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Go Stylish With a Huge Tote Bag this Season

Lidia Bertesteanu |

We understand that it is challenging to find a bag that fits everything that you need for the day. As we all know, the larger the container, the heavier it becomes to carry it even without anything inside it. Perhaps, for this reason, the latest years witnessed the shoulder bags’ shrinking and shrinking until they reached the size of wallets.

But we do carry plenty of things when we go about our daily casual business, don’t we? And even when we need a dressy purse for an elegant night out, we still require a bag to fit in our phone, wallet, hand sanitizer, PPE, and a handful of cosmetic items. Luckily, the fashion industry took a new look at tiny-sized purses and decided to put them on the bench for a while.

The Oversized Bag is Back in Fashion

After years of women trying to fit everything they needed in those mini-purses that kept the fashion for headlines for so long, the oversized tote bag/shoulder bag is back – bigger and even better. The trends flipped on their heads, and now, the minimalistic purse sits this spring out, as designers filled the runways with larger-than-life bags and totes to meet all tastes and exceed all expectations. Since the oversized handbags are the new must-have style, one cannot help but wonder what these bags might be.

According to Marie Claire, the flagship tote bags of this spring-summer season take the following shapes, colors, materials, and sizes:

  • Super-large tote bags that could fit all your belongings and then some (groceries if you happen to go to the store for supplies during the pandemic);
  • Natural fabrics like bamboo handles, rope handles, or jute purse bodies;
  • White large shoulder bags for the summer;
  • Two-tone oversized bags to blend in your colorful beach attire, and more.

One problem with oversized bags is that they are heavy and bulky on their own, as we have already said. So let’s discuss the oversized tote bag as a lightweight fashion accessory to consider this season!

The Advantages of Huge Tote Bags

Tote bags are the perfect answer to this weight problem, as they are not only very spacious while being sturdy, but are also very light to carry.

The weight of tote bags is so light that if you carry them on your shoulder, you won’t even feel them. Large tote bags will let you put all the stuff that you might need to survive a day out.

The material used to make most tote bags is quite sturdy. This feature makes them last longer, even with extended and regular use. If you have a more significant space requirement, as you generally need to carry many things at a time, then we will suggest that you go for big tote bags, which will suit your needs perfectly. You can use them for professional as well as casual purposes.

The big tote bags have enough space to carry laptops along with the adaptor, your reading material, phone, wallet, reusable water bottle, cosmetics, PPE, and lots more.

What is more important is that you can even personalize your tote bag with an inspirational quote or a fun image to shine bright and new this season!

So let’s see today how to pick the best and trendiest oversized tote bag for your needs this spring and summer! Remember that any woman should have at least six types of tote bags to wear for different occasions!

Huge Tote Bags to Wear this Season and Be One with the Trends

Before anything else, make sure you pick the right size tote for each event or situation. Even if it is trendy to wear humongous bags this summer, they are not always practical. After all, the return of the oversized tote bag does not mean you have to forget everything you know about small or mid-size purses!

Let’s start with an oversized tote bag that covers two or three trends in one: the oversized white canvas tote with fancy rope handles!

This trendy multi-purpose bag meets plenty of needs, as it can accompany you in a multitude of situations.

Next on our list of oversized tote bags to wear this summer and be chic is the fashion huge burlap bag for the office or formal meetings.

Wear this bag with a pair of heels, and you have an elegant yet breezy attire for work, a business meeting, or a fashionable day in the city. This bag is any modern designer’s dream, as it can fit quite a load inside, comes in a renewable material, features natural color, and is versatile enough to accompany you to the office or a fancy dinner.

One of the best enormous tote bags to use this season without being caught or stuck in the subway’s turnpikes, revolving doors at the mall or other tight places is the jumbo-size heavy canvas deluxe tote.

It is a shoulder bag so versatile that you can wear it on any occasion.

Perfect for heavy loads and long summer days spent in the city, this tote bag comes with an interior zippered pocket keeps your valuables safe and concealed.

  • Blend this shoulder bag in with your casual office outfits;
  • Use it with your flats and skinny jeans every time you go out shopping or meeting your friends;
  • Use it as a beach bag or picnic bag, as the sturdy material helps you carry heavy loads.

 Next on our list of trendy huge shoulder bags to wear this season is the timeless, immortal black office shoulder bag to fit your laptop, gadgets, office papers, and personal belongings. If you want to follow the eco-friendly route of spring/summer trends of 2020, get a polyester oversized tote bag for the beach, the office, a picnic, and more. The solid color makes this bag as versatile as it can be – it blends in any type of outfit and accompanies you successfully in any situation!

Last but not least, on our list of fabulous oversized purses and tote bags is the new rage in fashion trends: the clear bag! Yes, transparent oversized shopping bags are all the craze right now, as we already mentioned. Before you buy one, however, make sure you know what to pack inside it. Besides the clear-bag policy you encounter when you attend concerts or festivals, the transparent bag allows you a handful of fashion choices.

Just change your outfit, as the bag smoothly blends in any attire. If you are looking for a massive chic shoulder bag for casual outings that is also transparent, we recommend a large tote bag with a clear zippered pouch inside! It works amazingly for running errands, going to the beach, planning a picnic, going to work on casual Fridays, and more. The colorful items inside the bag will make their contribution to your overall outfit color scheme.

Where Can I Get Affordable Huge Tote Bags for this Season?

You can find plenty of bags of different sizes in many online stores where you can choose the shape, color, and design as per your needs. We at sell huge tote bags that are not only very inexpensive but are made of high-end materials such as cotton, jute, and canvas cloth. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about overstuffing your bag without damaging it because these large tote bags can carry everything without any glitch.

All you need to do is go online, select the tote bags of your liking, and click to purchase them. We will take your order and deliver the bags as per your specifications in no time!