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40+ Valentines Gifts for Him to Show Your Love

Priscilla Greene |


It's almost that time of the year where you have to bend like a pretzel to show your guy how much you love him by getting him a nice gift he'll actually like for Valentine's Day. We know that men are insanely hard to shop for, so we've rounded up this list of thoughtful Valentines gifts for him for extra inspiration. 


41 Valentines Gifts for Him - Our List

1. Heart-Shaped Pizza



The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, or so the old saying goes. A delicious heart-shaped pizza can be a romantic Valentine Day gift for him that will surely be appreciated. Fortunately, many pizza chains add the delicious special to their menus around February 14th, including Pizza Hut, Papa John's, and Jet's Pizza.

2. Pair of Quality Slippers

Shell out the extra cash and get your significant other a pair of quality men's slippers everyone has been talking about. Look for a brand that designs slippers according to men's wider feet. what's more, make sure that the slippers are as comfortable as they can be (memory foam is the key phrase here) and are made of natural fabric.

3. Jerky Gift Box


You can never go wrong with this one, unless your boyfriend or hubby are die-hard vegans. This anniversary gift box comes with three packets of the delicious treat in as many different flavors that no man can resist.

4. Themed Underwear

These may look a bit cheesy, but if your SO is into romantic things, he might appreciate the effort. You can toss the boxers into one of our Mini Gift Bags and personalize it for maximum impact.

5. Cute Matching Couple Mugs (Set of 2)


These mugs will be a constant reminder of your undying love for each other, because love should not be celebrated only on Valentine's Day. It is a work in progress that needs constant but gentle nudges to fully bloom.

6. Star Wars Wrist Watch


If your gift recipient is a nerd type and a Star Wars fan(atic), give him this Star Wars themed wrist watch. He'll love you long time for offering him such a cool gift that looks quite tame at first glance for him to wear it at the office too.

7. Engraved Pocket Watch


This is one of the most romantic Valentines gifts for a husband a woman can get. It has a heartwarming message engraved on it, the size is just right, and the design is beyond any expectations. As a bonus, you can add a cute photo of you two to the inside of the watch.

Check out our selection of small gift bags to find the perfect one for this thoughtful gift.

8. Personalized Luxurious Bathrobe


This luxurious bathrobe can be bought on TBF

Let him feel like he's royalty with a monogrammed luxurious bathrobe that won't break the bank. Our economical bathrobe for men is features comfortable soft waffle weave for extra comfort and durable Italian cotton for durability.

You can personalize the robe with your loved one's initials through our professional embroidery service (click here for more details).

9. Heart-shaped Hoya Plant



He can take this heart-shaped succulent to work if he's not afraid to be labeled as a softie. Nevertheless, this cute plant is a constant reminder of how much care and attention your budding love needs to grow.

10. Date Deck


Yeah, the date deck is a thing right now. It comes with handy ideas of activities, dining, and conversation starters. Such Valentines gifts really keep the spark alive in your relationship while helping you learn more about each other. It is also a great prop to slowly bring him out of his shell.

11. Tree Sapling in Burlap Bag


This can be a thoughtful Valentine's Day gift for him that both of you can cherish forever. The burlap wrapped tree sapling can be a nice DIY project. Just get the sapling, pick one of our burlap gift pouches with drawstrings, add some ribbon, and a heart warming message. As the tree grows, your love will surely grow stronger too.

12. Weighted Blanket


The weighted blanket is a great Valentine's Day gift for the anxious boyfriend or hubby. It is also a great prop to help them sleep  like a baby. What better way to telling your baby that you love him than a gift that makes his life better?

13. Love Message Shortbread Cookies



Show your baby boo how much you love him with a box of delicious vanilla shortbread cookies with the message 'I Love You' written on each one of them. Maybe you need to utter that sweet phrase more often yourself.

14. Our Moments Conversation Starters



This humble black box is packed to the brim with great conversation starter ideas that can help strengthen the bond between the two of you and learn new things about each other even if you're a veteran married couple. It is one of those Valentines gifts for him that you can both safely enjoy.

15. Personalized Gift Set for Him



Here's a personalized gift the man in your life will love if he is an avid explorer. This particular gift set comes in a beautiful Rosewood gift box, it has a foldable pocket knife, a matte black flask, and a leather wallet, all these with your loved one's name on them. 

16. Cool Drawstring Bag with Your Photo on It



You can buy this cinch bag here

Browse through our rich selection of drawstring bags and backpacks (see them all here), pick a nice photo of you and your man, and send it to our team of digital print professionals (check out our digital print service here). The bag will be a constant reminder of the happy moments you had together and a promise that good things WILL happen. 

17. The Couples Journal


Spice your love life up with a couple's journal. Your partner might be reluctant at first about journaling and doing it daily but if you manage to keep him hooked for several days, it becomes second nature. As one happy husband/ boyfriend said, this journal is great for helping couples "slow down in a fast paced world."

18. Fancy Whiskey Glasses



Maybe he is a fine spirits connoisseur or just likes to drink liquor on the rocks to unwind after a hard day at work, a set of fancy whiskey glasses will surely be a great Valentines gift for him. We've found this set with glasses having etched the name of the Founding Fathers & a quote on them, but there are other versions just as enticing out there as well.

19. Valentine's Day T-Shirt


You can't get wrong with this one and you might get more occasions to cuddle with him. 

20. Personalized Leather Wallet


Every man's wallet is a discrete status symbol, but if you add a heart-warming message to it to show him your love, all the better. If you're going for a wallet look for an upgrade to his current wallet, and leather is your best bet. 

21. You're My Rock Valentines Card



Reassure your man that he's definitely the one you'd like to stick with through thick and thin for the rest of your life. Such subtle compliments are great for both your man's self esteem and your relationship. You can also slide a nice gift card into the envelope if you go for this gift to show him your love is nothing but rock solid.

22. Your Photo on Wood


Woodprintz on Etsy

This is one of those Valentines gifts for him that never gets old and you'll both cherish forever. Pick a photo of a very happy moment you had together and have it plastered over a piece of wood. It is a unique and beautiful gift everyone will love. 

23. Wine Bottle & Rustic Wine Bag



Grab a Valentine's Day wine bottle toss into one of our natural fabric wine bags and add a nice Valentine's Card to the mix with a sweet message your boo would like to hear. For an extra touch, you can let us personalize the wine bag. 

24. Personalized Travel Kit 


If he travels or drives a lot, he needs a multipurpose travel kit to stay organized. Our Large Double Travel Kit comes with multiple compartments and a pocket for him to carry around all his essentials. If you want to make this nice kit ultra special, embroider your partner's name or favorite design on it.

Check out our professional embroidery service here.

25. Cool Gadget Stand


Is he a fairly organized guy? A gadget stand is likely what he misses in his life and doesn't even know it. Such item can keep his smartphone, watch, keys, pens, and glasses in one place, and can be easily personalized with his name or a date meaningful for you as a couple. 

26. Matching Couples T-Shirts


Let everyone know that your together for the long haul with a nice set of matching couple t-shirts. Look for funny messages about your couple power dynamics or romantic designs that will make you go 'awww' when looking at each other. You can also personalize the T-shirts yourself with the design of your choice.

Learn more about our screen print service here.

27. Romantic Wallet Insert


Get him a Valentine's Day wallet insert that will remind you of your love for him all year round whenever he uses the said wallet. Here's a honest message that will surely melt his heart.

27. A New Gym Bag


You can buy this bag here

Has his old gym bag worn out? Get him a new one with a personal message on it. Either your boo is a fitness buff or a couch potato, he will like to have a quality gym bag that can double as a travel or work bag around. You can check out our full offer of duffel bags here.

28. Funny Travel Mug


Yeah, you're hot and you know it but all those women trying to flirt with your guy do not know it... yet. Get your boo this travel mug, personalize it to your little heart's content (if you want), and tell the world that he's taken. Sorry, girls...  

29. Stylish Wheeled Briefcase


Check out this briefcase here

If your guy's job involves a lot of travel, get him a nice wheeled briefcase as that heavy backpack he now uses is not as friendly on his back. This wheeled briefcase comes with two large compartments, a padded laptop sleeve, padded tablet pocket, file dividers and more. Plus, it looks incredibly stylish when carried around.

30. Personalized Wine Tumbler


Help him keep his wine cold like his ex's heart with this quality wine tumbler. You can easily personalize it and reassure your man that he's the answer to all your prayers if he hasn't figure it out already.

31. Baby Yoda Coffee Mug


Baby Yoda is all the rage now, so you better get your hubby a baby Yoda coffee mug for this Valentine's Day. What better way to tell your husband how much you love him than making use of this adorable, floppy-eared 'Mandalorian' alien?

35. Valentine's Day Pillow Covers


A set of Valentine's Day-themed pillow covers is one thing missing from the decor when your SO is around that day. Pillow covers are great because they can easily zip onto existing pillows and help them look like brand new. Plus, you can get a set of festive pillowcases for every season or celebration; just don't tell your boo that you've got them for yourself.

36. Cool Laptop Backpack for Him 


The Cyber Laptop Backpack can be found here

Get him a cool laptop backpack and you'll surely keep him happy this Valentine's Day, especially if he loves backpacks. Look for something lightweight, well built, and roomy enough to accommodate his laptop. The Cyber laptop backpack available on our website fits a 15" laptop, and all the work files or textbooks your guy needs to take to work or school. 

37. Time Capsule of Love Letters


This paper time capsule contains themed love envelopes and letters that you write when there's something special going on and give them to your loved one as a gift on special occasions such as Valentine's Day or your wedding anniversaries. With this time capsule you can show your love in an old fashion but timeless way. As the manufacturer says, 'Write now. Read later. Treasure forever.'

38. Primastic Love Box



The Prismatic Love Box is a one-of-a-kind photo album that looks like a regular present on the outside but the sides fall away just like paper petals to display your favorite photos and memories stored on the inside. Unfortunately, the love box has recently gone viral on social media, so the seller no longer guarantees the receipt of the gift by Feb. 14th.

39. S'mores in a Mason Jar



Fill a mason jar with mini s'mores to the brim, add a fancy tag and decorations, and you have a unique Valentine's gift for him he'll cherish forever. You can make the s'mores yourself for an extra personal touch. 

40. Love Note-Filled Mason Jar



Here's another great Valentine's Day DIY craft idea involving a mason jar. Fill a large jar with tiny love notes your loved one can read one by one as the days pass. Decorate everything to your heart content but don't overdo it. This is one of those heartwarming Valentines gifts for him that are best suited for long-distance relationships. Your bond will get stronger this way too. 

41. Big Boy Toy Fund


This gift hits close to home with most guys. Give him this funny piggy bank so that he can have a spot where he can safely deposit the cash needed for that gizmo or tool he has been talking about for months now.


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