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30+ Gifts for Grandma to Make Her Happy

Priscilla Greene |

It doesn’t take much to make a grandmother happy. Being surrounded by her grandchildren is one of those small things that are pure bliss for her. Yet, you can still find other ways to show her how much she means to you and warm her heart.

Check out TBF’s exclusive list of the best gifts for Grandma to make her happy. Maybe you find something just on her liking.

 The Best Gifts for Grandma

1. Yarn Bowl



    This beautiful yarn holder is perfect for grandmothers who love to knit. With it, your grandma will no longer have to worry about the yarn falling off and her having to chase it around.

    The best yarn holders are made of ceramic or metal as they are smooth enough not to snag or rip delicate yarns. Yarn also spins and slides through more easily in metal or ceramic containers. Just look for something that is both functional and a delight to look at for a truly happy granny.


    2. Handprint Oven Mitt


      This one can be made at home. It is one of those unique gifts for Grandma that she’ll cherish forever. You’ll just need a plain oven hand mitt and hand paint in contrasting color.

      Take your toddler’s hand covered in fresh paint and place it onto the mitt. Don’t use too much fabric paint as you want some definition. Practice on fabric scraps before adding the final handprint to the mitt. 


       3. Personalized Cookie Jar


         Here’s another DIY craft project that is a joy to look at for any grandmother. There are dozens of online tutorials on how to draw on glass and ceramic with plaid FolkArt enamel paints. You can even place her grandkid’s tiny handprint on the cookie jar for an extra personal touch.

        We’ll never know what happened at Grandma’s as no one has whispered one word about it. Grandparents and grandkids do know how to keep a secret.



        4. Grandma Tea Towel



        Beautify Grandma’s kitchen with an adorable tea towel that’s a constant reminder of how much she means to you. Especially new grandmothers and grandmas who love to bake will appreciate this beautiful kitchen decoration.


        5. DIY SPA Gift Bag


          Grandma needs some pampering too. For a truly unique gift, you can choose yourself the bath products she’d most likely will enjoy. Since grandmas have an issue with dry skin, look for products that help address the issue, like super nourishing face and hand creams and ultra-creamy body butters.

          Add all the products into a rustic burlap gift bag like our best-selling Square Burlap Bag for a true at home SPA-like feel.


          6. Handmade Soap


          Nearly any grandma has an impressive collection of bar soaps. Look for something special that she might appreciate, like an organic handmade soap set in fragrances she truly enjoys. Rule out any products that may contain ingredients Grandma wouldn’t have recognized in her youth, such as sulfates, parabens, or phthalates.


          7. Cozy Slippers


          Help Grandma keep her cold feet warm with a nice pair of slippers. Look for a pair of cozy slippers Granny would like to live in. Slippers are a surefire gift as one cannot have too many and they can be very practical especially in the colder season. For a personal touch, consider embroidering nana’s initials on them.

          In fact, you can check out our embroidery service for any project to which you’d like to add a personal touch.


          8. Fresh Flowers



          Surprise grandma with a bouquet or arrangement of fresh flowers that will melt her heart. Regardless of whether she has a green thumb or not, almost no grandma can say no to an adorable bouquet of fresh flowers.

          Get her something extra special to show her how much she means for you. And don’t wait for her birthday to pop up to give her flowers. You can keep her happy year round by buying her the flowers she loves every now and then.


          9. Handprint Tote Bags



          Gather the little ones and craft a set of love-filled handprint art tote bags together for Grandma. This is a very simple art project that can look quite spectacular. All you need is a set of canvas totes (check out our full selection of affordable canvas tote bags here), acrylic paints, permanent markers, and plenty of imagination. If imagination is scarce, Google can lend a helpful hand.


          10. Deluxe Shopping Bag


          Tote Bag Factory

          Maybe Grandma wants a new shopping bag she can proudly carry around as it was a gift from you. Look for a sturdy tote like our Deluxe Shopping Bag that she can easily turn into her go-to bag for everyday use. This bag is made of heavy canvas fabric for years of continuous use, has sturdy handles for extra durability, and it is roomy enough for all the items Grandma might need to toss into without hurting her shoulder.

          What’s more, the bag comes with a generous imprint area, if you want to add her name or grandchildren’s photo to it. Our digital print service team can give you some personalization ideas.


          11. Menus - A Book for Your Meals and Memories


          This one is designed by celebrity chef Jacques Pepin himself. On one page, Grandma can list the dishes she plans to serve her guests and on the opposite page, she can write down the names of the guests and ask them to leave a nice memory as well.

          The book is adorned with beautiful paintings of flowers, birds, and produce that are a joy to look at. Granny can turn filling out the pages of this book into a new family tradition. It is a great prop for family gatherings because family and food have always gone hand in hand.


          12. Personalized Bath Robe


          Give Grandma a comfy bath robe with her name on it to make her insta happy. If you find a product she likes, she might as well start living in it. Depending on Grandma’s style, there are classic bathrobes, kimono-style bathrobes, hooded bathrobes, and more.

          Regardless of style, pick an all-natural and highly absorbent fabric such as 100% cotton, cotton velour, or terrycloth for her to use after bathing as well. Check out Tote Bag Factory’s offer of highly absorbent cotton bath robes that won’t break the bank.


          13. Letters to My Grandchild


            This gift is great for freshly minted grandmothers. Grandma can write down her thoughts on the new grandchild, share some bits of family history, or reveal something about herself. She can seal the letters and wait for the little angel to grow up and hand them to him or her personally. The letters make great time capsules the entire family will treasure forever.


            14. Personalized Keepsake Wooden Cross

              Warm Grandma’s heart with this beautiful wooden cross lying out all the virtues for which her grandkids love her so much. You can personalize the cross with the names of her grandchildren for a truly memorable keepsake gift.


              15. Embossed Rolling Pin



                Is Grandma a baking enthusiast? Get her an embossed rolling pin and the grandchildren will never run out of cookies when she’s around. There are dozens of models to choose from, from flowers and festive elements to animals and mythological creatures. Whatever keeps grandkids happy will keep Grandma happy as well.


                16. The Multi-Pocket Hanging Toiletry Bag


                Tote Bag Factory

                  If Grandma has always been some sort of a beauty enthusiast, help her keep her toiletries and beauty products organized with our oversized Multi-Pocket Hanging Toiletry Bag. This bag can be folded out for Granny to get an overview of what’s in it and can be easily hung in the bathroom to save precious space.

                  It is also a great gift for grannies that love to travel but cannot go without their entire beauty arsenal. The large imprint area allows you to customize it on Nana’s liking, and for the price, this quality toiletry bag is a steal.


                  17. Personalized Frame



                  A personalized picture frame with photos of her grandchildren and an adorable message is just what Grandma needs to make her day. You can make the frame yourself if you want the gift to be extra special. If the grandkid is not born yet, you can frame his or her sonogram photo and break the news to grandma in style.


                  18. DIY Letter-Shaped Photo Collage


                    You can cut out Grandma’s favorite pictures and glue them on a letter (or multiple letters) made of wood or cardboard. A letter-shaped photo collage makes a great gift for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. Plus, they make great wall décor in anyone’s home, too.


                    19. Home Decor Sign for Grandma


                      Here’s another home décor idea for Grandma. Give her a wooden sign with a heart-melting message on it to remind her how much she means to you. This type of home décor element can be a big hit with her on a birthday, Mother’s Day, or Christmas.


                      20. Heartwarming Footprint Art Letters from Grandkids


                        Surprise Grandma with a set of adorable letters adorned with footprint art courtesy of her small grandchildren. Use thick paper and food-grade acrylic paints for this project. You will not only memorialize children when they’re young, but you’ll also create a precious keepsake gift that will warm Grandma’s heart.


                        21. Personalized Grandma Mug



                        When she sips her tea or coffee, Grandma will have a permanent smile on her face by just looking at this beautiful mug. The mug can be personalized with the names or photo of her grandchildren for one of those truly special but simple gifts for Grandma that makes her happy.


                        22. Generations Necklace



                        The generations necklace makes a perfect keepsake gift for maternal grandmothers with a special relationship with their daughters and granddaughters. It is a beautifully crafted piece of statement jewelry that underlines the bond between three generations of beautiful and resilient women. And it all started with her.


                        23. Grandma’s Wine Tumbler 



                        This funny wine tumbler is one of those thoughtful gifts for grandma especially if she has small grandchildren. It will keep her wine or coffee warm, while helping her blend in with the toddlers. You can pair the tumbler with a special bottle of wine and one of our high-impact burlap wine bags (Check them all out here).


                        24. Sentimental DIY Photo Craft



                        A framed picture within a picture of Nana or Grand Nana with the three or four generations she is responsible for will bring a nice smile to her face. The craft project is all the more spectacular as the number of generations grow. You can even add a pet to the picture for a fun touch.


                        25. Painting of Grandma’s House



                        If Grandma’s house has always been a warm and welcoming place where you feel like home, immortalize it in watercolor. There are numerous businesses that can carry out the project for you, but if you have the skill it is better to do it yourself. Personalize the painting with the date, address, or a nice message for the recipient and get everything framed.


                        26. Necklace with Grandkids’ Names



                        Get Granny all teared up with this exquisitely well-designed necklace with her grandkids’ names on it. You can put up to four names of each ring and add more on the go. Grandma will likely wear this beauty all the time.


                        27. Open When… Letters for Grandma



                          These Open When… letters make a great keepsake gift for extremely close grandmothers and granddaughters that are forced to temporarily live apart. Each letter has a special situation in which Grandma should open it to brighten her day and keep you close to her heart.


                          28. Family Tree Picture Frame



                          This beautiful metal family picture frame is a great prop for Grandma to have the best family pictures on display in one place.


                          29. Rolling Travel Bag


                          Tote Bag Factory

                          If Grandma is an avid traveler and you care about her joints and back, get her a rolling travel bag. TBF’s Cheap Rolling Duffel Bag (pictured above) is great for shorter trips and aging hands as it comes with a retractable handle and a pair of quality skate wheels to roll it smoothly on the ground.


                          30. Neck and Back Massager


                          Arthritis can be a literal pain with old age. Give Grandma a neck and back massager with heat function to keep her pain-free and loving you long time. This massager also makes a great gift for grannies that travel a lot and have tons of back stiffness as a result.


                          31. Herbal Tea Sampler & Infuser

                          If grandma is into tea, give her an herbal tea sampler with a pretty animal-shaped tea infuser as a gift. Toss everything in one of our cute reusable gift bags and you’re all set.


                          To Wrap It Up

                          There are countless of ways to show Grandma your affection even during those hectic periods when small kids demand all your time and attention. One of those ways is to simply give her a thoughtful gift out of the blue. We hope our list of gifts for grandmas has managed to help make at least one granny happy.

                          But, remember, Grandma is the happiest when you and her grandkids are around. So, don’t make her wait too long.


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