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What Makes the Best Beach Bag to Wear This Year?

Ally Nelson |

Even if the summer will leave us soon, it does not mean we cannot still hit the beach or the pool while maintaining all the health precautions in place, of course. But what makes the best beach bag? How do we choose one that meets our needs, exceeds our expectations, and is so trendy that we could wear it next year as well? Today, we will discuss how to choose the best beach bag for this season and the next!

1. Pick the Right Size

When you are going to the beach – in your seaside hometown, a fancy resort, or somewhere far and secluded – you need a handful of beach essentials you cannot leave home, not even for a day. For this reason, the first thing that you need to consider is the size of the bag. It has to safely contain towels, bottles of sunscreen, hats, toys for the kids, a book or an e-reader, phones, wallets, etc.

When it comes to size, you probably already thought about a jumbo-sized heavy canvas tote bag or a large polyester zippered tote bag that can host a bevy of beach items and still leave room for your favorite snacks and magazines.

2. Choose the Proper Fabric

Regardless of their size, your beach bags should be durable and withstand their fair share of sunlight, water, and sand. You will plop your beach bag on the sand quite often. Your kids will find their way to get sand in the beach bag, too, whether you like it or not. Water can reach it in various ways, especially if you want to sunbathe nearby the water or on the edge of the pool. In other words, you need a beach bag that is resilient to the elements, takes multiple cleaning and washing cycles like a pro, and is durable enough to carry your essentials next year too. So here are some suggestions:

  • Improved polyester jumbo beach tote bag – polyester is resilient to water, sand, moving, handling, wear, and tear. Just so you know, the bigger the bag, the better. This year is all about oversized bags coming back in fashion for office, casual outings, the beach, and even fancy parties!
  • Mesh tote bag for the beach – while you will have to clean it of sand quite often, mesh beach bags are all the rage right now, spot-on fashion statements if you like. Easy to store when not in use, easy to clean, mesh beach bags make quite a unique take to the pool/beach experience.
  • Transparent zippered tote bag – as we have said before, clear bags found plenty of uses in our everyday lives, and you shouldn’t confine them only to schoolwear, concerts, stadium events, or festivals. As long as you learn how to pack a clear bag correctly, you will make an impression wherever you go. Their great advantage is that everything is in plain sight, and you don’t have to dig for minutes in the beach bag to find your kid’s hat or your spouse’s book. A clear pouch is probably the best family beach bag to wear this year.
  • Classic heavy canvas beach bag – you can never go wrong with canvas beach bags (or shopping bags for that matter). Resilient to wear and tear, you can clean canvas bags as many times as you want and still enjoy them next year with no problems!

You might find leather bags fashionable, but we would advise against them. Leather does not work in combination with sun rays, water, and sand, as these elements ruin the bags’ sheen and texture.

If you want sturdy beach bags that do not burn holes in your pockets, here are your go-to options in the summer:

The last thing you want is to pay the big bucks for a bag that has its colors fading or its texture deteriorating after a few days in the sun.

3. Pick Your Favorite Colors, Patterns, and Styles

When it comes to choosing the best beach bag to hit the pool solo or the best family beach bag to accommodate everybody’s items, one would think that color, patterns, and styles matter less. But, let’s face it, while design should not trump functionality and size, it does matter.

The best beach bag for your needs should speak to your adventurous side and about your style. In other words, you can choose beach bags in vibrant colors or maritime patterns. Better yet, why don’t you look at our guide on how to style your beach bag this year and make a real statement regarding who you are and how much fun you want to have before fall!

Do you want more ideas? Here are some suggestions on how to turn a plain canvas bag into a fashionable accessory with few materials but plenty of imagination!

4. Look for Functionality and Versatility

Next on our list of criteria on how to choose the best beach bag this year is functionality. By that, we mean that a beach bag is more than just a transporter. Depending on your needs, your beach bag can fulfill other purposes, say, be a cooler beach bag that keeps all your snacks, ice-cream, sweets, and beverages cold for an entire beach or pool day!

If you want some ideas on how to choose the best cooler lunch bags, then look no further than this guide here!

Speaking of versatility, on the other hand, you know you can always turn one of your favorite cool lunch bags and lunch totes for the office into beach bags. Not to mention that almost all polyester shopping bags can take the role of pool bags and beach bags with no problems!

5. Mind Storage and Safety

A beach bag needs to be sizeable, but also have plenty of versatile storage space while ensuring the safety of all your items. For this reason, our recommendation is always to pick the best family beach bag having in mind pockets (inside and out) and zippered closures.

How Do You Choose the Best Beach Bag for Your Needs?

Do you have a new beach bag, or are you in the process of replacing your old one with a more modern item? Now, it is your time to tell us how you choose the best beach bag for solo use or what criteria you follow when you get the best family beach bag! Use the comment section below and tell us about your beach bags and how you use them!