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10 Best Gifts for Dog Lovers to Show How Much You Care

Ally Nelson |

When you have a dog-loving friend or family member, finding gifts for them is easy as a breeze. All you have to do is focus your attention on them being pet owners and floof devotees. So let’s see today the ten best gifts for dog lovers to show how much you care for them and their fluffy four-legged friends.

1. A Tote Bag for the Dog’s Toys and Accessories

A dog owner will never have too many accessories, toys, clothes, treats, and other items when it comes to their beloved pet. You can pick from this list of best tote bags for dog’s accessories and toys, the ones that fit best your friend’s needs and taste. If the receiver of the gift also likes to carry their small pooch into a bag, we also recommend you look at some large polyester bags with a zipper closure so the pet can ride in style.

2. Portable Dog Water Bottle


Do you know what item shouldn’t miss from a dog’s accessory bag or travel bag? A portable dog water bottle (that also features a bowl fro easy drinking). It is one of the best gifts for dog lovers who travel a lot with their four-legged companions and need to give them fresh water regularly.

3. Dog Print Bed Set


A funny dog-printed bed set is a whimsical gift for a dog-loving adult friend of yours or for a child who is devoted to its pet. As long as the print is colorful and funny, you cannot make mistakes with this kind of gift for dog lovers. In our experience, dogs (who are allowed to sleep in beds) also love high-quality bedding and duvets.

4. Canvas Zippered Toiletry Bag (with a Twist)

Dog parents who travel and take their dogs anywhere also need dedicated travel and toiletry bags for the furry family member. So why don’t you take a canvas zippered toiletry bag and print it with a cute dog paw or the pet’s name? In this way, next time they go on a new vacation or travel adventure, each family member will have their travel kit with medicine, first-aid accessories, and pet-care products. Believe us when we say this, some dogs have bigger and fuller travel bags than humans do!

5. A Fancy Dog Bed


No pet owner would say no to a new and fancy dog bed for their beloved floof, even if their four-legged buddy loves to spend its free time on their couch or sleeping in their bed. Depending on the model, size, and quality, you may pay quite the sum, but it is all worth it. However, before you get such a gift, make sure the owners have enough room to host such items in the living room or bedroom. Alternatively, a dog blanket or comforter might be just another great idea.

6. Printed Items with the Dog’s Face on Them


If you are looking for fun gifts for men or women who happen to love their dogs beyond words, screen print the floof’s face on some accessories (socks, t-shirts, kitchen aprons, umbrellas, towels, phone case, canvas deluxe grocery bags, pillowcases, etc.) and offer such item as a gift on any occasion. If you think your friend or family member will not wear a mugshot of their pooch on their messenger bag for work or on a hoodie, take an extra step. Get the dog’s picture and, with the help of an artist, transform it into a cartoon or a painting.

7. An Interactive Dog Puzzle


As we said in the beginning, getting the best gifts for dog lovers is not hard as long as the gift addresses the dog in question. We could have started with dog toys and treats, but your dog-loving friends and family members have those covered already. Nevertheless, an interactive dog puzzle that keeps the dog active while boosting its intelligence, that keeps it busy, and rewards it in the end with a treat is an entirely different thing.

8. A Pet Camera


You can choose between tens of pet cameras and monitors available on the market. The final pick should depend, however, on the pet owner’s needs. Some want simple monitors to track the dogs’ activity while they stay alone in the house; others want to talk to their pets via apps. These models are particularly useful for energetic dogs who need to hear their owners’ voices to stay put or for anxious young pups who need comfort. Moreover, some cameras also dispense treats throughout the day. Before you buy such gifts for dog lovers, make sure you get a good understanding of the dog and the dynamic between it and its owner.

9. A Funny Mug


While we don’t recommend mugs as items to offer as conference gifts, we do recommend them as some of the best funny gifts for gamers and dog lovers. Getting a lovely coffee mug and printing it with a cute, whimsical message is one of the most natural things to do. Dog lovers who get up early in the morning to walk their furry friend before going to work will genuinely appreciate a high-quality coffee mug.

10. A Beach Bag (to Accommodate the Dog’s Stuff as Well)

A dog may not need a bathing suit or sunscreen when you take it to the beach, but it needs a couple of towels, a hat, plenty of water, toys, snacks and treats, accessories, paw-treating cream, and more. A dog’s beach bag can be bigger and heavier than a human’s, so keep this in mind when you get your dog-loving friends a large new waterproof beach bag to accommodate the dog’s accessories as well.

What Are Your Favorite Best Gifts for Dog Lovers?

Do you have friends or family members totally in love with their furry friends? What gifts do you think suit them best? If you have other suggestions on how to pick the best gifts for dog lovers, feel free to use our comments section to share your thoughts and experiences!