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How to Decorate a Gift Bag this Christmas for Your Loved Ones

Priscilla Greene |

Christmas is right around the corner, and the gift rush is peaking this time of the year. However, while we are sure you already know what to get your loved ones this Christmas, we are also confident you want to make things truly special. For this reason, we gathered here today to offer you a myriad of ideas on how to decorate a gift bag this season.

While the gift matters a lot, the wrapping and the gift bag decorations are the ones boosting the holiday cheer and putting a smile on people’s faces. So here, you have our mix of tutorials, graphics, and gift bags decoration ideas to spice things up this year!

1. Monogrammed Tote Bags

One of the stress-free ways to surprise your loved ones this year is to use canvas tote bags instead of paper gift bags or other types of gift-wraps. Our favorite Christmas bags are the small messenger canvas tote bags with long straps – they make excellent gift bags and post-holiday casual street-wear bags for the young generation.

Our other favorite idea on how to decorate a gift bag for Christmas is monogramming the bag. You can choose an elegant embroidery/monogram font or letter, or make something on your own.

For a detailed guide on how to monogram a canvas bag, we invite you to watch the video tutorial above. Keep in mind that a monogrammed tote bag is a gift in and out of itself, as the receiver can wear it all year long.

2. Mindfully-Picked Christmas Stockings

Christmas stockings make one of the best, heartwarming, and jolly Christmas traditions. This year, you can up your ante regarding gift-wrapping and pick our two-toned jute Christmas socks that allow plenty of decorations.

They are reusable and generous with space so that you can fit in a sizeable gift for your loved ones. If you pick the deluxe version – jute-burlap Christmas stocking with interior cotton lining – you may also select some fancy gifts for your friends and family.

You can get your inspiration from our selection of corporate gifts, as they play more on the luxurious side of offering nice presents to beloved people.

3. Decorated Gift Jute Tote Bags

When you have plenty of gifts to offer this year, and you want to embark on a DIY adventure (alone or together with the other family members), start by buying jute gift bags in bulk.

While you can pick red bags, we recommend you to choose the rustic and natural shade of burlap, as it allows more versatility in your decoration efforts.

A DIY jute bag decoration project involves the following resources:

• Colored felt pieces – think about green, red, white, and patterned felt scraps;

• Glue;

• Scissors;

• Buttons and beads;

• Thread and needle;

• Jolly Christmas music to keep you happy and boost your energy.

Cut the felt pieces any way you like: leaves, Christmas trees, Santa face or hat, snowman, and more. Add and glue the cuts to obtain various gorgeous decorations.

Use buttons and beads to finish your artworks and personalize the bags with felt letters to know what bag goes to what person. The world is yours as long as you allow your imagination to run wild.

4. Printed Tote Bags

Sometimes you do not afford to spend the time or the energy to decorate each gift bag for each you want to surprise with a thoughtful Christmas gift. On the other hand, you do want to go the full ten yards and present a fantastic gift bag.

If you want to acquire the art of how to decorate a gift bag fast, easy, and with a small budget, you can always contact us for our embroidery and screen printing services.

The most efficient and fun way to embellish and personalize this year’s gift bags is buying white high-quality canvas tote bags and print them with a happy holiday wish, a cute message, a logo even, an image, and so on.

This way, you can have a handful of custom designed and printed tote bags to fill in with the most exquisite Christmas gifts for friends and family.

5. Painted Canvas Tote Bags

Those having the time and skill to paint, personalize, and design this years’ bulk of gift canvas tote bags can follow this great tutorial on colorful textile painting.

We love this technique of decorating canvas and cotton gift tote bags with contrast handles because depending on the design, these tote bags can turn into peoples’ go-to street purses and shopping bags all year long. After all, what can be nicer than wearing a cute and whimsical winter tote bag in mid-summer to turn all heads?

Follow the video tutorial and get your inspiration going! More than how to decorate a gift bag, this video guide gives you plenty of ideas on arts, crafts, and tote bag decorations for many other occasions, celebrations, and holidays!

6. Decorated Jute/Canvas Wine Bags


Usually, Christmas gifts include plenty of wine bottles. But if you want to stand out of the crowd and memorably give the gift of wine, go for personalized wine bags. A cotton-jute wine bag with natural jute drawstrings is a gift bag worthy of praise in and out of itself.

However, since many people receive wine bottles during the winter holiday season (with some bag, wrap, or box), you want yours to make a long-lasting impression. For this reason, you should go for embroidered or printed wine bags.

Buy some in bulk, ask for an embroidery service to give you a hand and turn your ideas into a sweet, fun, whimsical, and heartwarming reality.

BONUS: Acrylic Painted Canvas Bags

Those with a penchant for art and artistic skills can step up their game and paint their monochrome canvas tote bags. We have a video tutorial for you teaching you how to decorate a gift bag and turn it into a fashionable all-year accessory.

While the bag in the video is natural, you can summon the holiday cheer by picking a red medium canvas tote bag and start from there with your painting project. Of course, a Christmas-centric gift bag usually sports red, green, white, or rustic burlap nuances.

However, depending on the people you want to offer gifts this year, you can switch to more vivid colors and surrealist Picasso-style artwork.


We hope you enjoyed our ideas on how to decorate a gift bag to make your gifts memorable this year. If you have other suggestions or tutorials for us, feel free to use the comment section below to share them with our community!