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How to Wear Camo Prints in 2018 Like a Star

Priscilla Greene |

text on camo bag

Camo prints might never go out of style. Therefore, camouflage clothes never get old; they become classics. The shades of green are so delightfully matched in camo prints that they can turn a casual look around and make it spectacular. Whenever you feel confused about your look, turn to the wardrobe and pick up a camouflage item. In this article, we will show you how to wear camo prints in 2018 and look like a movie star.

1.    Walk the Streets in Stylish Steps

outfit with white pants, red top, and camo tote bag

Going to a garden party, lunch out with friends or a casual Friday at the office? This look makes a summer day seem bright but stylish. The outfit has a slight party vibe given by the shoes which are completed by the large causal pants. You will need:

  • A basic cherry tank top that completes the pallet of colors created by the camo print.
  • White long and large pants with a touch of glam given by a textile ribbon.
  • Polyester camo tote bag with a zipper that makes sure every piece of its contents stays in place and does not fall. The size of the tote bag gracefully covers the ribbon on one side, adding a smart touch to the look.
  • Stiletto shoes to keep your look going and give you enough confidence to manage that demanding meeting or rock the party.

2.    Bring Back College Days during Cold Days

outfit with black dress and camo tote bag

If your style is versatile enough to allow you to play with ideas and memories, then we recommend an edgier outfit that will emphasize your personality. This look puts together the playfulness of college days with your casual need to feel stylish. The outfit is suitable for daily meetings and lunches, a trip to the gym or a party evening with friends. Moreover, the wool items bring back sunshine to a rainy day while keeping you warm.

  • Long short black wool dress to feel comfortable during chilly evenings, and autumn days. The simple design of the dress makes it the perfect partner for a colorful camo print.
  • Lightweight white moccasins that help you stay active and manage a working day’s tasks. Such shoes allow your foot pores to breathe and maintain balance.
  • Camouflage patterned tote bag is the item that completes the school-casual look by being both practical and attention-grabbing. The backpack can be worn even if you travel by car or public transport, as you almost do not feel it.

3.    Feel the Retro Glam in a Skirt

outfit with shirt, pencil skirt, and camo tote bag

If you work in a company that requires a smart-casual look, then you have come to the right place. However, you might get bored sometimes of the same old clothes you have already worn. To prevent that, you can add a retro sparkle to your everyday outfits by choosing the right items and accessories.

  • Brown top suit for an autumn or winter office day. The uniform-styled top looks coherent next to the camo print bag.
  • A vintage long-sleeved woman shirt looks spectacular with a top suit, as it sets up the look for the shades of green.
  • Cotton pencil skirts make your body look elegant and feminine. The business-style knee length skirt should fit both autumn and winter.
  • The military-style tote bag helps you complete the tones of your look and shine whenever you enter the office.
  • Fabric ankle boots with metallic high heels details are comfortable to wear even if your job requires much standing up. The fabric stretches on the leg to create a natural effect.

4.    Cross the Line with Matching Accessories

outfit with boyfriend jeans, orange sweater and camo drawstring backpack

Have you noticed how glamorous Kim Kardashian or Rihanna look whenever they outline a casual-sport look? You can get the same effect whenever you make an impressive mix of items that either match or complete each other. Wear the outfit while traveling, during family weekends and when heading to the gym.

  • An orange simple sports blouse is the attention-grabbing item that makes people look at you, and then at the clothes, you wear. Meanwhile, you stay active and comfortable.
  • Boyfriend jeans sparkle next to the basic blouse as they come with subtle changes of color and texture.
  • Sunglasses are the accessories you need to protect your eyes from sun exposure and match your camo print bag.
  • The camo drawstring backpack is practical whenever you need to get ready for work. Additional tip: if you only feel like grabbing an apple, feel free to keep your cosmetic products there for proper storage.
  • A pair of woman ankle boots matches the sports look you are achieving. They are suitable for chilly days and evenings.

5.    Say Yes to the Dress and the Camo

outfit with sport dress and camo backpack

Looking for a glam look when you need to attend an informal event, go to date or even work? The dress makes a feminine look, while the camo turns the style into an urban one. The matching details upgrade your look to a stylish level.

  • The long dark blue dress is simple, but charming thanks to its shape and slender waistline. The skirt is made on a pencil line to provide you with an overall slim look.
  • A pair of fantasy-styled shoes with a print that matches both the dress and the camo bag. Alternatively, you can wear them with jeans.
  • The camo large backpack comes with an adjustable strap that allows you to set up the necessary space. You can store your laptop for work or just go for a book shopping session while feeling fabulous.
  • This Camouflage necklace is the accessory you need to keep it simple for the dress. However, you can also wear the necklace whenever wearing the camo bag, to make you look smart and stylish.

Final Thoughts

These ideas should teach you how to wear camo prints in 2018 like a star and forget about the army-look stereotype. Why opt for a white T-shirt and camo pants to match the bag, when you have so many options to choose from? Get creative and challenge your wardrobe by wearing these fantastic camo prints and clothes!