, Jane Austen, Edgar Allan Poe to name just a few and just as many scents. The candle burns up almost completely, which is very rare for a scented candle, and the tin can be reused. If you want something floral go for the female writers, if you want something musky, pick one of the males.

21. Reading Journal 



 A reading journal is a great prop for your bookworm to keep track of all those good books he or she is reading. A good reading journal comes with room for teh book's title, author, publisher and genre, enough space for a summary of the book and a section where you can rate the book. As a bonus, you might get a list of suggested reads and a table of contents. A reading journal is a must-have for any seasoned book lover.


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