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How to Choose the Best Tech Backpack for Freelancers

Lidia Bertesteanu |


In a world where we rely on technology every single moment, freelancers, entrepreneurs, students, and employees have to carry a handful of gadgets for professional purposes. Besides smartphones, we pack laptops, tablets, cameras, and a wide diversity of gadgets and devices that make our lives and jobs more manageable, more performing, and more comfortable.

Given this reliance on everything tech, the next logical step is to wonder how we can safely carry all these vulnerable items without jeopardizing their integrity and functionality. As we said many times before, backpacks are probably the best solution to this problem. Today, we will talk about choosing the best tech backpack for freelancers, students, and all young professionals out there whose work relies on electronics and tech devices.

How to Choose the Best Tech Backpack: Top Criteria to Consider

We have talked about how to choose a backpack before, but we discussed the issues from a general point of view, focusing on selecting bags for travel or school. Since today we want to help you get the best tech backpack, you will see the criteria and focus shift to some extent.

1. Size, Space & Compartments

Some argue that backpacks featuring many pockets and compartments confuse them, as they cannot find fast what they need. It is true that when you have many items placed in many rooms, finding the right one can take some time and some frustration. On the other hand, many freelancers, students, entrepreneurs, etc., argue that one cannot have too many pockets and compartments in a sizeable enough working backpack. So, to clear things up, when it comes to what the best tech backpack can hold, here are some minimal criteria:

  • Your tech backpack should at least have a padded laptop sleeve and a tablet compartment; you should get a pack that fits your laptop size;
  • If you work as a freelance photographer and you want an extra carrier to go with your camera bag, you should pay attention and get an all-in-one urban backpack that has enough room and dedicated compartments for your photography accessories;
  • A tech backpack with extra pockets (on the outside and the sides) allows you easy access to all your other belongings without you having to interfere with the essential gadgets and devices inside the backpack.

2. Padding Inside and Out

The inside padding of any tech backpack is there to protect your sensitive and expensive gadgets from shock. Moreover, people these days, no matter their profession, tend to move around a lot on foot, on bicycles, or via urban means of transportation. It means crowds, inconsistent speeds, and plenty of bumps. Buying a tech backpack with padded laptop/gadget sleeves is the smartest and safest thing you can do.

The padding is there to protect the devices inside from all other objects you carry and from yourself. Handling and traveling with sensitive technology can lead to breaks, so the cushioned interior pockets are there to keep everything safe.

However, when it comes to protection and comfort, one cannot disregard the importance of having padded and adjustable shoulder straps on a backpack one carry for hours during the day. The weight of your tech backpack mustn't affect your back health at all.

3. Materials and Waterproofing

When you look for a tech backpack, you should go for a waterproof material, as rain and the elements are the nemeses of all tech gadgets and devices. For this reason, the best tech backpacks on the market feature polyester as the primary material. As you know, polyester is a sturdy fabric withstands rainy days, wear, tear, and plenty of handling.

A polyester backpack is a perfect choice if your work keeps you outside for most of the year. If you are environmentally aware, you also know that you should clean your polyester backpack often and carefully so it can endure for years without you having to change it.  

In case you want extra rain protection for your backpack – and especially the valuable tech devices inside it – you should learn how to make a DIY backpack rain cover, just in case.

4. Ergonomic Features and Comfort

When it comes to buying the best tech backpack, its size, ergonomic features, and comfort level are crucial factors to consider. You need to pay special attention to the products you buy online – and we do most of our shopping online these days.

So here is what you need to know:

  • First, check out this guide on how to get the right size on backpacks you buy from an online store. You will learn plenty about measurements, volume, and extra features.
  • Next, if you intend to carry heavy weights throughout the day, make sure your backpack comes with chest, waist, or hip belts to relieve the strain on your back. An ergonomic bag with all the trimmings will help you do your job without any stress.
  • Remember that other comfort features include mesh side pockets for water bottles, headphones exit port allowing you to listen to music while safely keeping your mp3 player or smartphone inside the backpack, channeled back for proper ventilation, and inside electronic book pocket, and more. Such extras can make a product a bit more expensive, but no one can put a price on comfort and safety, especially if, as a freelancer, you carry your "office" in a single bag.

5. Warranty and Other Guarantees

No matter how affordable a product is, you still should look for manufacturers' warranties or vendors' money-back guarantees. They speak of the supplier's professionalism and care for the customer. Brands small or big compete to gain customers' loyalty, so pick your tech backpack from a company providing you with all the assistance you need, from live customer support to easy return policies and money-back guarantees.

Bottom Line

Now that you know how to choose the best tech backpack, it is time for you to tell us what you look for in such a product! Would you recommend an item from our collection, and if so, which one?