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How to Pack the Perfect Beach Bag

Daisy Winston |

Beach Bag Tips

Nothing beats spending a day at the beach.

The gently lapping waves, the sun on your skin, and that ocean backdrop and smell are top-tier. Going to the beach is usually an all-day thing; no one ever just passes by. That being said, an all-day event needs proper planning down to the second. Trust us a well-planned beach day is a more enjoyable beach day! When planning and packing for the day, a beach tote bag is the way to go, and here is how you can pack it perfectly!

Essentials for a Perfect Beach Day

Beach Day Essentials

Let's dive in on what you absolutely need in your beach bag. Number one is sunscreen. The sun is strong and you want to protect your skin from it. Opt for a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. You will also want to reapply every couple of hours and right after swimming. A stick sunscreen is perfect for your face and ears or other touch-up spots throughout the day.

Another tote bag must-have? The perfect beach towel. Pick out a nice, big towel that can be used to lie down on in the sand. If you can, opt for a quick-dry towel. They tend to dry out fast and don't hold onto the sand as much.

You can't beat the heat without proper hydration. Stay hydrated with a reusable water bottle. An insulated water bottle will keep your water cool - an added treat on a hot day. Take as many as you think are needed if you are out there all day.

Snacks and Entertainment

Beach Scene

A day out isn't complete without snacks. Make sure to pack a variety of healthy and tasty snacks including fruits, nuts, and sandwiches. Fruit slices or grapes and berries are all good options because they keep you hydrated and are easy to eat. Coolers work great to keep food items fresh.

If you would like to have a special treat, freeze juice boxes or water bottles overnight, so they can be both an ice pack and by the afternoon, melted into a refreshing drink.

For entertainment, a great book or a magazine could fit the bill. A compelling novel or breezy magazine can be an ideal way to relax with the sun's rays on your back.

Organizing Your Beach Tote Bag

Keep everything organized, so you can find the items you need quickly. Use small bags or pouches to keep similar items together. Sunscreen and lip balm in one pouch, snacks in another, and personal items (phone, keys, wallet) in another. Also, go for waterproof pouches to keep your electronics or valuables dry and free from sand.

When selecting a beach tote bag, don't just buy any. Look for one that has pockets and compartments. Some tote bags have an extra pouch inside to separate your wet clothing items. The Tote Bag Factory has lots of stylish options that you can check out.

Choosing the Right Beach Bag

Beach Day

A great beach tote bag is one that holds all of your belongings and is comfortable to carry. Make sure it has good-sized straps so you can carry it comfortably. Having adjustable straps is even better because you can make them longer if you are carrying a lot.

Canvas beach bags or mesh beach bags are great. Canvas bags are sturdy and can be easily cared for. They can hold an ample amount of essentials without breaking. Some bags are machine washable if they get a little funky.

Use mesh bags to shake out all the sand from your beach bag, towels, and suits before you leave the beach. It'll save the car interior from a huge mess. Tote Bag Factory has bags with different sizes and options to fit your personal needs and style.

Additional Tips and Tricks

Pack an extra plastic or reusable bag for your wet swimsuits, towels, etc. This way, it does not get everything else wet and makes cleaning up much easier when you get back home. If you are picking up shells, sea glass, etc, bring a small container to take them home.

Never forget to bring a hat and sunglasses for extra protection. Maybe a small first-aid kit would not be a bad idea. Include band-aids, wipes for cleaning off abrasions (and hand sanitizer for adults), and any necessary medications essential for the members of your family. Don't forget to include a small bottle of great Aloe Vera-based gel, which will help soothe abrasion from the sand or mildly sunburned skin.

Enjoying Your Beach Day

A great day at the beach is all about being prepared and a great beach bag can definitely help. Pack smart and choose a bag that works for you. Packing all your necessary beach items means you will have a delightful beach day that you will remember for the right reasons. Your goal is to relax and have a good time. So, bring what you need to have a stress-free beach day.