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Best Gym Bags to Get this Year from Our Collection

Lidia Bertesteanu |

Even if this year wasn't kind to our fitness and wellness plans, it doesn't mean we have to forget about our gym memberships. With the encouraging news we all have heard, it is time to get back on track with our sports programs and prepare. One of the best ways to do so is to consider a new gym bag to love. Today, we will present you with some of the best gym bags in our collection and inspire you to get one of the best sellers we currently provide to our clients!

1. Improved Contrast Small Duffel Bag

This 600-denier polyester gym duffel bag is the perfect choice if you live a busy life and you need to carry around your sports apparel from work to the gym in the trunk of your car or using public transportation. The improved contrast small bag features an adjustable shoulder strap for comfort and side pockets so you can store your items safely yet having easy access to them. With an excellent price and enthusiast customers' reviews, this unisex bag will become your faithful companion to the gym, spa, pool, etc.

2. Eco-Friendly Recycled Duffel Bag

Next on our list of best gym bags to get this year for your next year's fitness program is an eco-friendly recycled duffel bag. Made of 100% post-consumer recycled PET fabric, this bag answers many of your questions regarding becoming more sustainable at home and in everyday life. Moreover, it also makes an excellent gift for fitness lovers who also want to protect the environment and walk the greener path when it comes to consumers' products.

The bag features a large side pocket and a top double zippered main compartment that will fit all your workout needs. Given its size and volume, it can act smoothly as a multi-purpose weekender if you need to travel for business or pleasure.  

3. 600D 20" Polyester Duffle Bag with Heavy Vinyl Backing

Another best seller on our list and one of the best gym bags to consider for workouts and travels is the 600D 20" polyester duffle bag with vinyl backing. The heavy vinyl backing is there for support, comfort, and durability. The bag is spacious enough to allow you to pack your sports outfit and some extra gear. For this reason, it also doubles as a great travel bag for short trips, city-breaks, and more. Coming in a variety of colors and featuring durable seams, this bag will be your gym buddy for years to come.

It would be best if you did not forget that polyester is a resilient material that you can maintain in perfect shape with only a few tips. Here is our guide on washing polyester items, whether they are duffel bags, gym bags, tech backpacks, or sublimation tote bags!

4. Polyester Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment

We have mentioned this bag before in our complete guide on finding the best gym bag, what to pack in it, and what gym bag models are best for your fitness needs.

This polyester gym bag with zippered pockets and shoe compartment is a dream came true for all workout professionals and enthusiasts. It would help if you did not miss this handy duffle bag allowing you to pack a gym outfit, sports gear, sports shoes, or post-workout clothes individually in a dedicated compartment. It also makes an excellent weekender or business/personal travel bag if you need to carry a spare pair of shoes (for a family reunion, wedding, business meeting, conference, etc.).

5. Affordable Gym Bag Access Dome Duffel Bag

In the past, we have talked about some of the best duffel bags for men. Next on our list of best gym bags is a model that is a crowd favorite among women: the access dome duffel bag. The dome shape, the vibrant colors, and the adjustable web shoulder strap makes it a stylish, comfortable, and useful accessory for all the ladies who are always on the run but do not want to miss their workout sessions. The side pockets allow you safe but easy-access storage for your items. Furthermore, the front slip pocket works as a highly decorative and highly functional storage space for keys, headphones, and other accessories. You will love the spacious center zippered main compartment as well!

6. Stylish Sports Duffel Bag with Wet Pocket

We have some excellent news for all those in favor of multifunctional bags: this sports duffel wet pocket bag comes now at an incredible price! It is lightweight and durable, including side pockets that provide safe and comfortable storage of shoes and damp gym gear. The extra spacious main compartment with zippered clamshell opening makes it also a great travel bag for short/medium personal and business trips. However, its best feature is that it comes with a bottle holder avoiding spills and two front zippered pouches for even more storage and easy access to items you need on the go. In other words, it is probably the best gym bag that you can turn into a regular heavy-duty travel bag.

7. Deluxe Gym Bag Cotton Canvas Duffel

We may have probably saved the best for last. Still, we all have to agree that this deluxe canvas gym bag with faux leather trims and straps is an excellent class="responsive" alternative if you do not want to entertain too much polyester in your life for sustainability reasons. You need to know about this bag because it is a classically styled, expandable duffel you can clamp down to fit small loads or unclip to accommodate more cargo. It also features a large main compartment and a zippered back pocket for quick access to your valuables. Moreover, it comes with a detachable & adjustable cotton webbing shoulder strap with antique-finish metal swivel clips.

Bottom Line

What you saw here are just a few examples of the best gym bags in our collection. Check out this section to find and choose more gym bags, travel bags, and multifunctional bags that best match your tastes and needs! In case you already own one of the gym bags presented here, don't hesitate to tell us your opinion of it in the comment section below!