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Top 6 Best Book Bags for College Students

Priscilla Greene |

best book bags for college students

What do college students want from their book bags? Sturdiness and resilience to wear, tear, heavy loads, the weather, and all heavy handling? Do they want to look cool and stylish while they wear them? Do they want versatility and super-practical features?

Well, celebrities chose canvas tote bags to better manage their school or work days and look absolutely fabulous, so why shouldn’t you? College students need everything a book bag can offer, and then some! Today, we will present you with our personal top of six best book bags for college students so you can get your dose of inspiration.

1. Large Fashion Jute Tote Bag – for Women

burlap bag with flowersWho says being a college student means you have to look sporty and casual? If you are both a Law student and a part-time paralegal, for instance, or if you study business and follow an internship in a corporation, you can look both college-y and totally professional by sporting a large fashion jute tote bag that would make Rachel Zane herself ask who is your designer.

The fine blend jute and cotton gives the bag an edge on both materials, hardwearing durability, smooth touching, and detailed printing opportunities. Each bag features matching thick rope handles and two matching woven lightweight straps (you can tie to close the top of the bag).

A fashion statement in its own right, the bag can easily carry your notepad, papers, books, course books, and personal items and still make you look like you have descended from the cover of a magazine.

2. Canvas Sport Drawstring Backpack – for Women

red drawstring backpack

If you are the sporty type of young woman who is always on the run and juggles college, a part-time job, some volunteering activities and gym on the side, then you need a canvas sport drawstring backpack to match your dynamic style. The design offers a wide combination of two colors, usually in powerful contrasts, so the book bag matches your personality and your fashion choices.

The large heavy canvas drawstring bag comes features thick fabric that will hold a heavy load, no matter what you carry and for how long. The bag is ideal to store and carry your schoolbooks and essentials, but also sportswear and running shoes, work-related items, and more.

3. Digital Camo Army Bag – For Men

drawstring backpack with camo print

Men gave a new spin to the messenger bag these years – just ask all the young college students, interns, and freelancers how they feel about them. The digital camo army bag is perfect for young men who are dynamic and love to carry around more than just books.

We talk about gear and gadgets, courses, personal items and more. The army bag completes any sporty or casual-chic outfit and works great for rugged looks with t-shirts and boots.

This large bag is spacious enough to store your documents, college books, notepad, gadgets, camera, groceries, and even your gym clothes. The straps are thick and wide to support a heavy load and the bag features 600d polyester for durability and strength. It will be your best friend in the city and on any means of transportation, as it is resilient to wear, tear, heavy weights, and heavy handling.

4. Drawstring Backpack with Adjustable Shoulder Strap – for Men

assortment of drawstring backpacks

What do men want? Adaptability, flexibility, dynamism, durability. And how can college students achieve all these goals if not with the help of a drawstring backpack for school and adventures, featuring adjustable shoulder straps and a heavy vinyl backing.

This large and enduring rugged backpack will take you from class directly to the spring break in Mexico without you having to go home and change. It can fit cozily all your books, gadgets, and school items, together with a few changes of clothes and some shoes for your outdoor adventure in the weekend.

The fabric is resilient to wear, tear, handling, and some bad weather – which makes the drawstring backpack perfect for daily college classes and for gym or camping, no matter where you live. In terms of unisex best book bags for college students, you cannot get better than this as quality and price are concerned.

5. Denim College / Travel Rucksack – Unisex

denim backpack


Men and women love denim accessories and they wear them all the time. This is why a denim rugged college/travel rucksack is a dream come true in terms of durability, looks, space, and maneuverability. College students do carry their books and notepads, together with class courses around, but they also need space for personal items, sports gear, and other stuff. If you also love to travel, such a rucksack will take you far, as denim is one of the most resilient fabrics out there.

Moreover, denim never goes out of fashion – a timeless material that offers flexibility, adaptability, and the sturdiness any college student wants when it comes to moving around.

6. Canvas Leather Laptop Messenger Bag - Unisex

denim messenger bag


If we began this list with a reference to Rachel Zane and mentioned that men turned messenger bags into veritable fashion statements, it is time to end this list with a reference to Mike Ross – the young brilliant man sporting a vintage-style canvas leather laptop messenger bag as a staple of self-confidence.

The beauty and practicality of such laptop bags are that they are unisex – if you take a look around you will see all college students wearing one. Classy, elegant, extremely useful and versatile, such bag can become the best friend of any young person who goes to college or just begins his or her career after graduation.

The combination of leather and canvas brings the best of both worlds in terms of fabric, features, resilience, heavy carrying abilities, and low maintenance of such book bags for college students. While we still believe canvas would win the leather vs. canvas battle, this type of bag is an exquisite accessory, independent of the wearer’s personal style.


What item on this list would you wear? Which do you think are the best book bags for college students from this list? Which one would you wear to college or work?