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Have a Stylish Winter Holiday: Top 5 Best Tote Bags for Travel

Priscilla Greene |

Whether you plan a city break during the winter holidays or a trip to your family’s house for Christmas, you know you have to take a comfortable travel bag with you. You need a bag allowing you to travel light but without you miss anything for your holiday. Even if you take a rolling bag for the plane, you still need a carry-on bag that looks stylish anywhere you go. It should match your personal style, and work as a purse, to boot. You need a bag that finds its way into airplanes, buses or trains and offers easy access when you keep it on the passenger’s seat of your car. In other words, today we will present you with our top 5 best tote bags for travel for the winter holidays!

1. Large Improved Polyester Tote Bag

This exquisite improved polyester tote bag is the perfect choice for women who love to pack lightly, get in the car, and go on an adventure. You can pick such a tote in the color that suits your fancy. Pack anything you need for a weekend’s trip or a city break without worrying about wear, tear, or weather.

Polyester is the perfect winter fabric, as it resists well against the elements. Moreover, this tote bag is sturdy, becoming the most reliable traveling partner. With its large main compartment and the small interior side pockets, this stylish purse becomes one of the best tote bags for travel.

If you want to look trendy this year, check out our guide on the most fashionable winter bags to carry for work, travel, or leisure! Don’t forget to pick one in a trendy vivid color to make you stand out from the crowd wherever you go. A solid colored tote bag works great if you choose to wear white in winter and make a stunning impression with your choice of contrasts.

Moreover, if you choose polyester as the primary tote bag material keep in mind that you could also get a sublimation tote bag you can decorate via sublimation printing with an image of your liking.

2. Polyester Beach Tote Bag with Zipper

Do you know what the perfect destination is for a winter holiday together with your loved one, your friends, or your family? An exotic resort where you can enjoy the beach, sun, blue warm swimming waters, and a fancy cocktail. If you are the type of person enjoying summer when everyone else welcomes December’s snow with open arms, this polyester zippered tote bag is a perfect choice this year.

The bag works wonders as a travel bag through and through, as you can take it in the airplane with no problems. Moreover, once you are at the destination, the bag becomes multifunctional: it can serve you like a beach bag, like a purse for city walks and discoveries, and it can even become the entire family’s go to goodie or shopping bag while on vacation.

Beach bags are versatile and you can wear them in the city, on casual outings, even at work. If you care to learn more about the best beach bags to wear on all occasions, check out this guide right here! As you probably know, most summer bags also make excellent fall/winter totes and carryall purses, so don’t hold back! Get a colorful, oversized, flashy summer bag and make sure you make a long-lasting impression with your fashion tastes while you enjoy the functionality and efficiency of these bags to the max!

Polyester is a resilient material, but it does not mean it never gets dirty. In case you want to wear such a bag for years (and we recommend you do, for sustainability purposes), then you need to know a few things about its maintenance. Even if you spend your winter holidays in an exotic, rain-and-mud-free destination, it does not mean dust, grime, and the occasional stains do not threaten your new bag.

For this reason, we invite you to read our guide on washing polyester accessories to make sure your bag looks neat and brand new at all times!

3. The Large Digi Camo Poly Tote Bag with Zipper

Do you remember we focused on camo prints quite a lot this year? We did it for all the good reasons! Camo tote bags are all the rage right now, as this particular type of print made its way on runways and fashion shows. You can mix and match camo prints with anything, really, and wear the pattern like a rock star!

Moreover, a large the camo poly tote bag with zipper is going to make you stand out of the crowd for a great number of reasons. First, the digital camo print replaced the traditional one, marking the tastes of the young generation – the digitally savvy one with an urban fashion sense and a no-nonsense attitude.

Secondly, this bag, in particular, is perfect for your winter travels. It matches any outfit and it accommodates all your belongings, no matter how short or long a trip you plan. The side pocket gives you full access to your airplane ticket, passport, keys, phone, etc., while the main compartment is large enough to carry your holiday gear. Unpack it at the hotel or your family’s home and wear it as a purse downtown, you will look smashing!

In case you need more than one bag for your trip this season, we suggest you accompany your tote bag with an assorted digital camo print backpack. Its padded shoulder straps help you carry a lot of weight with ease, while the spacious main compartment and the zippered front pocket allow you for easy storage and access when it comes to your belongings, travel papers, and gadgets.

4. Heavy Canvas Zippered Tote Bag

If you prefer the eco-friendly side of the best tote bags for travel this winter, you can pick up your heavy canvas zippered tote bag and board the plane towards a sunny destination. The bag features a handy zippered side pocket to keep your plane tickets and passport, accessories, keys, and other belongings you need to reach quickly.

Nevertheless, the large and generous main zippered compartment takes the cake. It can accommodate a city break’s worth of clothing and accessories, while the front pocket is ideal for your wallet, phone, and travel leaflets while you are at your destination.

Wear the bag as a weekender or airplane handbag and as a purse while you discover a new warm city or resort. You can also pick your favorite color combination matching your personal style. One of the best tote bags for travel, this one is versatile, elegant, and extremely practical.

You may feel that canvas is not a wise option in winter because the lousy weather can ruin it and cause damage to the items inside it. In this case, we have a couple of alternatives for you:

5. Fashion Jute Best Tote Bags for Travel

When you want to make an elegant appearance head to toe, no matter where you travel this winter, this large fashion jute tote bag is the way to go.

Jute is the epitome of sustainability, as natural fabrics go, so you can display more than your personal style – you can make a powerful statement on ethical fashion. As a travel bag, this particular one comes with a handful of advantages. It is a heavy-duty two-colored burlap bag blending in the best of both jute and cotton. In other words, the bags gives an edge to both fabrics, thus becoming a staple of sturdiness, durability, and smooth touching.

However, when we travel and pick a holiday bag, we want comfort, versatility, and space. Don’t you worry – this bag has them all. The main compartment is incredibly spacious, accommodating all your belongings. Granted, its design makes it less preferable for plane flights, but it compensates by being the most elegant travel bag for the car, bus, or train rides.

While at the destination, you can wear it as an exquisite purse or handbag, especially if you prefer being in a warm place in winter. As a matter of fact, you can get your inspiration from our guide on how to wear summer tote bags!

The downside of a jute bag is that it is vulnerable to rain, snow, stains, and water in general. In case the weather has a negative impact on your jute bag, check out this tutorial on how to clean and wash burlap items so you can preserve it in perfect shape for the duration of your trip.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to picking the best tote bags for travel, you need to consider your means of transport and your destination. If it is still winter where you go, the best choice is probably a polyester large tote bag, able to keep its grounds in the face of wet weather conditions.

On the other hand, if your choice of destination is a dry climate or even an exotic summery place, you can rely on your canvas bags and jute tote bags.

Make sure that you pick sturdy bags, with strong handles and reinforcements. Moreover, for plane flights (trains and cars as well), it is better to opt for a zippered tote bag with pockets, just to make sure everything is safe and you have easy access to the crucial items you need while traveling.

A vacation usually includes sightseeing, event participation, and more. In case you are going to another state or abroad to see a concert or be part of a festival or a Christmas market, make sure you also pack a clear bag. It will come in handy on stadiums or arenas, in airports as well, and in many places where the clear bag policy is in place for safety reasons. Pack a cross-body medium-sized clear stadium bag just to be sure. In case you travel abroad, save some space by packing your cosmetics and toiletries inside it so you don’t have to carry an extra travel kit in your luggage.

Apart from these recommendations, we can only wish you stylish and happy trips with any of our best tote bags for travel this winter! If you are considering gifts for travelers, keep these bags in mind, as many of them make perfect solutions.

Before you go, we encourage you to tell us what bag types and models you use to travel in style. Do you have any favorites? Let us know in the comment section below!