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DIY Custom Cooler Using Dimensional Paint

Meghan Quinones |


One of my favorite things to enjoy during the summer months is chilling with family and friends at the poolside! That is what inspired me to create a fun poolside cooler. This cooler lets you pack up to 12 cans and comes with a handy side pocket. The pocket is the perfect accessory to store items like a bottle opener, can koozies, or even cutlery if you’re having picnic!

To add some personalization to this handy cooler, I used some dimensional paint, also known as “puffy paint”. Instead of this paint drying flat, it sticks up a bit off of the surface giving it a cool dimensional look. To make this project super simple, all you need to do is print off the “Keep it Cool” template. You’ll make your own stencil (which is super easy!) and then fill in the design with the dimensional paint–it’s super simple!

Check out the full video tutorial below to see how you can make your own DIY custom cooler using dimensional paint!



Step 1: Click on the template above and print it out. When you print it out, you’ll want to reduce the scale down to 50%. This will shrink the words so they fit better on your cooler. If you prefer a larger or smaller design, just adjust the scale.

Step 2: Cut around the quote, getting as close to the words as you can.

Step 3: Place the paper template on a cutting mat. The mat will protect your surface from getting damaged. Grab your craft knife and press down, cutting out all of the letters. After you cut around each letter, remove the paper. This will leave you with a paper template or stencil.

Step 4: Lay the cooler down. You’ll want to fold the bottom in so it lays nice and flat. The bag needs to be flat so the paint doesn't drip. Then, lay the paper stencil on top and center it in the middle of the cooler.

Step 5: Use your pencil to trace the inside of each letter. Be sure to press down hard and go back and forth while you make the lines. This will make the letters darker so they can be seen since the cooler is a darker blue. For “Cool”, be sure to add in the middle of the “O’s” so you can trace around them to create the actual shape. When you’re done tracing all of the letters, remove the stencil.

Step 6: Grab your dimensional paint and give them both a good shake. You want to make sure the paint it nice and mixed. This is what will give it a nice thick consistency. Start by filling in the top works with the white paint. Do your best to stay within the lines you traced.

Step 7: Next, grab your blue dimensional paint. Again, you’ll want to use your paint to trace around the letters. After you’ve gone around all of them, begin to fill it in with paint. If too much paint comes out, just use the tip of the paint dispenser to move the paint around so it’s evenly distributed. Also, if you see a bubble or bubbles in the paint, just use a needle or pin to pop them. Once all of the designs are painted, let them dry completely. This could take some time depending on where you are located and how bad the humidity is. When I painted mine, it was SUPER humid and took over 24hrs to completely dry!

Step 8: Once your design is completely dry, use a black fabric marker to go around all of the letters. This will make the letters pop even more. If you accidentally get maker on the paint, just use a baby wipe or wet paper towel to wipe it off. Since the paint is smooth, it’ll come right off! Let the ink fully dry.

If your cooler gets dirty or stained, you’ll need to manually wash it. All you need is a wet rag with some soap on it. Simply go over the stained/dirty area(s) to clean it. Then, go over it with a clean wet rag to rinse it.


This soft cooler bag is perfect for the waterpark, going to the lake, a day of fishing, whenever you need to keep a lunch and some drinks cold! You can use this same technique to customize other bags the same way or choose a different quote for your cooler. Enjoy!