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Winter Fashion Trends: Best Bags to Wear this Season

Priscilla Greene |

When it comes to 2020 winter fashion trends in purses, handbags, and other accessories, it seems that sky is the limit. Unforgettable colors, innovative shapes, and utilitarianism are among the main pillars you can use to build a trendy and memorable look this season. Who said the cold season – as winter fashion trends go – has to be as dull and cold as the weather? On the contrary, this is the time for colors, shapes, and patterns! So let’s see a few ideas, inspired by last year’s and this year’s designers’ vision!

From famous brands to timeless, affordable products, we have put together a selection of the best bags to wear this season to ride the winter fashion trends and enhance your style!

1. Orange Bags, Purses, and Totes for a Bright Summery Winter

Orange is the color of autumn if you consider the surrealist natural paintings this season offers us everywhere you look, or the color of winter if oranges make your favorite fruit and scent during the holidays.

For this winter fashion trends, orange (bright or burnt) plays an essential role – it breathes life into the dull days of winter, illuminating any outfit you might wear, and bringing in a fresh summery spark in the season. According to Chloe to Moschino, orange bags are all the rage in winter. If you are following the trend (or setting it yourself), take a look at our bright orange and pink canvas tote bag with magnet snaps closure.

Another excellent choice in the “vivid colors” department is the carry-all tote with zippered top closure in a wide variety of bright hues that go well with any outfit. In the winter, if you choose to wear white, you will make a stunning impression with the contrasting weatherproof polyester tote bags in sparkling orange, green, red, or pink.

Speaking of polyester, you should know it makes one of the best fabrics to wear during the cold season, due to its resilience to wear, tear, staining, and water. If you live an eco-friendly life, check out our guide on washing polyester so you can wear your new tote bag for years and still have it looking brand new!

Back to pink… Do you want to know more about pink bags? Don’t go anywhere!

2. Fifty Shades (or more) of Pink and Macarons

Just like orange, pink (in all its shades from the brightest neon to the sweetest shabby chic) twists winter on its head, giving us something to hope for and enjoy during the grey, short, cold days. Moschino showed its neon pink furry and boxy handbag on the runway, while Chanel keeps things on a quieter note, with its iconic two-toned fondant pink purse. Our suggestion for this season is a light-pink fashion oversized jute tote bag in a stylish contemporary design, as it blends in two trends in one: pink shades and massive sizes.

If you get your hands on a two-toned pink tote bag or clutch, it is all for the best – the bigger the purse and the pinker the combination, the trendier you are.

Moreover, a massive pink(ish) jute tote bag makes an incredible statement: yes, we can wear sustainable fabrics and look like models we see in fashion magazines and shows. Yes, we can set an example and become more mindful about ethical fashion, sustainability, vegan clothes and accessories, organic and recycled fibers, and so on. A jute stylish tote bag for the office these days is not just a declaration of love for fashion but for the environment itself.

3. Supersized Me Office and Street Bags with a Hobo Flair

Oversized office and street bags will never go out of fashion. In truth, few things compare with the classic IT black huge purse women use to carry… everything. Since we are talking about this winter fashion trends and the newest runway creations, we have to mention Isabel Marant’s enormous two-toned clutch, Victoria Beckham’s gigantic violet felt tote bag, and Marni’s oversized leather brown clutch, among others.

Outrageously nonchalant and feminine, especially when you pair them with minimalist outfits (mini coats, skirts, and boots), these bags are the newest craze in the fashion world. If you want to wear something along the lines of Victoria’s hobo look or Marant’s “shopping bag with style” this year, we recommend you the oversized burlap travel tote bag. You can carry your office and your house inside – and given the earthly natural color of jute, you will ride this year’s “return to nature” trends effortlessly.

Do not be afraid to wear jute in the cold season. We know winter is messy with all its rain, snow, muddy streets, and a special breed of rude drivers who seem to enjoy splashing sidewalk pedestrians from head to toe. For this reason, we have a full guide on washing burlap/jute items and accessories. We hope you will find it useful to maintain your new amazing street bag in perfect shape all year long.

4. New Deep Greens Make the Best Classic Models

Just like the classic office handbags, the messenger bags are still high in fashion, with no chances of ever going out of it. However, the novelty in this winter fashion trends are the deep shades of green (with hints of pearl peacock, aquamarine, dark teal and turquoise, and more). In other words, we have the best of both worlds for you today: the tan, hypnotic green expandable briefcase – a bag so slick and trendy, you will wear it on all professional and personal occasions.

You can get this bag for yourself, or you can buy it for someone close to you – it also makes one of the best unisex college messenger bags for students this year!

In case you want some gift ideas for your employees, Secret Santa office party, work colleagues, friends or family members, we suggest you check out this guide on the best laptop messenger bags you can buy this year!

As an alternative, you can also try the two-tone deep green tote bag with zippered compartment and side pockets in case you want something more feminine to go with your earthly colored office outfit this season.

5. Grown-up Backpacks for Girls with a ‘tude

Were fashion experts speaking of looking nonchalantly different and slightly crazy, while sporting charisma, playfulness, and slickness at the same time?  Yes, they were! Many said this year was the comeback of the backpack. Forget about it being a young person’s accessory. Grown-up backpacks make all women pull off a distinct, mind-blowing look with the help of yuppies’ backpacks and stylish outfits with an attitude.

Perhaps this is the reason why runways witnessed brands like Loewe, Marni or Jeremy Scott featuring oversized adult backpacks in a multitude of fabrics and colors. Our guilty pleasure remains, however, the contemporary digital camo backpack you can wear with anything from long dresses to cropped jeans and designer cardigans.

Are you a girl with a ‘tude? Get your backpack on!

Or, better yet, check out our guide on the differences between backpacks, rucksacks, and knapsacks to choose your next trendy bag for this season! Are you the no-nonsense type of woman who likes to have all her gadgets with her for work or entertainment? Great, because you can also check out our tech backpacks’ best-sellers collection and pick your favorite bag for freelance work, urban life, or short weekend trips!

Many consider that backpacks are – if not masculine – at least bulky and too sporty for young ladies. They cannot be farther from the truth. We are sure you will find something slick, vividly colored, useful, and trendy in our backpack collection!

6. Fanny Packs in all the Sky Colors

Yes, the fanny pack is back! Was it ever gone? If we glance at these winter fashion trends, it seems that the fanny pack is a good friend of classy designer outfits. Moreover, fanny packs this year come in all possible colors – with an emphasis on blues.

As you know, the fanny pack is a traveler’s best companion. You can pick sporty ones to go with your casual urban look or leather ones to match your office attire. If you feel rebellious enough to wear a transparent fanny pack as a casual day accessory, all we can do is encourage you. No matter how you look at them, the fanny pack of the 80s and 90s is back and here to stay!

Just like orange, deep green, all pinks, and mustards, purses in all shades of blue are top contenders for the best bags of this cold season. Valentino and Roksanda promoted light nuances of blue, while Marc Jacobs, Sportmax, and Tod’s brought the sporty fanny pack back into the limelight.

We recommend you choose either a dark blue three-pocketed fanny pack to work wonders with your jeans and caramel cardigan, or a vibrant blue one to set the trend in your group of fashionistas. You will not go wrong with either of them!

7. Minute Purses – More like Gift Bags

Jute bags are so versatile, you can use them for anything outside the house and inside. So there is no wonder they became some of the most desired winter fashion trends.

The concept of minuscule purses to wear on both casual and formal outings comes this year from designers such as Altuzzara or Jacquemus. Petite bags of wonder stay proud next to their oversized peers in this year’s fashion shows, and the effect is spectacular.

Did you ever want to wear that gorgeous tiny boxy burlap gift bag you love so much? Now it is your time to take the miniature bag out for a posh event, as the smaller, the better. Moreover, you are double in luck if your heart went to a square or cube-shaped bag – box purses are all the rage right now!

Final Thoughts

These winter fashion trends are spectacular regarding novel ideas and the reinvention of classics! You may want to get a circular purse, a tiny necklace purse (to wear at your neck), a mustard bucket handbag, or a tartan purse. The world is your oyster! If you love both fashion and the environment, our collection of ethical fabrics tote bags, backpacks, and other fashionable accessories are here for you to try! What is your favorite? What would you wear this season?