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Family Reunion Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Priscilla Greene |

Regardless of whether you're the host or the guest of a family reunion, express your affection and appreciation toward your extended family members with one of these thoughtful but accessible family reunion gifts.



21 Family Reunion Gift Ideas


1. Personalized Keepsake Bookmark


A thoughtful family reunion favor is a personalized bookmark with an inspiring quote on it, your family's name, and the date of the reunion. To make it extra special, you could dig into your family's archives and find some common ancestors with interesting life stories.

Add one ancestor's photo to one side of the bookmark and some interesting facts from their life to the other side. They'll make an unforgettable family reunion giveaway.


2. Family Photo Jigsaw Puzzle



If you're he host, awe your guests with a family photo jig saw puzzle. It will make an interesting family reunion keepsake. Look for a company that can personalize the container of the puzzle as well. 

Add this gift to one of our gift bags, like the 8" MINI Cotton Tote Bag which you can easily personalize with the family reunion logo.


3. Hand Knitted Mug Cozies



Delight your guests with a set of handmade coffee mug cozies, alongside personalized mugs that best describe the recipients.

Mug cozies are tiny 'mug sweaters' that prevent your hands from getting burned when drinking hot beverages. They're super cute and they can be extra special if you've made them yourself.


4. Family Reunion Keepsake Coffee Mug



Add an inspiring or fun message to a coffee mug that your recipient will cherish forever. For instance, your aunt will likely smile at the "Aunt: Like a Mom, Only Cooler" message on her coffee cup every time she's drinking her morning java from it. 


5. Personalized Family Reunion Wine Labels



A personalized wine bottle will likely strengthen the family bonds even more, especially if you pick a great wine. Pair the wine bottle with one of our best-selling wholesale wine bags for everyone to take their wine home.


6. Extra Special Wine Bag 

Tote Bag Factory

Put the personalized wine bottle into a special wine bag, like our Single Bottle Burlap Gift Wine Bag with wooden handles (pictured above). It will make a family reunion gift to remember.


7. Best Family Recipe on Tea Towel



A nice family reunion favor that has plenty of uses in a home and kitchen is a personalized tea towel. Print that family recipe everyone is talking about every single Christmas or Thanksgiving on it or an inspiring message with the family reunion logo.


8. Bar in a Jar



All families have those special members that love spirits a bit more than they should or simply appreciate delicate drinks. For both borderline alcoholics and fine drink connoisseurs, the bar in a jar keepsake will be a huge hit.

As an added bonus, this gift idea can be rehashed on birthdays and other special occasions, too.


9. Family Reunion Tote Bag



One can never have too many reusable shopping bags and if the tote has the family logo on it, all the better. Pick a tote with contrasting handles for a high impact family reunion gift idea.

We recommend using one of our Economical 100% Cotton Tote Bags with Color Handles to bring this idea to life.  


10. Handmade Soap Bars



Here's another thoughtful and unique family reunion favor idea. You can personalize the packaging with the family reunion logo or each guest's name or status within the family.


11. Family Reunion Flower Pots



Give each guest a flower in a pot personalized with some of the best family photos you all cherish. Add each pot to a high-impact burlap tote, like our Mini Rustic Burlap Tote with Window (see below). You'll leave everybody speechless.


Mini Rustic Burlap Tote with Window

Mini Rustic Burlap Tote with Window



12. DIY Scented Sachets



Scented sachets can be placed in drawers, wardrobes, cars to add a bit of fragrance to your gift recipients' lives. Plus, they are an inexpensive and easy to make and we have just the right favor bags for you to get started: The Burlap Muslin Favor Bag.


13. Family Reunion Cookbook



This gift is more elaborate and requires minimal team work. If you don't already have a fail-proof family recipe book, ask your relatives what theyr favorite family recipes are and what they know about the author (living or dead).

You can then personalize the family reunion cookbook with spicy details on your family members' lives, their cooking tips, and evergreen family meals. Search online for family recipe book layouts for extra inspiration.

When you're done, add the cookbooks into one of our small canvas book bags with white handles for an instant hit.

Small Canvas Tote with White Handles


14. Personalized Toiletry Bag



Give each guest a toiletry bag with their name or family relationship. In their travels, they'll take both the bag and the fond memories tied to this family reunion with them.

Related: Check out our full selection of toiletry bags. There's a bag for every occasion. 


15. Mini SPA Gift Bag


We recommend using our cute 6" Mini Non-Woven Tote Bags and fill them to the brim with bath salt, scented candles, bath bombs, a mini-loofah, chapstick, DIY soap bar, and everything an impromptu SPA session might require.

You can personalize the mini bags too. 


16. Mulling Spice Kit



Fill our mini burlap favor bags with your favorite mulling spice blend for a DIY cider or wine spice kit. The kit is especially handy on the cold winter days.


17. Tree Seedling in Burlap Bag


This one's the greenest family reunion gift idea on our list and makes a long-lasting memory if the recipient will actually plant the seedling. Put the seedling in our Large Burlap Favor Gift Pouch, add a tag, and an elegant decoration and you're set.

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18. Burlap Bag with Really Useful Stuff for Your Out of Town Relatives


If you have out-of-town-guests over and they'll sleep in, prepare a handy burlap bag with handy items for each one of them. You can add toiletries, handmade stuff, or things that can be found only locally, for an extra special family reunion keepsake.  


19. Family Time Capsule Ornament


This one is great for tightly knit and small families. You'll need a spacious glass Christmas tree ornament, thin festive paper strips, glittery permanent paint pen, and ribbon.

Ask your guests, including kids, to write down their favorite memories of the year on the paper strips. Roll the strips, insert them in the ornament, and seal it. Mark the ornament with the family reunion logo and year. 

Each year you can create new ornaments and hang them in your Christmas tree. They'll make good memories when revised after several years.

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20. Family Reunion Drawstring Bag

Tote Bag Factory

This gift idea is not that special but it is always a great hit at family reunions. Just look for a quality drawstring bag that is a pleasure to both look at and wear while not breaking the bank, like our inexpensive Two Tone Drawstring Bag pictured above.


21. Family Reunion Coasters


These are extremely practical and easy to make. Just go for a neuter color to be on everyone's liking.