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15 Cheap Gifts for Women

Priscilla Greene |

cheap gifts for women

Sometimes it is difficult to shop for women, especially when you are on a budget. However, if you are looking for cheap gifts for women, this does not mean you will find only low-quality items. On the contrary, if you take your time, you will realize you can make some of the best presents to a dear woman in your life. In order to prove it to you, we have curated a list of 15 best cheap gifts for women, under or around $50. Let us see what your options are!

1. Cute Earrings

animal earrings


If she is an animal lover, or a lighthearted young woman with a sense of humor and a love for everything cute, animal earrings make an excellent gift. You can pick a pair of cheap studs – the front and back type – to make her smile.

If you have to offer a gift to a mature woman, you can look for a delicate and exquisite pair of earrings in an intricate design, featuring precious metals, stones, cubic zirconia etc. The main idea is to match the earrings with her tastes.

2. Travel Mug


If your girlfriend, wife, or sister is a coffee or tea drinker and is a dynamic type of person, she will definitely love a to-go coffee cup to keep her in shape. If you look around carefully, you can also find a travel mug in a handmade design. Nice art and practicality are crowd pleasers for all women who appreciate you took the time to consider their needs and meet them in a fun way.

3. Agate Coasters


This is that type of novelty gift that works incredibly well for elegant and detailed-oriented women. Agate coasters represent slices of polished crystals, which reveal naturally occurring patterns and rings. They add a dash of glam to any party or coffee break at home or at the office for women with a penchant for jewelry and posh accessories.

Agate coasters are all the rage right now in terms of table accessories due to their natural beauty and shine – not to mention they are resilient and durable, instantly changing the looks of a desk, a table, or a console.

4. Fashion Burlap Tote Bag

A burlap fashion tote bag in a durable built and a large size will be an extraordinary surprise for many women. Some will love it due to the bag’s practicality and resilience to carrying heavy weights. Others will love it because it can successfully replace any type of designer fashion bag. Others will love it for its intrinsic environmental value, while some will love this bag for all the reasons described above.

You cannot go wrong with any type of tote bag, but this particular style of fashion tote bag for women to use when going to the office or for shopping / outings is an excellent choice.

5. High-End Silk Sleep Mask


If you are searching a gift for a woman who appreciates sleep or has some trouble sleeping, a luxury silk sleep mask is a nice way to show her you want all the best for her and you care for her health and happiness.

You can find sleep masks for as much as $25 dollars, in superb fabrics and delicate designs so she can get a good night’s sleep in a fashionable manner.

Look carefully to find sleep masks made from silk inside and out. The cold, smooth feel of silk against her eyes is an extra-touch of pampering and sophisticated care. Moreover, if she has sensitive skin, silk sleep masks are the way to go in this situation.

6. Fresh Flowers in Recycled Glass Vase


If the woman you are buying gifts for is environmentally aware and loves a funky decoration in her house made from recycled materials, you cannot go wrong with a recycled glass vase. Such vases come in unique shapes and colors and they can really make an impression. If she also loves flowers, you can offer her a gorgeous gift without any effort.

This is one of those types of cheap gifts for women that go great for her birthday, a celebration, a special event in her life, a holiday, and so on. Some recycled glass vases also come with handmade art and decorations, so pick one that you know will meet and exceed her tastes.

7. Book Bags with Books

If she is a reader or a woman preoccupied with her education and professional development, books represent the easiest and most precious gift. You can buy some works of fiction signed by one of her favorite authors or specialty books for her profession you know she will devour.

For books to become a special occasion gift – and not just any other gift – you can place them nice and easy in a small colorful book bag. For birthdays, holidays, celebrations, and other special occasions, you can also throw in a nice bookmark and a cute message card.

8. A Fancy Tea Set


Some people simply love tea and have their own tea ceremonies and routines. If you want to surprise a woman and show her that all you want is her happiness and having as many happy moments as possible, buy her a fancy tea set with a blend of savory tea blends you know she loves – or would love to try.

Many tea sets come with at least two cups, so this is a great gift you can also benefit from if she invites you to have tea with her. For a truly exquisite experience, you can add a few sophisticated tea cakes, such as macarons or delicious cookies.

9. A Five-Star Bathrobe


All people enjoy a few moments of luxurious relaxation and self-pampering in the comfort of their homes. If you want to really surprise a dear woman in your life, look for a high-end bathrobe in a soft and warm fabric to wrap her like a cloud of happiness.

Terry cloth, velour terry cloth, 100% organic cotton, or silk make some of the best choices in terms of fabrics. While the first three types of materials mentioned above will make her feel like she spends her free time in a 5-stars hotel, the silk one is to make her feel like a queen in the hot season.

If you want to offer her a unique experience, pick a fluffy, dreamy bathrobe in a vibrant color or a fancy pattern. Animal print bathrobes are highly in fashion this year, together with charcoal gray 100% Turkish cotton ones.

Step up your game and monogram the bathrobe before you offer it to her for a more personalized and sophisticated experience.

In case you are going for the thin silk type of bathrobe, add a touch of art and taste and pick one coming with hand painting and delicate handmade art and decorations.

10. Fuzzy Slippers


As we said, all people need a bit of luxury and comfort in their lives, and slippers are one of the simplest and best ways to achieve such goal. Feeling perfect at home in a lazy weekend is something we all want. When you care for a woman, you want her to enjoy her little moments of coziness and self-pampering. For this reason, a pair of fuzzy funny slippers is the way to go.

If she is young and light at heart, you can go for those oversized animal fuzzy slippers for a few laughs and warm winters. More mature women might feel better wearing elegant fuzzy slippers, with a more feminine, luxurious design.

You can also go for knitted merino wool no-slip slippers with fur adornments or furry pompons. They are practical, warm, safe, very cute, and quite glamorous.

11. Book Jewelry Boxes

book jewelry box


If the girl of your heart appreciates both books and bling, you cannot go wrong with a book-shaped jewelry box. Moreover, if you look carefully, you might find real vintage books repurposed to become jewelry boxes. If you know she will appreciate something old and discarded transformed into something new, artistic, and valuable, you should not think twice about this gift.

Surely, if you buy her a jewelry box, you should not give it to her empty, so if the budget permits, you can interest her into opening the box and finding a cute piece of jewelry or accessory inside. Depending on your budget and her tastes, you can go for a cute pair of earrings or a nice cuff bracelet.

12. Colorful Shopping Canvas Bag

reusable grocery bag

The new colorful canvas shopping bags are all the rage right now and for all the good reasons! This is not the fanciest gift, granted, but it is a more casual gift if you want to surprise your girl and make her life a little more joyful. Colorful canvas shopping bags are exciting, environmentally friendly, and bound to turn a mundane task such as grocery shopping into a fun adventure.

If you want to spice things up, you can buy more than just one such tote bag. Get a handful of them in various color combinations so she can match them to any outfit, no matter the season. Fashion, fun, and functionality? You can count us in as well for such a gift!

13. Bath Bombs

colorful bath bomb


Speaking of making a woman feel like the queen of her castle when she allows herself to spend some “me time”, bath bombs cannot go wrong, no matter the occasion. If you feel crafty and creative, you can make your bath bombs yourself. You will find plenty of tutorials teaching you how to make them. Women definitely appreciate a handmade gift from their partner, brother, best friend, or son. However, if you cannot make them, you can still buy them from specialty stores.

Bath bombs look amazing, smell amazing and are able to charm anybody with the feeling of luxury and sophisticated self-pampering they offer. If this is a gift for your girlfriend, you can build and entire romantic encounter with dinner, candlelight, and bubble bath for two starting from this simple, yet breathtaking gift.

14. Adult Coloring Book

adult coloring book


Adult coloring books are extremely popular these days and not only because they entice people to become creative or feel like children again for a few moments. There is an entire school of psychology behind these books – the most important thing about them being that they are true stress relievers.

They require people to lose themselves for a moment in a unique, challenging world. They require our attention, imagination, fine motor skills, patience, dedication, and artistry. In other words, they bring us feelings of joy and fulfillment.

If the woman in your life is the creative type or she simply enjoys engaging in a fun, challenging, yet relaxing activity, an adult coloring books is the gift for her. There are probably thousands of options out there, displaying countless types of art, so you have plenty of choice options.

15. Cake (and Wine)



Bringing your favorite friend or your wife a scrumptious, amazing-looking, and delicious-tasting cake should be a winning choice. Of course, you should know to avoid buying cakes if she does not usually eat sweets, is on a diet, does not eat some specific things (gluten or dairy), is allergic to some fruits for instance and so on.

However, if you studied the problem and concluded that cake is safe and she actually loves sophisticated deserts, all you need is find an amazing, creative, and refined bakery to make the cake of her life.

Cake invites to sharing the sweet aromas together and if this is your romantic partner we are talking about, do not forget to bring a bottle of nice wine as well. Not all wines work well with some cakes, so do your homework thoroughly.

A nice bottle of wine you two will definitely share also should come inside a jute wine bag. The entire cake-wine (and maybe flowers) ensemble may cost you a bit more than $50, but if this is a special occasion then make it special!


We hope you enjoyed our top 15 best cheap gifts for women. They will clearly make an impression, especially if they show you gave the whole gift thing a careful thought. What other cheap gifts for women would you propose for inspiration?