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Recycling Reusable Shopping Bags

Priscilla Greene |

Not so long ago, we had a conversation regarding the influence that numerous reusable shopping bags have on the surrounding environment, with an emphasis on the afterlife of such bags. Even if plastic shopping bags are destined to wind up in landfills and seas, we can reuse and recycle them so that they have a longer life even after the point where there is no turning back. This is something that we mentioned back then. Because we value consistency, today we are going to have a conversation about various ideas and methods for recycling reusable shopping bags in ways that are both enjoyable and unique.

1. Style up Your Canvas Tote Bag

You probably put a lot of wear and tear on a tote bag made of canvas or cotton. It is possible that it now has some stains or spots on it, that it looks a bit rough around the edges, or that its print has started to fade. You can give it a fresh look and make it into an entirely different kind of casual bag as an alternative to throwing it away. You will find several different suggestions in this article for sprucing up your existing canvas bags, finding new uses for them, and transforming them into genuine works of art., which also consider the environmental impact of the products.

If the tote bag is still capable of carrying a load but has lost its attractive appearance, you may patch it up, cover it with a variety of different embellishments, and wear it as a day tote bag with the exact style and flair you give it.

2. Use them for Dressing Storage

repurposed tote bag


If you have a number of tote bags that you do not use any longer, rather than throwing them away, you may put your clothes in them and use them as boxes.

  •   If you have products that are only needed at certain times of the year and need to keep them out of the way when they are not in use, put them in canvas tote bags and store them on the upper shelves of your closet or dressing room.
  •   Because they take up significantly less room than boxes do, canvas tote bags are a fantastic storage option. In addition, the material is permeable, which ensures that the garments stored inside will receive adequate air circulation to maintain their pleasant aroma.
  •   To make the tote bags into smaller sacks, you can remove the handles, although this is a step that we do not recommend you take. Keep the handles so that it will be easy to pull the bags down from the upper shelf. For example, you may use your tote bags to keep winter socks and beanies, as well as other personal items like scarves and gloves, so that they are protected while they are being stored for the season. In addition, you may use a tote bag to store the toys your children have as well as your knitting supplies and yarn inside of your cupboards.

    3. Use them for Storing Food

    Even though you used your tote bags for grocery shopping, there is no rule that says you can't put them to use again at home for keeping food. You can start recycling your reusable shopping bags by turning them into food storage items. The method you choose to do this will depend on the size of your bags.


    • For example, you can reuse a mesh tote bag to store fruits and vegetables on your kitchen counter, just like you can find mesh bags of fruits and vegetables in the supermarket; • You can also reuse mini cotton tote bags to store dry products, such as pasta, rice, beans, seeds, and nuts in your pantry; • You can use a large burlap tote bag that you no longer use as a rustic fruit and vegetable container on your kitchen countertop to have fresh fruit at your fingertips; • You can use

      4. Style Up Your Planters

      If you have a green thumb and enjoy taking care of houseplants, there's no reason you shouldn't try refreshing the look of your planters to give your rooms (and plants) a facelift. If you have some colored cotton tote bags laying around that are waiting to be recycled, you can use them to dress up your planters by cutting off the handles of the bags and using just the bags themselves.

      If you have square burlap bags that you do not want to throw away and you need to style larger planters or planters that come in unique forms, you may give a rustic flavor to your indoor garden by using those square burlap bags.

      5. Turn Tote Bags into Pillowcases


      Totes that have been printed on and embellished are magnificent, but it is reasonable to suppose that you will not use them for the rest of your life. It would be a shame for you to throw away any speciality tote bags, like wedding bags for example, because they have a touch of sentimentality and sweetness to them, and some of these bags are nostalgic.

      It's simple to convert your old tote bags into pillowcases to use again:

      • Carefully cut off the handles;
      • If you want the pillows to be permanent, place a pillow inside the tote bag, and then use a needle and thread to sew the margins;
      • If you want a pillowcase that can be removed and washed as needed, use buttons and loops.

      This procedure is effective for any printed or personalized tote bags that you no longer use and no longer intend to use. They can be the tote bags that your bridesmaids carried or some other totes that you have lying about from your wedding. In a similar vein, you can repurpose tote bags that have your initials monogrammed on them or tote bags that you have personalized by adding your name, a humorous message, or a darling design that you do not want to get rid of.

      6. Turn a Used Tote Bag in a Child’s Kitchen Apron

      This super adorable do-it-yourself project is perfect for both you and your young child to work on together. A tailoring job for a kitchen apron might benefit greatly from the use of a cotton tote bag in the gigantic size. To embellish an apron, you will need a pair of scissors, some thread, a needle, and perhaps even some scraps of colored cloth in a variety of colors. To divide the tote bag into its two sides, that is all that is required of you.

      • Use one side of the apron, together with its handle, to construct the front side of the apron; cut it and sew hems so that it appears to be a genuine apron for your little child;
      • If the handle of the other side of the tote bag is too short to use as the belt for the apron, sew another type of belt onto the sides of the apron.
      • Cut off the handle of the other side of the tote bag to form the belt for the apron. It is possible to make use of two thin straps of cloth, a drawstring, or even recycled leather straps from an old leather belt or handbag handle.
      • You now have a piece of canvas, which might be either rectangular or square. You should consider reusing it to create a bandana or a chef's hat for the child.


      7. Cloth-saver for the devouring washing machines

      One problem with many washing machines is that they almost devour your small-size clothes, especially socks. These small pieces can easily squeeze into different parts of the machine or hide among your other larger clothes. In either case, you have trouble finding the matching pieces or an underwear. Besies, particularly bras may wear or their underwiring may dispatch during the washing. In order to prevent such minor problems, you may turn a reusable shopping bag into a cloth-sack by simply pursing the mouth up. With an additional rope or just using the hangers for the same purporse, you can tie up the purse and ensure that no piece of cloth would fly out. This practical use of the shopping tote bags will prove its benefits when you do your washing in a laundry, where your clothes may easily mignle with other people’s clothes.  


        Recycling reusable shopping bags is simple, easy, and enjoying for the foremost. You might want to take into consideration tote bags made of cotton and canvas, burlap bags that you no longer use, mesh bags, or even nonwoven bags. They are an excellent choice for use as potting soil sacks for your garden or balcony. Adding a zipper to a more compact reusable shopping bag makes it possible to convert it into a travel necessity. This is another option.

        We thought it might be helpful to walk you through the six distinct ways that your tote bag can be recycled into something new. Have you ever given an old shopping bag a second life by upcycling or recycling it? What other suggestions do you have for us to consider?