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Next Year Predictions: Top 7 Best Weekender Bag for Men in 2019

Priscilla Greene |

We all know men love to be efficient, pack lightly, and move swiftly when they travel. As fashion trends go, next year we will see more bag types trying to rise to the requests and desires of a new generation of active urban travelers. But what bags can satisfy the requirements of comfort, efficiency, style, and mobility of young men next year? We have some predictions for you to help you stay ahead and ride the trend properly. Let’s see our top best weekender bag for men in 2019 – bags so fit, and versatile men will use them for many of their adventures!

1. Two-Tone Polyester Medium Duffel Bag in Vivid Colors

The classic medium duffel bag will never disappoint a man who loves to carry a ready-to-go weekender bag just in case adventure presents itself. Whether they jump a plane for a city break, take his friends on a road trip, or visit his family for the holidays, a man will always find the space, practicality, and style he looks for in a 21x10 inch duffle bag with plenty of storage room for clothes and gear.

With its polyester and heavy vinyl backing, the bag takes a golden medal for durability and resilience to wear, tear, and the elements.

2. The D-shaped Honeycomb Duffel Bags

For those who want to carry their gym gear during the week and their clothes and accessories for a romantic weekend, the D-shaped honeycomb duffel bag is a perfect choice. Due to its shape, size, and durable fabric, this bag can take a beating – you can use it for your weekend trips, business trips, and plane long rides in case your wanderlust sends you to foreign realms.

This best weekender bag for men features an end grab handle, a detachable shoulder strap, a front zippered pocket and a D-shaped zippered entry for smooth and slick access to your belongings, valuables, and gadgets on the go, in the car, in between planes, and so on.

3. The Wheeled Digital Camo Duffel Bag

When it comes to longer rides, nothing beats the wheeled camo print duffel bag, the best hybrid between roller luggage and your favorite sports bag. Think about this bag beyond weekend trips with your partner or friends. It is an incredible addition to your business travel or freelance traveling gear. The digital camo print will make you stand out of the crowd – as digital camo is one of the trendiest patterns to feature in 2019.

What makes this the best weekender bag for men for next year? Count the unique combination of durability and fashion, the stylish digital camouflage print, the skate wheels offering you mobility and comfort while rolling on the floor and the ample space in the main compartment to keep your belongings represent the answer to the above question.

4. The Luxury Wheeled Briefcase

Some men love to let their wild and sporty side on display, while others enjoy to spice their travels up with a luxurious wheeled briefcase in a manly, classic black. This bag will find its place in the trunk of your car whenever you want to spend some time out of town, but it makes the perfect companion of young urban professionals flying planes for regular business trips. If you are a freelancer meeting a client, an executive flying to sign some deals, or just a hip urban dweller aiming to spend a perfect weekend with his loved one, this bag is for you!

What makes this work of art the best weekender bag for men is its structure. You have file dividers, a padded tablet and laptop sleeves, and two large main compartments for two days’ worth of clothes, shoes, and accessories. The easy access front stash zippered pocket allows you to store your airline tickets, passport, phone, keys, and plane book within fast reach.

5. The Tri-Color Cool Large Drawstring Bag

As we said, the sporty and efficient side of men shows up when they have to pack fast and leave out the door in matters of minutes. Do you need only a change of clothes, some accessories, and phone, camera, and car keys for the weekend? Nothing easier! You can grab the tri-color cool large drawstring bag and be on your way!

It is a comfortable bag with enhanced durability. It takes wear, tear, and the elements well, it holds your belongings safe, and it allows full freedom of arms and movement. Perfect for visiting a new city, spending the night at someone else’s house, or taking a weekend’s trip by yourself somewhere to clear your head.

6. The All-in-One Urban Backpack with Laptop Sleeve

Our young generation of urban young men prefers having and carrying with them all their necessary items. This category includes, naturally, the laptop and other gadgets. Since one cannot spend a weekend far from home without clothes, accessories, grooming products, and a handful of other items, one needs a heavy, sturdy, and reliable backpack to host them all.

In other words, whenever you want to travel, and you need to make sure you do not miss anything, the all-in-one urban backpack with laptop compartment is the best weekender bag for men. It accommodates anything inside, and then some while allowing you fast and slick mobility, freedom, and easy access to your most essential belongings (plane tickets, tablet, phone, personal documents, snacks, and more).

7. Cool Cyber Backpack

Are you a cyber fanatic that cannot spend time far from his beloved gadgets? You might upset your family for visiting them and having your laptop, e-reader, tablet, and phone with you, but we understand. The young generation of tech savvy men needs their gear with them, even if they do not use gadgets every minute of every vacation day. In this case, you may need the cool cyber backpack.

Resilient to wear, tear, and weather, the backpack will accompany you on all your leisure or business trips. It features a large main compartment for storage, a separate padded laptop/tablet sleeve, and padded shoulder straps and back, channeled for ventilation. Comfortable and efficient travel at its best, we might say. Presenting itself with an 18x12 inches diameter, it provides you with plenty of space to store all your essentials as well.

Final Thoughts

What is the best weekender bag for men in your opinion? Do you like to feel free when you travel, thus preferring for a sizeable sturdy backpack or lightweight drawstring bag? Or do you love the spacious comfort and slick mobility offered by wheeled duffle bags? Share your thoughts in the comments section and don’t forget to tell us which is your most favorite travel bag type!