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Cute Purple Tote Bags for Daily Use

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Once an almost exclusively royal color, purple still holds on to its noble feel, but it is now accessible to the masses. A cute purple tote bag can be a magical detail that elevates your look and adds a splash of color. However, for the magic to occur, there are a couple of steps to follow. A harmonious color combination is key. Depending on the shade of purple you wear and the vibe you are going for, consider combining it with olives, blues, or solar yellow and orange. 

Purple Magic



The color purple lies at the intersection of blue and red. Based on the quantity of each primary color, purple can appear under many magical variations, like amethyst or violet. In fact, Amethyst Orchid was one of this year’s spring colors chosen by the Pantone Institute. The shade was chosen for its strong floral vibe that embraces the essence of nature’s rebirth.

Part of the reason that makes purple so magical is that it harmoniously combines the opposing characteristics of the primary colors that make it. Blue is associated with calmness, while red triggers our attention. This intriguing combination draws the viewer in and might even give rise to some conflicting feelings. It is also interesting to note that while lighter shades are associated with femininity, darker ones traditionally link to masculinity. 

The color has long been associated with nobility and spirituality. This connection goes back all the way to antiquity. Rulers of the greatest empires - including Rome and Byzantium - regularly dressed in deep purple shades. Some even forbid the lower classes to wear the color, which was reserved exclusively for the higher-ups. 

There is a logical explanation behind the purple craze. It all boils down to supply and demand. The color was very rare and difficult to obtain from natural dyes. The dye trade was rooted for centuries in Tyre, a Phoenician city, today found on the territory of Lebanon. The nuance produced there was known as Tyrian purple, and it had a higher concentration of red than blue. It was extracted from a species of sea snail living in the region. The extraction and processing of the dye were extremely complex and meticulous. You can read more about this here.

Naturally, under these circumstances clothes that were dyed purple were not only rare but very expensive. All of these qualities made royals covet cloth that emanated power and wealth. The allure of purple lingers across centuries as fashion designers and consumers alike continue to be drawn to it. However, what was once almost exclusively royal property, has now become available to the masses. 

How To Wear Purple



There is no one way to wear purple in fashion but many. While some general guidelines can help create a striking and harmonious outfit around this magical color, details can vary based on the particular shade you choose. The following colors are a pretty safe bet:

  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Yellow

Which of these is more fitting depends on the shades of each and also on personal preference. However, you can also opt for a monochrome look and combine different hues of purple to create a dazzling effect. Feel free to experiment with different combinations until you find the magical pairing.

Cute Purple Tote Bags

A purple bag can be a striking piece of fashion accessory if styled correctly. This can be that vibrant pop of color to liven up a dull outfit. Also, the color still carries the association with sophistication and lux, so it can be a smart way to elevate a street-style outfit. If you wish to tone down the sophistication, look for a purple bag that has a more simple and rugged design. Your styling options are limitless...

Mini Purple Gift Tote Bag


This mini purple gift tote bag is a perfect way to offer a present to someone. However, it can just as well be worn as a fashionable accessory to a matching outfit. The rich color makes it stand out and can add a fresh pop of color to your look. While the small size (6" x 6" with 4 1/2" handles) might not encourage you to take along a lot of belongings, it does make for a fashionable look, especially since small bags are back in style.  

Economical Cotton Purple Tote Bag 


If you are an eco-conscious consumer, this electric purple tote bag (15"W x 16"H x 3"D) is the perfect accessory for you. Made out of 100% cotton and strategically reinforced at stress points, this bag offers the highest quality at the lowest price. What makes this product truly unique is its versatility. The tote can be easily worn anywhere, and you will be noticed by your peers as the deep color will draw attention to your presence. Whether you go shopping, to school, work, or just for a stroll, throwing this purple bag over your shoulder will help you stand out in any crowd.

Sport Cotton Purple Drawstring Bag


If you prefer a lighter touch of purple, check out our lavender drawstring backpack. This medium-sized bag (14"W x 18"H) is made from strong cotton that will make it last for many wears. We recommend this item for promotional purposes, but of course, it also makes for a reliable and fashionable everyday bag. The drawstring closure will ensure that your belongings are kept safe.

As festival season is already here, having a cool and comfy backpack like this will make you stand out in the crowd. The lighter lavender shade is not only feminine but also extremely fresh as it emanates an invigorating floral scent. You can easily pair it with other pastel colors. For an extra crisp look, consider an all-white outfit, or play around with shades of green.

Jumbo Size Heavy Canvas Deluxe Purple Tote Bag


Our jumbo-sized (22"W x 16"H x 6"D) two-tone tote bag has a striking combination of off-white and electric purple. The deep purple covers the bottom part of the bag and runs up across the sides, covering the handles as well. 

The generous storage space it provides makes it an ideal choice for shopping or going to the beach. We have added an interior zipped pocket to offer you more options in ordering your belongings. That is the perfect space to place your more valuable items or the products to which you need easier access. 

Two-Tone Canvas Sport Drawstring Bag


This two-tone drawstring backpack comes in many colors, including a vibrant purple. The large imprint area can be filled with a creative design of your choice. All you have to do is click the “With Logo” button and send us an image that appeals to you. We offer several different customization options

  • Screen print
  • Digital print
  • Embroidery

Being made out of heavy canvas material, the bag has the perfect backdrop for print or embroidery. This way you can put a personal spin on the item. Also, it can further expand your styling options.

Heavy Canvas Tri-Color Purple Tote Bag


This tote bag (15"W x 15"H x 3"D) is a perfect example of mixing different shades of purple. We used a heavy canvas material in three different colors to create this sturdy color-blocked piece. The two shades of purple at opposite ends are split by a patch of white. The deep, dark purple covers the bottom of the bag (this also helps with hiding stains and dirt better), while the top is dipped in lavender.

Whenever you are wearing a bag with two or more colors, you need to be extra careful when matching it to an outfit. For the safe route, keep it simple with neutral colors, like white or beige. However, if you love color, let your mindset guide you. If you wish to accentuate the floral tones, go with greens; or with blues if you wish to emanate the freedom of a summer horizon. This purple tote bag also gives a great starting point for a monochrome look. You can further incorporate shades of purple in your clothes to create a mesmerizing effect.

Zippered Large Purple Tote Bag


This practical and versatile purple tote bag (18"W x 14"H) is a reliable companion for virtually any occasion. We used non-woven polypropylene to make this bag both light and sturdy. A zippered closure will keep your belongings from falling out. This tote is great for transporting documents, books, or even groceries. 

Start Wearing Purple

Embrace the royal and mystical notes of purple and start wearing more purple this summer. A colorful tote bag - even if it is a plain one - can become a striking fashion accessory if styled correctly. Depending on the shade of purple you choose and your mindset, you can create visually stunning looks by combining it with olive, blues, or vibrant orange and yellow.