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Your Guide to Buying the Perfect Sized Tote

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How often have you purchased a handbag just to realize that it does not complement your body type? The quantity of items that you want to lug about with you is not the only factor that should be taken into consideration when selecting the ideal bag size to carry all of your belongings in.

Your physical build and unique sense of style should also be important considerations. If you're not sure which size tote is best for you, have a look at the guide we've provided below to help you choose the right one.

Most tote bags are roomy and are closed by zippers or ties. Tote bags come in all different shapes and sizes and at you can get them in any color you can think of.

A question that is commonly posed, "how do you pick the appropriate tote bag that would suit both your frame and your pocket?" does not yet have a satisfactory response. Please allow us to put some light on the matter.

One might also consider a tote bag to be a roomy alternative to a purse. Tote bags have evolved into a multi-purpose bag that is perfect for use in the workplace as well as in day-to-day life. In the past, tote bags were only a casual item that ladies carried with them when they went shopping.

Tote bags are also great for touring. There are now many different tote bags from which people can choose, such as heavy-duty canvas tote bags, as well as beach tote bags, and mini tote bags. If you are a lover of sport, why not check out’s catalog and find the perfect sports tote bag for you.

Our online store guarantees that you will find a tote bag matching your unique style. also has a variety of luxury tote bags and even large tote bags if you are looking to carry a big cargo.

Buying a bag mainly depends on one's lifestyle, style, and needs. When choosing a tote bag, the buyer should consider a number of factors, including body frame, body type, necessities, and personal fashion sense. This way the shopper gets a tote bag that fits her individuality to a tee.


Why Is It Important to Measure a Tote Bag

Tote bags are useful for a variety of purposes, each of which is specific to the user. It's possible that their regular routines, unique occasions, or promotional activities will inspire them to get a tote bag. If they go to any website that sells tote bags, they will most likely find a variety of alternatives to choose from. One of the factors will be making sure you pick the appropriate size.

Imagine that you are in charge of organizing a gathering such as a wedding or a birthday celebration. What a nightmarish scenario it would be if the bag couldn't contain all of your presents if they weren't able to fit. Or if you decide to get a tote bag to carry all of your school stuff in. Carrying around a bag that is insufficiently large for your laptop would be a waste of time and energy. Therefore, before going shopping for bags, you should ensure that you have all of the necessary measurements and then compare those measurements to your requirements.


How Many Tote Bag Sizes Are There?

When it comes to the dimensions of the tote bags, there are typically three different sizes available: small, medium, and big. Additionally, there are variants, such as the enormous tote bags. The size of each of these bags is mostly determined by the specifications set out by the manufacturer.'s medium size, which is also known as the standard size, is 15 inches wide by 15 inches high or 15 inches wide by 16 inches high. It's possible that some manufacturers will use different dimensions from their usual one, such as 20"W x 22". There is not a single rule that cannot be broken.


How to Pick the Perfect Sized Tote? 

When selecting a tote, it is important to think about not just how the bag appears and what it is made of, but also the size of the bag itself. If you choose a bag that is too tiny, it might not be able to hold all of the items you need. In addition, if you have a tall and lean build, a little carrier is not going to look very well on you.

If the tote is too big for your needs, you run the risk of stuffing more items into it than you actually require, placing unnecessary strain on your shoulders and back in the process. A little lady carrying a large bag will make herself appear even smaller, which may be rather amusing in some situations.

However, if you choose a bag that is just the right size for your frame, you will be able to carry as much as you require while still looking beautiful. When searching for a bag of the appropriate size, what factors should you take into consideration? There are at least the following aspects to take into consideration:

  • Body frame
  • Needs
  • Personal style 

    Finding the Right Tote Based on Your Body Frame

    Your body frame size is determined by the ratio of the diameter of your wrists to your height. To determine the circumference of your wrist, you might make use of a measuring tape. It's also possible that you're measuring the size of your wrist with your thumb and index finger (but this one is a less accurate method).

    Just wrap your wrist with your fingers like this. You have a medium frame if the tips of your two middle fingers just about touch each other. If they meet in the middle, you get a little skeleton. You must have a huge frame if they are unable to touch you. If you want to utilize a tape measure, the following table provides numerous frame sizes for your reference.


    Frame Size Height (Women's) Wrist Measurement
    Small  Under 5'2'' Less than 5'5''
    Medium  5.5" - 5.75"
    Large Over 5.75"
    Small  Over 5'5'' Less than 6"
    Medium  6" - 6.25"
    Large Over 6.5"
    Small  5'2'' - 5'5'' Less than 6.25"
    Medium 6.25" - 6.5"
    Large Over 6.5"


    What is the relationship between the size of the frame and choosing the right bag for your needs? The incorrect bag, on the other hand, might draw attention to your flaws and make you look older than you really are, while the correct one can enhance your assets and make you look put together.

    Stick to compact totes or narrow vertical ones if you have a small frame. This is a good rule of thumb to follow. If you have a medium-sized frame, you should stick to bags of the same size, but if you have a large frame, you should choose for giant or larger totes.

    In addition, you may always carry a large tote bag if you want to appear shorter, or a little tote bag if you want to appear taller. How exactly does that function? An optical illusion that fools our brains into incorrectly interpreting the sizes of various items depending on the surroundings of these objects is known as the Ebbinghaus illusion.

    Take, for example, the two circles that can be seen in the middle of the two drawings that can be found below. Which one do you believe to be the smallest of the two?





    If you answered the question on the left, you are completely incorrect. If you don't trust us about how similar the two circles are, all you need to do is take out a ruler and compare them. Your brain has a new perspective on the relative size of the circles as a result of the context. And the same principle applies to the accessories you use on a daily basis.

    When you wear accessories that are too large for your frame, the brains of other people will be deceived into thinking that your frame is smaller, and when you wear accessories that are too tiny for your frame, the opposite effect will occur. Because of this, women who are already on the shorter side of the average height range should steer clear of carrying huge, slouchy bags unless they intentionally want to create the appearance that they are even more petite than they actually are.

    When choosing a tote bag, you should also keep in mind that the area where the bottom of the bag hits your body will be the major focus of attention for anybody who is looking at you. Here is because this is where the bag will make the most contact with your body. You should thus think about altering the straps or picking the bag that most effectively highlights your qualities, such as your waist, hips, or thighs. Alternatively, you might just go without the bag altogether.


    Picking the Perfect Sized Tote Based on Your Needs & Style


    This one is a no-brainer. Most people choose a bag perfectly sized to suit their needs. Fortunately, there’s at least one tote bag to fit almost any occasion. Work, school, grocery store, the pool, the beach, and even weekend getaways – there are dozens of tote styles and sizes to choose from. Here are some of the most popular here at


    The Open-Top Tote



    The open-top tote is a versatile standard-sized tote bag that’s best used for all the heavy lifting in your life. It makes a great reusable shopping bag, but it can do triple duty as a beach tote and temporary storage bag for your tools and whatnots.

    Our Large Size Recycled Shopping Tote Bag is made out of thick, 12 oz recycled canvas and comes with reinforced stress points for bonus points in the durability department. It makes a great go-to carrier for anyone looking for a sturdy but low-maintenance bag interested in the zero waste lifestyle. This bag is great for users with a medium or large frame.


    The Stylish Jute Tote


    This jute tote can be schlepped around office, but it can double as a roomy reusable shopping bag. It is an extremely chic bag made of jute and cotton blend, with two sturdy rope handles and elegant straps that can be tied together to secure the top of the bag.

    The Fashion Jute Tote Bag (pictured above) can add a timeless feminine vibe to almost any outfit. It is a great pick for women with apple-shaped bodies as these body types need larger bags that have plenty of structure to create the perfect balance. There’s also a variant for shorter women: The Jute Carryall Tote with Full Gusset.


    The Multipurpose Canvas Tote


    This bag is one of the sturdiest bags in our offer while still managing to look stylish. It is the perfect choice if you want to merge your handbag and everyday reusable shopping tote into the ultimate multipurpose tote bag.

    The Colorful Cotton Canvas Allie Tote Bag (pictured above) is great for the casual and sporty styles and is great for most figures. Petite women, though, are usually better off without an oversized tote. The Small Messenger Canvas Tote might be just right for them.

    You can learn more about tote bag types in our related post: The Ultimate Guide to Tote Bags - Everything You Need to Know About the Tote Bag.



    It could seem like a lot of work to choose the ideal sized bag for your needs, but if you know what to look for, the process can become much less tedious. When choosing a bag, it is important to take into consideration both your body frame and your demands. However, the individual's sense of style need to be the decisive element.

    It makes no sense to wear a reusable grocery bag that fulfills all other requirements, but it doesn't make sense to wear something that doesn't match your style. Your style is the joker in a card deck, and it trumps all the other playing cards in the deck. Consider this text as a basic reference to the characteristics of the tote bag that is the ideal size for you to have.