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Girly Everyday Tote Bags

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A tote bag can be a girl’s best friend. However, to meet this privilege, there are a few criteria to consider. The item should not only be stylish but highly versatile and durable as well. In other words, a perfect combination between beauty and strength. If a pink tote bag is the first image that pops into your mind while talking about girly accessories, we plan to change that. Femininity cannot be fully captured and represented by a single color or definition. Therefore, we plan to explore a few different sides of the modern woman’s style and how it translates to totes.

What Makes a Girly Everyday Tote Bag?

woman sells tote bags

Tote bags are a wonderfully versatile product. These can come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. Take your time and enjoy browsing around before settling on one that ticks all the right boxes. While looks are certainly one of the criteria for a cute everyday tote bag, there is more to it than that. Functionality and practicality are also key elements.

1. Fashionable

Try to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends and match the everyday tote bag with your outfits. For example, this year extreme sizes are on the roll; either mini or oversized bags hit the biggest runways across the world.

While some trends and designs come and go, there is one style that will always stay evergreen, simple, and classic. Therefore, make sure to have some blank tote bags with a basic design in your fashion arsenal. Consider collecting these in several colors to ensure that you have a perfect fit for every outfit.

2. Functional and Versatile

A girly everyday tote needs to be more than pretty; it has to be functional and versatile as well. Beyond matching different outfits, it should be fitting for a wide variety of activities from the schedule of a modern woman. You should be able to take your tote while going out for cocktails, shopping, visiting the gym, or going to work.

3. Durable

An everyday tote is meant to be worn and should withstand use. Look for totes that were made from strong materials and designed to endure years of use.  Whether you fill it with groceries, books, or just your (many) essentials, you should count on your favorite tote to hold the weight.

4. Generous

There is no standard perfect size for a cute everyday tote bag. Since the market is so generous in offering the consumer a wide range of sizes, pick the one that best fits your needs, be that small or oversized. If you are looking to stock up on a few totes, make sure to have a few different sizes to cover various occasions.

5. Personalized

If you wish to have a unique tote that nobody else has, put your personal spin on a blank tote bag. Do not hesitate to get creative in decorating a simple bag! There are many different styles of customization to consider and experiment with; try to take into account both the design and technique when planning to decorate a bag. All these elements should be complementary. 

Also, you can simply reach out to a customization service. Experts can print or embroider an image or writing of your choice onto the fabric. We also offer this service, and it is quite easy to access; simply click on the “With Logo” button when adding one of our products to the basket.

Everyday Girly Tote Bag Gallery

While the prototypical girly bag is pink, there is a lot more to it than that. Femininity is beyond pink and can include many different dimensions. In the following, we will explore different colors, patterns, and styles for the modern woman.

1. Deep Red Canvas Tote Bag


This beautiful deep red tote bag makes for a perfect everyday item, as its simplicity makes it highly versatile. We made the item out of heavy canvas so it is able to withstand heavy loads. You could take this tote to school, work, grocery shopping and load it to the brim; it will not fail you. At the same time, there is also a certain elegance to it, given by the luscious red. The bag can be easily matched with colorful outfits but also monochrome looks, if you are looking for a pop of color.

2. Daisy Tote Bags

tote bags with daisy print


These tote bags are truly delicate and special! The pastel colors, soft fabric, the daisy design, and the pop of fresh yellow create a cute and memorable tote. This is the perfect accessory for summer! You can easily pair it with a breezy white dress or any pastel-colored outfit, to keep things fresh. The only downside with light-colored bags is that they can get easily dirty. However, this should not be a deterrent. Try to shelter them as best as you can (don’t place them on the ground, but rather put them on a chair or hang them somewhere) and wash them whenever needed.

3. Girly Denim Tote Bag

 simple denim tote bag

A classic denim tote bag is a great accessory to have around. This is both durable and easy to combine with a colorful range of outfits. We used a cotton and denim blend as the basis for this bag, which makes the fabric resilient but soft to the touch. Furthermore, this blank tote can be a great canvas to express your creativity. Whether you want to add a logo, personal motto, or abstract image, the faded blue will provide a nice backdrop for personalized tote bags.

4. Andy Warhol Poppies Girly Tote Bag

Andy Warhol print tote bag


There are many ways to represent flowers. Andy Warhol’s famous depiction of the poppies makes for an edgy print, and it offers an artsy way to express your femininity. The black and white with a pop of muted green offers a neutral enough color scheme to match with basically any outfit.

5. Girly Everyday Cotton Canvas Tote Bag

woman wearing an oversized girly everyday tote bag

This unique oversized everyday tote bag has a bold color combination and a magnet closure. The black and magenta color combination is something that will make you stand out in any crowd. However, you need to put some thought into your outfit if you want to avoid clashing styles. The magnetic snap closure is a pretty cool and practical detail. This will prevent your items from falling out of the bag and still offer you easy access to your belongings.

6. Girly Everyday Tote Bag With Beach Print

girly everyday tote bag with beach print


Wearing this stylish best beach bags are great way to celebrate summer. The blue and tan (sea and sand) are the predominant colors of the bag, and the deep golden handles add some solar power to the picture. The print makes it fitting to carry it to the beach, but you could also take the beach with you anywhere. If you are looking for outfit inspiration, go for something within the seaside color scheme; or you could also go for more citrusy tones.

7. Fashion Jute Tote Bag

 girly everyday jute tote bag

This feminine jute bag with a pop of red is a fashionable accessory to wear all year round. The large size (17 1/2"W x 11 1/2"H x 8 1/2"D) makes it roomy enough to fit all the essentials you wish to carry with you. The fine jute and cotton blend offers the item a very elegant and natural feel. The combination of these textiles creates a bag that is both very resilient but also sophisticated and soft.

As you can see from the image, the inside of the bag and the handles are a matching bright red. This not only created a lovely contrast with the cream shade of the jute but also elevate the item. Sophistication is always best captured by delicate details. The tote is also highly adaptable, as it would be a great choice for a picnic, going to the beach, traveling, or going shopping.

8. Embroidered Flower Girly Everyday Tote Bag

flower embroidery everyday girly tote bag


This is a perfect example of how customization can elevate a blank tote bag. For personalization purposes, it is best to rely on canvas or cotton. However, other fabrics could work too, depending on what technique you are applying. Embroidery is a rather feminine approach to decoration by default, so why not embrace it? 

To get started on your project, you will need only a few essentials, like scissors, a needle, and colorful threads. Also, feel free to experiment with the many different embroidery styles and see which one will translate your design best. A few small and simple flowers dispersed across the material will create a super fresh tote bag with a little garden on it.

Embrace The Different Sides of Your Femininity

If you are looking for a girly everyday tote bag, do not stop at pink. Explore the different sides of your femininity and find totes that showcase that. Whether it is an edgy Andy Warhol flower print, an embroidered design, or a classic denim bag, wear them proudly with a matching outfit to secure a stylish look.