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Next Year Predictions: 13 Best Tote Bags for Moms

Priscilla Greene |

printed bag

Being a mom isn’t easy, which is why us women with children need our accessories to be as versatile as possible. And what is more versatile than a tote bag? It can carry anything, from baby gear and toiletries to groceries and paperwork for the office. In this article, we will present and discuss the top 13 best tote bags for moms to wear in 2019.  

Top 13 Best Tote Bags for Moms

1.     Cool Mom Cotton Canvas Tote Bag

cool mom tote bag
Image Source: Pinterest

Are you a cool mom and you want everyone to know it? Every mom is awesome in her own way, and this tote bag is the ideal way to celebrate it. On top of that, people are bound to love or at least smirk at the hilarious Mean Girls reference. Amy Poehler is the world’s coolest mom after all, both in the beloved 2004 movie and real life.

As pictured above, the tote bag can hold a wide variety of items, from flowers to produce, as well as other essential items. The thick cloth it is made of is also an advantage in its favor, as it will not damage or break even with repeated use. This makes it accessible and environmentally friendly at the same time. In addition, its design is extra stylish.

2.     Royal Blue Heavy Gusset Canvas Tote Bag

royal blue tote bag


Moms are always the superheroes of the family because they get everything done. Still, every superhero needs some tools to ease their job. Here is where the heavy gusset canvas tote bag in royal blue comes in. It is medium-sized and portable, yet sturdy enough to carry any amount of groceries, as well as your family’s daily necessities. 

What is more, the cloth the tote bag made of is properly reinforced at key stress points. This means that you will never have to deal with picking up foodstuff from the supermarket floor or clumsily gathering your child’s belongings in public. Choosing it in royal blue is a great way to add a touch of color to any outfit, but multiple other options are available as well.

3.     Oh Kale Yeah Market Tote Bag

printed tote bag

Image Source: Pinterest


Grocery shopping for the whole family can become fun when your tote bag is a pep talk in itself. Its opinion on fresh produce and healthy ingredients? Oh kale yeah! This chic little sack is one of the best tote bags for moms that aren’t afraid to embrace the humorous part of their full-time job caring for one or multiple little ones.

Going to the farmer’s market on a Sunday has never been funnier. Nevertheless, it can be used for so much more than that. It is spacious enough to fit just about anything, and its secure build will ensure that nothing spills while you’re running important errands. What is more, we’re loving the natural and forest green color combo on this one.

4.     Color Block Zippered Shopping Bag

zippered bag


If you want a tote bag that is multifunctional and durable, then polyester is your best friend. The zippered shopping bag with interior slip pocket has a spacious main zippered compartment that can hold any amount of shopping. Thus, it is the perfect supermarket run companion for a mother of two or more. Furthermore, it can hold quite a few gifts for your little ones as well.

As expected, the tote bag is available in multiple color options. Still, we can’t help but fawn over the color block black and red option. There’s just something about this edgy, yet timeless combination that definitely makes the tote bag seem like more than just a container to carry groceries around in.

5.     Lime Green Felt Day to Day Tote Bag

lime green felt day to day tote bag

Choosing a felt tote bag over classic canvas or cotton is a sure way to make a statement. What is more, this type of material is easy to decorate with patches and other personalized accessories in order to create a completely new and different piece. Thus, it is certainly one of the best tote bags for moms that are crafty and love handmade items.

If you want to stand out completely and irrevocably, we recommend the lime green color option for this item. This is quite a unique color for a tote bag, which means that your creative juices will definitely start flowing once you get to decorating. And you can even involve the kids! Embellishing mommy’s bag can be fun for the whole family.

6.     Mom Heart Burlap Tote Bag

mom heart burlap tote bag
Image Source: Pinterest

Nothing says, “I’m a mom and I love every second of it” than a functional burlap tote bag with the word “mom” painted on it, but with a heart instead of the “o”. It’s short and sweet enough to get the point across, and it looks adorable as well. Of course, it has functional advantages as well. For one, the strong woven handles will deal with any cargo you put inside.

And speaking of cargo, this tote bag is ideal for just about anything. Groceries? Sure. Kiddy essentials? You got it. You can even wear it to the next parent-teacher conference at your son or daughter’s school and let everyone know how much you love your little one. Or, if you are looking for a gift for your mom, it’s also a fantastic choice. 

7.     Minimalistic Burlap Tote Bag

burlap tote bag


While we’re on the topic of burlap bags, we have a suggestion for all the minimalistic mommies out there as well. The tote pictured above is made from a comfortable blend of 75% jute and 25% cotton (or Juco, if you want to get technical), which makes it both resilient and soft. And the handles are 100% cotton, which means that shoulder sores are out of the question.

The main appeal of this cute burlap bag lies in the fact that its insides are laminated with vinyl. Thus, unlike other options on this list, it is actually waterproofed. Your groceries or belongings will be safe even in the rain. Plus, if water, juice, baby formula, or whatever else spills on the inside, it won’t drip all the way home. The fact that it’s easy to clean is also an advantage.

8.     Colorful Beach Tote Bag

beach tote bag

Let’s face it, kids simply adore the seaside. Having some fun in the sun with your little ones is a great opportunity for them to get some exercise and vitamin D. Plus, anywhere you can kick back and read a book is a place worth going in our opinion. This colorful beach tote bag will fit everything you and your family need for the occasion faster than you can say “beach day”. 

Nevertheless, this versatile tote bag can carry more than just towels, sunscreen, and dry clothes. When you’re not going to the beach, it can easily be repurposed into something else entirely, such as a reusable grocery bag, or even a fashionable accessory for casual outfits. The options are endless, all you need is imagination.

9.     Mom Life Canvas Tote Bag

mom life canvas tote bag
Image Source: Pinterest

There’s no life like mom life. Hashtag mom life, hashtag blessed, hashtag one big happy family. Even if you’re not one for hashtags, you can’t deny this to be true. We’re loving totes with honest and straightforward messages for next year, and the “mom life” canvas bag is definitely one of them. In this way, the people you interact will surely know what you’re about.

As far as its characteristics go, it can pretty much be used for the same things most of the other canvas and cotton bags on this list can. What makes it stand out from the crowd is its design. Thus, if this is something that appeals to you, why not add it to your collection? It’s snazzy enough to let your one of a kind mom personality shine through.  

10. Vegan Leather Tote Bag

vegan leather tote bag
Image Source: Pinterest

Canvas or burlap bags might look stylish, but if you want to mix business and pleasure, vegan leather should be at the top of your list. Tote bags made from vegan leather or vinyl material were all the rage in 2018, and they will continue to be a casual favorite of stars in the year to come as well. Moreover, you can get them in virtually any color.

Are you a fan of neutrals, or an all-black type of woman? Do you enjoy bold colors from time to time? Regardless of what your answer might be, this is the ideal alternative for you. If it’s good enough for world-famous moms such as Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian West, it’s good enough for us. And just think about how your daughter will want to borrow it when she grows up.

11. Natural Canvas Messenger Tote Bag

canvas tote bag


At the end of the day, tote bags aren’t meant for groceries only. Many moms nowadays work as well as care for their family, which is a laudable achievement in itself. If this is your situation, why not make it easier with the right bag? The large canvas messenger tote bag is ideal for holding both office documents and textbooks or schoolwork alike.

Thus, you can easily stop by the bookstore to get back to school supplies before arriving at work. Some groceries fit in it as well due to its hefty size. Still, it remains ergonomic and transportable, which a huge part of its appeal. Plus, if any of your kids are high school age, they might even borrow it from time to time. And let’s be honest here, there’s no higher form of flattery.

12.     Mommy Est. 2019 Tote Bag

printed tote bag

Image Source: Pinterest

This entry in our article is dedicated to future mommies in particular. Are you expecting a baby in 2019? Then the “mommy est. 2019” is the perfect multifunctional accessory for you. Worried all your coveted baby essentials won’t fit into a regular grocery bag? No problem! Bring your tote along, and you won’t ever have to refrain yourself from purchasing them.

The delicate flower design painted on the canvas completes the theme of the bag beautifully. And when the baby comes (congrats in advance), you don’t have to discard it. The tote can be kept as a fond memory, and even reused for other purposes. If you like to get crafty, we recommend sewing it into a quilt.

13.     Tote Bag for Moms Handmade by Kids

diy rainbow tote bag
Image Source: Pinterest

Finally, we’d like to conclude our top 13 list of the best tote bags for moms with a fun project. As previously discussed, involving your kids in the decoration of your tote bag is a great way to get everyone involved in the fun. Why not take the whole thing up a notch and let them design it from scratch?

Start with a plain canvas tote bag in a neutral color (and buy them in bulk, because boo-boos are inevitable), then allow their vivid imaginations to roam free. The image we chose depicts an adorable rainbow and clouds design made out of felt and pompoms, but the options are endless. What do your kids enjoy doing as far as arts and crafts are concerned?

If you’re unsure of how to go about this, buy them some finger paints and let them experiment with colors and patterns. You might be surprised to find out you have had a tiny artist in the family all along. This idea works even better around Mother’s Day, but it is a viable alternative all year round. You just need to take the initiative for it.


The best tote bags for moms out there deserve their name due to the fact that they are both practical and fashionable. The list presented above contains a wide array of styles to suit every single woman and her personality while catering to next year’s trends at the same time. Being a cool mom has never been more effortless.