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5 Conference Gift Bags Ideas that Attendees Will Love to Take Home

Priscilla Greene |

The post-pandemic era came with many creative activities, congresses, and conferences that address a new, alternative future beginning by 2022. Alternative future ideas are now spreading more and more throughout the world. Many original voices emerged to give an emphasis on the future of humanity. Well, are you one of those voices already, or making a plan to organize a conference? This whole process of preparation is a big deal. But don’t forget that the aftermath is equally significant to making an unforgettable impression on your attendees. If you don’t want them to forget you, it is better to make your conference memorable with simple but handy gifts. When it comes to post-conference gift bags, it is time to let those creative juices flow one more time, as the last impression is as just as important as the first one.

And since filling up some branded paper bags with pens, keychains, and other cheap stuff is blatantly unoriginal, we will take a look today at 10 conference gift bags ideas of 2022 that attendees will love to take home.


New Conference Gift Bags Ideas of 2022: Why Creativity Matters

In some businesses, people attend a handful of conferences every year. They receive tens of bags with unimpressive content they store somewhere around the house or give to others without batting a lash.

If you did really organize a mind-blowing conference, however, it should definitely reflect your delicacy and the value you give to your attendees. Concerning the general content of these conferences, one of the best gifts you can offer is a memorable bag for its versatile use. Besides, it invites you to many creative and original ideas. Overall, your gift bags should mirror the experience. It is one thing that people come back home with some random bag, and another for them to return with THE swag bag. If you also manage to fill the bag with goodies they love, there will be no stopping you.


What do you want from your conference gift bags?

Two things:

  • Amazing bags – because the presentation is equally important as the gift. After the conference, a memorable and catchy item will keep it alive. And a bag, as a gift, enables to carry this memory everywhere!
  • Amazing content – one that will make attendees rave about your conference, your brand, and their gift on their social media channels, website post-conference reports, their clients, and your future partners. With a creative touch, the bags will be the brand models of your conference, reflecting the quality of the content.


In other words, you need to make art and inspire your attendees by choosing not only the best of gift bags available, but also bag contents that are quirky, cute, useful, and lovable by all. Of course, you have to stick to your budget as well. Do you want some ideas to match these high standards?

Here we have our top 10 conference gift bag ideas to push you to that big league!


1. Branded Promotional Tote Bags with Homemade Cookies

These types of budget promotional Polypropylene tote bags are one smart way to impress your attendees. They speak to those who appreciate a useful tote to use separately.

Moreover, a rare type of conference gift is actual food. Do not fill the pouches with food that melts, spoils, or smells bad. Instead, look for a local high-quality bakery that can beautifully wrap homemade cookies or biscuits. Your attendees will love that you address their sweet tooth and will likely promote both your brand and the cookie brand as well.


2. Branded Book Bags with… a Book

If you have international attendees, who need to travel for miles to go back home, nothing seems better than a nice book to read during that long flight. You can pick colorful high quality promotional canvas tote bags you can personalize with your brand’s logo and throw in something fun to read. Depending on the type of conference you just organized, the book can address the topic you just discussed, or provide insight on a matter related to your conference’s central idea.


You can go for humor, for academic books, popular novels, poetry collections, and so on. This will speak volumes about your brand. Your attendees will not only appreciate the monogrammed book bag – a sign that you dearly care for them as persons – but also your inclination towards culture, knowledge, and information.


3. Canvas Tote Bags with Headphones

 High quality canvas tote bags (you can benefit from at wholesale prices) with your logo on them will make the perfect conference gift bags for young and mobile attendees. IT, marketing, SEO, sales, or tech conferences can only end in style if the participants leave with highly utilitarian bags and content. You can personalize the bags any way you want, together with the headphones inside them.

Earphones are also great gifts, but they lack enough space for you to print an emblem on them. Since nobody is going to say no to a bag and a pair of high-quality headphones, you can be sure your name will be heard all over the internet. Smart bags with smart gifts make it to that area of coolness, creativity, and originality you are promoting.


4. Large Convention Tote Bags with Personalized Socks


These types of conference gift bags play two important cards: the large convention tote bags in non-woven polypropylene, useful and practical for travel and home uses, and the high quality of the cotton socks you will pick and personalize.


On one hand, the bag is something to appreciate, especially since it is roomy enough to use back home for shopping for instance. On the other, international attendees will love the idea of getting new, comfy socks for the ride back home.


Moreover, if you personalize both items with your logo or a fun message or hashtag, you will get everybody to talk about you for weeks. And it makes for cool social media posts.


5. Promotional Large Tote Bags with Bottom Gusset with a Double Canopy Umbrella

Practical, unisex, and age independent, large tote bags with a bottom gusset are all the rage right now when it comes to urban fashion and workforce mobility. They match any personal style and are the ultimate standard in practicality.


Do you want to make things even more personal and fun? Personalize the tote bags and throw in some oversized umbrellas with your logo or a cute hashtag to remind them about your conference. Wouldn’t it be the exact type of gift you would mention to everybody out of sheer enthusiasm?


6. We Also Care for our Future: Environmental Messages from 2022 with Recycled Canvas Book Bag


As we mentioned, the gifts you choose as a meaningful memory should also mirror the content of your conference. If the organization is about environmental issues, health care, or is concerned with sustainability, put an emphasis on recyclable material. After recovering the pandemic by 2022, the principle of sustainability will be one of the priorities that determine our choices. 

With a natural fashion and suitable size, the recycled canvas book bag accommodates all the expectations from such an eco-conscious conference. Besides its recyclable feature, it is designed to carry heavy loads with reinforced stress points. The canvas material is particularly durable to use the bag for a considerably long time. This makes it ideal for daily use also, such as school, office work, and grocery shopping.

While it can be custom tote bag, you may prefer marking your bag with an environmental symbol: a pretty leaf, a tree, or a colorful flower will be sufficient for a catchy look.


7. Colorful Ideas for Creative Use


While a standardized canvas tote bag enables customizing, a colorful bag may become even more creative. Especially for psychology or personal development conferences, the attendees would also be aware of the colors’ amazing influence on the memory. In other words, the more colorful, the more memorable the experience would be for everyone. Also, colorful bags add to the contextual concept of the conference being ornamental gifts.

Polyester improved essential tote bags offer a lovely range of rainbow colors for your interest. Remember that warm colors make a warm psychological impression on our memory as well. So, use the power of the colors to leave a smile on your attendees’ faces.

The polyester material is improved for a long duration. With the large main section, you can store multiple and relatively sized items such as conference books and files. There are additional small interior side pockets that let you store all your small accessories while having easy access. Hence, the bags accommodate more items than you would expect. Handy, useful, and colorful, making your day and conference memorable!

 And here is a lovely introduction of the polyester improved essential tote bags for you to know more about:


8. Voice Your Gifts With Smart Mottos

Let your conference gifts voice your content and the main idea of the organization. After a long speech or presentation, it's more likely that your attendees will remember a punch line in the end. So, you should find a summarizing, brief yet also piercing motto or a phrase as a pack-shot. The smart motto appearing on your canvas tote bag gift will be the voice of your creativity.

You can also just simply design a logo that will become a symbol of your main idea. Because people will immediately associate a simple but catchy emblem and logo with the content of your conference. To make it even more manifestational, you can put some additional stickers of your motto or logo into your gift tote bags. Moreover, a pencil or a small-sized notebook with your motto printed on it will turn your simple gift into a brand!  


9. Smallest, Cutest, Loveliest

Sometimes large tote bags or gifts at the end of the conference may seem to attract more attention. However, if you do not make them useful with additional features, they may turn out to be a trifling cliche. So, try to make your gift as meaningful as possible. You do not need to prepare LARGE sized gifts at all. The smallest can also be the cutest and the loveliest gift according to the content of your conference. Besides, it would be much easier for your attendees to carry and would enable different uses.

We suggest the natural muslin favor bags as an ideal tote bag gift with also offering different sizes for your purpose. The cotton texture of the bag gives a natural, warm, and authentic appearance. In addition to cotton; the linen and polyester material makes the tote bags durable. A jute double-knotted drawstring is added at the top of the bag to enable practical closure. Pretty surprises can be put into the bags like soap, packed herbal tea, some special and elegant candy or chocolate for food conferences, and plant seeds for environmental contents.    


10. Looking for a versatile, practicle, and lightest?

Try not to make your gifts too exaggerated lest it draws out your conference. Besides, if these gifts are not practical and versatile, they will be redundant show-offs creating an unpleasant impression. Therefore, keep your gift bags as simple but meaningful as possible. A budget-friendly practical tote bag shall be sufficient for making a memorable gift.

Although relatively large, the budget drawstring tote bag is extremely light to carry and practical for daily use. The large imprint area allows you to customize your bags according to the content of your conference. With several color alternatives, you can create your own thematic context. Moreover, it would be a versatile choice for its backpack usage.       


 Wrapping up our presents…

We have to end this short journey in the world of memorable conference gift bags ideas with a few tips we would like to share:

  • Do not pick a gift bag with a commonplace, boring, or impersonal design or material;
  • Style and marketing should go hand in hand. Go for colorful bags, interesting designs, high utilitarian features, interesting fabrics, and spot-on personalization;
  • The bigger / heavier the bags and their content are, the more discomfort your attendees will feel while carrying them. Canvas and non-woven tote bags, no matter their size, are easy to fold or simply wear as they are.
  • If you display the attendee’s monogram, your logo, a graphic piece, or a message, make sure they all perfectly fit the bag and do not look cheaply stuck on the bags;
  • Do not display or print the date of the conference on any personalized item, as everything will become outdated the second day.

Hoping that we managed to open a wide door to a world of creativity including conference gift bags ideas of 2022, tell us what such goodie bag you received that you still remember and love! How was the bag and what swag made a powerful impression on you?