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DIY Heart Flag Iron-on Tote Bag

Meghan Quinones |


Celebrate Memorial Day in style this year with this DIY heart flag iron-on tote bag!

If you’ve never used printable heat transfer vinyl, you are missing out! It is seriously the best since you can print any design you want and iron that design onto a shirt, hat, or in my case a cotton tote bag!
Holidays are the best time to incorporate festive or themed accessories into your wardrobe. This Memorial Day if you’re heading out to a barbeque, parade, or paying your respects to a loved one who was in the service, why not toss your belongings in a tote bag prefect for the occasion. This DIY heart flag iron-on tote bag is the such a quick an easy project. After you design your flag heart iron-on, all you need to do is print it, cut it out, and iron it onto your tote bag. You’ll be ready to go with a stylish tote bag in less than 30 minutes!

Check out the full DIY tutorial below to see how to make your own DIY heart flag iron-on tote bag!

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

Step 1: Go to Canva and click on templates->t-shirt->New.

Step 2: Click on elements on the left-hand side and then type in frames. Scroll down through all of the frames listed until you see the heart shaped frame. When you find it, double click on it. This will add it to your template off to the right.

Step 3: Next, go to “photos” off to the left-hand side and click on it. In the search bar above the photos, type in “American Flag”. This will populate all of the images of the American Flag. You are going to scroll down through all of the images until you find the image of two people holding a flag. I used this image since it was free. There are numerous flag images to choose from. Some are free and some require you to pay a fee. Go ahead and choose whichever design you would like for your tote bag. When you find the image, double click on it. This will place it over the heart template off to the right.

Step 4: Adjust the flag image to make it larger and move it around until it fills in the heart frame. Then, click “download”. The image will be saved to your computer.

Step 5: To print the design onto your vinyl, click on your image and select “print”. Make sure to change the paper size to 8.25” X 12”. Increase the scale to 74%. You want to make sure the image is as large as you can print it. When you add it to your printer, be sure to add the vinyl to your so it prints on the plain white side.

Step 6: After you print your design, you’re going to grab your scissors to cut it out. Instead of cutting right on the line, I left about 1/8” of white to create a border. I think the white border really makes the design pop!


Step 7: After your design has been printed, you need to peel it off of the liner. If you’re having a hard time removing it, you can use a weeding tool or even the end of a safety pin to separate the vinyl from the liner.

Step 8: Lay your cotton tote bag on a heat mat (or ironing board) and place the heart design in the center.


Step 9: Heat your EaspPress (or Iron) up to 320 degrees. Place a Teflon sheet on top of the heart design and heat it for 25 seconds.


Step 10: Once it’s done heating the design, remove the EasyPress (or iron) along with the Teflon sheet.


This DIY heart flag iron-on tote bag is perfect if you’re heading to a picnic or barbeque. You can toss in your food or your beach/pool gear and look stylish for the first holiday to kick-off the summer season. And, if you really want, you can also bust this tote bag out when the 4th of July rolls around for another opportunity to use it!