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Gifts for Men Who Have Everything - 12 Ideas

Priscilla Greene |

gifts for men who have everything

The best gifts for men who have plenty – or everything – do not satisfy a need, but create and satisfy a desire in the same time. When it comes to gifts for men who have everything, skip clothes, expensive beverage bottles, and other similar presents that only end up stacked up in some cabinet somewhere. It is quite hard to offer a man something to make his heart jump or something that speaks directly to his personality/tastes/hobbies/secret passions, but it is not impossible. Today, we will see 12 ideas of gifts to give to men who seem to have everything and not desire anything in particular.

1. Personalized High-End / Novelty Bathrobe

star wars bathrobe


A person who has everything probably already has a bathrobe, but the good news is that nobody has enough of these. In the case of a man who has everything, a new bathrobe or a new house robe should play on the originality/novelty/luxury side.

Some men will love a Jedi-inspired bathrobe in the color of sand, with a hood, large sleeves, and some Star Wars emblems. Other men will love a silk luxury house robe to pamper themselves while they spend a lazy weekend around the house. Such gifts are never a mistake, especially if the man is fond of nice personal items, loves his comfort, and has a sense of adventure and humor.

2. Personalized Sports/Gym Duffle Bag

sports duffle bag


He probably has a few utility bags already, together with some nice luggage, but men never say no to a high-quality personalized gym and sports duffle bag. These bags are always useful, especially if the man is into physical activities or spontaneous trips and adventures. Many duffle bags work amazing as weekenders and overnight bags for a quick city break, a short getaway in the mountains, or some romantic weekend out of town.

Alternatively, you can also look for a drawstring backpack for the man in question. Personalization is easy and fun: you can add his name or monogram, a funky graphics design, some quotes, hashtags, or fun sayings to make him laugh and wear the backpack with pleasure. When it comes to backpacks and bags, men always find a use for such items.

3. Whiskey Stones

whiskey stones


A man who has everything probably already has some high-end bottles of whisky or spirits around the house. However, what not many men have are some exquisite whisky stones that will keep their shots, cocktails, spirits, and even fruity punches cold without diluting the drinks. Whisky stones come in a natural material and even if they can chill a beverage, they will not spoil it as regular ice cubes do. Since you are at it, throw in a brand whisky bottle next to the stones for an amazing gift.

Alternatively, if the man has a thing for fancy cocktails, artisanal beers, handcrafted cocktails, and more, you can look for a cocktail recipe book with the cocktail making set on the side. He will probably love to impress an audience next time he gathers his friends at his house. If you want to spice things up even more, a home beer brewing kit may appeal to his inner adventurer even more.

4. Adventure Vouchers



In the field of adventures and once-in-a-lifetime-experiences, you have a world of possibilities to choose from. When it comes to men who have everything, the best gift is not an item, but an experience, a memory, a feeling. Therefore, if you know the man well, offer something you know will make his heart jump:

  •         Parachute jumping / skydiving;
  •         Bungee jumping;
  •         Plane piloting;
  •         Scuba diving;
  •         Race track driving;
  •         Horse riding;
  •         Zero gravity etc.

If your friend or boyfriend always wanted to become an astronaut when he grew up, a race driver, a plane pilot or something along these lines, a voucher will do the trick. You can buy him some lessons or a ticket to such an experience. You can join him as well, as many such experiences come with offers for two or even for groups, so you can take the whole gang to have some fun together.

5. Hobby Vouchers / Tickets

concert crowd

If you want to offer a memorable present to someone, go for hobbies and passions, you cannot make mistakes in this area. Some of the easiest things to get your hands on are:

  •         Concert tickets or reservations;
  •         Sports events tickets or reservations;
  •         Conventions, conferences, or workshops he will enjoy either personally or professionally;
  •         VR studios for passionate gamers;
  •         Front row movie, music, theatre premiers;
  •         Golf lessons, or other sports lessons he might enjoy;
  •         A paintball or laser tag session for two or your gang of close friends;
  •       Cooking classes (or cocktail-making ones since you already saw the book of cocktails listed above);
  •         A city Segway tour;
  •         Short trip reservations (all he has to do is grab the duffle bag you already bought him and enjoy a weekend of relaxation at a fishing lodge for instance) etc. You can make reservation for a hiking trip, some cave discovering, a day out at the sea navigating, a day at the amusement park – anything that will make him truly happy.

The idea behind such a gift is simple: concert tickets for his favorite band, some skill classes he would like to try, some geek-out sessions if he is a geek, tickets to a sports event he loves, they are all thoughtful gifts. Moreover, they will make your friend, partner, or family member realize you really care about him and know what makes his heart sing.

6. A Drone

drone flying

If the man is a photography buff, he already probably has more gear than you can name, but professional grade photography drones are still a rarity. If he loves to test his photography skills and learn something new about the art every day, a drone of aerial photography will nurture his passion and push his imagination beyond limit. Not to mention that all the boys love their flying machines. Make sure the drone suits the photography needs and that he knows how and when to fly it to stay out of trouble.

7. Tree Adoption Papers

tree planting

A person who has everything does not usually need items to keep around the house. If the man in question is eco-aware and has serious preoccupations for protecting the environment and save some ecosystems, you can present him with a tree’s adoption papers. You can find many organizations and associations willing to plant a tree in your name for a small fee. Fighting against deforestation and cover great areas with baby trees again is a goal we could all take to heart.

Find such an association, pay the fee, and have them plant a new baby tree with your friend’s name on it. The friend will receive a certificate stating that he has now a tree in his name and his efforts helped reforestation in a certain area in the world. What better gift to have and leave to the world if not a tree?

8. Animal Adoption Papers

panda sleeping in tree

Following the example above, you can find some association – the WWF in essence – that protect the life of some species that are at high risk or close to extinction. The principle is the same as in tree planting: paying a fee to the WWF grants you an adoption kit for a specific endangered animal. This way, you can “adopt” a panda bear for your friend, a baby orangutan, a penguin, and so on.

It is an incredible gesture you can make for your friend and for the entire planet altogether. If your friend is the animal-loving kind and has a soft spot for all environmental problems, there is no better gift to give.

9. Novelty Dinner

underwater restaurant

If you have to celebrate a birthday, a name day or some other important occasion in the man’s life, a novelty dinner might take him by surprise and offer him an experience of a lifetime. Do you know all those articles featuring “the most bizarre restaurants”, “the hottest places for cat lovers”, “the most unusual and original diners with crazy food”?

You have plenty of choices. You can take him to that restaurant that cooks everything using avocados or to the one where the Japanese chef makes the fresh noodles right in front of you at the table. You can go to some restaurant serving some extreme foods for the experimenter, or the one-table diner set in some secluded backyard.

As long as there is something new, interesting, out-of-the-box, original, and counting as a new dining experience, make sure you get some reservations. If the man in question loves such experiments, alternative ways of cooking and eating, exotic dishes, and strange settings, you can find something to meet and exceed his expectations quite fast.

10. The Name a Star Gift Set

certificate of registration

Universal Star Registry

This is an incredible thoughtful and memorable gift if you offer it to a friend or a family member and exquisitely romantic if you offer it to your partner. You can contact the Universal Star Registry or the Intergalactic Star Database to offer you a certificate proving you just named a star with any name you want.

You can offer the privilege of star naming to the man you want to take by surprise, or name the star yourself with his name. Such star naming organizations will offer you a map pointing to the exact star you named and the certainty that no one else will name another star with that name.

Some companies swear by the fact that they will only offer you nameless stars that you can actually see on the night’s sky, so look closely at what star-naming companies have to offer to their clients.

It is a poignant, symbolic, and heartwarming present for anyone, especially if the person loves to stargaze and dream of worlds. The name of a star is quite an original gift and it comes with great emotional benefits. If the man in your life also wanted to be an astronaut when he grew up there is no better gift than this.

11. Wood Accessories

wooden bow tie and cufflinks in wooden box


The eco-conscious man with exquisite tastes in accessories will love a wooden wristwatch or a wooden tie. Of course, men who have everything and can afford some guilty pleasures from time to time – such as fancy watches or ties – do not need such items per se.

However, a wood tie will keep everyone talking, together with a wood watch. If he is an exponent of environmental lobbying and a dedicated advocate for recycling, upcycling, and innovation, he will truly appreciate such a nice, thoughtful gift.

Other wood accessories usually include bracelets, cuffs, rings, and more. They are amazing gifts for men with a penchant for high fashion with a twist. Wooden accessories come in a slick, smooth, understated design, for men with an enhanced sense of style.

12. A Stylish Backyard Fire Pit

backyard fire pit


If the man lives in a nice house and all he needs is some cozy area in his backyard to invite friends over for a cocktail he just made, you can gift him the gift of fire. This element has fascinated humankind since the dawn of time. You can take things up a notch and get him some fire glass that looks almost surreal when lit – for fire pits working on gas. Fire glass is amazing, shining in the night in out worldly colors, and quite eco-friendly for the ones having an ecological conscience and inclination.

You can buy a small decorative gas fire pit for the front porch or backyard working on gas and fire glass and make a man truly happy while he spends a romantic evening (with you) or a chill night out with friends, family, and colleagues.


Some men do not need many things to be happy, while others do have everything they and you can think of. For this reason, some well-picked presents, experiences, and memories make the best gifts you can think of. You need some time to find such perfect solutions for anniversaries or birthdays. Keep in mind that a personalized gift works better than any expensive investment you can make. Your goal is to make the receiver smile, be happy, and remember you and your gift for a lifetime.