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Affordable Tote Bags for Senior Parties

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Tote bags are a practical and versatile fashion accessory for people of all ages. However, senior tote bags are often overlooked. Totes can be a great gift for the elderly as well, since they can use them for a wide range of activities, including shopping, going out for a walk, traveling, and the list can go on. The best thing is that you can find fashionable purses for seniors at affordable prices.

What to Look for in an Affordable Bag for Seniors

There is a colorful variety of affordable purses for seniors. If you are looking for a gift, make sure to select one that matches your loved one’s personality and the occasion. However, there are a couple of more important criteria that a perfect tote should meet. It should be practical, durable, easy to carry, easy to clean, and fashionable.


 elderly woman sitting on a bench with a green tote bag in winter


A tote bag is a handy item to carry at all times. A senior may use a walker or a wheelchair, and totes make it easy to carry personal items under any circumstances. Depending on their needs, you can pick the appropriate size. If they like to carry a lot of things with them, go for an oversized tote bag. However, if they only need to have a few essentials with them at all times, a small-sized purse should do the trick.


elderly woman coming home from shopping with a tote bag


Look for a tote bag that is built to last. Fabrics like canvas, cotton, burlap are all strong and durable. If you go with one of these options, the bag should withstand many years of wear. What is more, we strategically reinforce the stitching on our products to further expand their life span.

Easy to Carry

elderly man looking at a brown tote bag


Tote bags are easy to carry and comfortable to wear. However, you can further improve these aspects by looking out for a few key features. For extra comfort, gravitate towards items with longer and wider handles. These will help distribute the weight more evenly on the shoulder.

Easy to Clean

man with white beard holding a tote bag with blue and white stripes


Tote bags in general are easy to clean. The way you wash these items really depends on the type of fabric from which they are made. Here are a few helpful cleaning guides for the main textiles:


elderly woman holding a cup of coffee and a green tote bag


Offering an amazing gift depends on finding an item that is both practical and fashionable. A purse for seniors can be a wonderful addition to their wardrobe. You could either select a basic bag that would easily match a wide range of outfits. Or you could spot an outfit in need of a matching bag and get something very specific (perhaps something with a bold and vibrant print).

A Tote Bag for Any Party Theme

Not only are tote bags for seniors a great gift idea, but these items can also easily match any party theme. At senior parties, it is customary to offer practical items to make life easier. However, we suggest to take things one step further, and make it fashion. These events are on the verge, as it creates a comfy setting for people to socialize and have a good time. 

Senior tote bags, available in cotton, polyester, and non-woven fabrics, and a range of colors, make it easy for your loved ones to be organized for shopping and traveling. However, a purse for the elderly should not only be practical but fashionable as well. Here are some ideas on tote bags based on a selection of party themes:

1. 50’s Senior Party

red cherry and starburst white polka dot pink tote bag


If you are going to a senior party with the 50’s theme, you can look for a tote bag that captures the spirit of that era. Although there are plenty of styles to choose from, we would recommend a fun diner-vibe tote. 

This candy-colored pink bag has a fun pattern of white polka dots with cherries sprinkled on top; a super sweet gift that will surely bring back happy memories. What is more, the color palette makes it easy to mix and match with a variety of outfits. 

As you can see, the handles are rather long and wide. This means that it will be easy and comfortable to carry. The bag is made from strong fabric, thus being able to hold heavy loads. The only concern would be regarding cleanliness. Given that the design is light-colored, it will likely get dirty fast. However, with minimal care (placing it on chairs or hangars), it should stay clean enough for a while.

2. 60’s Senior Party

tote bag with flower print


The 60’s fashion scene was dominated by fun flower prints. Therefore, if you are looking for a bag for seniors to fit this party theme, going with any floral design is a safe bet. Since there are so many available options, select the winning design based on personal preference and taste.

Some might argue that bags with flower prints would only be appropriate to be worn during spring and summer. However, we don’t believe that is the case. For example, the tote from the image has an evergreen quality to it. Geometric prints inspired by flowers are great for any season. Also, look for a bag in neutrals and a pop of color to keep things fresh.

3. 70’s Senior Party

DIY reverse tie dye tote bag with bleach


Tie-dye was huge in the ’70s! If you go to a themed party dedicated to that period, anything reflecting this trend is a safe option. Since tie-dye is back in style, there are plenty of colorful options available. However, you could take a more personal route and surprise your loved one with a personalized tote bag.

The tote in the above image is the end result of a rather unconventional approach to tie-dying. Unlike the original method, the reverse tie-dye starts with a brightly colored fabric that becomes bleached. Pick your tote bag carefully; for optimal results, go with a highly saturated and vibrant color. Follow our guide for this fresh DIY Reverse Tie Dye Tote Bag with Bleach.

4. 80’s Senior Party

DIY holographic heart tote bag

Spread the love with this funky tote bag for seniors (and all age groups). This is an easy DIY task, so there is nothing to worry about if you are not well-versed in these projects yet. The main thing you will need to secure before starting is a plain tote. While we went with cotton-candy pink, you can select any color you or your loved one prefer. Follow our step-by-step guide to learn how to create this Holographic Heart Tote Bag.

5. 90’s Senior Party

denim tote bag for seniors

You can also surprise your loved one with a simple yet well-thought-out present. If you want to offer a bag for a 90’s senior party, you could opt for a denim tote. As you might recall, denim was particularly popular during the ’90s; so, it will fit in perfectly with the theme.

A further bonus is that the textile is highly resilient and resistant to tear. You can fill up the bag with books or groceries, and it will safely carry the load. What is more, denim is a neutral fabric that can be easily matched with pretty much everything.

Also, you do not have to worry too much about getting it dirty. Since the tote is made from dark denim fabric, stains will not show up easily. Denim is not pretentious regarding washing, so you can just throw it in the washing machine with your next load.

6. Birthday Celebration

funny tote bag for seniors


If you are going to a senior’s birthday party, keep the mood uplifted with some fun gifts. A funny tote bag will certainly do the trick, as long as the message fits the birthday lady or gent. If you have an original idea that you wish to bring to life, contact our personalization service. We can help surprise your loved one. While a tote bag is a great start, consider adding other items to the list as well. 

A Heart-Warming Gift at an Affordable Price

The price tag is not what defines a great gift. What makes a gift truly special is the thought that goes into it and that magical personal touch. This is a great way to show the other person not only that you appreciate them but that you know and understand them.

Therefore, if you are looking for a gift for a senior party, tote bags are always a great option. These reusable bags are highly practical and versatile. However, these are also fashion accessories that can spice up a look. Therefore, consider your loved one’s wardrobe and hobbies when selecting a purse for them. 

What is more, if you wish to up your game, try your hand at a special DIY project. Create a tote that is truly unique and personal. They will surely appreciate the time and effort you put into creating the beautiful piece and think of you when wearing it.