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20 Unexpected Father's Day Gift Ideas

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As Father’s Day is approaching, many of us have already started the hunt for the perfect gift. This is the ideal time to show your dad not only that you appreciate him but also that you truly know him. After the pandemic in 2022 everyone started new hobbies to keep themselves busy. Therefore this father’s day will be a great opportunity to support and encourage your father or partner's hobbies.

So, let his hobbies guide you in selecting a present. If he is a golf or bowling enthusiast, pick out something that he can use to make the game more enjoyable. Also, you can try to pinpoint what he needs. A deluxe briefcase, for example, can help him carry all the important documents and daily work items. The secret to the perfect Father’s Day gift is to combine utility with esthetics.

1. First Father’s Day Gift



This is the perfect gift for a new dad! While the child might be a bit too young to celebrate the first Father's Day, other people can step up and ensure a wonderful surprise. An adorable white onesie with a spot-on message on the baby-s behalf is certainly an unexpected gift! Moreover, you can purchase a customized T-shirt for the father’s size to match their outfit together. You will take the loveliest photographs this way.


2. Clear Backpack


An ideal father’s day gift for the ones who love going to the stadium for live games. It is all the more appropriate since this favorite free-time activity is becoming an option again, as restrictions continue to ease nationwide. Having a transparent backpack will make the bag-check go much faster. You can also keep in mind that you can custom print on even transparent bags to specialize them. Have your father’s favorite team printed on the bag to support him!

Our product comes in two color options, dark and light. Also, the model has a front zippered pocket to store smaller items that might need easy access. What is more, the shoulder straps are adjustable for optimal comfort to the wearer.

3. Golf Bag Tag and Tee Holder



If your dad is thinking about picking up golf, or sports in general, this unexpected Father’s day gift might be the final nudge he needs. The bag tags that also act as tee holders are super practical and very cool. The black leather creates a striking and elegant contrast against the white tees. Also, you can easily personalize the item however you like. We believe he will be the coolest father in the golf club with his kids supporting him like this.

4. Cool Cyber Backpack


A cyber backpack makes for a perfect gift for the modern, tech-savvy fathers out there. It comes in two dark shades and a cool pop of blue on the zippers. Next to the spacious main compartment, there is also a laptop sleeve. What is more, the shoulder straps are padded for extra comfort.


5. 2022 Hobbies: Gardening Set

Gardens, balconies, and outside, in general, are more appreciated after the pandemic. If your father is a nature person it is time to encourage their interest with a gardening set. Whether he lives in an apartment or a house with a garden you can go with a set fitting his house.


6. Deluxe Polyester Briefcase


Surprise your dad on his special day with this deluxe briefcaseEvery man will need a briefcase in their professional life. They are excellent in keeping documents, notebooks, books, and simple technological devices organized and safe. Moreover, you can purchase a fashionable bag for 2022 trends and give your father a chich and professional look.

Although our product looks very elegant, it is available at an affordable price. Made from polyester with heavy vinyl backing, it is sure to safely carry a heavy load. The flap offers a zippered compartment to store small items. In addition, there are two zippered side pockets. The briefcase comes in two rich color options, this luscious forest green, and deep black.


7. Chef Knife Set

After the pandemic, everyone tends to start to have new hobbies to keep them busy. We believe cooking and baking was the popular one since all the ingredients and essentials were already home. If your dad or partner was one of the new cooks, it is time to make it official in 2022.

With professional chef knives, you will support their hobbies and also encourage them to practice more with their cooking skills. You can look up a particular knife for their cooking techniques, or go with a whole set to complete the kitchen. Moreover, you can purchase a bag for the knives to organize them and protect them from aging.



8. Mini Size Two Tone Duffle Bag


This cool mini two-tone duffle bag is a great Father’s Day gift. It is not meant only for those who love going to the gym; the bag is highly adaptable and can serve in several ways. Your dad can carry around tools, pack a few essentials when going on a trip, and so much more.

Made from polyester, the bag is not only sturdy but also easy to clean. We recommend spot cleaning to eliminate any stains and a thorough wash only once in a while to prolong its life. The mini duffle bag is available in several color combinations: royal/black, red/black, gold/black. Pick your favorite!

We have designed our product to be resilient and versatile, so we have added both top and side handles for increased comfort while carrying it. Also, besides the main compartment, there is a zippered front pocket and one on the inside to separate the items to which easier access is needed.

9. Toolbelt



For Father’s Day, equip your dad with an amazing toolbelt! This is a wonderfully useful accessory as it can store all the essential tools and have them easily accessible thanks to its numerous pockets and different compartments. While this might not be the most unexpected gift, it is still wonderful to fuel someone’s passion. Moreover, this way you can ask your father to repair your needed essentials without hesitation. Yes, this one was an amazing win-win gift idea!

10. Natural Jute Wine Bags


Made from 100% natural jute, these wine bags are an ideal Father’s Day gift for someone with an eco-friendly mindset and a love for wine. The truly great thing about this material is that beyond being sustainable it is also strong, and thus it can easily carry several bottles of wine. The reinforced handles further add to its durability. In addition, the interior is laminated to protect the textile from any spillage or moisture from the bottles. Dividers separate each bottle for extra protection and security. However, these can be removed.  

11. Personalized Father’s Day Hammer



A hammer is certainly not the first gift idea that pops up in someone’s head, but it is a practical, cool, and unexpected alternative. A hammer, as rudimentary it may be, can be tied to some wonderful shared experiences. Perhaps to how you used to work on craft projects as a child with your dad. You can include a short memento as a text or image on the handle to make the item more personal.

12. Dual Squeeze Hydration Pack


Do you go on hikes or other nature adventures with your dad? If your father is an outdoor type of guy, this waist pack will ensure that he can comfortably carry all the essentials. There are two bottle holders, one on each side, which offer plenty of storage space for liquids. Staying hydrated is important, especially during intense activity. In addition, there are several pockets and compartments strategically placed inside and out, so items can be stored with easy access in mind.

13. DIY Funny Father’s Gay Gift



A fun DIY Father’s Day gift idea that any kid can do! It is also perfect as a joint present from siblings. You can print the text or write/paint it yourself and add handprints in different colors. The trick is to respect the message and place your hands upside down on the paper, like in the image above. A beautiful natural wooden frame is the perfect finishing touch to this playful surprise. You can also use this technique and print your hand on a tote bag to keep this meaningful gift with you all the time. For this, you can purchase each bag for dad and their children. Then get some acrylic paint or fabric dye ready with their favorite color. Afterward, you can press your hands to tote and let it dry. Of course, do not forget to clean your hands properly to get rid of the paint. We recommend you do your research on cleaning the bags with hand-painted.

14. High Quality Canvas Tote Bag


Your dad will probably not expect to receive a tote, so go for the surprise factor. This heavy canvas tote bag was built to carry heavy loads. Your father will be able to use it for years as a reliable companion when going out for groceries or running other errands. Although we have different color options available, this deep blue is a special and masculine shade. You can also have a print on the bag with their supported team to specialize the bag for them.

15. Dad & Son Apron



If your dad loves being the king of the kitchen, make sure he has all the accessories he needs. This personalized apron is not only practical but also super fun, as it speaks about the unbreakable bond shared between father and son. Of course, the same goes for daughters as well; the text can be easily adapted to reflect that. Check out our selection of plain aprons, which would be a great starting point for this unexpected Father’s Day gift idea. Keep in mind to purchase a one for your child so that they can spend lovely times in the kitchen together. You can have them both customized with matching designs and film cute vlogs to watch later.

16. Jumbo Size Heavy Canvas Wide Shopper Tote Bag


Another heavy canvas grocery tote bag idea, this time in jumbo size. The storage compartment is 7-inch wide, and it can fit a fair load of products. While the bottom gusset and full sides help the bag keep its shape at any time. We believe with this wide and large tote bag, your dad will be appreciated, it since they can carry lots of essentials without making their car messy. This bag can keep everything they need organized and transport them safely.

We invite you to check out our selection of colors that include this vibrant green, fresh yellow, as well as darker shades. Also please keep in mind that you can print any customized photo or artwork on them to specialize the bag for your father or partner.

17. Father’s Day Gift Notebook



An artsy notebook is a pretty safe gift for anyone on all occasions. There are plenty of creative options out there for all budgets. You can go with a simple hardback notebook or one with a leather or wood cover. The one from the photo even has a hollowed-out image carved straight into the cover. Add a simple message to further elevate the item. The one from the photo even has a hollowed-out image carved straight into the cover. Add a simple message to further elevate the item. You can also make them burn on a leather covered notebook.

18. Travel Bag


The last two years were tough on all of us. We believe it is time for celebrating healthy times after the pandemic with a relaxing holiday! Of course, you can also arrange the holiday for your father, but to give them a long-term gift, you can go with the practical and stylish travel bag. Moreover, with a large travel bag, they will have more space to bring you souvenirs from their vacation.

Surprise your dad with a rich purple travel bag. The item was designed to be lightweight making it more comfortable to carry even when it is packed full. As you can see, the bag is well compartmentalized; there are plenty of zippered pockets to store belongings in an orderly fashion. This Father’s Day gift is more than just about the bag; it is about what the bag can promise, a relaxing vacation, dedication to a healthier lifestyle by going to the gym regularly, and so much more.

19. Bowling Grandpa T-Shirt



It is important to remember that this day is as much about grandpas as it is about dads. If your grandfather is really into bowling, fuel his passion with a personalized T-shirt that shows just how proud you are of him. This simple black on white shirt is both comfortable and funny. Your grandpa will probably feel like you are by his side on the bowling alley, even if you are not physically there. Also, you can purchase a T-shirt for their grandchild with a matching design to have beautiful bowling memories and photographs together. We believe this will become an annual activity for them!


20. American Flag Pattern Bandana


This might be a relatively small gift, but there is a lot of symbolism behind it. Help your dad express his love for the country through a bandana with an American flag print. What is more, this would be a perfect item to sport on the approaching Independence Day. Our product is made from polyester, which makes it easy to clean. 

Happy Father’s Day!

We, at Tote Bag Factory, wish a very happy Father’s Day to all dads and grandpas! While a cool gift, be that small or big, will certainly bring happiness, there is no greater joy than spending quality time with family and friends.