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16 Evergreen Flower Tote Bag Designs

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While flowers tend to be a seasonal joy, their fashion interpretation extends beyond spring and summer. Floral tote bags are a delicate and elegant accessory that can easily pair with a colorful range of outfits. While these may beautifully complement a white beach dress, they can also bring an autumn trench coat in bloom. The design options are truly limitless. Explore our colorful garden of blossoming totes and find inspiration for your next fresh look.

1. In Bloom Jute Tote Bag

jute tote bag with exotic flower

This natural jute tote bag with a red flower print has an effortless feel and can easily add a breezy note to any outfit. The base of this design is a simple jute tote with a generous printing space. However, this bag is not just about looks but resilience as well. We have strategically reinforced the stress points to make the item more durable. Therefore, our product is ready to faithfully serve you for many years to come.

One cool detail about this jute tote is its waterproof design. We achieved this by laminating the interior with a coating of PVC. Therefore, you do not have to worry about any stains if you spill something inside the bag. The clear interior coating protects the material and makes the inside very easy to clean (which can be a very tricky task).

In addition to this, we have made the handles from soft cotton for added comfort. Regardless of how you choose to wear the tote bag, it will be easier and more comfortable to carry. The flower jute tote is perfect for our eco-friendly clients since it is biodegradable.

2. Wildflowers Tote Bag

white tote bag with flowers


If you are into Botany, check out this floral tote bag. You can easily print a garden on a blank tote with your favorite selection of plants. To make things more intriguing, you can also add next to each exhibit its scientific name. The result will be an enchanting and colorful bag that you can easily match with any outfit.

3. Artistic Embroidered Flower Tote Bag

white embroidered flower tote bag


Next, we have a very delicate and artistic embroidered tote bag to complete your floral collection. The design is simple enough even for beginners; all you need is a little patience and practice. If the final look from the image is too simple for your taste, feel free to play around with color a bit. For example, you could start with a black textile and use bright-colored thread. 

4. Organic Cotton Floral Tote Bag for Branding

branding tote bag with pink rose

Staying on the topic of sustainability, this organic cotton tote has a vibrant pink blossom print. The brightly colored flower creates a striking contrast with the off-white textile. We have used water-based eco-friendly ink for the design and writing. 

The flower can serve as a fresh centerpiece for branded products. While there is always space for the brand name, there can also be plenty of room for more text. It is essential to take your time when planning out branded items and create a cohesive design.

Whenever you purchase printed items, you should spend some time researching how to care for them properly to extend their lifespan. If you want to learn more about it, check out these easy 15 ways to make a print last. These include how to fold the totes properly, wash, and store them away.

5. Black and White Flower Tote Bag With Butterflies

black and white floral tote bag


This simple black and white floral tote bag has an incredibly crisp design and makes for a fresh accessory all year round. There is something magical in the simplicity of the print. It looks like something straight out of a coloring book, but it also has an edgy tattoo design vibe. 

You can try to recreate the tote yourself. Why not start with an organic cotton bag as a base and draw up your own floral designs. The two butterflies hidden between the plants are a very nice detail. Similarly, you can hide away a few unexpected elements, like a ladybug or caterpillars. 

6. Embroidered Floral Tote Bag

straw embroidered tote bag with flowers


If you are set on embroidery, it is crucial knowing how to choose the perfect fabric for your design. For example, when working with thicker textiles, you might want to switch the thread for yarn. This also allows you to add more dimension to the flowers. Furthermore, you can work with different shades to create a more life-like garden, like in the image above.

7. A Single Rose With an Inspirational Message Tote

printed tote bag with a pink flower

Our 100% cotton tote bag comes in a small size (12"W x 12"H x 3"D) that makes it ideal for running easy errands or just going out to have a good time. Note how the catchy message printed on the bag resonates with the flower to create a cohesive design. Feel free to pair it with a sporty look as well as more elegant clothes as well. This customized tote is very versatile.

8. Black Tote Bag With Purple Flowers

black tote bag with purple flowers


This tote stands out among the previous light-colored entries. The deep purple flowers with a vibrant yellow pistil pop up nicely against the dark background. It is best paired with clothes of similar colors. You can let the tote be the centerpiece of your look by opting for a monochrome outfit (ideally in black, purple, or yellow).

9. Flower Tote Bag for Mothers

flower tote bag for mom

You should not wait until Mother’s Day to surprise your mom with a cool present. A tote bag is always a great practical gift. However, it will be even more special if you put your personal spin on it. Use the fabric as a canvas to express your love for your mom. Unleash your creativity and place some floral elements strategically around the text.

10. Poppy Flower Tote Bag

poppy flower gray tote bags


The bright red poppies add a vibrant pop of color to these gray tote bags. This beloved flower offers plenty of creative design options. You can take a more classic or simplistic approach, but you can also reimagine it more abstractly. Play around with shapes and colors until you come up with something fresh. However, to keep it recognizable, hold on to a specific element that will help the viewer connect the image to poppies.

11. Black Tote Bag With Gold Flowers

black tote bag with golden flowers


Black tote bags offer a strong background for any colorful floral design. What makes this item so interesting is the gradient printed flowers. It starts and ends in a faded brown but towards the middle, there is a brilliant strip of golden-yellow garden flowers. 

We recommend pairing this intriguing piece with a simpler outfit so as not to make your final look too design-heavy. Depending on your mood or personal preference, go with some basic black clothes, or experiment with bright yellow and orange.

12. Tropical Flower Tote Bag

tote bag with tropical flowers


This vibrant tote bag carries the fragrance of eternal summer. The white and red tropical flowers bring an exotic vibe to the tote and your final look. What makes this bag particularly versatile is the combination of cool and warm colors. The floral print spices up the background, which is in cool shades of blue and green. 

Since the tote's design is quite complex, try to match it with a simple, single-color outfit. Of course, it will beautifully match a soft yellow breezy summer dress, but it will just as well complement a blue or green classic winter coat.

13. Ethnic Floral Tote Bag

ethnic floral tote bag


If you prefer a floral tote with an ethnic spin, there are plenty of motifs to explore. This is a particularly vibrant example. The multi-colored design elements pop up nicely against the simple white background. At the center of the image, a brightly colored bird rises above the field of flowers. 

The design is visually appealing both chromatically and spatial distribution-wise. Ethnic motifs are particularly friendly to the embroidery technique. Feel free to experiment with different floral or other nature motifs and create a vibrant evergreen tote.

14. Vintage Poppy Tote Bag With Block Print Technique

poppy block print tote bag


A floral tote bag is a perfect design for a wood-block print project. It is best to have a blank white tote bag, preferably made from canvas or cotton. If you start with color tote bags, the paint might not turn out as vibrant as you wish. It is always best to first practice on a small patch of similar fabric to have a more accurate concept of the final result.

Purchase or create a wood block with a design of your choice (maybe even a poppy like in the above image). Cover the wooden block with paint and carefully place it on the fabric to create a pattern. 

There are many alternatives to choose from; you can opt for a linear pattern display, a randomized one, or a single print. No matter what you go with, in the end, it is a fun and creative way to decorate a blank tote bag.

15. Honey Bee Floral Tote Bag

honey bee tote bag


This sweet tote is another great example of how to successfully combine different elements with floral motifs. At the center of this design is a bee, which also serves as the chromatic inspiration for all other details, as the entire image stays within the black and yellow color scheme. This minimalistic coloring harmoniously brings together the different details and offers a crisp finish. 

The flowers and honey hexagons seem to dance around the bee, creating a visually striking design. You can easily pair the tote with a black or yellow outfit if you wish to make the bag the star of your look. However, given the clean feel of the tote, it can be easily paired with basically any outfit.  

16. Floral Lace Tote Bag

lace tote bag


This delicate yet rustic interpretation of a floral tote bag is a perfect fashion accessory for all the bohemian souls out there. This piece is very easy to recreate once you have the base, a simple bag. You could start with something neutral, like an off-white canvas tote. 

Keeping the design in a natural color palette gives it an elevated and elegant feel. Of course, if you are more adventurous, you could also play with color, be that a monochrome decorated purple tote bag or a high contrast green fabric and black lace; your options are limitless.  

Flower Power

tote bag with orange flowers


Flowers should not be limited to spring and summer. We can wear blossomy prints on our garments and accessories all year round. The most important aspects are the chromatics of the look and cohesion of textures. 

You can easily make a floral bag match an autumn look if you stay within the rusty colors; you could also pair it with a heavy winter coat if the tote has a cooler color scheme. Above all else, flowers represent the beauty of nature and freedom, which should be an evergreen state of mind.