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How To Wear Men's Fanny Packs in Style: An Easy Fashion Guide

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Fanny packs are a wildly useful, comfortable, and fashionable accessory that can be proudly worn by anyone. Although it might be traditionally associated with women, men continue to prove that this is a truly unisex item. Whether you strap it around your waist, across your chest, over clothes, or hide it between layers, the belt bag offers quick and easy access to your essentials. 

Ways To Wear Fanny Packs for Men

There are many fashionable ways to wear a fanny pack. Feel free to switch things up until you find what is most comfortable for you or deem the most visually appealing. One of the best features of the belt bag is versatility, as it offers users so much flexibility in wearing it for a wide range of occasions. A simple gesture like turning the bag to the side or behind will put a whole new spin on the look.

Around Your Waist



The classic way to wear a men’s fanny pack is around the waist. You can fix the band around your pants' waist, just like you would with a normal belt. If this is not comfortable, or if the outfit does not allow it, you can simply buckle it up over the fabric. Based on personal preference, you can keep the bag right in front or slightly turned to the side (like in the photo above).

Around Your Waist Over the Clothes and Turned Back



If you wear the belt bag around your waist, it is recommended to wear it over the clothes if the strap is thicker. However, this often boils down to personal preference. For some, it is too much of a bother to set up the men’s fanny pack like a belt. Simply buckling up over clothes makes it easier to put it on and take it off. Furthermore, it gives you more freedom in turning the bag around. You could start the day with the zippered part at the side but then simply turn it backwards when you no longer need immediate access to your belongings. 

Across Your Chest



This is a more modern version of wearing the belt bag. If styled accordingly, it can give off strong masculine vibes. Another added benefit is comfort and security. You continue to have easy access to your belongings stored inside. Also, as the bag stays within reach, it is protected from any tentative theft. 

One of the best things about this option is how easy it is to put it on. All you need to do is throw it over a shoulder and slide the pack to the front. Depending on your preference, you can move the bag higher (closer to your neck area) or lower (towards the stomach). 

Across the Back



As long as you wear the fanny pack across the chest, you might as well reverse it and have the bag at your back. While this is still a fashionable way to wear the accessory, it may not be the safest option, especially in crowded areas. However, you can solve this issue by wearing an oversized jacket over the bag.

Layered-Look With a Covered Fanny Pack



This is another example of wearing a men's fanny pack across the chest. Unlike in the previous look, the bag is slid lower and is thus closer to the hand. Also, what makes this look stand out is the layering. 

Wearing a jacket over the belt bag is not only fashionable but protective as well. If you close up the zipper, your belongings will be extra safe and concealed under the jacket. While you might have to wait until autumn to experiment with layering, it is a fashionable style worthy of attention.

Layered-Look With a Fanny Pack Over the Jacket



A combination between some of the styles previously mentioned. Once the colder seasons come and you start dressing in layers, you have a few extra options to wear men’s fanny pack. One of the decisions you will have to make is about wearing it under or over the coat. 

There are a couple of advantages to wearing it over the coat. To begin with, you have easier access to all your belongings. Furthermore, the fanny pack can shine as a fashion accessory. For a cohesive look, you can match it with your boots and/or hat. Finally, having the bag under the coat is comfortable only as long as it stays open. As soon as you close your jacket, the pack will turn into an uncomfortable and awkward-looking lump.

Stylish Men’s Fanny Packs

Fanny packs have taken over the streets over the past years. Men and women continue to opt for this practical and stylish accessory. There is an ample supply of products you can browse through and explore until you find the one (ones) that best match your personal style.

Casual Monochrome Look



Monochrome looks are highly fashionable now. Gray, in particular, offers a surprisingly colorful array of styling options. You basically have a free hand to play with nuances and textures with a minimum risk of failure. The men’s fanny pack offers you an extra opportunity to stay in the gray zone or break free, if that is what you prefer. Opting for black or white will break up your monochrome feel but still keep the final look elegant.

Sporty Monochrome Look



Staying within the realm of gray, a monochrome style is a surefire way to make sportswear edgy. If you wish to take a more creative approach, consider opting for a solid colored men’s fanny pack. Check out our vibrant selection of products and choose your favorite color. 

Office Chic With a Pop of Color



This smart office look spices up a basic yet elegant outfit with a vibrant yellow bag worn across the shoulder. The accessory is actually a hybrid between a mini man bag and a manny pack. While this might not sound super masculine, the styling leads to a strong finish. The best thing about this is that the look is easy to recreate, and you probably already have all the items you need.

Start with a pair of simple and comfortable jeans. Look for something a bit baggy that nicely hugs your waist area. Pick out a dark-colored turtleneck and a black elegant suit jacket. These simple and dark items will provide the perfect backdrop for a bright men’s fanny pack. Make sure that your shoes and belt are also neutral and blend in seamlessly with the rest of your clothes.

Minimalist Style in Neutral Natural Hues



If you prefer more natural tones, you can create an intriguing outfit by playing around with tones of brown and beige. The secret is to have one item with a strong color; this will become the focal point. In the photo above, the shirt is deep tan, and it is the first thing that we notice. However, you can opt to direct the attention to the pants, shoes, hat, or fanny pack by choosing a stronger color for them.

Black and White Look



Creating an outfit strictly with black and white will lead to a striking result. If you dress in all-black but wear a white belt bag, this will become the centerpiece of your wardrobe as it will naturally draw the attention of onlookers. You can create the negative version of the look, as well, by opting for an all-white outfit with a black bag. 

Pastel-Colored Outfit With a Leather Fanny Pack for Men



You can easily pair a neutral-colored small-sized men’s fanny pack with a pastel-colored outfit. What is striking in this look is the cohesiveness of an idea across all fashion items. The breezy light green shirt with a leaf print is completed by striped pants made from a natural fabric. Finally, the accessories tie in harmoniously, staying within a natural color palette. 

Create an Androgynous Look



There is a wide range of fanny packs for men available on the market, so feel free to browse around and make a few bold choices. This shiny and colorful reflective bag is certainly one such bold choice for those who dare step outside the standard social representation of masculinity. Experiment with color and textures by creating an androgynous look that tests the boundaries of gender aesthetics. In the photo above, the holographic theme of the belt bag is continued with the jacket and the collar. Finally, it is all cooled off with a more basic pair of pants.

Another creative way to style a holographic fanny pack is to take a glam rock route. You can use the lower part of this outfit as a starting point for the look. The black pants and chains around the waist are pretty rock and roll. For a safer approach, keep the black color theme going or add a few deep dark colors. This can be a great opportunity to experiment with texture and accessories (like feathers). For more ideas on anything glam rock-related, feel free to turn to singer and artist Adam Lambert.

Army Print Fanny Pack for Men



Army print is pretty easy to match with most outfits. However, styling details might change based on the specific characteristics of the print. For example, the fanny pack featured in this look has a bright lime green undertone. The light neutral-colored T-shirt and pants create a fresh backdrop that perfectly complements and highlights the bag.

Final Thoughts

Men’s fanny pack can become a fashion statement piece if styled accordingly. Nevertheless, it is always a useful accessory in which you can store your belongings and have easy access to them. Take this guide as inspiration and build your own creative looks around your favorite tote bag.