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8 Best Tote Bag for Working Moms Picks and How to Wear Them

Priscilla Greene |


The best tote bags for working moms should be versatile enough to adapt to all the roles a woman has taken in her life (spouse, mother, friend, working mom to name just a few) and roomy and functional enough to get her through the workday.  

Working moms also need a sturdy tote that can pack tons of stuff, such as work essentials, groceries, gifts, kids’ toys and their gear, while looking professional and polished. As you probably know, huge tote bags are still in fashion. Oversized bags are a dream came true for all dynamic women out there who need to access rapidly everything they want, from their laptops to their personal effects and some kids' stuff to boot. In addition, if the tote bag in question or the oversized purse has strategically placed pockets, they’ll be able to have an inventory of their inventory and quick access to essential items.

An organized tote bag means that the wearer will stay organized as well, which is critical for working mothers with multiple responsibilities. A great tote bag will carry you through the workday, gym, impromptu shopping sessions, client meetings, and dinner with friends or hubby. With our selection of best tote bags for working moms, we’ve got you covered on all bases.


What Makes the Best Tote Bag for Working Moms

When shopping for a tote bag as a working mom, you’ll need to look for a carry-all that:

  • Looks fashionable but not uptight
  • Is functional yet sleek
  • Has plenty of zippered pockets or just a single, big pocket so that you can easily spot small misc items and you don’t have to dig your way to each one of them
  • Has side pockets for water bottle, keys and phone
  • Has a handle drop length to carry it easily either by hand or over the shoulder for two different looks
  • Is versatile enough to get you through the day and help you face whatever life throws at you that day
  • Is low maintenance and easy to (spot) clean
  • Is customizable and sturdy
  • Is a long-lasting investment.

The best tote bag for working moms should also be versatile enough to help her transition the seasons and the fashion trends with no stress. For instance, a working mom can wear her favorite summer bag very far into the fall season without worrying about style, matching, utility, and so on. If you want to learn more about summer bags that you can wear in the fall too, check out this guide for inspiration! 

Best Tote Bag for Working Moms

    1. Small Messenger Canvas Tote Bag with Long Straps – For the Practical Working Moms 

    This small messenger-style canvas tote is perfect for working moms that prefer practicality over anything else. Our Small Messenger Canvas Tote Bag with Long Straps can double as a shopping tote, it is reusable, low-maintenance, and surprisingly durable thanks to the 12 oz heavy canvas material used for its construction. There are also six colors to choose from, so you can pair it to your every outfit. The generous imprint area makes this practical bag highly customizable; you could also add pockets and other embellishments to it.

    Also, you can add a personal touch by adding an inspiring working mom message or slogan. Our personal favorites are: “There’s No Such Thing as a Perfect Parent. So, Just Be a Real One” or “It’s Not the Load That Breaks You Down, It’s the Way You Carry It.” Click here for more canvas tote bags or here for our full selection of cotton bags, including organic cotton bags.

    Since the year 2020 is troublesome and worrisome for many of us, maybe you want to personalize your new tote bag with some uplifting messages and quotes to brighten your day and put a smile on the faces of people who see you in the street, at the office, in the park, at the grocery store, etc. Check out these inspirational tote bags to help you go through these challenging times!

    How to Wear This Tote Bag for Working Moms

    This no-fuss tote comes in such a small size in order to be folded and put in the main bag when not in use, but at 14"W x 12"H, it is roomy enough for your day-to-day documents, letters and office supplies. It is a perfect and practical add-on to a handbag, backpack, or a clutch whenever you want to supplement available storage space while on the go.
    Since this is a messenger bag - even if not a traditional one - you can wear it across your body to allow free movement for your hands. In case you have a soft spot for messenger bags, check out this comprehensive guide on how messenger bags blend in style with functionality!

    2. Polyester Improved Essential Tote Bag – For the Convenience-Loving Working Moms

    This roomy tote bag for working moms comes with one large main compartment, small interior side pockets, and a side exterior pocket for extra convenience. With this tote, your office and family life essentials are within arm’s reach. You can use the side exterior pocket for your smartphone, travel pass, house keys, and even a water bottle while the main compartment can be used for storing your documents, toiletries, gadgets, office documents and, why not, groceries as well.

    The Polyester Improved Essential Tote Bag has a basic design for you to easily customize it through printable heat transfer. Due to the 600 denier polyester material it is made of, this very popular tote is a lot sturdier than it looks. It is a very roomy bag that leaves room for plenty of organization and customization. Very busy working moms will love it.

    How to Wear This Tote Bag for Working Moms

    The bag can be carried by hand, but you could also fit it over your shoulder. Nevertheless, because the web handles are a bit too short, you might feel like it’s a tight fit. The tote comes in more than 20 colors, so you have the perfect bag for the right outfit every time.

    3. Tri-Tone Cute Polyester Tote Bag – For the Casual Working Moms

    The Tri-Tone Cute Polyester Tote Bag is perfect for women that work in an office or school. It comes in three color variations: lime, red, and royal blue for a perfect accessory in every occasion. Thanks to its durable 600D Polyester fabric, it will last for years despite its incredibly low price. The carrying strap has two practical holders for your pens and a key ring for you to quickly fetch keys when in a rush (And what working mom is not rushing except when asleep?). The main compartment can be zipped up with a Velcro fastener for the contents to stay in one place.

    How to Wear this Tote Bag for Working Moms

    This tote is best worn over shoulder, with a casual office outfit. If you want more inspiration, check out our fashion guide on how to wear tote bags and look chic! We have some suggestions including office outfits, urban-smart street outfits, bohemian attire, suggestions for the summer, and so on.

    We think you would also like our guide on how to wear summer tote bags for chic outings, dates with the hubby, a business meeting, a casual night out with friends, and so on. You can choose the best tote bag for working moms from that guide as well! Moreover, many of the summer bags highlighted in these guides can help you transition smoothly from summer to fall.

    4. Heavy Canvas Zippered Shopping Tote Bag – For the Expert Multitasking Working Moms

    If you’re an avid multitasker, you’ll love this tote bag. It is well compartmentalized, with one main compartment that can be zippered shut, an inside zippered compartment, one front pocket, and one extra pocket. Plus, the Heavy Canvas Zippered Shopping Tote Bag is roomy enough to fit all your work-related items and more. This tote can double as grocery bags, large shopping bag, beach and pool bag, and a stylish office, obviously.

    The nice colored trim adds bonus points in the style department, while the sturdy fabric and strong zippers add extra points in the durability department. Plus, for the price, it is a steal! As a bonus, it can be easily screen printed or machine embroidered, stands on its own, and it is very heavy duty. This bag will be a trustworthy assistant in your every project, and a quite stylish looking one too. No wonder it has landed on our best tote bags for working moms list.

    How to Wear this Tote Bag for Working Moms

    This tote is best worn over the shoulder, in the office, at the beach or the pool, in a grocery store or shopping mall. There’s no limit to what this ban can be used for. Also, because it comes in 10 color combos, you can use it to accessorize all your outfits.

    5. Heavy Canvas Tote Bag, Tri-Color - For the Classy Working Moms

    This three-colored tote is all you need to bring a sense of style to any outfit. The Tri-Color Heavy Canvas Tote Bag is one of our best-sellers and for a good reason. It is extremely well-made, heavy duty, the canvas is thick and durable, and the bag per se looks surprisingly classy for its low price point. There are seven color combos to choose from, and the 8 by 5 inch imprint area offers enough space for personalization.

    You can turn this tote into an exceptional gift that any working mom will appreciate. It is very rare to find such a classy design at such an affordable price. The tote is perfect for working moms with a sense of style that like to always keep an eye on their budget. This is a buy you won’t regret.

    How to Wear This Tote Bags for Working Moms

    You can rock this tote with both a sporty outfit and an elegant one. Anything that this bag touches can become classy and posh with the right accessories. The tote can double as a beach and pool bag on your off days.

    6. 600D Polyester Deluxe Zipper Tote Bag For the On-the-Go Working Mom 

    This chic deluxe tote bag is a perfect choice for the very active working moms that have to juggle their work life, family life, and social life while on the go. The Deluxe Zipper Tote Bag is made of 600D polyester, a sturdy material that makes the bag last through sizable amounts of wear and abuse.

    The side pocket is placed conveniently to store your essentials while the main zippered compartment (17"W x 14"H ) offers plenty of room for your office items, groceries, books, magazines, gym gear and many more. The generous imprint area makes this carry-all easily customizable with the message of your choice.

    How to Wear this Tote Bag for Working Moms

    This tote can be carried by hand or over the shoulder – it is really your choice. It has a nice, feminine design, with a white body while the sides, 23” handles, and bottom come in six colors to choose from to perfectly pair with your every outfit. The tote can also double as a shopping bag, beach and pool bag.

    7. Large Digi Camo Poly Tote Bag with Zipper – For the Urban Working Mom

    Living and trying to earn a living in the urban jungle as a working mom? You’ll need a versatile tote that can be easily paired with most of your wardrove for you not to worry too much about what goes with what and to help save precious time for the everyday fight that lies ahead.

    The Large Digi Camo Poly Tote Bag comes with a digital camo print which makes it the perfect choice for a modern but timeless urban look. It has plenty of storage space in the main zippered storage area, a side pocket for easy access to your essentials, and durable and convenient straps.

    At 16-1/2"W x 13-1/2"H, it can easily accommodate nearly every laptop and the large imprint area makes personalization a breeze. And if the storage space is not sufficient or need a special compartment for your laptop, you can replace this cool tote with our bestselling Camo Xtreme Backpack.

    How to Wear this Tote Bag for Working Moms

    This is one of the most versatile bags on our list of best tote bags for working moms. It can be easily paired with any urban outfit, and resist dirt, dust, and grime like a champ. It is perfect for those unplanned shopping sessions too. 

    If you want to stand out from the crowd with your camo tote bag and some extra accessories, we also recommend you to check out our guide on how to wear a bandana this year and make a powerful fashion statement! Bandanas are incredibly versatile accessories, as you can use them as protective gear (mouth & nose covers) in public places, just to play it safe.

    8. Zippered Poly Tote Bag with Side and Front Pockets - For the Organized Working Moms

    This Zippered Poly Tote Bag with Side and Front Pockets stands out through the ample storage room and functionality. The mesh side pockets are convenient places to store your water bottle laptop and keys, the generous front pocket can be used to store other essentials such as the wallet, magazine, and papers, while the zippered main compartment can accommodate everything you’ll need for a day at the office, a shopping session, or a walk or road trip with the kids.

    This bag is nicely compartmentalized, has sturdy 24” carrying handles for a lot of load, and is made of thick 600D Polyester w/heavy vinyl backing to withstand plenty of use and abuse.

    How to Wear This Tote Bag for Working Moms

    This poly tote is the perfect match for casual and sporty outfits. It can double as a travel and shopping bag without issues.

    If you are a fan of the athleisure style, you can rock this tote bag with any of your athleisure outfits and gear! Check out this guide on what athleisure is and how you can wear it too outside and even at work!


    Picking the tote bag for working moms that’s best for you largely depends on your preferences, needs, and style. There’s no carry-all that can fit all tastes and lifestyles, but our list of the best totes for busy moms has tried to cover all bases. Hope you’ve found something on your liking that is versatile, functional, fashionable but not too stiff.

    Being a working mom is not easy but choosing the right tote can make things a lot easier. Remember. Keep things organized and your life will get organized as well with little to no effort. So, which is your favorite tote on our list?