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13 Stylish Beach Tote Bags That Complement Your Outfit

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Choosing a stylish and practical beach tote bag is not an easy task. That is why we are here to help. There are several aspects to consider when buying a tote for the beach. You want to have plenty of space to store all your belongings (including a fluffy towel); it should be easy to clean and withstand the hot sun and chafing sand. To learn more about what to look for in the perfect beach tote, go to our previous article. Luckily, there are plenty of items that meet these criteria and serve as cool fashion accessories at the same time. 

1. Basic White/Black Beach Tote Bag


For starters, you should have a basic beach tote bag; one that goes with absolutely any outfit. Nothing is more versatile than a simple white or black bag. Made from cotton twill, these large totes are strong enough to withstand harsh beach conditions. Furthermore, they are easy to clean whenever it is needed. 

The large size offers plenty of space for you to store all the essentials that you might need for a fun day at the beach. Since they come at an affordable price, it could be worth securing both the light and dark version, so you can easily match it to all your beach outfits.

2. Oversized Blue Beach Tote Bag



This oversized bag offers ample space to pack a large towel, a change of clothes, and anything else you wish to take with you. Notice the fluffy towel-like texture of the blue portion of the tote. This creates a nice contrast (both in color and texture) with the bottom made out of a brownish sheen fabric.

The textile choices go beyond esthetics. Having the lower portion out of a stronger and more durable material will protect it against chafing when you set it down. While the soft blue fabric adds extra comfort. If you wish to let this special beach tote shine, consider matching it with a simple outfit made from natural materials.

3. Jute Tote Bag for the Beach


Made out of natural jute, this beach tote bag can be a great addition to many outfits. What makes it so versatile is its simplicity and neutral color tone. These elements are also what elevate the item, offering it a luxurious feel. The strong fabric is also strategically reinforced, which increases the bag’s resistance. 

Feel free to pack it as full as you like, since it will withstand the load. Also, you will not have to worry about placing creams or any other beach products inside. Even if these accidentally open, the inside of the bag is laminated with a coating of PVC. This makes the fabric water-resistant, preventing stains and decreasing the risk of damage.

4. Large Jute Tote Bag With Seashell Print



Following up on the previous entry, this is a great example of how to personalize a bag. As you can see, even a minimalistic design that is easy to execute can have a significant impact. To recreate this version, you can create a cut out from cardboard and place it over the fabric. 

Next, use a spray can or paint to go over the blank areas. A beach tote bag like this would pair magically with a flowy turquoise outfit. Also, you can easily match it with any pastel or light-colored clothes. However, try to stay away from dark outfits. These will only clash with the delicate feel and natural tone of the bag.

5. Vibrant Mesh Beach Tote Bag


If you like vibrant neon colors, why not pick a tote that will brighten up any sunny beach? Our magenta bag is a perfect accessory for a fresh floral summer look. However, if pink is not your shade, explore some of our other available color options.

The bag is large enough for you to place all your essentials. Also, you can wear it basically anywhere; it is in no way limited to beach or pool wear. The most interesting detail about the product is the mesh fabric. This is highly resistant to tear and is partially see-through. 

6. Beach Towel Tote Bag



A very practical and innovative approach to a beach tote bag! You can try making a similar bag yourself from a fluffy towel. The best thing about this is that once you have unpacked, you can use it as a comfortable pillow. Also, many of us might throw wet clothes in our bags, which can be problematic for some fabrics, but not for a super absorbent towel. 

The only possible downside is that sand particles might get caught in the fibers on the bag, making it easier to carry them with you. When you are getting ready to head home, make sure to swipe your tote thoroughly and shake off as much of the sand as possible. Once home, you can throw it straight in the washing machine or place it on a bag close to the entrance if you are planning to use it the next day as well.

7. Large Canvas Beach Tote Bag


Another beach basic that will easily complement any outfit. You can even pair it with darker looks. However, be careful that your clothes do not bleed onto the white canvas. This is a risk, especially with black fabrics that are wet. 

The bag also offers a perfect foundation for a maritime-themed personalized design. The rope handle is a great detail that will perfectly match with a navy print. Whether you go for a ship, seashells, or witty inscriptions we’ve got you covered. You can read more about the customization options we currently offer here.

8. Solar Jute Tote Bag



This round beach tote bag with fringed edges is the perfect companion for your summer vacation. The stiff fringes which are weaved into the edge make the item quite couture. This luxurious feel will reverberate over your entire look. With a tote like this, it can be a smart move to tone down your outfit to allow the solar accessory to take center stage. 

9. DIY Striped Beach Tote Bag


If you love craft projects, we have plenty of DIY tutorials that can inspire you. Although we have used a standard size plain tote bag for this design, you can apply the same technique on a larger tote as well. The process is really simple, and the end result is striking. Visit our easy guide on painting a red, white, and blue striped bag and give it a shot yourself.

10. Vibrant & Fun Beach Tote



This fun tote bag has all the colors of a sunrise! Since the bag is already so design-heavy, consider wearing it with a simple and breezy outfit. This doesn’t necessarily have to be white, like in the image, but it would ideally be a single color. You can pick any of the bright hues from the bag as inspiration for your clothes. 

11. Clear Large Tote Bag


Wearing a clear PVC tote bag to the beach has its pros and cons. One of the main aspects that need to be addressed is transparency. Having the entire contents of your bag show is a matter of love or hate. Nevertheless, clear bags have a fresh, crisp feel and can be matched with virtually any beachwear. Another benefit is that it will be easy to clean. If you spill some sunscreen on the bag, you can simply wipe it off with a dry or damp cloth.

Now the downsides. If you leave the tote under direct sunlight, it will become overheated, and so will the contents. To prevent this, simply cover it up with a towel or some clothes. Furthermore, you will have to be cautious with the sand. Try to avoid direct contact since the sand will damage the material and take away the shine of the fabric.

12. Natural Woven Oversized Beach Basket



As you might have noticed already, natural fabrics and colors are in this year. This beige oversized basket is woven from straw, which makes it super lightweight and durable. Deep brown leather handles make sure that no matter how full you pack the bag, it will hold the weight. When choosing your beach outfit, try to stay within the natural theme and opt for a pure white dress. This will also nicely show off your tan. As for footwear, you can put on a pair of white or brownish slippers to complete the look.

13. Coloring-Painting Tote Bag for Kids


If you are looking for a fun craft activity for your kids, check out our drawing-painting totes! We have grouped the available designs into two levels, basic and advanced, based on the complexity of the design. For the drawings, we have focused mostly on animals and plants but tried to add a fun and unexpected twist (like this baby cow playing football). Once your kids have colored in the drawing, the tote is ready to be worn to the beach, grocery shopping, to work, or anywhere else.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to purchase some women's beach bag for the summer season that will perfectly complement your breezy outfits, consider buying at least two: a basic and a design-heavy one. You can wear the louder one with a more simple outfit, while the basic tote is a must-have item since it can nicely complement practically any look.