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How to Wear a Bandana This Year: 7 Ways to Make a Fashion Statement

Ally Nelson |

In case you didn’t know, bandanas are making a fierce comeback into fashion – if they ever left. However, with the new health and safety measures in place, we guess you already saw plenty of people wearing bandanas and scarves as face covers and masks. But bandanas are here to stay, turning this summer and fall season into a veritable fashion runway, whether we talk about bohemian style, the refreshed biker style, or the casual/street-smart one. So let’s see today how to wear a bandana in 7 different ways and make a statement no matter where you are!

1. Diva Bandana Biker Style

Usually, bandanas were the trademark of bikers and all the rebel people out there. But ladies wore bandanas back then with style, grace, and a coolness factor that is hard to forget. Well, if you want to make a fashion statement this year in the club, on the streets, or at a fashion show, we recommend a cotton paisley bandana in any color you love. However, for this look, dark shades work best.

  • Comb your hair and let it flow naturally on your shoulders – although the biker style works great for both long and short hair;
  • Fold the bandana in half, wrap it around your head, and bring the loose ends to the crown area of your head;
  • Tie the ends into a knot, and you are good to go!
  • A pair of sunglasses of the cool kind will turn you into a rock star!

2. Bohemian Diva Bandana Style

The next entry on our list of ideas on how to wear a bandana is similar to the one we showed above. It is just the bandana style that changes. For a bohemian look, Coachella style of wearing head protection and hair accessories, you can pick a tie-dye pattern bandana or one in a floral print. Vivid colors, big earrings, loose hair – they are the only tricks you need to sport a chic boho look with no effort at all!

3. The Simple Top Knot Bandana

This look is summery, girly, and very cool for both summer and fall. In case you have a bad hair day, you can always count on your bandana to save the day. This style works amazingly for short and long hair too. For variation, you can try it with a ponytail (as long as you bring the bandana from under it so that the loose ends are at the top), or even a messy bun! Use solid colored bandanas or even colorful cotton paisley ones!

  • Fold the bandana into a long narrow strip of fabric working its diagonal;
  • Adjust the bandana around your head starting from the back and tie it neatly into one or two loops; make sure the loose ends are at the top of your head;
  • Tie the loose ends into a know or even a bow if you have enough length;
  • Now you can go for a walk in the park, a day of running errands, or a fun day at that chic open-air event!

4. The Sweat Band Bandana

Fold the bandana as recommended above and wear it as a sweatband for all your gym sessions or your hiking adventures! When it comes to how to wear a bandana and look cool this fall, the sky is the limit!

If you wear a colorful bandana as a sweatband, you can also protect your head and ears from the drafts and cold temperatures you will encounter while facing the mountains!

The amazing fact about wearing a bandana like this is that both women and men can sport the look effortlessly!

5. Bandana as a Face Mask

As we all know, wearing a face cover during the pandemic is crucial for your health and the protection of others around you. Since the beginning of this global health crisis, people became more familiar and tolerant with the idea of wearing facemasks, either the store-bought surgical ones or the reusable fabric ones that they could sanitize and wear again.

Many started making their DIY facemasks out of reusable fabrics to wear or donate to others in need. Overall, wearing some form of protective cover for your mouth and nose is the sensible and safe thing to do these days.

For this reason, there is no wonder that triangular cotton bandanas or solid color bandanas became a health-meets-fashion staple for both men and women.

6. Ponytail Accessory Bandana

Bandanas and scarves worn as ponytail or bun accessories are nothing new. However, they are back in fashion. So if you have a couple of bandanas in your closet and wondered how to wear a bandana in a new, trendy way this year, use it as a hair accessory, and you are good to go! In case you are still hitting the beach until the temperatures fall, you can wear a bandana as a headcover – a beach bag essential you should never forget home!

7. Scarf Cowboy Bandana

Remember the cowboys of the old times and movies? You couldn’t catch one dead in the street without wearing a bandana as a scarf for the neck! Just keep in mind that you have to tie the loose ends of the folded bandana triangle at the back of your neck.

Whoever thought cowboys are not fashionable anymore they are wrong. Now, modern, street-smart men wear cowboy bandanas as neck accessories for their tailor-fit branded office shirts. Do you want us to begin discussing women and how they wear bandanas as scarves, chockers, short shirt ties, bowties, and more? We guess not.

When it comes to bandanas that replace scarves or even handkerchiefs, the sky is the limit!

Bottom Line

Did you ever wonder how to wear a bandana this year and look cool? We have more suggestions for you! How about a headkerchief for a nice bohemian look or a wristband for the urban rebel attire? Have you considered wearing a bandana to accessorize your favorite hat? How about using one to stylize your beach bag this year? Do you wear bandanas? Let us know in the comment section below how you wear or would like to wear bandanas this year!