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Welcome to the largest online source of wholesale tote bags

We are a pioneer distributor of Tote Bags and Drawstring bags established in Los Angeles,CA. We are determined to meet your needs by supplying you variety of bags such as wholesale canvas tote bags, cheap tote bag, wholesale backpacks read more..

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We provide high quality but affordable tote bags. To ensure that you are satisfied with our products, we provide you with the best quality bags that are affordable and top it up with excellent customer service. The reasons why you should choose us.. read more..


We are proud to announce that we are a verified ASI distributor since 2014. ToteBagFactory is the largest and most reliable online retail store for reusable tote bags. read more..

Comfortable and spacious drawstring bags

Economical Sport Cotton Drawstring Bag Cinch Packs BPK388


Comfortable and spacious drawstring bags

Most people are suffering from uncomfortable heavy bags which leave them with back and shoulder ache and want bags which are not only trendy but also are sturdy and spacious so as to carry all the necessary stuff. So I decided to do some research to find trendy yet comfortable backpacks which suited the needs of people who carry a lot of load on their shoulders everyday whether books or laptop, I reached the website of totebagfactory.com which sold cotton made drawstring backpacks at very economical prices. The economical sport cotton drawstring bag packs offered in various colors are very stylish yet comfortable and are very sturdy.

Also, if someone is looking for buying bags on wholesale to be given as a gift at an event, then the website offers different packages to save money on different quantities of purchase. For example, if someone is buying more than 500 drawstring bags then these will cost only 1.03 USD per bag to the buyer whereas if someone wants to buy only one bag or from one to eleven bags, then the price of each bag is 1.34 USD.

Another best thing about these backpacks is the size and space it has to help carry all the necessary stuff that we might need during the day. The available size option of these cotton drawstring bag packs is 14 inches by 18 inches so you can fit in all your books as well as lunch and a bottle of drinking water and a lot more in your bag while heading out from home. And you will have to agree that you will not get such awesome bags elsewhere for such a less price. You can also get these bags customized by imprinting a picture or a message on the bag as it has a great imprinting area available to the range of 8 by 10 inches.   

What more, these bags are made of cotton and are 100% environment friendly as they are made of cotton. So you can wear your motto of a green earth right on your sleeve, okay on your shoulders. These bags are highly recommended for people who are looking for trendy, comfortable and spacious backpacks and you are ready to flaunt your new found stylish and economical sport cotton bag packs everywhere. Cheers!

Shop for this bags here: http://totebagfactory.com/products/economical-sport-cotton-wholesale-drawstring-bag-cinch-packs


Written by ToteBag Factory — July 21, 2014

Wholesale supplier of high quality Drawstring Bags in Los Angeles, CA

There was a time when drawstring bags were only used by college going students. They were considered to be cool only among teenagers who found them not only easy to use but also as a classic, fashion statement. However, with the passage of time, drawstring bags have entered the fashion scene in a big way and broken into new territory. The new territory has now enabled them to be used not only by teenagers but also by working professionals, travelers and campers alike because these drawstring bagpacks have proved themselves to be comfortable, sturdy and trendy.

Why Use Cheap Drawstring Backpacks?

Drawstring bags not only look super cool, but also are very effective in carrying a number of things in the smallest possible bag. The best thing about drawstring bags is their variable size. If you are carrying only a few things, these bags will actually shrink to the size of those things alone. If you are carrying something big, drawstring bags can easily accommodate them as well. You can buy drawstring bags which suit your need as these are available in small, medium and large sizes. Now that they are acceptable at the workplace and even looked upon as a fashionable thing, you can freely use drawstring bags to accommodate and carry your laptop, purse and other necessary belongings.

Buy Wholesale Drawstring Bags

If you are looking to buy many drawstring bags, it is advisable to look into the area of wholesale drawstring backpacks. You can easily find many wholesalers on the internet which are selling wholesale drawstring backpacks at very affordable prices. You can browse through the vast amount of variety in the collection and after you find the bags that you like, select and order them while paying through the internet and get them delivered at your doorstep!

Written by ToteBag Factory — July 14, 2014

Pink For Girls Blue For Boys. A Great Idea For Organizing Birthday Party For Kids (Girls/Boys)

Tote bags are becoming the in thing and there are so many reasons advocating why you should use them too if you have not joined the bandwagon yet. If in case, the multipurpose nature of tote bags combined with their unique look was not enough for you, you can use tote bags for birthday parties as well.

Tote bags for birthday parties? How is that possible and why should I use them? Well, the answer is simple. Because, the kids getting these tote bags would be more than overjoyed  at getting something so creative and amazing. Let us find out how we can use tote bags for birthday parties:

  1. Use tote bags as welcome bags for birthday parties

This is an excellent and creative way to use tote bags. Be rest assured that your small little guests will have a fun time using them when they go to school or picnics later.

  1. Create a color scheme

Kids are generally very peculiar about appearing different than the other gender and that is why it is a good idea to use different color schemes. Use pink tote bags for girls and blue tote bags for boys. This will not only make them feel more special but also more excited about using them.

  1. Pack little goodies inside them

Which kid doesn’t like bringing some tasty goodies back to home from a birthday party? That is why packing some tasty candy and cake and giving them in a tote bag is a beautiful way to make kids happy and continue the party even when they are home.

The above are just some ways through which you can use tote bags at your kid’s birthday party. Devise your own different ways to use them and be certain that you will make quite a good impression on your cute little guests.

Written by ToteBag Factory — July 11, 2014

Say Thank You With Durable, Reusable Tote Bags for Your Charity Events

Do you want to say thank you to a friend or a colleague for their support when you needed or just want them to know that you care about them? Or you are wondering what would be a perfect gift to the invitees and attendees during a charitable event? Your search comes to an end with the perfect gifts in the form of tote bags which will help you in saying a warm thank you and spreading the message of a charity event.

Tote bags do not only last long but can be used for multiple purposes from using them as shopping bags, lunch box carrying bag, a bag to take to a picnic, a sturdy bag to carry books, or even an umbrella. If you want to buy durable tote bags then check the weight holding capacity of the bag, you will find tote bags are much durable in comparison to the plastic bags and paper bags without any doubt. Also, tote bags can be re-used by easily washing them either by hand or in machine and they will come out as completely new, ready to be used again. These durable tote bags are not only cost effective but at the same time appear very personal and creative in comparison to the other branded bags available in the market.

So if you are considering gifting tote bags as an expression of thank you or to make a charity event popular, you are making a right choice as these reusable tote bags will carry your message wherever the holder of that bag go.

So, you can get a thank you note printed on the tote bags to make your friends feel special. Or you can get a philanthropic note imprinted on the tote bag for charity, and gift them to the attendees to get the word out.

Written by ToteBag Factory — July 10, 2014

Spread the Awareness by Using Promotional Tote Bags

Promotional tote bags are used for distributing as a marketing material to attendees in tradeshows, conferences, charity events as well as promotional giveaways to customers and clients. Promotional tote bags act as an effective strategy to advertise about a company’s products while being cost effective at the same time.  

Tote bags can be personalized very easily by printing on them, so you can get your tote bags with company logos or names and contact details, etc.  This is a much effective strategy than the traditional ways of advertising like flyers and advertisements in magazines or newspaper. Following are the points which tell you about the benefits of promotional tote bags over orthodox advertising:

  1. Long shelf life

Tote bags have a long shelf life stretching into years while newspapers and flyers are at best seen for a day or two. You can be assured that if you have your company name on even a single tote bag, many people are going to know about it in the times to come.

  1. Environment friendly

As every company is adopting the go green mantra, even consumers are avoiding companies who are not environment friendly. Since tote bags are reusable and made of recycled material, this leaves an excellent image in the mind of customers about your company.

  1. It is gifting plus advertising

Since tote bags are used for so many activities, people see them more as a useful gift than a promotional tool and are more than happy to use them and carry them around. Distributing tote bags with your company name is an excellent way to connect and create rapport with your clients.

Tote bags for company logos and advertising is a beautiful way to create awareness about your company. The best part is that you can use tote bags for screen printing very easily to achieve your objective.

Written by ToteBag Factory — July 09, 2014

Promotional Bags, No Minimum Order

To get your business noticed and increase the sales of your product and services, you need to make a promotional strategy that reaches directly to the hearts of your customer. Bags are one such promotional merchandise which is not only inexpensive but also eco-friendly and reusable. Most popular promotional items are canvas bag or drawstring bags with your logo these days. 

Ordering tote bags online is fast and inexpensive ways to kick start your advertising campaign. Simply log on to the website of an online provider of tote bags and browse through the extensive collection on offer. Once you have chosen the tote bag which meets your entire requirement you can place the order for the number of bags you want.

Before placing the order, you can even get the vendor to print the promotional logo and message on your tote bag. Get your company logo in a .gif format and give it to the vendor with the exact specifications of the size of the logo that needs to be printed. Most tote bags will be printed in offset. However, there would be vendors who would provide other ways of printing that would be costlier or cheaper depending upon the type of printing.

Online ordering comes with the added advantage of getting promotional bags no minimum order required. This is surely the best way to get your hand on cheap tote bags no minimum order to be specified. This gives you the flexibility to first have a personal look and feel of the tote bag after printing and even first use them in a small number and gauge their effectiveness in providing you with a unique and beautiful way to reach out to your customers. Once you have ascertained that they indeed work, you can order more tote bags again with the guarantee of getting wholesale tote bags with no minimum order required.

Written by ToteBag Factory — July 08, 2014

Wholesale Gift Bags for 4th of July

There is always something special about the 4th of July. The patriotism you feel, the air of pride that you and your countrymen feel at the same moment is nothing short of magical and special. It is almost a given that to celebrate such a special and beautiful day, most people organize events and party and celebrate this amazing day together. If you are organizing a 4th July event and looking to gift something to everyone who attends this, you need to look no further than wholesale gift bags.

Wholesale Gift Bags – A Perfect Gift

There is always something special in the air and in your mind and heart when celebrating the 4th of July. While organizing an event on this day, you have to make sure you look for a gift that will bring back the happy memories of the event even after months have passed. If you are indeed looking to gift something memorable, you should go ahead and pick tote bags for events as your gift. These bags can be purchased very easily from any online store who will deliver these bags to you according to the specifications of your order. You can even get the bags customized to reflect the theme of your event. 

Why Tote Bags?

Quite simply, because they are high in demand, very fashionable, durable and almost everyone seems to love them. People love tote bags these days as they are extremely utilitarian. These are trendy and comfortable and have so much of space in which they can fit as much of stuff as possible. And these bags are sturdy which makes them a long lasting gift which lets people cherish their memories from the event even more. They are without a doubt, going to become a hit with all your friends attending the event.

Written by ToteBag Factory — July 04, 2014

Buy Promotional Tote Bags at Lowest Price

Promoting a business is an important aspect of running a successful business. A right promotional strategy which reaches the maximum number of potential customers while telling them about your products and services may mean the difference between the businesses that succeed in attracting customer attention and those who don’t. Companies spend large amount of marketing funds in television, radio and billboard advertisements. But it is not always possible for new comers and small businesses to spend money in advertisements. Many businesses employ low cost promotional strategies, as giving goodies to potential customers in trade shows and promotional events, etc. One such promotional goodie is low cost tote bags.

Use of tote bags for promotion can enable any small business and even a large business to try to connect to its customer base while sending the message across in a small budget. Promotional events and gatherings can be used as a perfect avenue to distribute tote bags for promotion of a business. These bags may also be filled with other promotional goodies or pamphlets or flyers about your business to be read in free time.

These tote bags can be purchased from any online store, e.g. totebagfactory.com which sells wholesale totes at affordable prices. The price of a tote bag for promotion ranges from less than 1 dollar to 2 dollars. There is a wide variety of tote bags available which can be ordered depending upon a particular requirement of a business along with the required customization. The logo and name of the business can be printed on the totes along with an attractive slogan and contact details of the business.     

These bags will cost a business much less than a television advertisement campaign, while having a more personalized impact on potential customers who will use these bags and will be more inclined to your products and services. 

Written by ToteBag Factory — July 03, 2014

Buy a Blank Tote Bag and Customize It For Your Style

Everybody has a distinct style which is reflected in the way they dress, speak and behave. Accessories are one big part of the personality as they can add an extra little feature on the otherwise bland style. Whether it is your shoes or your bags, everyone wants to make a personality statement with their accessories. So why not design your own bag. It is very easy and we will tell you how.

You can purchase blank tote bags which are very cheap and are available almost in one click on your computer.  These blank and customizable tote bags can then be personalized based on your choice and preference. You can either go for tote bags that you can print on or buy tote bags that you can paint on or do embroidery. Here are a few creative options with the help of which you can make blank tote bags into an exciting bag which reflects your mood and personality:

  • You can print a picture or a message on your tote bag that reflects your motto in life
  • You can try coloring the bag or painting a design or your name on it
  • If you like embroidery, then you can decorate your bag with beautiful threads, you can chose a design of your choice, may be a butterfly, a flower or a fairy
  • You can use your imagination decorate a blank tote bag with the help of beads or sea shells or colored stones.

The only think that you have to take care of is the material of the tote bag as per your requirement. If you want to do thread embroidery, then you might want to go for a thicker material. Similarly for painting and use of beads and sea shell, appropriate thickness of material must be ordered. 

Written by ToteBag Factory — June 25, 2014

Light Weight Tote Bags Won't Add Extra Weight On Your Already Heavy Books and Laptop

Tote bags are as unique as their name and yet as diverse and useful as anything on this planet. From being used as a carry bag to packing lunches to making personalized style statement to spreading your message to other people, there are not many things where tote bags are found wanting. Adding to this already very impressive list of uses is the use of light weight tote bags as daily canvas tote bags. These daily canvas tote bags can easily double up as school tote bags for kids or as college tote bags for teenagers.

Not only that, if you are a working professional, you can use these bags to carry your laptop around and jazz up your workplace. And the best part is that unlike your regular laptop bags, with these light weight tote bags, you won’t feel any extra gram to your already heavy laptop. And this is just the starting. Apart from being lightweight, you can find tote bags in any color that suits your imagination. Pick out the color you like, choose the material that you love and the result is a tote bag that you would never ever stop flaunting around.

As for kids using them as school tote bags, they are quite light weight and will not add up to more weight to your already heavy books. In addition to this, they are quite spacious which means you can have any number of books inside them without jostling for extra space.

As regards teenagers who are preparing to enter the delightful and exciting world of college, they can use it to spark off the style element and express their unique personality through them. And if that was not enough, tote bags are environment friendly as well which lets the world know that you are someone who is fashionable and sensitive towards the environment.

Written by ToteBag Factory — June 24, 2014

Wholesalecentral.com Member

Welcome to the largest online source of wholesale tote bags

We are a pioneer distributor of Tote Bags and Drawstring bags established in Los Angeles,CA. We are determined to meet your needs by supplying you variety of bags such as wholesale canvas tote bags, cheap tote bag, wholesale backpacks read more..

Tote Bag Factory BBB Business Review

Why Choose us?

We provide high quality but affordable tote bags. To ensure that you are satisfied with our products, we provide you with the best quality bags that are affordable and top it up with excellent customer service. The reasons why you should choose us.. read more..


We are proud to announce that we are a verified ASI distributor since 2014. ToteBagFactory is the largest and most reliable online retail store for reusable tote bags. read more..